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Absolutely amazing college to spend 4 of the most formative years of your life. So many clubs and extracurriculars so that everyone can find their niche and get involved. Many majors and teachers that care about the education of the students allow for a great overall experience.
Great school much diversity has well qualified teachers very interested in students care much about us and our future
One of the advisors recommended I take a course that I should never have taken. It was too difficult for a first-year student and has now hurt my GPA. However, it is a good school and my actual advisor helped me in raising my GPA.
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I have enjoyed the University of Florida because I have encountered many people that I would not have otherwise met in a small, country town in Florida. With that being said, it's important that the university seeks more people of color. And when on campus, that our voices matter.
The University of Florida provides a wonderful experience for everyone enrolled. The academics are the best in the state, so you are surrounded by intelligent people, looking for success.
I loved both the students and faculty at the University of Florida!!! The students became life love friends and business associates of mine! The staff encouraged me to stick with my goals throughout school even when I wanted to through in the towel and get to work in the real world. I am now a widely respected professional in the landscape community because of their guidance and support! being part of the horticulture program at UF was like being part of a family!
To be a part of the University of Florida's Gator community was an incredible experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The myriad of opportunities ranging from volunteerism to research in a milieu where being open minded and sharing your passions while embracing diversity is the norm, is truly unparalleled. The best part is after working hard for courses throughout the week taught by passionate professors who really care you can kick back and relax or party your weekend away especially if there is a Gator game in town. Not to mention that Gainesville is full of wonderful outdoor adventures as well as a wealth of delicious restaurants and awesome bars.
The University of Florida may be worth the amount in-state students pay, but anything above that is a complete and total waste of money. Even full-time students have to take online classes, especially within the "acclaimed" business school. The surrounding area is a textbook college town, but it's heavy on Greek life. Basically, if you are a Floridian who's been told that UF is the best school you could ever go to because you have Florida pre-paid, but any out-of-state or international students should steer clear.
The University of Florida is one of the top public 4-year universities in the country for a reason. We have the best facilities, best teachers and even better students! Can't beat the sunshine here in Gainesville.
I never expected to love being a Gator so much, but now it's an important part of who I am. There could be better funding for the arts, but overall I am so proud of being a UF student.
I love UF. There are endless opportunities, a diverse population, and amazing professors. The city itself is centered around the college which really enhances the "college experience". You definitely get a bang for your buck being that this is a prestigious college which offers an education at a reasonable price!
I cannot speak for the various departments specifically, but as whole, the University has been an outstanding institution for providing higher learning for myself and my friends.
There are many ways to get involved and find your place at the University of Florida. There is truly something for everyone. One downfall is that everything is incredibly competitive, which can be tough on incoming freshman.
The atmosphere at the University of Florida is unlike any other. The academics are astounding and the community is unified. Its a safe environment and there are many organizations to join.
It may seem like a big campus, but once you get involved it gets so much smaller. The school spirit is insane. The professors are well qualified and there is a lot of great opportunities.
Academically, it's a great school. I'm sure this school can be for other people, but it just wasn't for me. I made a few good friends but I never had the experience of forming a tight-knit friend group that goes out every weekend. Besides my individual experience, UF is not a very diverse place. There were handfuls of discriminatory, bigoted acts in my year of attending the school, and it seemed like the administration just did not care at all. I'm most likely transferring out to a school that fits me better. If I had to stay, I wouldn't KILL myself but I certainly don't think I'd be happy. I think it would set me up with a good career and all but that's it.
I've only been here a year and already I love the school. It wasn't as diverse as I expected but it is possible to find a group of people to fit any background. The food is pretty good and the campus itself is beautiful
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The University of Florida is a great school. They have a lot of opportunities for students to grow outside of class and their professors are always available to help. The school does its best to keep students safe and happy.
After completing my first of college at the University of Florida, I can say that I made the right choice for me. The school was not my first choice, but it was definitely one I do not regret. UF provides so many avenues to express my values and beliefs through clubs and organizations. I have met so many new people from different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds which have allowed me to further open my mind to different points of views. The school works to expose its students to the best opportunities and allow them to land great internships, experiences, and jobs after graduation. Even as early as a freshman one can delve into these opportunities. The location of the school makes it a small college town. The campus itself is the life of Gainesville. Although it is not a big city with a lot of commotion, campus life has a personality of its own and one can find anything to entertain themselves.
UF really cares for their students and provide lots of necessary resources when a student needs help. Even though parking on campus near classes is impossible, we are provided with buses to get to our classes on time.
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