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The University of Hawaii has a beautiful campus. Most classes are over 100 students so it is hard to engage in a conversation with other students however if you dorm, you will have many activities to participate in.
It is nice that it is only a 10 minute drive from the beach, there are activities that you can do with people from the school set up by the community.
UH Manoa is a good experience for those who enjoy living in Hawaii. Some departments are good but others are lacking in good teachers and funding. School life is also a bit lacking and housing is not the best. The best part of UH is that it is in Hawaii.
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So far, my experience at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa has been positive with high quality professors who are dedicated to their students, a well-organized program, and an overall supportive academic community.
UH Manoa is a beautiful school in scenery, it is truly paradise. I am part of the Business School (Shidler), and it is one of the top international business schools in the US. The opportunites to study abroad, and the resources given to students is something to look forward to. In all the experience is all about how much a student puts into it. To get the best experience, one must get involved in the school.
It is a very beautiful campus and lots of wonderful people. Some of the professors are incredible and very passionate, while not so much.
Crap school. Students are pretty lame. They are losers, they act like H.S. kids that couldnt get into good colleges.

Nothing on campus is open in the weekends.

No flexibility with course schedule, so professors make them them all 730 to 830 classes starting and we have no choice etc. why the 4 year graduating rate is 53 percent, college students don't wake up that early.

90percent of the on campus housing dont have aircon and its over 100 degrees most of the year. Go figure.

Bad students, mostly on Facebook in the classes. Bad professors, early classes, bad vibes on campus, no air conditioning, no parties, ciliqy like high school. Just losers!! Go to school in the south for real down to earth people. Forget these judgmental liar flakes. Smh. (Better football and frats too)
This school is not good for those who want to get a real college experience, be social, and meet new people. The campus offers mediocre social events and no real fraternities or sororities. This school makes it very difficult for those who need to drive to and from school with expensive parking and lack of spots. While some teachers are good, others clearly do not care and only show up for a paycheck.
I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I always wanted to be a Rainbow Warrior. Now that I got to experience this campus I would like to praise them for the diversity.
Here there are moped thefts every single day, but it is a clean campus and there is plenty to do and things to eat.
I've been to UH several times and just being on campus the campus looks a little rundown. The buildings look kind of old in my opinion. It was like an older University kind of look. The building were old and didn't look like the newer looking Universities that I've been to in the past.
The University of Manoa is a very great school. It feels safe and there is a beautiful campus. There are a lot of activities that go on for the students the there is a gym and a campus center with food. The cafeteria food is sometimes bad, when things are undercooked and very repetitive every week. They also close at 8:00 at night so if you get hungry after that you have to walk all the way to The Market that closes at 12 A.M. The one thing I would like to see more is when we are registering for classes or trying to figure out information about deadlines and when we will be notified on certain thing, we have to find the information ourselves. They barely send out emails and when they do, they are only a few days in advance. But Manoa is such a diverse school with good athletics and a good vibe.
I find that University of Hawaii Manoa has been a great experience. The Professors are great, they also are very helpful and wants to see their students fulfill their education journey.
I have completed only one year, but so far my experience overall has been very excellent. The professors are great and very helpful as long as you seek out their assistance.
I really enjoyed the diversity and the location of the school. It is in a beautiful green, lush valley right in the capitol of Honolulu. I found amazing passionate teachers when I sought them out. I also loved the diversity of people and cultures there. What I didn't love, was that the school did not seem to take safety seriously in making sure the campus was well lit at night. Also, because it is such a huge school, it can be difficult to navigate your way through life at the school and to feel included.
Beautiful campus. Staff and teachers are really helpful. This school has really helped me prepare for my major. The Gym is also pretty amazing.
I visited the University of Hawaii Manoa. My overall impression was I loved most of what the university has to offer academically. I was not impressed with the ROTC programs and it seemed far away from everything and not in the best of areas. My mom and I spoke with the instructor-the program offered little for the 1 credit course and expected everything from you. I decided it was not for me. I rather spend my time learning more about science research and other technolgical instruments to help mankind.
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I love the academic support from my professors and my college. I think healthier options should be provided for meals and the dorms need to be more well-maintained.
Great experience!!! I would recommend taking summer classes at this program and trying to get your parents to pay for the rest of your education here.
The college is pretty decent. It isn't hard to earn high marks and the professors are approachable. The school makes an effort to be smoke free, but that isn't working out at all.
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