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University of Georgia Reviews

5,132 reviews
The university of georgia really helped me prepare for graduate school. All the classes are tough and taught me how to be a hard worker. One thing i would change is the advising department. For some reason none of my advisers have ever given me good advice on classes; I always get confused and end up in wrong classes/ there are better options for me that I wasn't made aware of.
UGA is beautiful and has all aspects of a college most undergrads want. For example, UGA has the academics that can be challenging or rigorous; they have the sports and athletic atmosphere, the party life, and greek life too! Whatever specific quality you are looking for from a university, UGA probably has it, unless you are looking for a smaller college.
Compared to my friends that went to other colleges, I'd say I had a pretty awesome freshman year. General education classes are very easy and the professors are good. The dining halls are good, and most students debate which dining halls are the best. The high rises/freshman dorms are okay. It's only temporary and you can always request to change dorms if necessary. The biggest thing this school needs to work on is its diversity. While they have been making progress on this, this university still has a long way to go. I think the best part about UGA is the culture created through sports. Not only do people get excited about football, but you see people excited about other sporting events that typically don't get much recognition. In addition to the stereotypical, amazing football team, UGA is known for having an amazing gymnastics, equestrian, and swim team. In conclusion, I'd say UGA is very good at fulfilling the needs of both student and academic life.
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