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I love UGA! There is a myriad of activities both on and off campus. You can find any club for any different passion, and there will always be someone with the same interests as you. The sports teams are so entertaining to watch, especially football, basketball, and gymnastics. There are also a wide variety of religious organizations on campus to be a part of.
The diversity is an amazing experiencing as well as fine academic opportunities. I have already made so many new friends during my first semester here and I feel so welcome by the university. I would recommend this school to any student looking for a diverse and challenging university.
I love the Campus! It's beautiful, especially in the fall. The student life here is really nice! Also one of the best dining halls.
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The largest college in the state of Georgia, University of Georgia is an excellent university for students interested in studying a wide variety of subjects. Having over 130 majors, incoming students and those wishing to change their subject of study have plenty of options to choose from during their years in the university.

What stands out about the university is the top notch student life it offers to the students. There are many dining halls (even a 24-hour one) that serve seemingly countless number of dishes. The local area is very active, especially the downtown right next to campus that comes alive during weekends and game days that can also serve as a relaxing location during the weekday mornings or afternoons.

Overall, University of Georgia is a school with a rich history and tradition (Go Dawgs!) plus a beautiful campus to go along with it.
I went and toured the school, campus, and general area of Athens. I stayed with my friend who is during their second year right now. I live in Florida where its hot and humid year round so it was really nice to know that it can get pretty chilly there. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful along with the diverse party scene so theres numerous amounts of different types of friends group just about anyone could fit it in with.
The University of Georgia is home to the best little city in Georgia, Athens. From football to lecture halls, this university pays attention to the details. Every student feels included whether it be in sports, clubs, dorms, or any aspect of the university.
Most people here are more concerned about partying and football than about education. The school is too big to make any real connections.
Not only a great place for academics, but also for parties. You'll meet so many new people and make new friends. There's always something to do in Athens, weather it's on campus or not.
Personally, I've found my college experience at the University of Georgia to be a rather positive one. Firstly, the facilities are great and spacious, with plenty of lounge-y areas to study and catch up on school work. There is also a very diverse student population where seemingly everyone can find a group in which they belong. And lastly, I enjoy that this is a more social school, where making friends, at least for me, came much easier than it did in high school. The only downside is the price of tuition and general expenses. For example, many of the dorms are quite tiny and definitely not worth the price paid.
The University of Georgia is so large and there is so much to do here. All the clubs you can think of, and even some that make you wonder how someone thought of it. It's also the ultimate college town with downtown Athens having bars in every corner and in between. There's also a lot of beautiful places to just lay down, hang out, study, take pictures, and shop. The academics at UGA is very impressive also; everyone worked hard to get into the University of Georgia. If you are looking for a school that is well balanced with social life, academics, and involvement, UGA is the school for you.
The University of Georgia is a great academic school and there is normally always something to do, especially with it being so close to downtown Athens
I recently attended a summer program there and It was fun to experience the college life with dorm rooms, classes, seminars, dining halls, etc. I really liked that it was more than just your typical college but that it felt like a home especially with downtown Athens right next door. They promoted their school but also prepared us for other school which really shows how much they care about the student instead of what type of title the student holds which is very important. One thing I would change is the size of the freshman dorms, just to make them more livable.
University of Georgia offers a vast campus that most people love. The town of Athens that is dedicated to the university is a great one to live in during college. I think attending the University is most fun if you have a good network of friends and especially if you enjoy college sports. Most programs at the University of Georgia are well-respected and highly regarded for good reason. I think the student population, however, lacked some diversity.
Uga is the definition of a college. Classes range from 18 to 200 people but no matter the class size it is easy to follow along and succeed. The campus is beautiful and it is such a fit for me.
The University of Georgia has a great academic program with tons of other fun amenities. The professors are top notch, and it's definitely a school to consider when applying to colleges. The downtown historic district of Athens Georgia is a beautiful place to live and go to school. Being just a few, short blocks away from the prestigious Sanford Stadium makes Saturdays in Athens all you can talk about!
Bus system is hard to figure out. Dorm is good. Food is good. Refunded money first day. Check sent to home address and hadn't had chance to get books so already stressed and behind.
I love the University of Georgia. Athens is my home and I have found my people here. It took me a while to find my path to my future career but the professors and staff here really helped become the best version of myself. I joined a fraternity my sophomore year and I made friends for life. I am pursuing my German degree and hope to have a career overseas when I graduate.
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I've only been at UGA for a semester, and I have already learned so much. The professors have been informative. The advisors are very helpful!
Overall it's a good school, but in a few cases I felt like some professors were actually entitled. I felt as though I couldn't question them at all. I understand and respect you accolades and accomplishments, but everyone should be open to learning more, even the teacher.
Had great times with beautiful people. There is nothing better to ask for. Also helped with graduate degree.
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