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The atmosphere is so welcoming and fun. It is so easy to be immersed in campus life. It is always impossible to get bored here because of all of the amazing opportunities they provide for students. There are beyond enough clubs to keep one busy, and there are clubs for all types of people. Coach Smart keeps his boys playing hard and keeping the DAWGNATION atmosphere at Sandford Stadium rocking. There is no doubt who has the greatest SEC program.
Great connected study body. Good academics, need to put in work, not an easy pass for grades. Good transportation systems in place, good food, a lot of dogs on campus.
Most of the professors care about the students but I've had a couple that do not and only seem interested in their research. The education is good and I am hoping the ROI will be worth the cost in money and time.
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It's only a good school if you're an athlete or a socialite. Nothing matters here except football. The academics are terrible and so are the facilities unless you're a business major. No one tells you any pertinent information about your degree or class registration, so you have to figure everything out yourself- which can be difficult when you're a first year. Honestly, don't come here if you're looking to have stimulating classes or a degree that you actually had to work for.
I like it! The school is good sp it deserves a great review. O enjoy the big campus and rigorus work. Go dawgs!!!
I loved the campus, and the feel of camaraderie throughout the university. The surrounding town of Athens provides every possible thing you would need, and also has many hangout spots and great food.
The Georgia campus is beautiful and the school is great. The teachers are caring and gives the best education needed
It's a great school with something for everyone. No matter the person, everyone has the ability and oppurtunity to get involved in activities which interest them.
I love Athens and UGA. I have returned to Athens 3 times now from other places, either to continue education or work
I love all the people I've met here at UGA, and the connections made have been top notch. The campus is pretty large but relatively easy to navigate, as long as you don't mind walking up a few hills.
This school is a great atmosphere to learn and also has a nationally ranked football team. The athletics are a major reason this school is so large and successful. I wish the school put some more money into the professors and labs as they do with football.
I love UGA! Great campus! Athens is a great town! No complaints about UGA! Easy to get around campus and the town. Always fun. Never a dull moment. Go Dawgs!
As soon as I entered UGA's campus, it felt like I was already home. Everyone smiled towards me and were very friendly and helpful. The entire campus was beautiful and kept up, and the buildings were very unique. The University of Georgia is in a very nice, safe place, and it is not hard to find at all. When I toured there, I could tell that Athens is where I wanted to spend my college days at.
I love UGA. It's a great school with lots of resources for whatever you may want to do. Although large and overwhelming as it can be, it is possible and easier than you think to find your niche. People are friendly, and you start to feel like the school is smaller.
UGA is a large, public school with opportunities for almost any career you want. The students are friendly and welcoming. Most of my classes haven't had more than 30 students (excluding lecture halls for basic requirements, such as econ). Despite the large campus, you get to know many of your fellow students and your professors.
Something you don't get most places is the community. Athens Georgia is a charming city with a great campus and night life. You will find your niche there because there are endless possibilities of things to do in the Classic City.
I have loved being in the College of Education. It has made our huge campus feel so much smaller. I was placed with a cohort filled with great professors and even better people. Being a student at the University of Georgia has only fueled my passion for teaching and learning about other cultures and perspectives. It has been a wonderful three years here at the University of Georgia, and I am excited to begin my final year. I do wish that the university would communicate with us more, especially within the College of Education. There is a lot of ambiguity and we go along with what we are told.
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I love the University of Georgia. It is as good as the come in terms of academic institutions. Great culture and diversity all around the campus. There is always something going on with a club or student organization. Couldn't have made a better choice!
I love this school! Students are encouraged to find their passions and to make a difference on campus and in the world. Professors are involved and helpful. I wish parking was more accessible.
This college is a wonderful college. Lots of diversity on the campus and has a great honors program. Looking forward to my next three years here!
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