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This school was rated top ten public schools for a reason. Even though I'm only a freshmen, the amount of help and caring professors around campus has truly made me want to succeed even further in my education.
I am in the Ufutures program at UF. I received a scholarship for the first half of the program. I want to continue the second half of the program but haven't found funds to do so. I would use the funds to take grad school classes to effectively teach middle school science.
I like the ability to earn my BA in Business Administration online. It's quite convenient. I would like to see a smoother transition with transfer student orientation. The process is a bit tedious and redundant.
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The University of Florida provides its students with the opportunity to not only expand their education but also to allow them to explore many options to pursue a career they love in a field that they love. The people you will meet on this campus are all so warm and welcoming and you will feel like home in no time.
I have loved this university since day one. Even though the university is large with about 50,000 students, it's still easy to find a good community where you can connect on a smaller scale.
In addition, there are so many opportunities for personal development aside from the academics. It would take a lot longer than four years to take advantage of all of it.
To top it all off, for in-state students, it's incredibly affordable.
At the University of Florida, we are a people of purpose. We're committed to challenging convention and ourselves. We see things not as they are, but as they could be. And we strive for a greater impact: one measured in people helped and lives improved. UF Online is an extension of that purpose. This is more than a higher education, it's a higher calling.
At UF, you're family. Being a part of the Gator nation is a welcoming and exciting experience, and has provided me with the best 4 years of my life so far.
The University of Florida is an amazing and very well rounded school. I chose this school because it hard the perfect balance of work and play. The school has excellent academics, while also boasting a lively social and extracurricular scene. UF has so many different diverse programs you can be a member of. The atmosphere is very calm and accepting. I am very happy with my decision to attend this school!
I think the prestige of the university name is great and the campus is really pretty. It is a big party school, and there is not much to do in Gainesville besides partying. While the academics are great, stress on students is very overwhelming and guidance is difficult to obtain. You need to be in more specialized programs in order to receive specialized attention.
Never been to a school with more pride than the University of Florida. It's more like a family than anything else.
UF is huge school that provides a good education in any field you wish to study. I am Physics and Math major who is minoring in Art History and Statistics, so I have experience working in a few different departments. I have yet to be disappointed with my experience with any courses I've taken in these fields, and I often hear that same reception from my peers in regards to their respective fields of study. Each department has a variety of student organizations that enhance what is taught in the classroom, and apply the subject matter in other environments. Student organizations beyond academia are also plentiful. The school is STEM focused, so the non-STEM departments are relatively underfunded. The faculty in these underfunded departments still create an enriching learning environment regardless of any fiscal deficiencies.
The University of FLorida was a very beautiful campus. The dorms were nice, they were as to be expected of a college. The food was pretty good as well, nice options. Overall I really enjoyed the visit.
The UF campus is such a diverse environment filled with positive attitudes. With the exception of exam week! I’ve met so many people that have subtly changed my perspective on this world. My outlook is a lot more positive and my UF friends are 100% to blame. You are free to practice any religion you choose and will never be discriminated against because of the color of your skin. UF is a great place for people of all ages to come and be enveloped in an enjoyable learning experience. These have definitely been the best 3 years of my life.
This is a great university. Learn that for my major journalism they are rated 7th in the country. Professors are helpful. Safety of students is important to them. There is programs in place to help students with internships.
I recently transferred here and all I can say is wow. I'm learning so much is such a short span of time. It has me in awe. There are so many resources available on campus for one to succeed. Proud to be a gator.
From what I'v heard, UF is a great school but needs to be more diverse. I ask about UF's status all of the time and the reviews are a great aside from the lack of Diversity. The overall grade is an "A" on niche and other people opinion of it is positive. Overall UF is a must go-to type of school but it may not appeal to people that want a nice ethnic mixture.
The University of Florida is a great university! It's one of the top ten public universities in the country and is very selective about who they accept. They take in the brightest students and give them the best opportunities to pursue whatever they want to do.
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The University of Florida is a great university to attend. The school provides various resources for your safety and your academic needs. The Career Resource Center is very helpful with how to prepare for interviews and critiquing your resume. This university makes it possible to be successful while you are here, and gives you the tools you need for when you graduate.
I love the football team and the atmosphere on campus. Lots of nice housing near the campus. Lots of food places close by. Lots of different people to communicate with and learn from
My experience with the University of Florida has been five-star. I am able to speak with my adviser and she does everything she can while I'm on the phone. I appreciate this so much more than having to do things completely online. She gave me her direct line so I can call her anytime I have questions about anything.
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