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I love this place and I'm glad that I picked the University of Dubuque. It offers me the courses that I need and the support system is great for the students.
I like the diversity and the welcome feeling you get from the staff and personal .The campus is smaller which allows getting to and from classes easy . The food could improve but most kids eat off campus .
A great school that makes you feel like more than just an account number. Over time, people will begin to learn your name and you will recognize the happy faces that help you on the daily.
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This place is beautiful. It is small quite. You really have a chance to get to know your professors and have a chance to talk about your standing in the class.
I went into the University of Dubuque as a transfer student and I loved the atmosphere of the school and how welcoming and friendly everybody was. It really made my first year at Dubuque great! I really don't have anything negative to say about the school because the professors were great, athletics, and the campus itself was amazing.
Diverse, friendly environment. The professors make you feel very welcomed and that they truly enjoy teaching.
I really fell in love with the University of Dubuque. The only thing I didn't enjoy was dorms and housing on campus.
I love the campus. The layout is great. It is very clean. There are several new buildings. The admission staff is awesome. They are quick to respond to questions and very helpful. They have made attending the University of Dubuque affordable for me and my family. They made registration easy and full of useful content. I am super excited to get into the nursing program.
Professors and staff are very kind and helpful. They’re all very straight to the point and do not waste your time. The food is awesome and the campus is beautiful!
My experiences with the school have been a good one because it is a small school and is easy to meet people. However, sometimes you would get a teacher that is bad at teaching a specific subject or bad overall. Although this happens sometimes, the other teachers within the school make up for the bad ones and actually makes the class more enjoyable.
The University of Dubuque is a great school that is very committed to your education. I absolutely love the school and its size. It is a small school with a big city feel to it. I have yet to have a professor that I feel doesn't care about me or my education. The student life here is very good and all the students are very outgoing and caring of others. I have loved every second that I have been enrolled at this school and highly recommend it to everyone looking for a great small college that isn't in the middle of no where.
The University of Dubuque offers something for everybody and if it doesn't something can be created. Professors are understanding of athletic schedules and they'll also attend your events. UD is one of the leading schools in diversity which also works to educate everyone on cultural differences.
I like the atmosphere that the students bring to the campus, but the faculty could use some work. Either the faculty are the nicest people you have ever met or can completely ruin your perfectly fine day.
Since transferring from another school, I have been very impressed with the faculty of the department I am in. They have helped me set my courses for the next 2 years so I can graduate on time. I like the size of the school; all of my professors/teachers know me; I am not just a number.
I am so exited to attend University of Dubuque . The overall experience as a freshmen has pass my expectation. I am part of the football team witch treats me and all the other players as a family,I couldn't have ask more especially being away from home.Let me tell you about the food in cafeteria,it's great. Being an athlete this is so important especially that you can grab a bite any time of the day on so many location.Teachers and staff is always there for me if there is a questions to be answers or any other help I needed with my work. As I have just finished with my first semester with a GPA 4.0 and 3 majors of study I am so exited to continue with next semester and new challenges that are upon me. I would recommend everyone to at least visit the University of Dubuque before they make any final decision in their college to be .
Currently attending the LIFE graduate program. I like the 5 week classes. Fast paced, but learn a lot. Didn't like online courses, so this is perfect...1 night a week for 3 hours. Works well with my family and work schedules
University of Dubuque has an amazing aviation program. Hopefully they can remove the class of World View Seminar, because it is pointless.
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Super friendly school and staff and very clean campus. Classes are fun and educational. they offer a multi-diverse of graduate and undergraduate programs.
The small size of the college really creates an excellent atmosphere. People are nice, the teachers care about you, and the everyone wants you to succeed.
I love how close everyone is here. I feel like I am part of a family when I walk on campus. The small student population and the student to professor ratio is perfect for me and my learning needs. I feel like a person here instead of just a number. The professors are really good at making connections with you and getting to know you as a person.
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