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The University of Florida has to undoubtedly be the best university in Florida. The staff is always incredibly helpful and friendly. The food choices offered on campus are extensive. The students are kind and always willing to reach out and become a friend. While the campus is fairly clean, prepare for the smell of sewage, however, it isn't too bad. The campus is very safe, with constant security and emergency buttons located almost everywhere.
Though Gainesville is considered a "small town," the domineering status of the university means that the entire town is like a continuation of the school. There are plenty of opportunities in the medical fields and the arts are also vibrant. However, transportation and parking are a nightmare due to poor planning and lack of encouragement for public transportation. The dorms are depressing, cinderblock with small windows, as are the classrooms. Some of the professors are amazing, such as in the wildlife and animal science departments, but in fields that have higher attendance, such as chemistry or physics, the professors are more inclined to focus on their research rather than their students, leaving the T.A.'s to poorly teach the class.
Going to UF was the best decision of my life. From the culture of care provided by the faculty, to the renowned professors, UF provides an incredible education. I felt that I had the perfect balance of a rigorous course load and involvement in extracurricular activities to make me successful in life after UF. My experience with the University was so positive that I gave back by becoming an orientation leader during my time and sharing with students the joys of being a Gator. I do think, however, the university struggles with diversity education and it's implementation of inclusivity in all facets. Part of my work as a Preview Staffer, was working to help minority students such as myself with the transition to the University. I believe everyone from students to faculty and staff should be required to attend some sort of diversity training periodically to better equip all Gators with the knowledge necessary to make the UF experience positive for students of all walks of life.
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The University if Florida has the best teachers, student programs, and resources available to students. The school really cares about academics and has helpful tools to see their students succeed.
I loved how quick they are with replying to my questions. They are informative, fast, and professional. Their website could use some tweaks especially on the student center part. But overall everything is great so far.
UF is an ambitious school that is looking to continuously improve academically until reaching a spot in the top 5 national public universities.
The University of Florida is a great place for students to thrive. There are numerous opportunities for students to learn, and not just in the classroom. Gainesville is a great setting for students, where students can unleash their bold ideas to improve the community and help residents. Whether it's activism, entrepreneurship, or community service, UF prepares students to create a more inclusive and prosperous society.
College is difficult no matter which University you go to, but the University of Florida provides you with so many valuable resources and a variety of incredible courses.
Loved my time at UF! I was in Greek life in my time there and enjoyed that as well! I studied in the College of Journalism and Communications and enjoyed most of my professors there.
I love the campus,I also love their Public Relations program they have inspired me to change my career direction to public relations which I was pretty excited to do so.They have some of the best academics in the country and in they are in one of the warmest states.They have some very good athletics also I plan on joining their swim team if I am accepted to this university.
University of Florida was the best school I could've ever chosen for my undergraduate career. I had an incredible 4 years there, where I met some of my best friends, future business partners, and others.
When i first got out of the car and stepped onto UF ground, I instantly felt at home, and the university was moved to #1 on my list.
UF is a wonderful place. There are endless opportunities to be involved at UF. The academics are challenging.
Many would consider UF the flagship school for Florida. The campus and enrollment is massive; perhaps even overwhelming. However, it is a very well rounded school, with most of its faults coming from the fact that Gainesville is in the middle of nowhere.
I am a transfer student to the University of Florida and am hay to attend here. The academics are very sought after and the city of Gainesville is lively. its not all work, the night life with football games and local business offer great entertainment too. All facilities and buildings are well built.
In the brief time that I have attended UF I have found that the school has much to offer but there are some drawbacks to studying in Gainesville. The city of Gainesville is far from the coastline, which makes the place fairly boring.
I love the challenges this school gives to all of the students, the opportunities it has and all of the friendships a student can make. This school has changed my life!
I do wish politics would be less involved in the opinions of the school though
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It has been great so far. Attentive staff and helpful online resources. There is great campus involvement and a lot to do around campus. The only true complaint is parking or the lack of enough advisors. There are way too many students to have only a couple advisors per college.
The University of Florida is honestly a great school. Students, faculty, and staff alike are friendly. Classes are challenging but doable. The campus offers access to all sorts of amenities. What I would change is the amount of campus activities that we do have. That and overall unity of the student body.
Helpful programs like Gatorwell and UMatterWeCare and a beautiful campus. No to mention we have a bell tower that students play.
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