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Not only is UGA a great college with fantastic academics, but UGA is one big and beautiful campus. There are so many fun things to do in Athens such as, touring the beautiful campus, going to football games, and overall just cheering on the bulldogs! UGA is a fantastic school with fantastic academics, student life, and athletics. It's a great place to be, especially as a fan.
UGA is a place where you can find anything and everything that you would want to have in a school. Professors have experiences in their fields of studies, hundreds of organizations to join, and a giant music and downtown scene right next to campus.
The University of Georgia was my first choice and it was a great choice! The students at the University of Georgia are all diverse and amazing. My freshman year went beyond my expectations. The University of Georgia is a great place that allows you to balance school, work, and social life easily. I have made many great and lasting relationships with many of the other students. I am thankful to have chosen such a great school and thankful that it has chosen me.
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I recently just completed my first year at UGA, and I love it! The campus is really large; however, it is easy to learn. The people that I met came from all walks of life and were open to different things. There are plenty of job opportunities for students on campus, and there are so many ways to get involved in clubs. The classes are challenging, but the school provides resources to ensure students are successful. Sporting events definitely bring everyone together.
Everything about UGA is great. Beautiful campus, great academics, great extra curriculars, great sports programs, etc. 10/10.
I've just ended my first year at UGA. I had an amazing first semester. My favorite things about the school is that the professors and staff are always ready to help you when they can. Another thing I love is the school spirit.
I am so in love with this university. Everyone is so kind to me and willing to help me do the best I can.
I love the campus and I love the Athens community. As an incoming freshman, I was nervous, but over the months, I fell in love with the city and the people around me.
The University of Georgia has good food, friendly students and staff for the buildings, challenging classes, and many good professors.
I am currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Attending the University of Georgia is a big deal. It is competitive, challenging, and a lot of hard work. However, campus life is amazing! We have over 800 organizations to choose from, so you'll never feel alone. Here at the University of Georgia we have so many traditions, you can't help but to feel special. Coming to the University of Georgia is one of the best decisions I have ever made!
During my time here at UGA, I have had many great experiences. Game days for football are phenomenal, they provided the perfect experience of college football. Along with football, the student life is amazing, you have a wide variety of ethnicities at the school so you are able to appreciate different cultures. The classes are something serious though, you cannot go into them slacking, you always have to be on your A game. That's the only way you'll survive. My time here in Athens has been great and I'm that I chose UGA.
The diversity is great, the food is great, the people are great! I've met so many new and different kinds of people at UGA, and I can't wait to make more memories!
It is a really good college! Their own football team is one of the best in GA! and the college itsself is in the top 200 list in the nation, definetly recommend!
UGA is honestly such an extensive college with many different, diverse backgrounds attached to it. When I first went into college, I'd heard plenty of stories about college but I'd say the experience is definitely different for everyone. Since UGA is so large and diverse, there's a place for everyone here. Even if you feel that you won't find somewhere to fit in, trust me you will. This college has helped me in many ways that I didn't even think it could, its changed me for the better.
UGA is a very good school with strong resources, but it can be very overwhelming for a first year. You will find friendly people and professors, but you really have to take your own initiative. Find your resources and make a plan for yourself, and find people who can help you or connect to networks.
UGA was my first and only choice. This university has everything you need and more, the only improvement I can think of at this time is parking sometimes there isn't enough.
I love the campus! It's gorgeous and right at the heart of the city so there is always something to do.
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The University of Georgia is a pretty great school. Organizations on campus excel at scheduling fun and inclusive activities. There are an assortment of clubs for students to join, but students may find that it can be difficult to balance everything. Dining halls serve delicious food, but after a little while students crave more variety in the options. Some professors are excellent and do what they can to help you while others are not helpful or effective. Classes are hard, so they require a lot of studying but classes with lackluster professors require even more studying. The academics and education are quality. Housing isn't ideal as dorms can be dirty, old, and loud. The cleanliness of a hall is dependent on those you live with. Beds in the rooms can be hard and uncomfortable, but if a student decides to live off campus, there are a lot of apartments near by. Overall the university is great and provides me with an amazing environment.
The University of Georgia is a great undergraduate institute. The classes are challenging and allow for you to adapt to new ways of thinking and the courses offered are endless. My only complaint about UGA is the student population of over 35,000. My class sizes have been anywhere from 30 to 300 people which can be harder to learn because its harder to ask questions.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at the University of Georgia. As an undergraduate student majoring in Management Information Systems, the Terry College of Business provided multiple avenues and events to get connected to professionals in my field. In addition, the majority of my professors were very approachable and took an active interest in their students, not only in their classroom achievements, but also in their post-graduation success as well. The campus has tons of student organizations to get involved in for whatever your interests may be. There are also ample opportunities to work on campus whether it be in the dining halls, as a resident assistant, serving as a tour guide for UGA, or even as a bus driver. You read that right, students can drive the campus transit buses! For those who are big sports fans, watching the Dawgs play football on Saturday afternoons in Sanford Stadium is hard to beat. Go DAWGS!
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