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I am not yet a student at the University of Florida. However, as a student with a 4.0 GPA I am doing my research and in the state of Florida, U of F stands above the rest of the colleges and universities. I have been to events on their campus and already feel connected.
I find that the best part about the University of Florida is that it is accepted for me to study two completely different subjects, one in fine arts and one in sciences. I am a BA Dance Major on the pre-dental track. Because of the University of Florida, I am allowed to strengthen both the left and right sides of my brain, therefore receiving a well-rounded education.
More community outreach into local areas around the school and regional areas such as high schools across Florida.
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This school is overall amazing. Full of resources and amenities for all students. The only downfall this school has is their "weed out courses" and lack of learning from some professors and courses. As a business marketing student, there is no reason why the Business Finance course should be as difficult as it is, with the syllabus even stating how most students earn below a 30% on the first exam. This is to weed out finance majors, but there should be a separate/simpler finance course for non-finance majors. Also, some courses are not worth going to lecture for. You really do have to purchase Study Edge/Smokin' Notes/Skoolers tutoring in order to pass exams. I don't like how we are in survival mode and just trying to pass exams rather than actually learn.
Impressed with the orientation and enrollment process for online business program. Looking forward to summer term as a transfer student.
I started here at UF later than most of my friends because I had to transfer in after two years of community college. I believe that UF has challenged me effectively and made me into a better a more thought provoking man.
The campus is beautiful. The staff is excellent, most of them seem to really enjoy their jobs. I'm studying engineering, and I couldn't ask for more opportunities to learn and grow. I find all of the coursework really engaging, and the activities offered by the school are more than enough to keep me superlatively happy.
The University of Florida is best experienced in Gainesville, FL. This college does have outside research facilities, and they are great but some are still new. Make sure you get all the information before committing.
It is definitely a fast-paced college but it will teach the individual to become independent. The lectures are all powerpoint based and material is covered very rapidly.
Top 10 Public University that offers a number of majors and minors for outstanding students. The atmosphere is incredible and inviting for students, parents and alumni.
The school has many resources and opportunities, but the administration can at times be sub par and unhelpful at best.
Over the four years spent at the University of Florida, I could not be more satisfied. The school has an incredible atmosphere and the administration is constantly working to be a progressive university. I am proud to call myself a Florida Gator.
The fear that I would feel like lost or insignificant on campus was quickly eliminated once I stepped foot on the UF campus. There is really a feeling that you are important and have the power to impact your campus and the world beyond it. In addition, there are countless opportunities for jobs, internships and more. I love this school.
I liked that there was a sense of family on campus...which is a pretty impressive feeling to create on a campus that has about 50,000 undergraduate students. Also, I loved my professors and all of my classes; most of the professors really genuinely care about the success of their students and want them to learn and do well. The campus is gorgeous and there is plenty to do on and around campus. One of my main issues is how hard they push research; there is this feeling among undergraduate students that if you aren't involved in research, either through a thesis project or volunteering in a professor's research lab, then what are you even doing with your life? Research is obviously extremely important and necessary work, but it is pushed so hard that many undergraduates feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the time they complete their bachelor's degree. Also, some departments seem to care more about enticing faculty to come to UF and stay there than they do about the students.
A wonderful place that has something for someone! Becomes your home away from home. I have found lifelong friends from the clubs they offer and have learned so much. The school is a top 10 public university for a reason. The academics cannot be beaten and allow you to grow and learn more than you ever thought.
Great place to study! Love living in this town. Awesome school experience with professors and other students.
Coming to UF was the best decision I made when choosing a college to attend. There are so many great opportunities within the school. You meet a lot of great people with different background. Everyone at the university is dedicated to each student and to help them become who they want to be. Campus life is great. There are always activities going on. From attending forums to joining one of the tables at the plaza; there is something for everyone.
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The University of Florida offers a very diverse population of students. The school is very open and it supports its students.
The University of Florida is a huge campus with many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I would like to see a change in the resources people receive through advising. I think it is a great opportunity for students to have a mentor and a friendly face to help them find their way to reach their goals. Unfortunately, the advisers are not always very helpful and they are not used as often as they potentially could be. However, the resources are extensive at the University of Florida. There are always people around to meet and the staff is typically helpful when you ask them questions. Professors make sure they set aside office hours and are open to communicate with their students. It is a great institution filled with intelligent and warm people to learn from.
Beautiful campus, plenty of amenities, awesome athletics, very affordable for FL residents. More and more is popping up all around Gainesville every year.
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