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I have loved my college experience here. The small class sizes, individualized courses, and professors who actually care about your success. While academics are very important, the campus offers a variety of activities to help get students involved. If we don't have a club or activity you want, the best part is you can create it! The overall look and feel of the campus is like a home away from home.
It’s a great town to go to grad school! There’s not a lot of distractions but still things to do on your days off!
It's been a pretty good experience so far, however there could be some more activities around campus.
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The University of Evansville is a small school. Therefore, there is a lot of instructor attention in the classroom. I like that and think that I learn better in a small classroom environment. The teachers are all very helpful and caring.
I love the campus and the atmosphere. the professor's really want you succeed. the environment is really great for learning. as well as a great student environment.
I have had a wonderfully fulfilling experience here at u of e. The food is delicious, my professors are highly qualified, and the campus is beautiful. I encourage anyone from any major to give u of e a shot.
University of Evansville prepared me for the goals I had in my future as a Music Therapist and potential graduate student. The professors are great and always willing to work with you and help you prepare for upcoming exams and such throughout the semester. I felt exceptionally prepared in my area of study after graduating from the university.
University of Evansville is a great school. While challenging, the academics at this school are phenomenal and students are always pushed to succeed. Due to it being a small school, UE gives students the opportunity to work one on one with their professors and meet for office hours. Athletics are also a great asset to UE. Promoting the hard work of student athletes is something UE does a great job of. In addition, this school is VERY diverse giving students a chance to experience people fro other cultures.
I've enjoyed my experience so far. Small classes and community are the best of the experience. Professors know everyone.
This University has much to offer that helps students prepare for their future in all aspects. The small community feel has made this community feel like a home away from home for me. I know my professors care about me as a student and want me to succeed.
University of Evansville provides a fulfilling education on a small campus with a big community feel!! You can get involved, learn, have fun and so much more!!!!
Overall, my experience with the University of Evansville has been superb. I will not enter college until Fall 2017. However, on the day that my mother and I attended the indoctrination, there were potential employers for our degrees in attendance.My degree is in Computer Engineering. The college follows up on each student and treat every student with respect.
While I've never attended UE, I do live near it, and this is a beautiful area of Evansville to live in. The campus is well kept, and the people around are very nice. On top of that, it has a very safe environment.
I felt right at home from the minute I walked on campus. The campus is easy to navigate for those nervous college freshman. My admission counselor and anybody on the receiving end of my phone calls have been helpful and super nice. Some of the ratings are based on facts from what I have read and some are based on my visit.
As a freshman, my fall semester went by super fast. Not gonna lie, party scene at the beginning was insane and everywhere, but then some girl got intoxicated and an ambulance had to be called, so now fraternities only host lane closed parties, but trust me, it's at the baseball house where it's at. Lots of great professors, most of them actually are amazing and willing to help, except don't take American politics your freshman year, and if you really don't need it, just don't take it, he won't hesitate to fail you for no reason. The food is great, everything you could ever think of is in the dining hall. Athletics are improving, got a great women's tennis team this year, already showing results, especially the freshmen. Mens and women's soccer are really fun to watch and of course free to students. Campus isn't that big, isn't that small, but you can get to any class by walking in no more than five minutes, which is great. So far, I'm in love with the university and the city.
It is an expensive school, however, you receive many of the resources you need. They provide a health center, free counselors, free tutors, free word, office, and excel programs, free gym membership and programs, free laundry, and much more. The teachers are alright, but some underclassman teachers aren't good at teaching while they are good people. The atmosphere is unusually quiet. No one is out during the mornings to early afternoons and it is like a ghost town on the weekends There should be a little more activities to get the students of Evansville engaged together and to meet more students. Commuters are left out of the loop a lot and it is hard for them to get engaged in the campus community. Making up about a third of the school, the sorority and fraternity kids get the most out of the campus and party life and they seem to be the better socializers.
So far great experience. Not thrilled about the food but soon will be in house so can cook my own food. Like the small campus atmosphere and how easy it is to get to class and get to know other students.
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Employers speak high of this university and its students.
Happy with my experience here! It has a international flair that won't be seen at most private universities.
In my dorm, we have this place on the ground floor called "The Pit" where we host lots of meetings and social events. In our office there are a plethora of movies and games to choose from, as well as cookware. The Residential Assisstants are welcoming and approachable which is very helpful you you're new or nervous. Since my dorm is all female, it is a bit cheaper than the three co-ed dorms on campus. The atmosphere here is very friendly.
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