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UGA is the place to be! I have enjoyed mostly everything about my experience thus far from housing to meal plans. Football Games are an awesome time and there is so much to be involved in at this school that you can never be bored.
The greatest college there is without a doubt. This school makes you so happy to be here and anyone can easily make friends and grow as a person here. Also always gotta remember.. Go Dawgs!
Attending the University of Georgia was the best decision I ever made. I loved everything about UGA.
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The University of Georgia is a large, public research university based in Athens, although there are several other campuses across the state. UGA is an excellent network with distinguished professors and researches, and is a great resource for students of different majors. The campus itself is beautiful, Athens is a wonderful college town with a positive atmosphere, and the education received by the school is of high quality.
The University of Georgia has the quintessential college experience. The football games draw some of the largest crowds Athens has ever seen, opportunities both in and out of the classroom set students up for success, and there's nothing better than being a Georgia Bulldog.
The University of Georgia is a wonderful place filled with amazing people that creates an atmosphere in which a student can feel at home and can create a successful future for themselves with the help of the incredible faculty.
UGA is a great school-the professors what you to succeed and do well in their class, the campus is full of activities and social events, and I was able to find a great group of friends.
This university will give any student a well-rounded experience. Students are very serious about their academics and the classes are fantastic, but UGA also offers a large variety of club and activities for students to participate in. Athletics are huge at this school and there are many social gatherings every month. Every student attending this school has the opportunity for a great academic and social college experience. The only thing I would like to see change at UGA is the large class sizes.
I recently finished my freshman year at the University of Georgia and absolutely loved it. I lived in an all girls dorm, which was small but allowed me to meet the best friends and roommates I have now. The classes are challenging, but enjoyable and make the degree you earn worth it. I could not imagine a better place to get the full college experience at than in Athens, Georgia as a Georgia Bulldog.
Overall, I really enjoy attending UGA. If you get involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities, you are bound to meet some really cool people. The courses are rigorous, but if you work hard enough you can definitely succeed. I wish UGA would improve its community involvement in Athens instead of solely focusing on itself alone. It's difficult to explain. I notice how beautiful the campus is and how much money is provided for sports, but Athens itself is a really poor area.
The University of Georgia is an amazing campus. Although it is very pricey, the experience that you get going to this campus makes up for that. There is a lot to do here and there are activities for everyone regardless of personal likes and dislikes. The best part is that if you can't find something to be a part of then you can make it up. The University of Georgia is also a very strong academic school and strives for the success of its students by pushing them to their limits and beyond. The University of Georgia makes sure to bring the best out of its students.
It was great, but the expenses outside of tuition were surprisingly expensive. Even after getting free tuition, we still had to pay upwards of $15,000.
To be quite honest, going to UGA has been the greatest decision I have ever made. I met so many amazing people here. The coursework challenges me. Athens is like my second home, and the staff here really wants me to succeed.I would highly recommend anyone to apply here if given the opportunity.
University of Georgia, like many flagship state university, caters to the multitude of experiences that are pursued by their diverse student base. You will nearly always be able to find what you are looking for at UGA. Sure, it can be overwhelming at first, but pursue what you love and you'll find your groove. The experience is unique because it is a academically astute yet football obsessed school in the heart of the South.
The University of Georgia (UGA) is a highly competitive University nestled in the 'Classic City' of Athens, GA. Students have the opportunity to attend college in a town known for its rich cultural experience. Aside from the University's attractions including the collegiate sporting events, Athens provides live music, art exhibits, and live theater. The University is dedicated to providing its students with a challenging academic experience with plenty of resources to be successful. A degree earned from UGA gives graduated their choice of employer due to UGA's reputation as one of the Country's leaning institutions of higher education.
UGA is a great school. It offers a wide variety of courses so that you can find a class that interests you for each requirement you need. Most of the professors I had were responsive, smart, and helpful. Also, for any interest you have, there is a extra-curricular activity for you. The Athens area is filled with history and interesting placed to spend your free time. I enjoyed every minute I spent at UGA.
I love it here. The social scene is incredible when paired with the quality of the degree you can get here. Sometimes counseling can be a hassle but other than that I have no complaints at all.
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When I first transferred to The University of Georgia I didn't have much experience with the social life up until my third semester. Once I was able to get comfortable with the student life everything else came easy. The professors here are amazing and they all care and want to see their students excel. I love it here and wouldn't want to trade this experience.
I absolutely love how many resources are available to the students. The campus itself is taken care of very well and it's always a pleasure to be there. Most professors are helpful and are interested in helping their students.
I have only gone on a campus tour and am currently applying to this school, but I loved my experience. The tour guides were extremely friendly and helpful. I loved being able to walk through the campus while learning about what the school has to offer. All of the faculty have been helpful so far, and I can't wait to be a part of this school.
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