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University of Houston - Clear Lake Reviews

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I loved university oh Houston Clearlake. The classes are smaller than a traditional university, and the professors make sure to help you with your goals. The advisors are always super nice and patient. What I would like to change is I hope to see more campus life in the future.
Amazing atmosphere! The professors are fantastic and extremely caring. I love the campus itself, it is beautiful!
Great professors and staff that are willing to work one on one with students in developing their best work.
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I have a had a good experience that was between average and very good. The faculty is friendly but the teachers I have had has not been the best experience for me with them.
The staff at university of Houston clear lake are amazing. They are willing to put In the work to help you be successful. University of Houston clear lake’s staff members truly love their job and put in the time to make the university great. The thing I love most about the university is that it feels like home. University of Houston clear lake is a smaller university which means classes are smaller and more intimate. Something the university can do to improve is prove more classes per subject. Sometimes it becomes difficult to regrister for a class because they fill up so quickly. Overall the university is amazing!
UHCL is located right next to a nature reserve, so the trees that surround the area make for a serene atmosphere. Though the campus may lack the energy to be called a party school, I enjoy the relative calmness of the campus and students. Based on my experience, the professors are very helpful towards their students. They respond to emails fairly quickly and remind their students about their office hours before a test in case someone needs help.
One thing I would like to see more of is the amount of activities available on campus. Events are average and poorly advertised so not many students attend
University of Houston -Clear Lake is a great school. The campus is really beautiful, there are new buildings under construction right now, and every prof. has been really nice.
University of Houston Clearlake has made my college experience wonderful, when I first started there I was afraid of not fitting in and not passing many courses, but I got the Total opposite, I have become a straight A student while working a full time job because my professors and staff make school so fun and easy. Everyone cares about each other and I loved that, we don't get enough credit for the amazing school this is.
I used to go to Texas women's university. When I had to move back to Houston, my parents suggested attending UHCL because they both got their masters degree from UHCL. I love the campus, it's so beautiful. the staff is great and very helpful. The food they serve is delicious and fresh. The restrooms are always clean! everything is clean! Classes are small and I love it!
The campus is beautiful and filled with wild life. University of Houston Clear Lake has wonderful professors that are easily accessible. The student to teacher ratio is very helpful allowing in class interaction and hands on learning. UHCL is safe and easy to get around on with various crosswalks and sidewalks throughout. I wish that organizations were more prominent and promoted. Luckily, the campus is located in between Houston and Galveston giving students lots of places to explore.
The University of Houston-Clear Lake has a beautiful campus with a river flowing through it and wildlife everywhere. They are currently building a brand new building and they also have great class sizes. I've had a great experience so far at UHCL.
Great university. Great staff and academics. Tons of resources for the students and advantages to help students succeed.
Application and acceptance was very quick! They answer phones promptly and are very helpful with any questions.

Downside for me, personally, is it will be quite a drive.
I have a love/hate relationship with UHCL. The begining of my time at UHCL started very well. The small classrooms were perfect for my learning style and I had fantstic professors. However, as I reached upper level courses I began to realize how disorganized UHCL was. In just two years I have had 4 academic advisors. Two of which I never met, the other two having little to no knowledge on how to help me in my path.
Additionally, study abroad with UHCL is almost impossible. I began the process to study abroad in August and am still currently working out the logistics of study abroad in April, despite already being abroad.
If you want to complete your basics here, or perhaps finish out a degree, this might be an ok school. Otherwise, I do not recommend dedicating your money to a four year degree through UHCL.
So far, my teachers have been great. They care about their students, interested in their subjects and helpful. I think the size of the school is good. The parking lot can be very busy and full. Overall, everyone is nice and the school is great.
While there have been fantastic professors, there have been a few online course professors that were absent, delayed in response, and/or not attentive to the Course. Everything else about my experience has been pleasant. The campus is mostly kept-up, the non-professor staff is friendly and quick to respond.
University of Houston-Clear Lake has been a wonderful experience. Everyone from the faculty to the students are all very kind and helpful.
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when I went to clear lake I like the campus and all the places around it to it seems as a really great place to go and there is nothing I would like to see changed from the school I was not a student there but my brother tried to apply there and I also meet the college at the college fair and tried to see what I can do to apply myself a at lake is my top chose college and I would love for clear lake to accept me as that would make me and my family happy
I've only been in UHCL for two semesters, but so far I like the university. It has a nice homey feeling. There's a nice nature scene, which I pass by everyday. The professors are willing to help students who want to get help. The writing and math centers are also a great resource for those who need help with their assignments.
Great school because of its smaller scale student classrooms compared to the high volume classroom seen at other universities and very helpful professors.
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