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I like UH Mānoa because it’s given me a chance to stay home for college and get my education here in Hawai’i.
I'm a transfer student at University of Hawaii at Manoa and I'm using my Post 911 GI Bill to attend. The transition has been overall smooth, and the staff have all been very helpful. The campus itself is beautiful and located inside the lush Manoa valley.
Going to the University of Hawaii is the perfect excuse to move to Hawaii. For being on an island in the middle of the ocean, the school is well maintained, however, it definitely has that "island style" to it and is not as up to date as most mainland schools.
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As a local attending a college at home doesn't come with the experience of being somewhere new, so the off campus appeal isn't there for me. So far the professors have been poor for me. The campus might be the best part of UH at Manoa.
I loved that it was in Hawaii. I would have liked to see more healthy food options on campus & more sustainable choices like reusable utensils. The lower campus at the gym was super worn down so that would have been nice to see improved.
University of Hawaii at Manoa is a diverse campus which offers many programs. The campus offers many support and allows student diversity. UH Manoa's campus has a well rounded athletic and offers many incentives. The program allows student flexibility and resources. The campus offers student training and believes in its students. The community at the school is helpful and encouraging to all its students and faculty.
University of Hawaii is a great school for living an outdoor lifestyle and living on an island where it is summer all year round. The campus is beautiful with many nice spots to study and hang out. Everyone is friendly and i always feel welcomed here. Although the traffic isn't the best, especially around rush hour around the university. Other than that it is a great lifestyle university.
My first year was pretty good. My roommate and I clicked like no other and it was one those friendships that you know is going to last forever. I was pleased with all of my teachers and the aid that I received this past year. My only comments about the school, is more of its off campus activities. My friends and I found out at least, that transportation is key on this island. Without the use of a car getting around can be difficult. While the bus is a good option, it takes 2 or 3 times longer to get to your destination and made it unattractive to leave campus and we would end up just sitting in a dorm room all day which gets old. Otherwise its a wonderful university.
What I like about the University of Hawaii at Manoa is the amount of resources offered so that you can get the most out of going to school here. The people and resources are very helpful and make the learning experience a lot easier.
My initial experience with the University of Hawaii was great! They offer so many clubs, activities, and events throughout the semesters. At UHM, they also offer counseling to help you figure out your classes and opportunities for your major. Because I was a freshman last year they require that first year students dorm together which wasn't the best living conditions, but I still made a lot of friends in my tower and bonded well with my randomly assigned roommate.
There's always something going on at the campus center! My favorite days were Tuesday and Fridays where a small farmers market is there to sell fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Caution: there's always aloha spirit everywhere you go!
An open campus which feels very accepting and open. Many of the professors here care for the students and give there all when teaching.
I am currently starting at UH manoa and overall I love the campus. I previously went to one of their community colleges and it is a smooth transition over to UH. I had some of their professors teach me at their community colleges and they were excellent.
UH Manoa is an excellent place to pursue your studies. The professors are always engaged and eager to help students in need. There are also many places on campus to receive tutoring. With such a large campus, there are always places to study and meet up with friends. UH Manoa's students are widely diverse as they come from different cities and countries. This campus is definitely a positive place to be around.
I attended this school for a year when I was a college freshman. It was definitely the best higher education institution I have attended so far. The teachers and supporting staff are extremely helpful to students, especially to those who are just beginning university. I felt nothing but welcomed and accepted when I started out here.
Currently a senior still in high school, but will be attending UH Manoa. Based off my campus tour, the university seems great and very exciting once I start going school there.
I enjoyed studying abroad with their program, it was a year long and the school in Japan had a very good program.
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As a freshmen, it's been quite an experience and I enjoy that amount of genuine people that I meet such as teachers and classmates.
Uh Manoa is a very diverse school with student from all over the world which is great in meeting new people. If you are into the healthcare field they have good nursing and dental hygiene programs. Weather is great with many choices of food near by. There is lots of parking but most cycle and walk who is near by.
Since I have moved to Hawaii in 2016, my experience at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been an amazing one so far. The staff members at this institution are very friendly and want to help every student with providing them with as many resources as they need for school or personal reasons. Living on campus had many perks, one of them being that the resident directors coordinated events almost every week for students to come together and enjoy.
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