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The University of Georgia is an amazing institution and has all aspects of a college experience anyone could want. The large campus and high number of students enrolled may seem daunting for some people however, within the diversity of the students its easy to find a group ( or groups ) of people who share the same interests and passions to enjoy the experience with that gives Athens a small town feel. There are countless opportunities available for any type of student and there are systems in place to help anyone succeed.
This university has so much to offer! I guarantee it will not take you long to find your place and people that you will only enhance your time here. The course work will be a challenge, but surround yourself with motivated people within your classes and you are bound to succeed!
These are extremely nice people who are willing to work with personal schedules, and make sure you succeed in whatever you are doing.
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UGA is a great school and provides a great learning environment. The resources provided foster real opportunities for students to be successful.
Awesome school! Great academics and plenty to do outside of school as well. Football games are wild. The downtown is wild. Schoolhouse is wild. Overall, its a jolly good time. I would recommend anyone who is serious about their education but also serious about getting wild to attend the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!
My undergraduate experience at the University of Georgia was fun, stimulating, and full of wonderful memories. I learned a lot, both academically and overall.
It is a very nice University. The campus is very friendly and it defenitly has a lot of diversity. However, the financial aid was not as helpful as it could have been because it is such a highly populated school. But other than that, very nice.
Great School with a lot of opportunities. The campus is big but has everything a student would want. An amazing selection in the library, to a killer gym and recreational area. All the classes are awesome and the professors are nice and willing to help students. I remember taking physics and my professor taking his own time to set up study groups and sessions for tests and quizzes. TA's are also a great help since they can help explain things which don't seem to make sense. In addition, the food here is gourmet and has a wide variety of choices, definitely a great idea to get the meal pass to eat year round.
So I'm an African American woman who attends UGA (Go Dawgs!), and I'm an upcoming sophomore. Although UGA wasn't my top school, I ended up absolutely loving it. Black people only make up 8% of the school, but I met so many people within BUGA (black UGA) that I never felt out of place or ostracized. The classes are challenging not going to lie, especially since I am an on the Pre-Med track, but it's totally worth it! Not to mention, there are so many resources and organizations on campus it's hard not to get involved. Football games are just the icing on the cake!
Advising. Most advisers just fill a seat. They don't have experience to guide you accurately to appropriate courses to take. You can waste time and money taking the wrong classes!
I was never big into football, so going to UGA was a huge football culture shock to me. I remember freshman year being so surprised with how into the sport people could be, from the all day tailgates, to hearing the stadium from my dorm, to the constant red and black spirit wear. I felt like I missed out on a key aspect of the UGA experience because of my lack of interest in it, but the academic program made up for it. There was a multitude of clubs that I participated in, and I felt like my education was in good hands at this school. I had very few professors I disliked, and considered the large scale of everything here, I always felt at home in the city and on campus. The diversity of students here made me feel comfortable, and I was able to find others who shared my apathy of sports, instead spending weekends in binge watching shows and cooking.
UGA is awesome! Athens is a great college town with so many things to do. Football weekends are the best!
When I went to visit the University, the tour guides were nice and answered any questions that were asked. This school has been my first choice since middle school.
I like the overall comfortable atmosphere of the university. There are some serious academic students, but for the most part everyone is pretty laid back.
The material taught is very challenging however, there are a few downfalls. The biggest thing that the University of Georgia has to work on is increasing diversity and finding ways for the minority population to feel welcome on the campus. The school has great academics, amazing sports and school spirit, and a beautiful campus. There are plenty of professors that want to see their students succeed and provide them with great tools and resources to achieve any goals they have set. The only issue with UGA faculty would have to be the academic advisors. It can often feel as though they are checking you off to get requirements met instead of actually taking the time to guide you in order to figure out what classes will offer you the best advantage. Just make sure to ask help from older students and don't be afraid to drop a class if need be and you will be just fine. GO DAWGS!!
It is my dream school. I love the surroundings and the people involved. The community is so involved and the environment is very encouraging.
The University of Georgia has a very helpful and friendly staff who genuinely care about the students. Something I would like to see change would be the online system. The UGA online system is divided between email and then a separate cite for the student's access to personal information. If the two were combined, it would be easier to upcoming students.
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The University of Georgia is the perfect school for any student. No matter what you are into, there is something here for you. The diverse culture allows for anyone to find a niche group that fits them.
This school teaches you a lot, and it offers a lot. I am a graphic design major and I have access to many lectures and opportunities that many others do not have. Their are also a lot of people around to learn from.
Georgia was a great experience. The business classes were great and learned a lot. The location and the overall atmosphere were great.
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