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Wonderful school! The teachers are so wonderful and helpful as are the other students. The class sizes are rather large, but that's really the only con to me.
It was great great experience where I went out of my comfort zone and met new people. I built connections and friendships that would have never happened if I never came to school here. Before coming I always thought about the best location to go to school because I was always told location is everything, and I choose right.
I feel that most staff and professors are fairly reasonable and willing to help students find a job on campus or learn unfamiliar concepts. Some professors prefer to stick to their method of teaching and this can be difficult for students who prefer doing examples rather than simply relying on conceptual explanations from the book. Some courses are only available every other year making it difficult for some students to graduate on time due to one or two classes not being offered during a certain year.
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University of Hawaii at Manoa has professors with various teaching and writing techniques. Through the variety that is present, students will be able to broaden their learning experiences. They will be able to accept their different forms of learning and be able to know that being different isn't wrong.
The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a great student life scene. I feel that many students can find people with like minds and interests along with being exposed to a different culture within the United States. There is also a wide range of classes and pathways that students can pursue.
University of Hawaii at Manoa is very accommodating. I love the Kokua program that they offer. This program helps me so that I can have early registration and longer time on tests in a private room. The professors are great and I learn a lot at the school.
I just transferred here from my community college from the bay area. I came here as a transfer, and even though I am not from here, I feel very welcome and comfortable where I am. The weather is beautiful and so are the views here. The simplest views are some of the most serene viewpoints. If you like hiking, swimming, warm weather and good food. This is one of the best places for it. The professors so far have been quite good as well.
My experience at the University of Hawaii has been great so far, however, since I am a biology major I would like to see improvements on how they run their chemistry labs. One thing I would like to say though is that their study abroad program is excellent!
Manoa is very diverse and has a nice, fresh environment. The weather is very tropical and warm. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from that interest me and my professors are always there to help me learn when I don't understand the lesson. There are many different places to eat on campus so you will never get hungry. Dorming is pretty average but it's not the worst thing about this college. There are quite a lot of clubs that you can join but not many fraternities. Many of the building are old and could use some renovations.
Some dorms are much better quality than others. I've met a lot of really good people, and for the most part, everyone is kind. In my major, the teachers listen to their students and try to improve the way they run their classes. It's located in a very nice part of the city.
Very diverse and welcoming University. Class size is very effective to instructor ratio.
All, The tuition is very affordable with payment plan, even if you do not get financial aid!! For non traditional student, it's the bomb. Love Manoa,)
The unique quality of attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa is that you won't find a more diverse student body anywhere else. The population in Hawaii alone is different from any other state. Add in the international students studying here, you have an amazing melting pot of cultures to learn and grow from.
I like UH Mānoa because it’s given me a chance to stay home for college and get my education here in Hawai’i.
I'm a transfer student at University of Hawaii at Manoa and I'm using my Post 911 GI Bill to attend. The transition has been overall smooth, and the staff have all been very helpful. The campus itself is beautiful and located inside the lush Manoa valley.
Going to the University of Hawaii is the perfect excuse to move to Hawaii. For being on an island in the middle of the ocean, the school is well maintained, however, it definitely has that "island style" to it and is not as up to date as most mainland schools.
As a local attending a college at home doesn't come with the experience of being somewhere new, so the off campus appeal isn't there for me. So far the professors have been poor for me. The campus might be the best part of UH at Manoa.
I loved that it was in Hawaii. I would have liked to see more healthy food options on campus & more sustainable choices like reusable utensils. The lower campus at the gym was super worn down so that would have been nice to see improved.
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University of Hawaii at Manoa is a diverse campus which offers many programs. The campus offers many support and allows student diversity. UH Manoa's campus has a well rounded athletic and offers many incentives. The program allows student flexibility and resources. The campus offers student training and believes in its students. The community at the school is helpful and encouraging to all its students and faculty.
University of Hawaii is a great school for living an outdoor lifestyle and living on an island where it is summer all year round. The campus is beautiful with many nice spots to study and hang out. Everyone is friendly and i always feel welcomed here. Although the traffic isn't the best, especially around rush hour around the university. Other than that it is a great lifestyle university.
My first year was pretty good. My roommate and I clicked like no other and it was one those friendships that you know is going to last forever. I was pleased with all of my teachers and the aid that I received this past year. My only comments about the school, is more of its off campus activities. My friends and I found out at least, that transportation is key on this island. Without the use of a car getting around can be difficult. While the bus is a good option, it takes 2 or 3 times longer to get to your destination and made it unattractive to leave campus and we would end up just sitting in a dorm room all day which gets old. Otherwise its a wonderful university.
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