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I've been here for only half the semester but, it truly has been a great experience and I'm glad I chose this place to start my art degree.
University of Hartford is an expensive, disorganized, non-professional pile of imaginary promises. The entire campus is just eye candy to hide what they really are. The professors are very unprofessional. I will give a few personal examples. Two of my teachers, were so horrible in their teaching based on their students, that they had to get fired AFTER I took the course. Another teacher had not shown up for more than 80 percent of the classes. So what am I paying for? Another example is my calculus teacher was a PHYSICS teacher, which is NOT the same thing. The food is disgusting, and the dorms looked like used motel rooms. The safety is horrible in this place as every week there was a different warning about some suspect/stalker in the campus threatening people, and we all can't forget about the Brianna Brochu case. No wonder why the freshmen drop rate is almost 50 percent or maybe even more...
Being a new student to the campus, it would be unfair to provide an "overall" experience so early in the term. I am a busy adult student continuing to professionally develop with great success. I am anticipating the BEST overall experience possible!!
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Opportunities are available for everyone of a variety of backgrounds. There’s a place for everyone to grow and develop at the rate that individual needs.
I have never experienced such horrible behavior. The school mistreats minority’s to the fullest. The administration there is extremely rude. I feel bad for the professors there because some of them a really great but working at uhart makes them seem less . I won’t advise that anyone attends this school. I dont wish this experience on anyone.
What I love about the school is the diversity. When I got there I felt welcomed like it was the best decision I made in my life.
I have enjoyed every moment I've spent at the university! I became super involved and met some of my closest friends and I couldn't be happier with my college experience!
What I like about the University Of Hartford community is just everything about it, the academics are fantastic, the athletics are outstanding and the community itself is just very vibrant and good energy. There's so much to do on campus, the staff is amazing, I've met so many wonderful friends I'm proud to have for life and just very grateful for having the chance to come to a school like this. This has really change my-life for the better, in more ways than one speaking. One thing I would like to change to the UHART Community is adding more bus service on campus for students traveling on and off campus, along with added a couple more sports to the athletics department. However, overall I'm rather please and grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a wonderful school like UHART and to please not only myself, but everyone around me in the process. It's fantastic and I wouldn't change anything about my decision to attend this school.
The University of Hartford has given me so many great opportunities to be involved with my community and help other broken communities. The faculty at the University are very helpful and easy to communicate with. Everyone is very understanding and I feel like I have a voice and it can be heard. The environment and other peers are great energy and very homey. I love it here!
Small school with the feel of a big university. Academics are great, clubs and organizations are huge on campus. Only thing I wish could be better is the housing.
My experience is with the University of Hartford's Master's Nursing Education Program. It has smaller class sizes and is convenient for the adult learner. I feel that the program is helpful with ensuring success for their students.
Uhart has a great community. You immediately feel like family there and have great pride for your university. There is so many options for help on campus. The class rooms are small as well so you are able to have a teacher student interaction which I find crucial for understanding the taught material.
University of Hartford is a really wonderful school that provides an immense amount of opportunities to its students. As a student majoring in education, it is extremely useful that I am able to start getting experience in a classroom in the first semester. It's easy to connect with people, and there is a real sense of community within the school. Meeting new people is easy too, so you can form an intimate group of friends quickly. The class sizes are small, so the professor knows your name early on in the semester. As for things I would change, however, I would want to change the dining hall situation up a little so there are more healthy options so certain students who are struggling with their weight aren't tempted as much to eat very fatty foods. Overall, the school is a wonderful place to go for education, making friends, and truly earning your degree and getting out there in the work force as soon as you graduate.
Most of the teachers were nice and everyone on campus is super friendly, but the school teaches you content that is way too advanced for some of the classes and content that isn’t necessary to your major. Sometimes the classes would change direction so completely that some students forgot what the class was for.
I have learned a lot in all of my classes so far. Most of my professors have been understanding and more than willing to help if you ask for it.
The school is very good with a lot of good professors and a few terrible professors. The overall campus is nice though.
The curriculum of the university has lot of stuff that does not make any sense. What I like about it the classes are very small and don't have a lot of students in it.
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I really like this Private University, great majors as well as excellent programs! I wish the tuition was not so expensive, however.
My experience so far has been ok. The teachers are average and have not been too hard. The people that they have in charge needs to be a little more professional because they mess up things a lot, which makes them look like they just hire anybody to do anything.
I'm a student at the Hartt School, majoring in music education. I have to say that Hartt (and the University of Hartford as a whole) is a great place with a lot to offer if you work hard. The music program here is extremely challenging and the faculty is great, and the faculty for the classes I've had outside of Hartt are pretty much just as good. The dorm life, food, and athletics are also pretty good. If you're considering the performing arts as a career choice, UHart is a really smart choice in schools.
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