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University of Hawaii - West Oahu Reviews

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I liked that the classes were reasonably sized and there was plenty of convenient parking available to students.
The online program with UH WEST OAHU has been an overall great experience. I have had several pleasant conversations with Admissions and Counseling office.
The University of Hawaii at West Oahu is an excellent university that is away from loud noises and traffic. The professors are knowledgeable and always willing to help and many of the students tend to organize and participate in many social events around the campus.
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University of Hawaii West Oahu is a newer university on the island. What I like about this school are the smaller class sizes. The professors are more connected with the students and actually know our names. I've attended the main University in Hawaii, but I found that I thrived more at UHWO.
UH West Oahu is a great place to go to college. It is relatively new, so there aren't too many students yet. The building are clean and air conditioned, which is necessary since it is located on the west side of Oahu. Parking is free, and classes are smaller in size. The professors are great, and take a real interest in their students success.
The university carries the aloha spirit throughout each department. Faculty are always welcoming and friendly and your classes become your new family. The campus is very small which is great for getting around, but parking can sometimes be a hassle if you come a certain time.
Univerisity of Hawaii is a unique campus. As it is still relatively new, the programs offered here are limited, and the university is quite small. UHWO has the vibe (and price) of a community college with the academic integrity of any four-year school. Within the next few years they are planning on adding several degree programs (including pre-med). One thing I would change is possibly adding on-site university housing to help raise it to the level of UH Manoa.
UH WEST O'ahu is the campus that I will be attending to pursue my education in Public Administration.
As of now, I have no major complaints, my transition seems to be going pretty smoothly. One concern I do have though is they are short staffed as far as academic advisors to assist continuing students; it took a couple of weeks for a counselor to contact me, hopefully that will change in the near future.

Overall, I'm looking forward to attending the University this coming fall:)
The University of Hawaii - West Oahu offers classes that I need to take. They also have weekly activities and college fair offered to all students.
They are very diverse and inclusive of all people. UHWO is a great looking campus. Can't wait to see it fully developed. Overall, great campus.
It's a fairly new school so it's pretty rough around the edges, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a fair chance. It's a great school for creative media majors who want a sense of community and opportunity. Teachers are always helpful in trying to further your career. It's also a wonderful place to meet international students thanks to Tokai University being part of the system. I have made friends from another country and feel really connected with others because of it.

They could use more resources and facilities but like i said it's growing and there is a creative media building that should be done by next year.
University of Hawaii - West Oahu is such an amazing college. This college reaches out to help incoming freshmen’s. They have a lot of programs that get them ready. From my experience UH West Oahu has a Certified Nurses Assistant Program that they held over the summer for students who were interested in entering health care. UH West Oahu help pave a path way for students. The faculty and staff are always there to help students. They make sure students are on track and help them get back on track. They always meet with the students through out the semester.
University of west O’ahu is a newly built campus that is in the University of Hawaii school system. New programs and classes are being added yearly. Parking is sufficient along with clean classrooms and fresh young teachers with the desire to help students learn
It was a great experience for my first college I am attending. I thought I was going to lose my mind while walking on campus, but I felt protected by everyone around me. There is always someone that will help you walk the straight path when you feel like you are not going the right way.
University of Hawaii - West O'ahu has so much programs for incoming freshmens. They have free college courses in some high schools, they have summer bridge programs that help them get certified in a specific filed and also have incoming freshmens earn college credits over the summer for free. UH West O'ahu is such a big help to the community, they are now making a health science buildings for anyone is the health professions. UH West O'ahu is a wonderful campus. Staff are amazing and helpful and professors are very understanding.
With the classes I've taken so far I must say my experience has been positive. The support I have from my professor as well as my peers been awesome.
UHWO is great because of how everyone is connected. Class sizes are small with 40 people, so everyone can interact with no problems. Professors help you one on one when you need it.
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What I like about UH West Oahu is that the classes are small and have a 24 to 1 student to facility ratio which means each student gets the attention they need from professors.
I loved my school. The campus is still new and growing. The class sizes are small so you get the most out of the classes and you aren't just a number.They are up to date on all the new technology. The cafeteria is small but has great things. Beautiful campus in a beautiful area!
I do not have any experience with the University of Hawaii - West O'ahu campus. I do have high expectations because it it the the college of my choice that I am committed to. I have researched about the campus and saw nothing but my goals being accomplished as I attend this school.
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