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University of Hawaii - Maui College Reviews

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I would like to see an improvement in the parking lot. It is very hard to find a parking space on the campus because of the very limited space available.
My experience here has been very good. I am glad they offer 4 year programs as well as associates and other certificates.
I visited there one time and we got tour in it and I like the place. we went to the culinary field and we were able to see the different classes and able to experience their restaurant. we were able to sit in in a class too.
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Although I'm just a freshman, University of Hawaii- Maui College has been really great. I feel very welcome and comfortable attending this college. My professors are all very educated in their field of study, which makes their teaching style easy for us students to understand and grasp onto. Although it can be challenging at times, I manage to push through and stay motivated. There are many resources available for students to get help. There is also a lot of diversity on campus which had allowed me to make many good friends. There's nothing significant that I would want to see change at this college. It works for me and my fellow classmates the way it is. I'm very excited to proceed with my education at University of Hawaii - Maui college.
This school is so cute to be honest. I love the atnosphere, the food and the teachers. They are very helpful when you need it and if you have any questions you can ask the teachers or even the students. They are all friendly!
I have had a great experience at this college. Some of the buildings are run down and don't have air conditioning, but I've grown used to it living in Hawaii. It has a beautiful scenery and a great nursing program that I am currently attending. They are also known for their culinary program and their food at the cafeteria is also very good and diverse.
It is a beautiful, spacious campus. The older buildings could use refurbishing., and the library smells somewhat moldy in places.
I attended this college for 2 years. I had some really great professors that were really inspirational and changed my views of life. I've also had some really bad professors that made me dread coming to class and consider dropping out. The campus is pretty small but it's easy to get around and the environment is very quiet and peaceful. There are not a lot of food places you could go to on campus besides the cafeteria, so I like to eat outside of campus. Sometimes I enjoy eating inside the cafeteria because they serve yummy food prepared by culinary students. There are a few clubs on campus and they encourage you to join. There are also some fun activities and events held by student council which I never went to but wish I did.
The University is a pay for what you get school. There are teachers there who truly care and those that are doing it as an option. The campus needs updates. The career options are limited
I have only been attending this school for two years so I don't have much of an opinion on what I would like to see change. So far, I have enjoyed all of the classes that I have attended and the instructors are amazing.
A great place to complete foundation courses, however classes are very limited. Ideal for students wanting to transfer to bigger universities. Excellent nursing program.
The counselor j. Moana k. Was so awesome so helpful didn't make me feel defeated at all guided me for success. When I left her office I felt so confident!!!!! Thank you moana!!!!
My 1st year experience at UH Maui was exceptional. I was really impressed with most of the professors I had an dry consoler was very helpful. I really enjoyed that UH had many resources that students could use. For example, there's the library, private study rooms, teachers you could ask for help with anything, etc.
I enjoyed my time at the university of hawaii maui college. the staff and professors are great. because of smaller class sizes, the professors can provide more interaction and help to students.
UH Maui College is a great affordable college with passionate teachers that really want to help students succeed. I enjoyed getting to know my teachers and just talking story with them, along with really connecting my class as a family in a way rather than just a class you attend. I really got to know my classmates pretty well too. There isn't a lot of group projects, but that's ok because in a community college it is expected that a lot of students are busy with life and work, so that might be a turn down for those looking for a student life. However, it doesn't bother me personally that much. I liked that they are many programs to assist in helping students such as tutors and free wifi/ computers to use. I also enjoyed going to class as many classmates are friendly aswell.
My time at University of Hawaii, Maui College has been great. I am able to take free dual credits classes through the college as a highschool student and there it is such an open environment. It doesn't matter what level highschool student you are, they open up to you and they embrace you through all aspects of College life.
There are so many things that I love about the University of Hawaii Maui College, but the one thing that stuck out the most to me was the aloha spirit. Everyone is so caring, encouraging, and helpful, making sure that each and every student feels welcomed and comfortable. It is so easy to make friends here and all of the professors give their students 110%, making sure that each and every student understands the material before leaving the classroom.
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There's a lot of activities each month at the campus. The location is great because it's close to the mall. Everyone is nice and the professors are flexible with work and exam schedules if you miss out.
I love the vibes! Students and teachers are amazing. They give awesome motivation! Our school has one of the best programs for nursing, culinary and even more. I totally love going to my local college because I don't have to leave my home state and still get a really good education and that's what matters the most
I have been a resident here on Maui for about five years now. I decided one day to go back to school after receiving my high school diploma. It was a big step for me and getting the application process was very easy. The University of Hawai'i Maui College is a good school to start your college career. The counselors are very supportive, and most of the teachers are great. However, there are some teachers that show they do not care. There are numerous places to go that will have tutors to help you when you need some guidance and help when you feel like you are not doing so well.
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