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i would like to recommend everyone to study in this college. This college has beautiful campus and area. I am studying Computer Science as a graduate student I am okay with this school. I would say professors are very helpful and kindly there is no doubt. Do you need anything which is not solved by yourself walk in directly to your professor room and tell your story.
I love this school. It is a very clean school and I really love that it is a smoke free campus. All the teachers are very polite. They just opened up two new buildings. Always have events going on and give free fun things away. Classes are not that huge maybe 50 to 60 people per class. I think this school is amazing.
While visiting this University; i had a wonderful time with my peers but i really liked how it has another building for the engineering major. I really liked the dorms and how its simple but yet enough for two people.
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It's good. Every professor goes out of their way to help their students. There is a sense of wanting to see their students succeed.
UHCL is a great school if you're looking to take learning seriously - there aren't any sports teams, and no one parties here, but the classes are very small, and all of my professors know me on a first-name basis. It's also much cheaper than other 4-year universities here, so I know I'm getting my money's worth.
This campus is beautiful, and my time spent there was alright. Every professor I had cared greatly for their students' success and was very professional. However, I transferred out of UHCL because I didn't feel like I was getting the entire college experience. I wanted to join organizations, be a volunteer for my community, and although there were opportunities at this campus, it wasn't enough for me personally. If you like a smaller,quiet campus to focus exclusively on your studies, this school is a great fit.
I like UHCL because it is easy to apply. Everyone is very helpful when you are applying and starting out. The classrooms are easy to find. They have food trucks come in which I love.
I like that the University of Houston-Clear Lake is a small university, because it allows for a greater student-teacher relationship. I feel like I am able to build a good relationship with my professors, and they are able to get to know me and help me out with anything. The help is especially needed when applying for internships or jobs, as the majority of professors have really good connections outside of the school.
I am a returning student after many years, attempting to finish my degree plan. I appreciate all the tutoring offered for students by walk in or set appointments. The professors are very accessible and with their office hours, emails and phone numbers, eager to address your issues. The campus organizations are plentiful and the campus activities are fun and gives students a chance to network.
Convenient location and small class sizes. Professors are friendly and helpful. Parking is limited, especially in comparison to how many people seem to be attending the school, but overall not bad for a school that just recently became a four year university. Communication from school to students could be better.
The school is very welcoming! Staff and Students make it very easy to transfer from other schools. Only downside has to be that there is no school sports.
Great school because it has a community college feel to it. Student to teacher ratio is low. Great for success.
Friendly students on campus working in the school and those who are in classes. There is beautiful wildlife such as deer and hawks on campus and there is a nature trail on the school campus. Teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.
I loved university oh Houston Clearlake. The classes are smaller than a traditional university, and the professors make sure to help you with your goals. The advisors are always super nice and patient. What I would like to change is I hope to see more campus life in the future.
Amazing atmosphere! The professors are fantastic and extremely caring. I love the campus itself, it is beautiful!
Great professors and staff that are willing to work one on one with students in developing their best work.
I have a had a good experience that was between average and very good. The faculty is friendly but the teachers I have had has not been the best experience for me with them.
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The staff at university of Houston clear lake are amazing. They are willing to put In the work to help you be successful. University of Houston clear lake’s staff members truly love their job and put in the time to make the university great. The thing I love most about the university is that it feels like home. University of Houston clear lake is a smaller university which means classes are smaller and more intimate. Something the university can do to improve is prove more classes per subject. Sometimes it becomes difficult to regrister for a class because they fill up so quickly. Overall the university is amazing!
UHCL is located right next to a nature reserve, so the trees that surround the area make for a serene atmosphere. Though the campus may lack the energy to be called a party school, I enjoy the relative calmness of the campus and students. Based on my experience, the professors are very helpful towards their students. They respond to emails fairly quickly and remind their students about their office hours before a test in case someone needs help.
One thing I would like to see more of is the amount of activities available on campus. Events are average and poorly advertised so not many students attend
University of Houston -Clear Lake is a great school. The campus is really beautiful, there are new buildings under construction right now, and every prof. has been really nice.
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