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I attended this school for a year when I was a college freshman. It was definitely the best higher education institution I have attended so far. The teachers and supporting staff are extremely helpful to students, especially to those who are just beginning university. I felt nothing but welcomed and accepted when I started out here.
Currently a senior still in high school, but will be attending UH Manoa. Based off my campus tour, the university seems great and very exciting once I start going school there.
I enjoyed studying abroad with their program, it was a year long and the school in Japan had a very good program.
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As a freshmen, it's been quite an experience and I enjoy that amount of genuine people that I meet such as teachers and classmates.
Uh Manoa is a very diverse school with student from all over the world which is great in meeting new people. If you are into the healthcare field they have good nursing and dental hygiene programs. Weather is great with many choices of food near by. There is lots of parking but most cycle and walk who is near by.
Since I have moved to Hawaii in 2016, my experience at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been an amazing one so far. The staff members at this institution are very friendly and want to help every student with providing them with as many resources as they need for school or personal reasons. Living on campus had many perks, one of them being that the resident directors coordinated events almost every week for students to come together and enjoy.
There are a lot of good and bad things about this university. The campus is beautiful, but most of the buildings are old and need some work. Tuition is very expensive and financial aid barely makes a dent in it. Most of my classes and teachers have been good, a couple have been terrible. A lot of the time I feel like the professors aren't really teaching anything but just relying on readings and student discussions to teach for them, I have a hard time justifying paying so much to teach myself. The people are very friendly and the environment is very upbeat and happy, but none of the offices work together and no one really knows what is going on most of the time.
I like the nature trees and flowers. After class, I can feel relax because green color make eyes comfortable and relax zone.
If you are looking for a real college experience, look somewhere else. This wouldn't be the place for you.
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a very diverse and welcoming campus. My experience here so far has been wonderful as it offers all the courses I need to stay on track as I pursue my future career goals. Also, there are tons of recreational activities, support groups, and resources available on campus. I'm glad I made the decision to attend this university!
Studying in Hawaii has its pros and cons. The weather and environment are beautiful, the people are friendly, and the beach is a short bus ride away. But academically speaking, courses have not been very challenging, and it is difficult to get straightforward answers from administrators especially in the financial aid office (and unfortunately, sometimes advisement as well), and the bureaucracy moves slowly. Also, island life can be rather expensive, especially if you live off campus. Do your research, consider your options, and look at UHM with both eyes open.
Everyone here is so nice! There are so many things to do! A very diverse and open-minded campus. Everyone is made to feel so welcomed.
The Good: Excellent distance learning for students who live off island! Professors and school staff are friendly and supportive. Beaches are close by for breaks.
The Bad: Laulima website used by almost every professor crashes often and can cramp your style in a major way so work should be turned in well before deadlines to avoid this. Also, the beaches can eat up your entire day so maybe study first.
The Ugly: Tuition is insane. Highly recommend finding places to donate plasma/blood/etc or do some busking to help with tuition. If tuition doesn't scare you, the housing costs will for sure. Also, sunburns from napping at the beach -because midterms kept you up all night are brutal.
I think the college has a very good diversity. However, the management of the college itself have some work that is needed to be done. But to have small classes it helps the student to get closer to the teacher or professor to succeed more in their field of study.
I like the overall education at UH Manoa. I think networking is a really big deal when it comes to UH, and so it's been a great place to meet people that have gotten me to better places than if I had gone somewhere else. I am glad the school has pretty good study abroad programs too, because I ended up going on an exchange program through UH Manoa that changed my life. I like the community and I love my friends that I'm making, especially in the business school (I'm a business student).
Beautiful campus, but lacking funding. It is a commuter campus, so traffic can get really bad, and parking is nearly impossible without a parking pass. Even then, you are not guaranteed a parking spot. Some programs are really good, but most are average at best.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The biggest impact for me was getting involved on campus! So far, I feel like I have had good professors; however, I know that some of my peers have had poor professors. Food in the cafe is average and most of the dorms on campus are very outdated. But overall, I love the location.
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UH Manoa is a widely diverse and overall great school that provides many services, opportunities, and options for students.
Student life is great at the University of Hawaii at Manoa - lots of fun activities around campus! The diversity of this school is also a plus! You get to meet new people all the time.
The campus is a overall nice, and located in a good area. Students have the opportunity to get around, and see the sights (if part of their intention was to come to Hawaii to sightsee). Some professors on campus are really nice and helpful, while others tend to keep what they know to themselves and leave it up to the student to figure it out. If this is the case, what's the point of the professor. Overall, I would rate the school a 6-7/10, simply because this is the only University that I have ever attended. If I had something to compare this University to, my results may have differed.
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