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University of Georgia Reviews

5,258 reviews
You need to first find a community to make the campus less overwhelming. Once you have got that it will be a great experience of opening up and meeting new people, ideas, and experiences.
My overall experience has been fine. I like the teachers and some of classmates/friends. I am a transfer student. The small town is ok thought. I graduate next year. The Public Health department is helpful.
The University of Georgia advanced me as a student and as a young adult. Prior to coming to the university, I was a pretty average student and did not care too much about my work. Once I started attending the university, I was consistently surrounded by people who had great career aspirations and continuously pushed themselves in their work; I couldn't help but desire to take after them, and push myself to become a better student, and a more well-rounded individual. The culture at UGA does push you to your limits, but I am thankful for the opportunities an the support that comes with that push.
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