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I love this beautiful campus because people here are nice. The campus is decorated with many native trees and houses that carry both native and mordern style from other country. The education is great because there are many majors for students to selects, and a students can choose a majors and other minor majors. There are many scholarship opportunities for students and distribute to everyone who qualify. In addition, many actinides occurs during a semester that keeps students have more energies and motivation to volunteer, work and relax besides those busy study schedule. In general, I love the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Parking is very hard to come by if you do not buy a pass. Even to buy a pass, you need to be a senior or higher. Some parts of campus are a lot nicer than others. There's new buildings next to old buildings. Not a lot of parties going on. Very hard to graduate in 4 years with a STEM major
The University of Hawaii at Manoa has a very diverse yet very unique campus. Being apart of the UH community offers many various perspectives that you will not find on any other campus in Hawaii or even the mainland.

One thing that MUST be changed is the student housing. It is quite atrocious. The costs of living on campus are very high all the while the school offers students the bare minimum. Every day, things around student housing continually go unfixed due to the neglect of the student housing services. Apartments are dark, dingy, paint falling off the walls, broken elevators, and at times infested with cockroaches. To top it off, there is only a finite amount of parking spaces available to students.
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My experience at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been, so far, a very good experience. My professors have all been very knowledgeable in the subjects that they taught and have been willing to help with any situation that a student may have, rather it be school related or not.
I think they need to offer better aid for prospective students. The student to teacher ratio should also be reduced.
I liked the kindness from the professors and genuine investment in the student’s learning. However, I did feel the curriculum was not as rigorous as many other schools nationally.
I love studying at this beautiful campus. My professors and classmates have been great to work with, and I am confident that I will learn a lot from this experience!
The University at Manoa has a great range of majors and the advisors lead you to the path of graduating in four years. Within my time here, I've noticed the professors, peers, and staff are kind and really show the "aloha" spirit. The upper division classes in some majors are small, so there is a real connection between the professors and the students. If you are in a large lecture class, the professors are always readily available during their office hours. Lastly, where's a greater place to learn than paradise?
I liked the diversity and range of majors. I think the dorms could be improved and scholarship opportunities should be a priority.
Manoa is overall pretty good, but I just wish they were a little bit more updated with technology and I didn't have to visit my academic adviser and my major adviser every single semester in order to register for classes(though I know that isn't necessarily true for all majors/colleges), such a hassle.
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a great place to get an education along with making new relationships with peers from all over the world. Not to mention the amazing scenery on campus and all the history that Manoa Valley holds.
The academics are excellent. The school itself is a bit old and the dorms are very worn down and need to be rebuilt. It is also a mostly commuter student school.
Im just a freshman, but I really enjoy it a whole lot. The campus Scenery is very nice, there are multiple places for you to eat inside of the campus. The campus is very big it does take times to go from classes to classes, but there is a shuttle system where you can ride to a certain class. Over all there are pro and con at this campus.
Overall Manoa is a great place, huge diversity, and much aloha. For in-state students tuition is great compares to out of state. Education is great especially if you're an engineering, language, or business student. Main issue for me is cost of food. Expensive in my opinion for what you get.
UH Manoa is has a really nice sense of family and community. Everyone helps one another, and we all have a lot of activities that can help us make new connections with other people on campus. One thing that could change though is that UH can be a little more mindful on students safety on campus due to that false missile event that happened.
The community and environment are very nurturing and you don't ever feel homesick. The students are great besides the occasional creeper. The class work is varied in difficulty but if a class is harder than usual it is normally one of the fun classes. It's definitely mentally and physically healthy place to go to school, you have the perfect balance of work and physical activity because you have ocean and hikes. The classes are interesting because teacher come from far and wide It gives you global perspective without all the traveling !(however the study abroad and exchange programs are pretty amazing)
It's a great university the classes are fun and the campus life is great. I love the student life here it's pretty exciting there's usually something going on during school days. The gym is free for all students which is great for gym people. Everyone is nice and does their own. thing. Although m university is great people do tend to steal mopeds often and it will be sent out as an email to everyone. Other than that the food here is good and suites everyone's needs. Not to mention we're located in town so it's fun to have a night on the town with your friends.
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I am currently a freshman attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. So far, my experience at this university has been a smooth ride all around. The environment has a relaxed vibe about it, all the students I have interacted with are kind, and respectful for the most part. The campus is filled with the beauty of lush, green trees, all around sitting areas, a variety of food spots on and near the campus, as well as the classrooms being clean and well cared for. As for the teachers, they come with excellent knowledge about their studies. My favorite part about my experience at this school would have to be the diversity that this school brings. Being in the Hawaiian Islands we experience such a diverse cultural background of people from all around the world. For the most part, the curriculum, the people from the professors to the students exceed my expectations and that to me is more important than the looks of structure.
It's been a great experience although I have one more semester to go, but I'm done with my major. The professors I've had the honor of learning under them have been amazing with curriculum and making sure the students get what is expected.
I just completed my first semester at the University of Hawaii Manoa, and I have to say that my experience was way better than I thought it was. I liked all of my classes and my professors really knew what they were teaching. And even though I am shy, I was able to meet many different people from all over the United States and even some people in different countries. The campus is also pretty big and it is well kept. I can't wait for next semester to start!
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