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The University of Florida has provided me with the experience to not only growth in an academic perspective but also in my personal development. Through its rigorous academic elements and the high level of competition, this institution has allowed me to develop critical thinking skills that have made a difference in my everyday life. The diversity found in campus including clubs, greek life, and ethnicity have change the way that I perceived my community and has let me to become more involved with my surroundings. Although there's always room for improvement, I believe the University of Florida provides every student in campus with a great opportunity to achieve their goals and continue their path in striving for excellence. I will forever be grateful to be a part of the GATORS!
UF is such an amazing college because it gives all of its students the "college life" experience! I would not change going to UF for the world! It was the one of my best decisions to ever make for my education.
Love the atmosphere of University. UF is a great school for those looking to advance to graduate school or programs. Class rigor seems difficult but prepares you for the future.
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Great night life and plenty of friendly people. There are so many different educational opportunities and a major that is just right for you. The local community college is also great. Both UF and Santa Fe are Top 10 in the nation.
There are so many opportunities on campus to get involved with, and the professors are amazing and always have open office hours for you to discuss anything that may be confusing in the class - this has really helped me understand certain concepts I was confused about.
The University of Florida is an excellent academic institution. The program directors and professors really care about the students and are interested in their success. They encourage academic excellence and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The program is also one of the top ten in the country, so there is a degree of prestige in attending this university.
I like the wide diversity of the University of Florida. People are from different countries, students can get to know about different cultures and interact with them while in university. It helps to let students to have a pre experience of steeping into work and be around with different people.
It is only the beginning of my second year here at UF, but I have realized that your experience is in your hands. I tried out a few clubs and found my niche. I actively participate in Her Campus UFL, She's the First and the Women's Student Association. Having a balance between academics and extracurricular is key to enjoying your time and being involved on campus. Faculty I have interacted with have been helpful and joyful, aside from one situation with the financial aid department (was resolved eventually). The campus is pretty packed with students, but I think there is a corner that you will find for yourself eventually. It's all an adjustment.
There are so many resources for students, and its a great overall environment for new students! Also, many of my classes are small so I can talk to and get to know my professors.
From AAU membership (top 60 research universities) & top 10 public university status to top 5 athletics and people/cultures from around the globe. Florida (UF) offered me the experience & friendships of a lifetime. Florida is an international university with over 370,000+ very connected alum. Finding employment in every field (100 undergrad & 300 grad majors) and every corner of the globe is attainable.
I like that it is a college town so everyone either goes to UF or Santa Fe college. It’s a pretty young age population which is cool. I do not like how dominant Greek life on campus is. There needs to be more diversity and a better representation in Student Government. A certain bias needs to be diminished.
University of Florida is a great educational institution that has provided me an opportunity for higher education along with developing other interests and making life long friends all at the same time.
I am currently a fourth year student at UF, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and a minor in Business Administration. Overall my experience with the university has been a positive one. However, one thing that has bothered me since I began here is their online system for tuition, degree auditing, etc. The system has been changed several times, yet each time it is just as confusing and near impossible to actually navigate.
Am applying to University of Florida and I am really looking forward to it. I am trying to become a dentist. I have heard it was hard to become a dentist, but this doesn't stop me from becoming one. I hope i win this scholarship money, because it'll help me out a lot with college. I am thankful for this opportunity and will tell all my friends about this.
I love the bus system provided for free for all UF students. There is a struggle with early morning bus transportation, having enough to get all students on time to their class.
The University of Florida students involved themselves with a lot of activities by volunteering in my schools when I was younger. I love how interactive they are with community activities in general, and the strength of their academics as well.
I love the culture and campus life! The University of Florida is unlike any other college, it strives to excel in not only academics and athletics, but in making sure everyone knows they are not just a number. "You Matter We Care" campaign provides all students a place to go if you stressed or alone. I love being a student at this school, I feel a part of a larger community. I feel like I have the power to achieve my goals no matter the direction I choose.
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The university is gorgeous and I would recommend it to anyone who can actually get in. if you can't get in, transfer in
I like the classes and the people here. It would be nice if some of the facilities would be renovated and made to be more modern looking.
I love the University of Florida. It is truly a school like no other, with amazing teachers, a beautiful campus, and tons of involvement activities and resources for success in the real world. The school is really the best in Florida, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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