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I love the football team and the atmosphere on campus. Lots of nice housing near the campus. Lots of food places close by. Lots of different people to communicate with and learn from
My experience with the University of Florida has been five-star. I am able to speak with my adviser and she does everything she can while I'm on the phone. I appreciate this so much more than having to do things completely online. She gave me her direct line so I can call her anytime I have questions about anything.
University of Florida has a great business program. The campus environment is amazing it makes you feel like you are home. In addition, University of Florida carries an ambiguous number of different cultures all around.
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I loved attending the University of Florida. The school spirit is amazing. I had great professors and it was the perfect undergrad experience.
I like how large the campus is. Since it's such a big campus, there are a lot of different buildings that are open to explore, but also a significant number of interesting people to meet, whether it be your professor or students in a club.
I visited on a College tour and it was an amazing experience! Dream school on my checklist! The campus was a community of its own. Out of all the colleges I visited, UF was my top pick. The student life is great, in addition to the resources available for academic study. It’s an institution any student can develop uniquely and express their creative ideas. Faculty is very supportive as well.
The University of Florida is a great place for students to study and well as chill out. The weather is great and people are super friendly. Various clubs and events make the university experience a very enjoyable one. The fees are a bit on the higher side, hence I would like to change that.
Their veterinary program that most bigger colleges do not seem to have. I absolutely admire the fact that they treat each student equal within the process to applying for this college. They seem to be very friendly as well as serious about both their academic and athletic potential.
I toured the campus this past summer and I loved it! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus. I noticed the many opportunities they offered and I saw myself attending this college. I had enjoyed every aspect and its history behind it.
The academics are amazing and the opportunities the university provides are extremely helpful even after graduation.
I had a pretty good experience at UF. The classes are challenging but very informative and the professors are always willing to help.
The University of Florida is a great school overall. The school holds you to a high standard. Some of the classes may be challenging but its only so they can properly educate students to the best of their ability. The campus is always buzzing. Students roam the campus trying to get to classes or a bite to eat with their friends at one of the many food establishments including Chick-fil-a, Papa Johns, Wendys, Panda Express, etc. The buses are constantly coming and going which make for a great resource for students who live on and off campus. Games days at UF are like no other. The atmosphere is electric and makes you feel proud to be a Florida Gator. There are several libraries throughout campus that allow you to have late night studying sessions for exams. Some down sides of going to UF are the lack of car parking and the fact that there is not a lot to do outside of UF.
The University of Florida is an excellent University. There is truly something here for everybody. They have competitive programs for almost any area of study. There are also hundreds of clubs for pretty much any interest you can think of. The on campus housing is average in compared with other universities, however.
The University of Florida is an excellent public institution for earning a Bachelor's degree or beyond. Its faculty actually want to be there, and its facilities are both modern and quite excellent. A lot of the buildings are a bit older, especially the dorms, so you would be better off seeking off campus housing if possible. Gainesville's food scene is also excellent, but try not to get caught up with the night life, which can be quite toxic due to the prevalence of people who drink too much.
It is an overall challenging school, courses can be difficult but you do learn stuff unlike at community colleges.
University of Florida, truly is a place in which everyone finds their home. There is something for everyone. The people are so friendly and welcoming to incoming freshmen that it takes away from the terror of transitioning from high school to college. I love UF and I love being a Gator.
It was incredibly well organized and the people there seemed genuinely happy to be there. Very gorgeous!
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It seems to be a very reputable school that is well known. Those that I know who have gone there enjoyed there time at this institution.
It's really good to be here. Nice environment,lovely diversified culture . So helpful. You never get bored at UF.
Prior to being in UF, I was lost--not from finding my way around campus to go to my classes, but in terms of having a sustainable, healthy way of independent life. I'm so glad to be in UF because of the immense help I acquired to get my gears going. From how to set a healthy diet to how to secure a job with a good resume/cover letter and interview (fingers crossed), I really got my way around living on my own. There is nothing I would change about the University of Florida (except take out Good Life....).
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