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The faculty are amazing people! People are really friendly and campus is gorgeous. It's also a dry campus which can be either good or bad (depending on your lifestyle). The major drawback is that it's very expensive.
What I like about the university of Findlay is the small and friendly environment of the campus. I wouldn't change anything.
I genuinely enjoyed my time at UF. The professors were always more than willing to help, admissions directors always checked up to see how classes were going!
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Findlay has been pretty good since I started Freshman year. I have made lifelong friends that are doing great things like I am.
The University of Findlay has been pretty nice so far, with a smaller campus making it easier to get around without taking forever between classes. Most of my professors so far have been very easy to work with and really tailor their teaching styles to my specific transition class. I tried the cafeteria once which was pretty good, but most of the restaurants around the university are all great too after class.
I am an incoming freshman to Findlay and so far and I am overly excited to become an Oiler! Findlay has an excellent campus and I love the atmosphere that surrounds me. I can not wait to graduate with my doctorate of Pharmacy.
I love UF. I think there are great students and staff and everyone is super nice. Also, the programs they offer are really good. No matter what your major is, you are going to get a good education.
I just started here at the University of Findlay in the fall of 2016. I am currently in the Pharmacy program and am enjoying it so much. This school has helped me in so many ways including; providing me with a great scientific education and preparing me well for the health profession world, providing me with many extracurricular opportunities to make connections and friends, and also providing me with tremendous teachers who show that they care about the subject they are teaching as well as every student's success.
The university of Findlay is always finding new ways to make sure their student are comfortable and have all the help they need !
I love this college. There are quite a few diverse clubs and organizations. The professors really care about the students and want to see them succeed.
As an incoming freshman I was rather nervous at the concept at attending a school hours from my home in WV. Upon arrival, I was happy to feel welcomed here. Good food, weekly activities, renowned animal science and equestrian classes are just a few bonuses to attending here. The staff are all very kind and approachable.
Great school with a great animal science program. As a pre-vet major I feel as if I am being prepared for what is to come. Love the hands on experience. The people are great too!
Nice people. Do lots around campus.
Teams are average. My high school had more school spirit.
Has a great animal science program and cool barns
The campus is great! It's really safe due to the security officers and the emergency phones. The barns are amazing as well! And the Hazard Center is fantastic and is makes any ESOH major's dream come true. I'd like to see more trees on campus as well as more places on campus to recycle--most are pretty remote rather than scattered throughout campus. Also, if it went plastic and paper-free, or at least close to it, that would hugely impact the environment in a great way.
Have loved almost all of my professors so far and really recommend the University because of it.
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The University is very successful in getting students into post-graduate schools so long as they put in the work.
Safe as far as campuses go. Occasionally there will be small issues but they are always minor and never really seem to affect any students.
Dorms were fine for one year. Decent bathrooms and well-kept amenities, might be a little on the smaller side though. On campus housing (such as townhouses or actual homes) are available and I would recommend for sophomores and up.
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