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I enjoyed attending the school as a dual enrollment student, and the faculty and students were always extremely nice and helpful. However, the campus is not in the best care, and the classrooms were very bland.
Great if your are serious about you future. University of Holy Cross does not have an athletic department. University of Holy Cross is not a party place. University of Holy Cross has great professors.
I think that holy cross is a great University. I like the fact that it’s a smaller school and I my teacher know who I am.
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Holy Cross is a college for those who want to succeed. I love the atmosphere and the professors are great. I have been there for a year and a half and my experience has been nothing but outstanding. The guidance is always efficient and they help you to reach your goal successfully.
The University of Holy Cross is a great private college where you can learn efficiently. The campus is small. The staff and faculty are very friendly. You get a great education with the university of Holy Cross
The university of Holy Cross is a great institution that prides itself in its mission to educate the hearts and minds of their students. I have enjoyed the small classes and caring instructors aid in fulfilling the mission. I am currently enrolled in the nursing program and find nursing more of a life-long calling and passion for healing and serving patients .
Holy Cross has a great academic programs for various majors and has is currently getting new ones. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Though is isn't a huge college you meet new people everyday. There is lots of one on one time with teachers for extra help if needed which is great and also there are lots of hands on features for allied health and nursing students that help with the professional training for future jobs.
I love being a student at the University of Holy Cross in New Orleans LA. Everyone from the the President to the Janitor make you feel special. The classrooms aren't over crowded and you receive that ono-on-one experience. Also, the curriculum is top notch. For the past two years their nurses, rad-tech, and NDT majors have scored a 100% on their state boards. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!
University of Holy Cross is a small private university that truly carries out the mission of the school; educating the heart and mind of students. The small class setting allows students to have personalized attention from professors.

The University of Holy Cross, just became a University one year ago, formerly Holy Cross College; so an athletic department and party life is listed as an area for growth. There are several other activities and spiritual reflections for releasing stress.

Under the Leadership of the new President Dr. Landry, the university continuously receive media attention for outstanding knowledge, scores and development in programs such as Nursing, Education and Radiology.
I love the student to teacher ratio at the school. The teachers are very involved woth the student's education.
Wonderful school with great professors who help students learn and reach their full potential. The classes are small, so professors spend more time with each student. They also have a wonderful counseling center where, if you are going through hard times, you can receive free sessions. The food is not the best, but they have improved the quality of their food in the last year. They are currently building dorms and they will have residences for those people who have long commutes.
The University of Holy Cross, formerly Our Lady of Holy Cross College, is a wonderful school. When it comes to coursework they mean business! Staff is always friendly, professors are always on time, tutoring is always available at no additional cost to the student! They are also constructing dorms for students to be able to board. Overall a wonderful experience! I would definitely recommend this University to friends and family. The only thing I would want to change is the availability of different forms of financial aid for international students.
I loved the small vibe and size of the college. I received my undergraduate and graduate degree from Our Lady of Holy Cross College, now known as University of Holy Cross.
I love Holy Cross! I just feel I can never get an appointment with my guidance counselor because she is hardly ever available since she is a professor as well. Before I started attending Holy Cross, I heard they were racist, but I haven’t experienced any racism, everyone is nice! This school has a positive and light feel when your in it! I love this school!!!
I have had nothing but great experiences with this school. Everyone is attentive and helps you in regards to your education.
I absolutely love Our Lady of Holy Cross College! It is wonderful to be at a school where you are more than just a number. The professors are all so helpful and the students are more of friends than family. The only thing the school is lacking is housing for the students and I just found out there is a student hall is being built! This school is truly a hidden gem!
University of Holy Cross is amazing. The teachers are so helpful. The staff is polite and goes the extra mile to make sure you fully understand everything. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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I transferred to Holy Cross after 2 years at LSU. I love how small the classes are at Holy Cross and how the entire student body feels like a family. I went from literally failing my classes at LSU to getting straight A's at Holy Cross. If you don't like big schools, Holy Cross is the place to go! The professors here really care and are invested in your future.
This is a small private school in Algiers area. The classes only take up to 25 students so that the teachers know their students quite well. The tuition is somewhat expensive compare to the academy's facilities. However, the security and safety for the students and staffs are top priority.
I'm happy with my school choice.
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