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There are so many opportunities at Manoa! Much diversity. Campus is huge! All sorts of programs to get involved in! Great athletics! Great academics!
I transferred to UH in Fall 2016 and started a new school career. I loved the campus and the people very much. Everyone is nice and respectful with little to no negative remarks. The staff and students take pride in the school and have a lot of fun promoting health and academics. I made new friends here and met people from all around the world. I would recommend this university to all of my friends and family when they get to college or decide to go back to school. The one bad thing is that tuition is so high that many students do not come back. Lowering the tuition costs would help students focus on actual studies and not have to stress about making ends meet because tuition is so costly.
The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers such a diverse and unique environment to learn in. The campus offers a lot of different places to study and relax at in the mists of mother nature. Although it's very hot most of the year here and not all classes are air conditioned, a good majority of classes are. They offer a very diverse arrangement of food selections and tie in many different cultures at reasonable prices. Overall the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a great place to jump into your major of choice.
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I like how there are so many programs and clubs you can join. Not many colleges have a transition program, that transitions you from high school to college. I really loved this program, not only was it a free 3 credit summer school class but I also got to meet new friends and learn about the different resources offered at UH Manoa.
My experience at the University of Hawaii has been incredible, not only are you studying on an island, but you are also enriching yourself in a diverse atmosphere. The experience is like none other and I would fully recommend this college.
Great school if you are liberal. Professors tend to be forward thinking. Not much student life. Lots of diversity, people are very nice here. Accepting and tolerant campus. If you like a relaxed campus, this is the place to be.
I took a class at Manoa over the summer. The professors are very professional yet flexible enough to help you learn the way you need too, in addition to accommodating to you when needed. There are great facilities that are open and easy to use. The campus is well maintained with a lively feel to it.
I really enjoyed dorminghere, such as diverse much clubs to join and people to interact with. Everything is just awesome
Manoa lacks a rigorous and serious curriculum. They don't challenge students with a lack of social scene.
I like some things like the location because it is in Hawaii and i love Hawaii but there is not much diversity probably 80% of the students are of Asian heritage. I have nothing against Asians but there is a lot of them.
This is a beautiful campus with a lot of majors to offer. Coming from a place of little to no diversity, it was really eye opening seeing the mass diversity coming together in one school. I've had great, profound professors and great support from advisors in my search to find my decision to become and Elementary and Special Education teacher. I'm so excited for what the future will bring.
UH Manoa is an awesome school, offering a huge variety of majors. From engineering to political science to computer animation. Also, L and L is a great place to eat!
UH Manoa is a rather average school on Hawai'i. Based on my personal experiences, I felt no interest in the school. However, they do have a great academic system
The campus is very small for a public college school. The classes are quite interesting. Most teachers are really great and knowledgeable teachers. We do not offer as much diversity as a mainland school could offer. The Athletics here is very good. There are also intramurals for you to join if you are just looking for a side sport to keep you busy on your free time, but it is also a good way to make friends. The dorms are okay, they are not the best. The residence assistants are always helpful. The food is really good for those who dorm. There is not much options of food choices after 8pm. The area is close to town. Hawaii has a really good bus system which is included in your tuition and fees, so free for college students. There are a lot of parties, but you have to get involved in order to hear about them. The campus safety is really good. If you give them a call at night, they will drive you to your dorms with no questions asked.
I love the campus atmosphere here! The people are friendly and the weather is obviously beautiful! Only thing is the housing is worn down and old and the cost of living in Hawaii is extremely high. Other than that I love the social science department and the wide range of interesting classes that are included here. I know that viewpoints of the campus are conflicted. It just depends on your major and what you are looking for in a campus. UH is not a big Greek school, but you can definitely find entertainment in the city of Honolulu and events sponsored by the school or the few Greek fraternities that they do have.
Overall, the school is a very diverse atmosphere. It's filled with both locals and non-locals, therefore making it a comfortable learning atmosphere for everyone.
Living in Hawaii is an experience all on its own, but for me it was enjoyable for about a month. Everything is expensive and being a young white female, I could only go certain places by myself. Bus system is great, but takes about 2 hours to get to the airport or to any other beaches besides Waikiki or Ala Moana. There is hardly any parking anywhere if you want to bring a car to the island. Dorms are old and bedbugs are a huge issue. Campus was older but very lush and green. There are only two dining halls, a campus food court, a Starbucks, and a Jamba Juice; the food got old and redundant very quickly and there was rarely anything healthy on the menu! Students get roughly 7-8 emails a week about moped/car thefts and break-ins. Overall, I loved it for about two months, but I realized how hard it is to make it by over there with little to no money and no real independence. I was ready to move to a nicer, more modern campus after one semester.
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University of Hawaii is a hub for all cultures, especially the Hawaiian culture. The campus is clean and new, including a Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Subway. The fitness center is top of the notch, made up of windows and containing hundreds of workout machines/equipment. The university has quality and friendly teachers who make it clear that their purpose is to help the students become more successful. The tropical location also adds to the university's attributes. With all of this in mind, the dorms are not as clean or modern as they should be. They are pretty small and contain little to no storage space or air conditioning. Overall, UH Manoa is a diverse school that is in touch with culture.
What I like where the teachers and students, but what I didn't like was the fact that because I transferred to Manoa as a Junior in the Fall semester 2016 I had to wait till almost the last day to register. I also don't like the fact that parking passes gets distributed fast. I think there should be a set of passes for the Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman to hand out.
Overall pretty good. There is a very diverse range of students and majors. Some professors are very good and some could be a lot better. More food truck options would be nice to have.
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