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University of Hawaii at Hilo Reviews

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I like UH Hilo’s diversity of students, extracurricular activities and clubs, and events students can go to. I like how teachers are very helpful and the abundance of resources to help for class, get food, and find one to de stress. The gym has a variety of equipment and classes to help as well and the dorms are nice.
Some facilities are lacking in comparison to mainland ones. The library should be open later for students, especially during finals week. Overall though, a great school, especially for biological science, marine science, and geology majors.
I absolutely love University of Hawaii at Hilo. The professors are excellent and care about their students deeply. My best advice for those that are thinking about coming here is that if you thrive in a chill and relaxed environment, then this is a great place for you! The campus is dead most of the times, so if you are looking for a party school do not come here. Overall I think the university is great for on campus activities, the knowledgable professors and the small classroom sizes.
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The academics are just as good as any other University. The acceptance rate is extremely high & so is the diversity. From my experience, unless you choose to live on campus or play sports, your chance at a good social life plummets to almost nothing.
I have just recently completed my first academic year at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I loved all of my classes and professors, but the one thing it would be nice to see change is the "party scene". It feels as though there are not any opportunities to meet other students around campus, although I will say that the university's student council does seem to work hard to organize events.
This place is a real treat. It has the basics, and then some! They have a good tutoring center, enlightening programs, and dedicated faculty.As a bonus, the possess a great gym and swimming pool area available to all attending students for free. I am proud to call this campus my alma mater.
It’s a really great school academically but the student life on campus needs to improve. There’s not much to do on campus and around campus.
Hilo is that perfect mix of education and the Hawaii experience rolled into one. The environment is very welcoming and laid back. However, return on your investment depends on your future plans. Great place for nursing, marine biology, and Hawaiian Studies majors.
What I like about UH Hilo is that it’s near to my home and the professors are helpful, passionate, and personable.
I really enjoy the people here and the overall atmosphere. There is lots of diversity and the student to teacher ratio is low. You don't feel like you're just a number here and the teachers actually know you.
So far University of Hawaii at Hilo has been nothing than a second home and family to me. The transition from high school to college wasn't as bad because of the countless support given from the professors, counselors and how friendly everyone is. I haven't been happier with University of Hawaii at Hilo and the diversity of the students is tremendously amazing, here at University of Hawaii at hilo there is a variety of ethnicities and students from all over. The class sizes are perfect because you get that one on one with your professor and they really care about your success as a student and in your future. I really would recommend Hilo for any high school student who is still scared to go to a big university. University of Hawaii at Hilo became my second home and I couldn't be any happier to get my education close to home but still an island away.
The thing I want to see changed at the University of Hawaii at Hilo is more activities. I think there should be more activities for the student body to do. Many college students here are either doing homework or just chilling with friends. I think that there should be activities for the students so that they can get to know other people and have fun.
University of Hawaii at Hilo is a small campus compares to schools in the mainland, but that can be helpful in many ways. You meet new people and can have a name to name basis with your professor. Professors care how well you do and there is many types of ways to get help if you need
The diversity of the campus makes it really easy to meet new and exciting people. The professors seem to care about their students and are usually very friendly. Classroom sizes are usually no more that thirty to forty students.
had a great time and experience at UHH. I had fun with the parties and got along well with peers and teachers. I can't think of anything to change it's great how it is right now.
The resources available to students that are in place to help them succeed are outstanding. The dissemination of information about the campus, the community and events is well done through e-mail and messaging system.
Professors are great but the school is a little unorganized and the communication needs to improve but overall it’s not that bad
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I love it here, the class sizes are small and the faculty really care about you personal and academic success.
I enjoy the student life so much here! There is always an event going on, and there's always somewhere with an open door for you to study. Classmates are so eager to get to know each other, and they have a sense of humor that lightens the stress in the atmosphere. Dull moments are rare to come by. Every day is an opportunity to meet someone new! Also, the professors and other faculty at the university are open, honest, and always willing to help us out. They're spunky and unique, which makes it nearly impossible to be bored in class.
I like University of Hawaii at Hilo because of the diversity, thoughtfulness, people, location, and teachers. What I want to see change is more students enrolling so more classes will be open.
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