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I love the personal experience because it's a small school. The professors encourage going into their office hours to excel in our studies. I would recommend anyone to this school who is serious about education. There are a lot of fun activities going on at the school weekly! I would love to see some more entertainment though... such as; sports or plays.
Advising is sub-par, professors are arrogant and couldn't care less. If you work full-time and need to complete a degree do NOT go here. They do not work with you at all.
UHCL is expanding their campus, making for a better campus experience. Their is finally a cafe and a good size recreation center. One thing I do enjoy about the campus is I’ve never had a problem with parking, there has always been enough parking spots, unlike UH main. Another pro I can really appreciate is the admissions office, financial aids office, and etc. are very quick to answer your questions, theirs never a long wait to speak to someone, which is a amazing! One con I have with the campus in my opinion is there is never enough class availability! There is never enough classes that you need to take!
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The University of Houston Clear Lake, although not very big or spread out, was a very nice school with a quaint and serene location. It is located on a nature preserve and adds to the laid back vibe. The professors were overall very intelligent and knew their craft well. The classes seemed fun, engaging and educational to attend. I can say that I definitely remember having a great experience attending UHCL and would highly recommend it to someone else.
I just finished my fall semester as a freshman. The school itself is great if you’re just here for academics. There is no party life, so you’d have to go to the main campus if you’re looking for a good time. Also, the food in the cafeteria can be a hit or miss, so it might be best to walk with your own. On a good note, everyone here is extremely nice, and you can never feel left out with the numerous organizations that are available.
University of Houston Clear Lake is a beautiful campus and the staff is helpful. I am an online student and this is a less stress environment. The only issue for online students is class selection.
UHCL is a great school with amazing people! It is smaller than most college campuses but I think that is the beauty of the school. I love the peaceful and cheerful environment of UHCL. I came in as a very scared freshamn but i have gained so much confidence and comfort from everyone around me. I got involved in many school activities and am proud to be a UHCL Hawk. I would love to see the amount of people that attend UHCL increase because the school is great!
I love the school and I thoroughly enjoy going to the school to get my education degree. This school has had nothing but open arms and for the most parts all of my professors want me to succeed and will help me when I am unaware of what I need to do.
It's been fairly nice. Nice sized campus, good class sizes and professors, good communities, and very pretty campus scenery. All the resources you need for your college experience, and it's continuing to improve each month.
For me UHCL is more business oriented school such as making money from international students, for engineering management and software engineering field they have 2-month semester pattern for me which is not worth to pay full amount for just 2-month semester. Although they have very small class room size and having not enough and experienced faculties for Engineering management field. This is the reason they have more acceptance rate. Yes university campus is very environment friendly.
I have been going to UHCL for 2 semesters now and I absolutely love it! The professors are amazing and helpful.
It is a quiet school that is great for furthering your education. The campus has a great atmosphere with wildlife and wooded areas that help students escape from the normal calamity of an inner city campus.
Love this school! Great for adults who work or have families. Excellent campus and professors, and great online program for those who like to take a mixture of different classes both face to face and online.
I recently moved to the Houston area (only two weeks before classes started) and need accommodation for my school work due to a few disorders that I have. All the professors, staff members and even some peers have been incredibly helpful and pleasant to work with in regards to helping me become more accustomed to the area, my school work and load. I am very happy I chose this campus and school to attend. I enjoy walking through campus as the outside scenery is lovely to look at once you enter the buildings if you take a moment to read the fliers there are so many amazing extra opportunities and classes that one could partake in I often wish I had more time and can't wait for the day when I can attend one.
It is a university but there aren't an overwhelming amount of students in each class, so personal time with the professor is a lot more accessible than bigger universities.
I am preparing to transfer there. The school has assisted me every step of the way. I look forward to starting my next education step at University of Houston-Clear Lake.
I have really enjoyed my classes at UHCL, the professors are of good quality and I can easily participate in my classroom.
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It’s ok but needs more student life. Professors are nice and personal but campus offers little to do compared to main campus.
University of Houston Clear Lake is a very calm and excellent school. With great professors and community, safety is vital and always parking, which is fantastic — new facilities such as Gym, a new building for amazing classes. Events bring the students together and know more about the school, which makes it welcoming.
I like the various of choices that I can take. However, some charges I do not agree on my tuition fee
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