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I love this school... check it out for engineering ... it’s a great small program. At other schools professors don’t even know who you are. It’s not a big campus which is nice. Excellent job placement after graduating as well. They rank right up there with Carnagie Melon in US News reports
I had a great undergrad experience at the University of Hartford/ Hartford Art School. Great professors and facilities.
I enjoyed all of the classes and the curriculum. It prepared me for the future and I was able to get a great internship. The campus is nice, but the dorms could be better. Living in Hawk Hall was a great idea since it is the most newly renovated dorm. The village quad apartments definitely need an update, I know someone's parent who went here and said the apartment has not changed since she was going to school there! 30 years ago!
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I would like to see professors willing to help students in succeeding. I would like to see professors spending more time with material that the whole class needs help with. I would like to see professors taking action on things that aren't ok.
UH has an amazing image all together. With a great graduation rate, great programs, affordable cost and being relatively close to home, this school has one of the best offers I've seen. As mentioned before, UH is close to home for me, and I really appreciate that fact because I'm not used to coast to coast travel. Being closer to home really sets me at ease, as there would be less distractions from home sickness and ultimately, making me a more focused student. Knowing that I was in need of financial aid, I saw UH as an opportunity for a chance that most colleges at the time didn't have a the time: a chance to learn the right way in a affordable cost.
I have never been so miserable in my entire life. Nothing is unique, the school is dead, the people suck, the professors suck, the classes are like a community college. I hate it. Never again. I wish I could sign on to be a tour guide just so i can tell students and their parents to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE.
The food is mediocre, the academic class are average at best. However, the Hartt School of music is the exception. With spectacular faculty members and talented students, Hartt stands out from the rest of the University.
Helpful and encouraging professors in the bio dept. But needs more funding for experiments and research
I took my first college class here as a duel enrollement. The campus is beautiful and the class was taught well. All students were involved and present in the classroom. My only complaint was the seemingly outdated registration process.
I have had a great experience here at the university of Hartford. I am currently in the post baccalaureate pre medical professions program. This university is one of the few to even have this available. My advisor has been amazing and there are so many resources to help you. The university is in a great location with plenty of things to do off campus. I am a commuter and I wish there was more parking but I haven't had any other issues.
UHart has a been a great experience thus far. The academic class sizes are very small and most of the professors are friendly and approachable. the largest lecture hall only seats 80 people, and I have never seen it more than half full. The Hartt school is a wonderful school with a variety of opportunities for people who wish t minor in the preforming arts.
Thus far, I have had a very good experience with University of Hartford. I am not a student there, but I hope to be in the fall of 2018. The online application was easy to figure out and not too complicated of a process. I have also heard very good things about the Hartt School, which is the performing arts school that is part of University of Hartford. When I visited the campus in October I was very impressed with how the school was run and the faculty and students I met. Overall, I believe the school is a very good school for anyone, because of the amount of majors and diversity of interests among the students.
Ranked #720 college, seems about right. Housing is terrible, surprising amount of drug use here. Seems like a place for C+ type stdents.
I really was interested in coming to the University of Hartford at first, but after awhile attending the school. I realized that this school wasn't for me. My major Communications) didn't have a good program to help me excel in my field. The campus is very lifeless, there is no type of school spirit. The food is trash, there's barely any diversity and this isn't a party school whatsoever. The only good aspect about this school, is that I met some amazing people here!
I absolutely love the University of Hartford. Ever teacher engages with their students. Everyone is kind and looks out for each other like one big family
i was disappointed to find out how local this school is. There is a surprising lack of students from around the country. Almost half is from CT (around 45%), and almost all the rest are driving distance from neighboring NY, MA or NJ (that's probably around 90% of the school). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, its not the kind of place most people are going to travel 2000 miles to go to.
coming here was a big mistake. Cant wait to get out. Just a sad place overall. I think they let anybody in here.
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The teachers are ok. The facilities are pretty run down. A lot of local students who leave on Friday and come back Sunday nite. Most students here aren't very serious.
Just a very below average place. I unsuccessfully tried to transfer out, but didn't apply to enough schools and didn't get in anywhere. A community college with a four year college cost.
i like the environment. the people there are really friendly. The campus is large but easy to navigate
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