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The University of Hawaii at Manoa finds itself in a unique position as it joins the few universities that are land, sea, and space grant funded. However, despite this niche UH Manoa has carved for itself, I find that the university lacks great professors. The professors in their respective fields are on top of their game--UH Manoa is a research focused university--but fail in providing direction to students in their class. The heavy reliance on the TA's often leave students confused and dropping classes, hence the subpar 59% graduation rate against an 81% acceptance rate. UH Manoa's other attributes also pale compared to its mainland counterparts, but this is mainly due to lack of funding. Overall, UH Manoa is the perfect school to attend if you like the outdoors and a diverse community, but I'd caution prospective individuals if you're not the type to do a lot of misdirected studying.
The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. There are numerous resources for students to do well in class as well as keep mental health in check, which is an important feature to take care of, that most schools do not necessarily take into account.
What I like about the school is the resources that are provided to help students succeed. There are a lot of events and organizations students can be involved to be engaged in campus.
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From the first moment I stepped on to the UH campus, I knew it was going to become my home away from home. Almost immediately, you can feel the positive vibes and buzz of happy students around the campus. UH works hard to put on events for their students and to help them become more acclimated to college life. You can definitely feel the aloha on the campus. The food choices are really diverse as there are many places in campus center, and even around or down the street. Some of the buildings are run down, but UH is always looking to improve their campuses. The dorms could use some renovation, but other than that, I have enjoyed my time at UH very much!
I love my classes and all my professors; however, the living situations could be improved. For example, the housing could get air conditioning and cleaner furniture. Also, the social life could be a little more livelier.
They offer the only Dental Hygiene 4 year degree in all of the Hawaiian Islands! Such a beautiful and lush campus.
Very miserable. I was depressed all throughout because of the apathy of the whole system. Transferring was the best decision I ever made.
I would like to have more variety of times for courses also a more easily accessible way to get information about important dates.
I love the diversity of the student body and of the local residents of Honolulu. I think that there are many opportunities for students to succeed and develop into passionate and hardworking members of society. As a language major it is a great place to develop those language skills and experience how language is used in different cultures and situations.
Great school with a beautiful campus!

What separates UH Manoa from other universities nationwide is that it truly embraces an "Ohana" lifestyle. It's your family away from family.
Although there are a few hard classes, like any other school, the professors at this school really show a care for their students. They constantly remind the class of their office hours and when you do go in for help they offer different approaches to a certain problem that they could not go over in class. However hard the class is/was I have always been able to see my professor and get the help that I so desperately needed. For instance, in my coding class we were assigned a program to code. I was racking my head on how to get it to work, but inevitably I failed to get it working properly. The next day, I stopped by my professor's office hours and was able to finish the assignment and learn valuable techniques that helped me better understand C+.
I liked how easy it was to obtain information. It can be very daunting to go to a new place and I felt so much more comfortable just from speaking to people on the phone. The people are kind and quick to assist you and answer every and any question.
Here at UH Manoa is fun. Activities are constantly organized, anyone can join anytime. The campus is also very green and clean.
University of Hawaii was amazing, I would highly recommend this school to others! It has some really good programs to choose from, whether you already know or your still indecisive, it's helpful n matter.
Prepare yourself to get to UH Manoa... and then have absolutely no academic guidance whatsoever. The advising center is a piece of work and mental health services are almost nonexistent. Many friends were put on suicide watch this year or had a mental breakdown, and the counselors did almost nothing. The advising center did not help me choose my degree or provide me with options. The website sucks and is impossible to find information on. Campus is fun, unless you're ready to see it become a ghost town on the weekends and after class. Events were poorly advertised. The students are fun, but there is a constant need to one up on social media about who had a better weekend tripping on the beach or going to a crazy party downtown. If you stayed inside studying, sorry, you're a loser. Would've never chose to attend one of the unhappiest schools in the country if I'd just read reviews beforehand.
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a pretty good school. The location is nearly unbeatable, especially if you like the beach and outdoors.
I was born and raised on the island of Oahu. It was nice being surrounded by the people I am comfortable with. The university has great diversity, a melting pot. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. I got to dorm my first semester and my roommate was great. In all my classes all my professors were very helpful and there were many resources outside of class that we could go to if needed help. There are many different food options on campus that were great, the meal plans were very useful and great to have.
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So I have only been at UH Manoa for 1 year but my experience was pretty good. I think that campus itself is shabby and the tuition kinda high, but not as high as other places. The professors are either a hit or miss, there are great ones and there at terrible ones, so use rate, my professor. UH does offer a lot of class that hit a diversity of interests and majors. Sports at UH are solid but they don't offer combative sports like judo or wrestling, which in my opinion sucks. UH has a lot of campus events and clubs that can fulfill the need of anybody, the parties are good, fun, and often. The nearby area is good, but for the full experience of good places to eat, shop, and have fun you need a means of transportation and that's possible with the U-pass they offer, which gives you access to the UH shuttle and the local bus. Overall UH Manoa is a good school.
My initial experience with the University of Hawaii was great! They offer so many clubs, activities, and events throughout the semesters. At UHM, they also offer counseling to help you figure out your classes and opportunities for your major. Because I was a freshman last year they require that first-year student's dorm together which wasn't the best living conditions, but I still made a lot of friends in my tower and bonded well with my randomly assigned roommate. Like everything there could always be room to improve on different areas of the school such as classroom resources, yet I do think they are heading in that direction.
I loved that Manoa was diverse and I felt at home right away! One thing I would change, would be more guidance throughout my first two years at Manoa. I would have liked to be more intentional during my meeting with an advisor to help me realistically plan out the expectations for my next 4 years.
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