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I have loved my time here at UF. The students and faculty are all welcoming and I feel like I am being well prepared for the future. There are many clubs at UF to get involved in depending on your interests. Going to the University of Florida is one of the best decisions I have made and I do not think I would have been this happy about any of my other choices.
When I visited the campus it was amazing. They have a lot of majors you can choose and possibly the one you want as well. The students there also have an amazing time there due to the size of the campus and have great professors. This university is truly something since it is an astounding place to be at.
I'm proud to be a Gator- student organizations are abundant, the faculty is knowledgable and helpful, and the school culture is vibrant. College is what you make of it, and the University of Florida gives all the tools necessary to have a great experience.
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It was a great campus to be on. It was beautiful along with the kind hearted people there. If you are into sports there stadiums and fields are amazing. Makes you feel like ou are apart of "the swamp".
What I like about UF is I am constantly surrounded by competent and intellectual individuals who are as driven as I am to perform well and learn the most in their desired field of study.
The University of Florida is highly enjoyed by its students. Academic wise, this school is one of the best. Students from all of the country try to go to UF.
I love UF! The atmosphere is great and I feel right at home! The classes can be tough, but as long as you apply yourself and take advantage of all they have to offer, then you'll be fine. The professors know their subjects really well and are there for the students.
University of Florida is the best school in the South. A well rounded school and great people. The campus is beautiful and students here are a step ahead of everyone else. There are many opportunities at UF and participation will affect your experience here.
UF is an awesome place to be. I say to myself every day that I'm so happy to go here. I was accepted to Duke and chose UF for financial reasons, and I have never once regretted my decision. However, would be nice if they could offer more in-person classes.
I absolutely love the University of Florida! There's always something to do here. UF is extremely diverse and there's students from all walks of life. There's some kids that party 24/7 and others that live in the library. No matter what a person's hobbies/interests, there's a place for everyone here.
Coming from out of state, the school was super overwhelming at first. No one tells you how hard first semester is for everyone! However, this school offers so much for everyone that its near impossible to not find your fit! Not only are we great at most sports (gymnastics, football, now basketball), but we're also inclusive and exciting. #itsgreatUF
I love that I got to meet new people from all different backgrounds and also got to get involved with several different extracurricular's.
Greatest school Florida can give to engineers. What they do for us in terms of how much donors and contributors and professors attend here to help out the community is the one of the greatest things this university can ask for.
The University of Florida is quite the school, interestingly enough its a lot harder to get in than people think, but once you're here its worth it. Work hard party hard is definitely huge here, dorm life is pretty awesome if you make friends with your dormmates, the dining hall isn't too bad, but one recommendation is to not party incredibly often, study more than you think, and study past exams for days. Sports are a must, but you can't go sober. Highly recommend it, GO GATORS!
Many of my teachers have been helpful and my classes interesting. There's a wide variety of classes, majors and areas of interest that everyone can find something they'll enjoy studying.
If the thought of a tight-knit college town appeals to you, the University of Florida is the place for you! With an incredible amount of athletic events taking place year-round in addition to all the fun activities you can partake in as part of any UF organization, you will definitely find a way to keep yourself busy. There is also plenty of nightlife with a variety of bars and clubs in midtown and downtown respectively. You will also find lots of cute local spots throughout town so make sure to set aside some time to explore!
I went to UF back when I was in 9th grade and I've gone every year since. UF is a beautiful campus and give you a feeling of being at home. With there being landmarks around every corner and loving students everywhere. I recommend that everyone that lives in Florida to attend a tour and go enjoy themselves in Gainesville. I've been to many colleges the last four years and by far UF was my favorite. GO GATORS
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First of all, I think that the campus is BEAUTIFUL, and UF offers so many different activities and experiences. Also, I feel that UF truly holds to the rigorous curriculum that it is known for. However, I feel as if I am just a number along with some odd 50,000 other "numbers." While the school does offer a wide range of services and interests it is often daunting and deterring to get involved. I also don't like how some my classes will have at most 8 people and then my others classes will have at least 200 people. While I am surrounded by many people and opportunities, I often feel isolated.
The University of Florida is a great school offering so much in terms of education, organizations, leadership opportunities, and volunteering. I have joined so many clubs, made incredible friendships, and learned so much! It's a beautiful campus with lots to do right off campus in terms of food as well.
UF is one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. The workload given to prepare their students for the future is what makes it such an incredible school. The teachers are very welcoming and look at their job as more than teaching.
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