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University of Houston-Clear Lake has been a wonderful experience. Everyone from the faculty to the students are all very kind and helpful.
when I went to clear lake I like the campus and all the places around it to it seems as a really great place to go and there is nothing I would like to see changed from the school I was not a student there but my brother tried to apply there and I also meet the college at the college fair and tried to see what I can do to apply myself a at lake is my top chose college and I would love for clear lake to accept me as that would make me and my family happy
I've only been in UHCL for two semesters, but so far I like the university. It has a nice homey feeling. There's a nice nature scene, which I pass by everyday. The professors are willing to help students who want to get help. The writing and math centers are also a great resource for those who need help with their assignments.
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Great school because of its smaller scale student classrooms compared to the high volume classroom seen at other universities and very helpful professors.
Good accounting program, professors provide clear pro track to cpa exam. cost effective tuition and fees. Campus is conveniently located near my job. And additional class options are available at a nearby sister campus.
The campus is the prefect size. All the classes I have taken have been all within the same building and it makes it convenient when you have a class starting soon after another. I have ran into professors and classmates as I walk around campus and it provides a comforting atmosphere to be around people you are familiar with. The school itself is nice but a bit gloomy. The multiple halls branch off often and it could get confusing when locating classes and especially professor's offices. The outside of the campus is beautiful though and it is a pleasure to see wildlife roaming freely outdoors. It is apparent that the professors here are passionate in what they do from what I have experienced. I have also experienced a few that are definitely very intelligent and talented but do not teach well. With that said, all of the professors are very kind and willing to help students in the best way they can.
The students, faculty, and staff a-like are amazing people that have created a fun and thriving place of learning and development. The school itself is small, but is adding new buildings as I am writing this review. The diversity on campus is a sight to behold!
Great experience so far! great academics, professors and student life. The campus is big and vasts areas of nature that makes studying very relaxing. The accommodations for housing are very accessible and close to everything. The campus it self is located in a great area of Houston, surrounded by great shops and restaurants.
It is a welcoming environment with warm hearted students and professors, interesting all round.
The professors are genuinely interested in your success, you are groomed to be a successful leader in your career.
Would like the fees for graduate students revised such as the recreation center fees especially for those off campus.
I would like more class options (Times, professors, etc.) It seems like there is only one professor teaching each class.
My experience in this university is that great, mainly concerning the tuition fees. Although some professors are just amazing, they teach with passion. I find that very important for students because professors like that really make the class seem simple and they will always go out of their way to help you out when you need it.
The main thing i liked about the University of Houston - Clear Lake was the environment and vibes i got from it. The surroundings of the university created a feeling of home, and secure. There are many shops, stores, parks , and apartments near the university, which can be really useful. The university was really clean and organized. The staff members there were really friendly, nice, and showed concern. The students attending the university also seems well-behaved. Another thing i like is how diverse the college was. Many students from different cultures and ethnicity could be seen at the university, as well as many international students.
Easy enrollment, small class sizes, face to face RN to BSN program with an emphasis on research and leadership.
What I liked about this campus is the atmosphere. How the classrooms are not to big which gives you a greater chance to participate and engage in the class. I also like how the professors a easily accessible after class. What I would like to see change is the prices of the cafeteria. When one is in college, students are usually on a budget and I notice how colleges sell meals at a higher price than regular fast food restaurants.
The campus is small but lush as it's right up against a nature preserve. Small class sizes are a plus. Needs to expand course offerings.
I'm about to go in as a freshman and the campus is my biggest thing I'm looking forward to seeing everyday, it's beautiful and right on a nature preserve!
The University of Houston Clear Lake, is a great option if living in the southern Houston area. It has recently become a four year university, so you are able to get your full bachelors degree at one location. The old buildings, paired with the awesome technological amenities makes for a great experience. All of the professors so far have been more than happy to help in any way possible, and most of the classes have been very stimulating as well. Great place to attend.
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I love this college! It is beautiful and has so many smiling faces. Every professor that I see in the hallway has greeted me and made conversation. They are so sweet and the staff is kind and extremely helpful!
Great campus environment, knowledgeable professors and a foundation of successful support team and resources in college.
I loved the campus as it was surrounded by park area. And the stuff seemed resourceful. I wish they had biomedical engineering and speech pathology program for undergrads and graduates.
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