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The thing I want to see changed at the University of Hawaii at Hilo is more activities. I think there should be more activities for the student body to do. Many college students here are either doing homework or just chilling with friends. I think that there should be activities for the students so that they can get to know other people and have fun.
University of Hawaii at Hilo is a small campus compares to schools in the mainland, but that can be helpful in many ways. You meet new people and can have a name to name basis with your professor. Professors care how well you do and there is many types of ways to get help if you need
The diversity of the campus makes it really easy to meet new and exciting people. The professors seem to care about their students and are usually very friendly. Classroom sizes are usually no more that thirty to forty students.
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had a great time and experience at UHH. I had fun with the parties and got along well with peers and teachers. I can't think of anything to change it's great how it is right now.
The resources available to students that are in place to help them succeed are outstanding. The dissemination of information about the campus, the community and events is well done through e-mail and messaging system.
Professors are great but the school is a little unorganized and the communication needs to improve but overall it’s not that bad
I love it here, the class sizes are small and the faculty really care about you personal and academic success.
I enjoy the student life so much here! There is always an event going on, and there's always somewhere with an open door for you to study. Classmates are so eager to get to know each other, and they have a sense of humor that lightens the stress in the atmosphere. Dull moments are rare to come by. Every day is an opportunity to meet someone new! Also, the professors and other faculty at the university are open, honest, and always willing to help us out. They're spunky and unique, which makes it nearly impossible to be bored in class.
I like University of Hawaii at Hilo because of the diversity, thoughtfulness, people, location, and teachers. What I want to see change is more students enrolling so more classes will be open.
The overall atmosphere of the campus is very inviting and open. There are always events going on around campus that students are encouraged to go to.
I loved attending college here. The campus is amazing and everyone is so nice you can meet some of the best friends you will ever have by attending school here. Professors are invested in your learning and will help you every step of the way. DO NOT get involved in varsity sports at this university.
Beautiful campus and great atmosphere. Small college with advisors that are very invested in student success.
Something I enjoy is the proportionate work space provided, such as the library. However many people are not friendly and the campus is poorly labeled, making it hard to get to where you need to go.
UH Hilo is a good school to go to if you're looking to study. There's not much of a nightlife and hardly any parties. If there are parties on campus they are quickly shut down. However, I enjoy my time here at UHH. The students, faculty, and staff are very friendly, and I enjoy the small class sizes. The gym at UHH is very nice. UHH is a very small school so you'll see a lot of familiar faces. The only things I don't like about UHH is that car thefts have been quite common over the past year. Despite the security that UHH has under its employ, over 8(?) cars have been stolen. Security is very adept at shutting down parties and issuing parking tickets, but not very effective at stopping car thefts. Some of the student housing aesthetically look much worse than Hilo's section 8 housing projects which is quite sad. Sodexo, the corporation responsible and in charge of feeding students at UHH and UHM, is also responsible for catering to our nations prisons.
Most of the professors are nice and helpful. When the professors had their office hours, they answered all questions I had.
What I really like about this college is that they have a positive community and that there is help 24/7. Another thing that I like about this school is that there are different clubs to join to make friends with.
The University of Hawaii at Hilo has amazing degree programs, especially the Medical and Eviornmental Sciences with Hands On Learning. The campus is filled with students from all over the world. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the campus offers many outdoor explorations to different parts of the island
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My experience at University of Hawaii Hilo has and continues to be an amazing journey. Everyone is very friendly, classes are great, and the sight is worth seeing!
I love the feeling of Ohana as soon as you step onto campus. The faculty and staff is so friendly and helpful as well as devoted to helping you succeed. There is so much diversity here, that it is easy to learn about new cultures and meet people from all over the world. The campus could use some updating with their buildings and dining hall facility, but overall the schools location makes it hard to complain. With the beach just down the road and plenty of cool, hidden waterfalls, you will never find yourself bored.
The location is wonderful! Not for those who like to party and live the fast life, it's very chill and laid back.
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