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The atmosphere at UGA is just great! The learning experience is even better because of the amazing professors. UGA is known for its business program, which I am currently applying too, and it is definitely up there! The dining halls on campus are very convenient and the food is delicious. The bus systems run great and on a timely manner, so you will never be late to class. The housing on and off campus is also very nice and reasonably priced as well. Overall, UGA is just an amazing school!
I love that despite the fact that UGA is a large university, they have so many different activities and clubs that can help any kind of student plug into one of their interests and help them find people with similar interests.
Great School. Many opportunities to help you achieve your goals. The professors really want to see you get ahead.
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When I visited The University of Georgia, the first thing that stood out to me was how friendly the people were. My tour guides walked with each student individually and talked to all of us. They asked us about our interests, what we want to study, and what we hope to do while at The University of Georgia. Also, the campus seemed to be very safe. There were blue buttons that students could click for emergencies. I know that all parents are probably very worried about their children's safety, so this tiny component can make a parent and student feel much better.
Attending the University of Georgia has been the best decision I could have made for my education. The campus is beautiful! the staff is excellent they really care about there students and are passionate about what they do! Go Dawgs!
University of Georgia has given me an incredible experience because they have provided me with the resources to pursue my engineering education to its fullest potential. I have been able to interact with the professors on a personal level and get their feedback on a daily basis while also developing the professional connections I'll need for my future career goals! Highly recommend coming here!
University of Georgia is a highly prestigious university and it is very noticeable while being a student here. All of our professors are very respected in their fields and are eager to teach. Also, there are so many resources on campus that can be used to your advantage ex: the career center, office of diversity and inclusion, office of student affairs, and the list goes on. Being at University of Georgia is a very rigorous experience but it is setting you up for success.
Its cool here. College is what you make it, but UGA helps you find yourself in different aspects. I meet new people everywhere. There is always a way for you to meet new people and find out new things about yourself.
Great atmosphere and people - there's nowhere better. It's literally Disney World at college. The only thing that could be improved is the lack of the blue light system on campus. At night, it can get rather dark.
I will be attending this University in the upcoming semester. I have lived around UGA my entire life and I have always anticipated attending. Additionally, I am very familiar with the environment because my three siblings have attended UGA.
Very nice school great professors and great food. very amazing vet school and very good athletic sports.
I like that the culture of UGA tends to be very casual and social and fun. However, a very big drawback for me is that the student body is completely lacking in diversity. Not even just race, but in the kinds of people you come across. You will find a lot of the run-of-the-mill basic people that don't tend to offer stimulating or interesting conversations. It's very hard to meet interesting people to be friends with if you're not one of them.
The University of Georgia is a very diverse and unique campus with lots of research and organization opportunities. If you can really utilize all the opportunities that are presented to you, it really helps make the college experience that much better. Reach out to all the professors you make a connection with because they are always willing to help you. Learn your way across this huge campus, and always make free time for yourself in downtown Athens even with a busy schedule.
The University of Georgia has a broad range of accredited degree programs with an incredible amount of opportunities that aid in career development and augment the college experience. My experience has been so valuable and allowed me to achieve success in many different areas. I couldn't have had a better college experience, and I feel very well-prepared for the workforce when I graduate.
I really do love the University of Georgia. It is a hard school to get acclimated to, but once you find your place here, you will love it. The North lawn is the absolute best place to relax by the fountain, reflect on life, and study!
If you like a big school, by all means come to UGA. If you are more of a small town, know everyone, type of person, choose a smaller school. The professors care about you up to a point, but they do not know you nearly as personal as a smaller school.
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Professors are willing to help students, and i can see that they want their students to succeed. 5 dining places that provides varieties of food.
The University of Georgia sets its students up to succeed. You are placed in an atmosphere with other intellectuals who have a passion and drive in a particular field of study or multiple fields of study. You have to work hard for what you earn, and you are allowed great opportunities through the university.
I have had a wonderful time at UGA in the past 3 years. Most of my teachers are very invested in passing their knowledge onto their students. It's easy to become engaged with the student life here, as there are clubs and opportunities for everyone.
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