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I absolutely love the University of Hartford. Ever teacher engages with their students. Everyone is kind and looks out for each other like one big family
i was disappointed to find out how local this school is. There is a surprising lack of students from around the country. Almost half is from CT (around 45%), and almost all the rest are driving distance from neighboring NY, MA or NJ (that's probably around 90% of the school). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, its not the kind of place most people are going to travel 2000 miles to go to.
I?m a sophomore at the University of Hartford and unfortunately I will be transferring out of this school this upcoming spring semester because the campus, the people on campus, night life and the academics are all terrible. The University is sadly spiraling downward mainly because of the Hillyer College, which is situated on campus and accepts all students with learning disabilities.
The college of arts and sciences, which is the main school on campus, also appears to accept anyone who sends in an application.
The freshmen dorms resemble a below poverty line neighborhood, with all kinds of (for lack of a better word) weird individuals hanging around. Greek life is not what I expected at all,if you are not into the recreational drugs scene, you will not be accepted
The professors are all apathetic and frustrated with the quality of the majority of students who attend here, and honestly, they can?t be blamed. I have to start all over again now and I regret every second.
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coming here was a big mistake. Cant wait to get out. Just a sad place overall. I think they let anybody in here.
The teachers are ok. The facilities are pretty run down. A lot of local students who leave on Friday and come back Sunday nite. Most students here aren't very serious.
Just a very below average place. I unsuccessfully tried to transfer out, but didn't apply to enough schools and didn't get in anywhere. A community college with a four year college cost.
i like the environment. the people there are really friendly. The campus is large but easy to navigate
My overall experience at the University of Hartford is great. The atmosphere there is very pleasant and welcoming. You can also feel the greatness of the school. Before I came to the college I lived in a bad area where motivation, greatness and aid from anyone just wasn't there. When I entered the school I felt like I can complete anything if I put my mind to it. The school itself is a bit of the pricy side but it's worth it. The whole faculty puts in 100% of their efforts helping you when you are in need. The college is completely safe. Public Safety is out there making sure everything is okay and they do this 24/7. You will always see them around. The food here is amazing. The school understands that there is a lot of students from different parts of the world so they change it up everyday. I would advise anybody I know and their parents to learn at the University of Hartford
One of the things I like most about UHart is the different options you have either it's your major, housing, food, and activities. The learning environment is very driven. The faculty and students are willing to help one another to become a better you from academics to your personal needs.
Its such a welcoming school, all the teachers and student want you to be successful and want you to be active as much as possible with things around the school.
I like the environment and the small class sizes. The professors are nice and the food is good. The library also has a Starbucks which is pretty cool and convenient
My freshman year was pretty good. There is a lot of diversity, you meet a lot of interesting people. The food is alright at commons but the workers are very nice. Academically they are good, but you will find some professors especially if you're a science major who have a thick accent and you're unable to understand them.
The professors and admin are wonderful and helpful to getting the students where they need to be academically, finically, and mentally. The campus is beautiful and offers just what students on and off campus need. I would change the opportunities for scholarships- there are not many offered, and I've met several students who had to drop out due to the expenses.
Overall, I enjoy my time at University of Hartford and feel that it's worthwhile to attend the school. Here are the things that especially stick out to me:

The food is top-notch. I actually eat better at school than at home!

Student facilities are pretty nice, too. There's ~50 practice rooms (each with a piano) that even non-music students can use, several large common "hangout" rooms (some with ping-pong tables and the like), and an impressive library.

I have no significant complaints about the school.
When I visited the University of Hartford I like it, even if it wasn't my first choice of university but i said I'll just apply for it and from there within 3 weeks I got a letter in my mail box. It's a pretty nice university their classes aren't full decent student.
Gorgeous, small campus. There isn't much to do unless you're interested in going to sporting events. The education is decent, and professors care about you. Dorms aren't terrible, food could be greatly improved.
Great staff and outstanding student body, but if one thing needs to be changed it would have to be the tuition cost.
Review University of Hartford
I was a student at The Hartt School, and I definitely went because of my teacher. The facilities leave something to be desired, but to their credit they are working on it. The faculty are second to none, the school has made several recordings on the Naxos label and performed several world premiers through a consortium created in part by Hartt's own Glen Adsit.

As for the rest of the school, the science and engineering buildings have state of the art equipment. The acoustics program is amazing, and one of the only undergraduate acoustics programs in the country.

The campus is small, and it's a little secluded from the cities of Hartford and West Hartford, but it's not a long way to get to the center of town. A bicycle will get you there in 15 minutes.
Awesome, dedicated and passionate professors (especially in the School of Communication). The school has a plethora of extra-curriculars, which is great. I would like to see more emphasis on being a school "community" rather than co-existing in a shared space however.
My experience at the University of Hartford was great! I went there to audition for the Hartt School of Music and everything was well organized. The professors and students were very helpful and heart-warming.
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