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I like that UGA is a large school where students have the opportunity to explore a multitude of academic disciplines if they so desire. I wish however, that student advising was a little more involved.
A bunch of rich snobby ATL kids that can't hold their liquor and are rude at games. Just a very few percentage of students even care about academics.
This University is great to explore yourself and grow among your fellow students! I enjoy the time there as for me socializing and meeting new people is always exciting
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Do not come to UGA for engineering! The program has no consistency amongst professors or from class to class. The major does not have capacity for the students yet they keep taking our money. It will be impossible to graduate in four years.
Looking back I would ultimately regret spending my first two years here. Community college courses would be about equal to the course load and it would've been easier to focus. The frat party thing gets old after awhile. I have nothing but loans and a beer gut to show for it. It's a good degree though but not necessary to spen four years here.
The University of Georgia is full of rich, diverse educational opportunities. Beyond academic rigor, the diverse community and student involvement opportunities are abundant. I would recommend UGA to any student looking for an undergraduate degree.
I love being a student at the University of Georgia. Everyone, faculty and staff included, are so nice and caring. The academics are pretty hard, but it's nothing that a student accepted into the University can't handle. I have never encountered anything at UGA that has made me change my mind about attending the school. I recommend applying for UGA to any student that is eager to be challenged academically and wants to networking with lots of professionals. University of Georgia is a phenomenal school.
My freshman year experience was something to never forgets and it was thanks to my college, The University of Georgia. I'm not going to say it was easy because I would then be a liar. There were days where I spent all night studying just to fail and some days I thought the academics were so rigorous it was designed for students to fail. In most cases, that was true, yet it would be "The University of Georgia," if it wasn't some kind of challenge and they know this. That's why whenever you go you'll always see something going on or some announcement for a student skate night or movies on the lawn. UGA makes students feel at home as much as possible and even supports students to show that they care. With Bulldog Basics and the Food Pantry free to students, you can get free food and basic toiletries to help their fellow Bulldogs. I'm proud to call Athens my home and be a Bulldog.
If you can't afford a private university or get admitted into an elite, UGA is pretty good. The criminal justice program is great with a known reputation. Class are large and basic for the first couple years until you get into your major.
My Freshman year at University of Georgia was the scariest, yet the funniest year of my entire life! I love the beautiful campus, the dining halls are amazing, and there is always something to do. I joined Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and made some amazing, lifelong friends. I also jot a job on campus at the UGA Bookstore and amazingly enough, I enjoyed that too. The very best part to me was the Saturday home football games in Athens! I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place in all of my life. That is one thing I would like to see get better, not the amount of people, but the space to accommodate. The parking gets really bad and more parking would help that. Go Dawgs!
The history of the University lived up to all that was expected. Freshman year was extremely hard but an enjoyable experience. On the downside, I would prefer not to have a grad student as the teacher in place of a professor my freshman year.
Class sizes are HUGE. Faculty has no idea who you are. Even office hours are hard to pull together. Campus is overwhelming and chaotic.
Administrators do not take the campus substance abuse epidemic seriously, or they just do not want to acknowledge the issues. There are a lot ways I do not feel safe on campus and this is one of them.
The University of Georgia is a great place for higher education. The experiences that I am given in the graduate program for speech language pathology have been amazing. They have many connections with placements nearby to give me experiences in a variety of setting to practice my speech and language therapy skills.
UGA is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! The atmosphere is amazing and Athens is the cutest place in earth.
It's probably a lot more fun for students who are conservative, white and alcoholic. The few of us that aren't are just trying to get through class. Wish I could've afforded to leave the state.
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When I visited the University of Georgia in Athens I was taken aback by how cohesive both the city of Athens and the University are. It is apparent as soon as you arrive that the University of Georgia takes great pride in taking care of it's city. Public bus transportation is free for all which was a great relief because I had never before taken public transit before I visited Athens. Not only that but there is such a strong sense of unity and a family environment. Everywhere you turn there is a tradition that everyone takes part in such as the ringing of the church bell for big and small celebrations. Something I would like to see changed is a longer and more detailed tour about the different facilities and activities possible on campus. The UGA app is also a little hard to understand and navigate.
UGA is the place to be. You won't find a better mix of people, football, and great academics anywhere. It's a true SEC school. I have met lifelong friends and the classes are riveting. Professors are willing to help and see you succeed. I am so excited to see where my next three years here take me.
Overall, UGA is a fantastic school. There is always something going on! Downtown is a great place for those who are wanting places to dine or hang out with friends and listen to live music or dance. The professors here are for the most part, very personable if you put in the effort. You can either blend in with the crowd or you can stand out. It is what you make it to be.
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