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Throughout my freshman year at the University of Florida I have grown to love the school more than I could ever imagine. From athletics to academics, I have found a home in here at UF and I couldn't imagine myself attending any other college or university. One thing that stands out to me are the professors. Unlike many other institutions, the professors at the University of Florida genuinely care about each and every single one of their students. Their goal is to see us grow succeed throughout our time here, and ultimately become outstanding citizens!
The school is nice. Academics are pretty good. The worst part about it is parking. Not enough parking to accommodate the growing student body. They can’t really expect everyone to be taking public transportation as new students and the school continues to expand. There is also an unfair amount of parking available to professors and staff and for students living on campus compared to students who live of campus. Students who live in campus should have less parking choice available to them because they should encourage them to take public transportation as it is easier to take advantage of that for them.
Great education, but what distinguishes UF from other universities are the diverse resources and student body. There isn't one type of UF student-- whatever you're interested in, there is a group just for you.
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Throughout the University of Florida, a great deal of diversity of present. Individuals of various races and ethnicities contribute to a majority of the student population. In order to maintain and adhere to the needs of the diverse group of individuals, the University of Florida presents numerous clubs, organizations, and societies. These allow every single individual to find a group of individuals in which they can relate to and establish a long-term relationship. However, the University of Florida can improve in various aspects of society. The atmosphere outside of the University is very devastating. A great deal of poverty can be seen throughout the streets of Gainesville. I believe the University of Florida needs to contribute some of its resources in order to help reestablish the areas outside of the campus. This change will benefit individuals in need, the student population, and the overall atmosphere of the University of Florida.
I have lived in Gainesville for my entire life and enjoy being on the university campus. I would like to see an update on the parking availability on campus.
Excellent, experienced faculty. Competitive tuition rates. Opportunity of study at a satellite campus in Orlando.
I am not yet in the University of Florida, but I hope to be a gator soon. My brother goes there, and this is his last year in the great school. I’ve been a gator since I was very young, so I’ve always had the passion of representing the orange and blue. What a feeling it is. The pride of going to the best university in Florida, with the best academics, athletics, and such an awesome and widespread campus is so fun. Walking around the campus is majestic, since there is so much to see, and so much to experience. It’s a tough school to get into, but it definitely seems like it is worth it. I can’t wait to go there, and to watch those inspiring and noise-filled home football games, the entire stadium packed to the brim with your friends and family, all fighting and cheering for the same cause: Go Gators.
I learned to CHOMP! Show some school spirit! Study centers are usually very packed. UF needs to hire better CS professors because the current staff is mostly lacking. Additionally,
I love this university. I have been provided with a invaluable education and have been gifted with the opportunity of being a part of this school's diverse population. I enjoy walking through campus and seeing many nations represented in our student body. Thank you , UF. Go Gators.
Love the online program and the support available from the school with whatever help you need. Some classes are much better than others. In general, I've found the harder, required classes are better even though they're more challenging.
I applied to the University of Florida for their renowned journalism program. Though I am just a freshmen, I find my classes to be while academically challenging interesting and sure to assist me in my future career.
The University of Florida is a great place to meet new people. There are so many activities and organizations you can participate in, and no matter who you are there is definitely something here for you.
Professors don't care about you and they will try and fail you. The school hires unequipped professors who make classes impossible and students only pass classes because of curves. I am currently in a class with 600+ students and for our exam review, the professor only opened it up to 45 students because they are not allowed to pass every student and must "weed-out" a certain percentage. The change I would like to see if the administration actually listening to students when they express their concerns about professors instead of doing nothing and having students continuing to fail classes so the school will get more money.
Being a student at the University of Florida has helped me focus on my future career goals, become involved, and meet a variety of people from different cultures. Everyone at this University makes you feel welcome.
The University of Florida has brought be so many opportunities. I am now involved in Greek Life bringing me closer to not only girls in my chapter, but also within the community. My major is a fairly small school compared to the pre-med environment, but Ive become very familiar with my advisors and the people I will be learning with for the next 2 years. The relationships that I have built at a school of over 50,000 people is immense and there are so many opportunities to make this school smaller to you than it is to everyone else.
I have really enjoyed attending the University of Florida. It is an excellent school that provides a great education, especially for the price. The activities for students are great and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in anything that interests you. Our sports teams are very talented and going to any game is sure to be a lot of fun. There are a lot of difficult classes, but you learn a lot from them. Gainesville is a great place to live in as college town. It is small, but charming, and has a lot of nature parks to explore.
Taking online dual enrollment courses at UF. Teachers are proactive and very resourceful. Courses are very intriguing.
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You are given so many opportunities to succeed and find your niche. The professors are almost always willing to stay after class or come in early to help you with whatever you need. They want to see their students succeed.
I went on a tour with my senior class in 2017 and we were introduced to the campus in a very well manner. The campus itself is beautiful and our tour guides were students which was very helpful because we were able to ask them more about student life. I thought the campus transportation was awesome because it allowed for students to get around the campus and areas outside of the campus as well. We weren't able to look in the dorms but the architecture was gorgeous. The historical landmarks were nice to see as well. The cafeteria had a nice selection of restaurants and the Cafe was well organized and delicious. The campus also has their own officers and stations for nightlife when someone needs assistance, which I thought was resourceful. The student body itself is averagely diverse. We were able to see students hosting dorm events in the courtyard, studying, enjoying friends and getting to classes. It was a great a visit, which led for it to be my 1st choice university.
The University of Florida is a great school and also an amazing school for STEM majors. There are many networking opportunities that lie within the school and abilities to gain technical experience for the real world.
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