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The University of Findlay is a great college. The professors are great and the campus is beautiful. You will make so many friends and the classes will prepare you for a great future.
Going into a beautiful and safe campus, there is always some kind of activity or event going on that you can attend. The campus is also close to a few grocery stores so it is easy if you have to go get anything you may have forgotten at home.
I have been a student at the University for just one year right now. There are some professors that are very passionate about what they are teaching and are always willing to help students with any sort of academic questions they have. I have also had a very good experience with my advisor. She has done a very good job at helping me schedule classes around my practice schedule and understands that being a student-athlete takes up a lot of time. However, I wish the university did hire some more passionate instructors for basic 100/101 classes that everyone has to take. I found myself very disengaged taking digital literacy and would have paid attention more if my professor wasn't so boring.
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Graduated last year and will be returning in the fall for the graduate program. The school is wonderful there is always something to do for everyone regardless of it being athletic, academic, religious, or anything else. The staff truly cares about the success of the students and they will make sure that you succeed.
The University of Findlay was everything that I was looking for in a four-year university. I came out of high school knowing I wanted to play baseball in college at the highest level possible, but still have a large focus on my education. The University of Findlay allowed me to play on a high level sports team all while giving great opportunities to expand my education. They have one of the best athletic programs in all of Division II sports as well as a highly accredited education system. Every single staff member has the student's best interest in mind and will help you along whichever path you choose. The University of Findlay is everything that I hoped to get out of a college.
The University of Findlay is a great school for academics. Professors and everyone else who works on campus are always willing to help with anything. The only problem I have with the university is the tuition cost. Except for tuition, everything else is great!
The small school setting was just what I needed to feel at home and feel like a valued student. The interactions with all students, faculty, and staff was overall positive and prepared me for my career.
The University of Findlay is a wonderful college to be apart of. The university is very secure and makes me feel very safe. The teachers and academics are also amazing. All of the teachers are very personable and willing to help the students.
At the University of Findlay I love the feeling of being welcomed and being part of a family. Everyone at Findlay always seems very connected to each other and people are always willing to help one another with any circumstance. One thing I would like to see change at the University of Findlay would be to see more students staying on campus on the weekends. Often times students choose to go home for the weekend which I feel can take away from the sense on community and family on the weekends. If more students were to stay on campus over the weekends I feel that the sense of community and connectivity would be made much stronger than it already is.
I really love the atmosphere of the campus. It’s so beautiful and peaceful in the mornings and by the afternoon is is so full of life. Everyone is walking from class to class talking or having a snack.
The experience here is amazing. The campus life at the University of Findlay allows everyone to be who they are. The different cultures attending or teaching or working at the university exposes everyone to knew ideas and cultures that we have never experienced before. The University of Findlay gives their students a close relationship with their professors and instructors which allows the students to succeed even more in school and life.
Everything at the University of Findlay is so nice there. The professors are all very engaged and there are wonderful resources. I am not sure what I would even change about The university of Findlay.
This university has an amazing animal science program and a pharmacy program. The only thing that needs changing is that it is growing and needs to grow with the increasing student population.
Amazing campus and student life. The staff really want to see you succeed and will do as much as they can to see you do well. They are willing to help you succeed, even after you have graduated.
While this is my first semester at the University of Findlay I have already fallen in love. This is currently my second semester at UF and I have had only positive experiences. The professors and laid back, nice and willing to help you out. They're nothing like the stereotypical college professors who are strict and impatient. There is always something to do at Findlay; whether that means a club activity, free food, free shirts, seminars, concerts and many other possibilities. The professors, staff and students are all very friendly and great to be around. The campus is well maintained and beautiful in the spring and summer. The vibe around campus if friendly and welcoming to everyone. I am so glad to be at such a wonderful college that has helped me explore and grow.
So far my experience at Findlay has been amazing. I am a Pre-Vet student and the hands on program at the school is amazing. In my first semester, I was already performing minor procedures and felt so much more comfortable around large animals. For anyone considering applying to vet school, definitely look into this program.
I was a double major and double minor at the university. I majored in Animal Science and Biology hoping to get into veterinary school with a minor in equestrian studies and chemistry. I had 2 professors tell me not to bother applying with a 3.4 GPA. I applied anyway and have been accepted to one school thus far. They really do prepare you with their program but the professors are awful. The science department while I attended was horrible. Everyone was struggling to pass. The savior at this school was the equestrian program.
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Most professors are extremely helpful and programs truly prepare you to be out in the field. The negatives for me are that credits do not always transfer in well.
University of Findlay is very pretty campus and has much to offer. It has many great programs and students stay very involved with all of the clubs, organizations, and sports on campus. I love the personability of the professors due to small class sizes and their welcomeness. I always feel at home in Findlay ;it is a very friendly and inviting town.
This is a small campus in a very small city with not much to do in the area. The campus is not very diverse at all. There is a brand new very nice student center with many good food options. Parking is free which is unusual for a college campus.
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