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4,747 reviews
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Very fun atmosphere! Workload is hard though. Some professors do not care very much about helping you, but others are willing to help you so much if you just ask. DO NOT TAKE CHEMISTRY IF YOU DONT HAVE TO UNLESS YOURE REALLY GOOD AT IT
The academics at this school are rigorous but this only attests to its good reputation. The tuition and fees are too difficult to keep up with when you are paying your way through college and force you to take out student loans each semester without a guarantee of a job when you graduate.
I have had a wonderful experience at UGA. My professors really want the students to do well and are always around to help and answer questions.
The University of Georgia was my home for 4 incredible years. It was the best experience of my life. No matter where I went I felt that I was part of this amazing community. You can feel it in Sanford stadium on game days. You can feel it as your walking across campus. You can feel it as an entire student body unites to protect, celebrate, and care for each other. Athens is simply a beautiful place to have this campus. There is always something to do, you can walk just about anywhere, and you are surrounded by the greatest community of people, the bulldawg nation.
Of my various experiences at the University of Georgia, all have been positive! The atmosphere and beautiful environment in Athens, Georgia is truly amazing. I encourage to not only visit this campus but apply apply apply! My favorite institution by far!
I really like the friendly environment. Saturdays in Athens are truly remarkable. Professors offer tons of help and actually want to see their students succeed.
The University of Georgia is a large campus with a small community feel. This university is a model for what it is like to be in the most diverse environment possible with the most familiar faces possible. Every professor is welcoming, along with advisers, deans, all the way down to janitors. The education that you receive is next to none and is offered to you by the best professors in the nation.
The University of Georgia is the greatest college in the freaking world. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and Athens holds everything you could every need/want to do. The worst thing would probably be the freshman dorms, but they get made up for in their closeness to everything.
I love the University of Georgia. It is known for being such a big school, but once you are here it seems so much smaller and you become part of a family. Its all the little things that make UGA the place to be!
Incredible school. High quality academics, great student life, many options for involvement. Athens is an awesome city with endless options to explore. Great student spirit.
University of Georgia is its own world of cultural diversity and student leaderships. The college environment nurtures the growth of a plethora of clubs and programs, whether they be culturally or career oriented. Furthermore, all such clubs and programs seek to enrich student life by frequently collaborating with other organizations. These programs also foster many great student leaders, many of whom have worked tirelessly to implement crucial changes to the school's study centers and dining options. Although the school can occasionally have instances where racism and prejudice read their ugly heads, the overall welcoming and open minds of the students form a united front in protection of those who need it.
I love how friendly everybody is and willing not only others but the professors are to help you! The resources are endless and great.
The University of Georgia is a great school. There are a lot of resources available to students and opportunities for hands-on experience for the field they would like to go to. The staff is very amiable and personable. The only downside is that is a very large school and can initially be overwhelming however, over time everything begins to connect and make sense.
I have had a great experience at the University of Georgia so far. The food is amazing, the professors care about what they are teaching, and the campus environment overall is very welcoming. One thing I would like to see a change in is the night transit. It would be more convenient if the buses ran a bit more frequently than they do.
The University of Georgia is an incredible school for several reasons. Firstly, the courses are challenging, but there are always resources, from professors hours and TA's to tutoring in multiple places including the library. There are also a ton of ways to get involved on campus, no matter what you are into. If you like the party scene, there is also something going on at least 5/7 days a week. The sense of community, especially during your first year, is incredible and within weeks, Athens will be a home away from home.
I love the UGA! There are a ton of resources for students on campus, a lot are free, and the majority of the faculty that I have met are kind people. I truly do enjoy being a student here and look forward to the next three years!
Overall, every one here is really friendly and it's a nice, welcoming environment. It's a large campus, but with the bus system everything is convenient and it's easy to use. The food here is great, and there's always an event going on so you never you always get the opportunity to do new things. The Greek life here is also really big. If there was anything I would change, it would probably having a bit more diversity.
The University of Georgia offered me the opportunity to expand my horizons through interactions with other students from a variety of political and socio-economic walks of life. The downtown scene is musically and culinarily superb. I was so pleased with my 4 years as an undergrad that I returned for law school.
I love the university of Georgia. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait for the next three years here!
My experience at the University of Georgia so far has been fantastic. It is a great school with endless opportunities for academics, athletics, and anything you could possibly want to do.
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