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I was a student at The Hartt School, and I definitely went because of my teacher. The facilities leave something to be desired, but to their credit they are working on it. The faculty are second to none, the school has made several recordings on the Naxos label and performed several world premiers through a consortium created in part by Hartt's own Glen Adsit.

As for the rest of the school, the science and engineering buildings have state of the art equipment. The acoustics program is amazing, and one of the only undergraduate acoustics programs in the country.

The campus is small, and it's a little secluded from the cities of Hartford and West Hartford, but it's not a long way to get to the center of town. A bicycle will get you there in 15 minutes.
Awesome, dedicated and passionate professors (especially in the School of Communication). The school has a plethora of extra-curriculars, which is great. I would like to see more emphasis on being a school "community" rather than co-existing in a shared space however.
My experience at the University of Hartford was great! I went there to audition for the Hartt School of Music and everything was well organized. The professors and students were very helpful and heart-warming.
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Making my college decision was difficult, but I am happy I chose UHart. I am currently a freshman and I love it here! The dorms are a good size and everyone in my building is so friendly. The professors are thorough and the class sizes are small. This is the perfect learning environment for me, as I focus better in smaller classes. There are a lot of activities to do on campus. The campus is very diverse. The only complaint I have is the food is not good in my opinion. I got tired of it pretty easily. Also, it is a very pricey school. Otherwise, I love it here!
As a second semester sophomore at the University of Hartford I have learned so much from my professors. I have learned how to be independent and free for all. I have learned great ways to study and be prepared for the real world.
I only just started attending but I like it so far its better then my community college. I don't do any sports or live on dorm so I don't really know anything about those. The teachers that I have had so far have been mostly very good. Most of them work in the field that they are teaching so they can give you first hand knowledge about the course.
No one goes to sports games or has any school spirit. A lot of people leave this school and while they are her they talk about how much they hate it.
Like other universities, University of Hartford is an experience based on your actions. The dorm rooms are questionable, but your concerns will not be ignored. Facilities is quick to respond to your calls and they will do what they can to fix the problem. The food is about average for being a university commons. The professors are all over the place. I have had professors that love what they do and strive to have their students succeed and I've had a professor who did not know the information and didn't care that the students did not know the information. However, that professor is no longer a professor at the school. We have a new president at the school which should bring some new exciting changes. When you are a member of clubs and you actively participate in your program, you will make lifelong memories and friends. The campus is absolutely beautiful with the academic side separated from the residential life. This helps make sure you have an escape from your academics.
The school itself academically is not very challenging. If you are looking for rigorous course work, this university is lacking. Unless you are a part of the Hartt school. Hartt pushes its students to their limits and work them to improve the skills they already have and improve the ones that need help. Hartt works with individuals to create individuals, and you will never feel like you're being demeaned or left behind.
I have enjoyed my time at University of Hartford and I have found many wonderful people. The teachers care about each student and are willing to have one on one conversations with you. Housing is only mediocre for the exception of hawk hall which is quite lovely but only available for freshman.
So it has been 3 months now, still have not had that "I love it here" moment. My professors seem to me jumbled all the time with the exception of one, the people form cliques from day one and never branch out. I came here for the physical therapy program, but I'm not sure that is my path so I'm transferring.
University of Hartford is a very straight forward university that only offers benefits to students that are invested into the school. Many students that gain great experiences from the school often join clubs, organizations, or greek life in order to enjoy there time there. Not much is offered in the area surrounding Hartford because of the area it is located in. Many of the professors have great knowledge and experience on the fields that they are in but not all know how to relay the information back to the students. The university is constantly involving and making improvements in order to satisfy students.
I like the small classroom environment, the fact that a Professor will remember your name. I wish they can change wait time when it comes to the food, but it is understandable.
Greek Life is one of many organizations on campus that have the highest GPA and raise the most money for their philanthropies and the community. Of course they party, but that's not just what they're all about.
Women's and Men's basketball teams are amazing!
This school made me into the leader and professional I am today. Thanks to amazing professors and joining Greek Life and other organizations, I feel fully prepared to go out into my field. For those who complain about UHA, take a step out of your comfort zone and actually DO something. Join a club, get to know your professors... this University is small, but it offers A LOT.
The party scene is a take it or leave it kind of thing. Other students don't care if you party or not. My favorite thing about it was that I wasn't huge into partying, but there were plenty of smaller get togethers where I could spend time with close friends. It had the party feel without the massive amount of people.
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There's always cabs and Ubers readily available. Parties happen on campus as well as off campus, and the bar scene is good and pretty safe.
There's definitely a course load, but it's so specific to what you truly want to study that it's worth it. It's also never excessively difficult. The professors are aware of what you can handle, and want to see you do well.
We have such a diverse campus! The students that go here are overall extremely accepting or just don't have an opinion about other people. It's a safe environment to be whoever you want to be.
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