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I am very happy with my education at University of Detroit. The instructors and professors are knowledgeable and engaging. The only thing I would like to see changed is lowering the cost of tuition.
Since attending the University of Detroit Mercy I have seen impeccable self-growth. I have become way more independent. UDM is definitely what helped me transition from teen to adult. In addition to that, UDM offers top notch courses with well-educated professors. Because of the small class sizes you are able to leave a lasting impression on professors who genuinely care about you.
I like the diversity at the University. I like the interaction with my peers. Learning about their backgrounds, heritage, economical status and beliefs. I feel safe and the atmosphere is religious base.
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I absolutely love the size of the campus. I am terrified of big schools so this is perfect! The school is diverse, you do not have to be of a specific religion to attend. Being a nursing student one of the first classes I took we discussed our school, and its mission. I found this to be very neat, because now I can tell others more about my school.
Great University to obtain a degree and prepare you for your next steps to your career pathway. Great leadership, role models and academics programs.
So far, my experience here has been amazing!
The classes are interesting and just challenging enough to the point where I have to work hard, but not so challenging that they're impossible to keep up with in addition to my life.
The campus, while small, is very nice, with a fitness center available to all students and a library including a cafe.
I loved the campus size and its staff. Also all of the old buildings and how your classes dont have to be all over the place they could all be in one building. Another thing I like is the care from the staff and how they want you to join the mercy community. The dorms are also so close to the classes that you could get to class in 10 minutes which is awesome.
The school is small and not in the best location for walking around. Most of the professors are not engaging and the students do not apply themselves.
I liked that everyone is there to help. The professors and staff there are willing to do anything to help you, all you have to do is ask.
Their is not a great variety of clubs/activities. A few fantastic professors, others have not been very effective.
It is an OK university with extremely high tuition. Do not go there unless you get full ride or you are able to pay. It is not worth it. Do not drown yourself into debt.
My experience here at the University of Detroit Mercy is very comfortable. It is easy for me to get around campus and seek help when I'm struggling in my classes. Being able to talk to my professors one on one and asking questions in class is the best part because the class sizes are similar to what my high school experience was like. GO TITANS!
I took a visit/ tour at Mercy to decide if the environment was for me. I really liked the scenery and I felt at home. They took us to the dorms which only made me more excited for my future.
Choosing the University of Detroit Mercy was one of the best decisions I've made. I personally think I wouldn't have fit in anywhere else. The professors are all great and really love getting to know you. The class sizes are reasonably sized (depending on the course). I am a commuting student, so obviously the drive there is frustrating if you live outside of the city. Also, I would love to see some of the buildings get remodeled. Most of the buildings are great, but some look like they need some keeping up. Other than that, I wouldn't complain about anything else. The staff here is wonderfull. They are always smiling and seem like they love it there. It is a very diverse school, so I love the culture that comes along with it. Overall, I think it's a great school and recommend it to just about anyone.
The professors are all very nice and helpful! The staff and administrators are always here to help and they do not make you feel dumb or silly. The campus is beautiful and they keep the grounds very nice. There is always an event or activity on campus that you can participate in! Student life is very fun and they try to make activities and events fun!
University of Detroit Mercy has been a great academic experience for me so far. The faculty really know their stuff and make learning more interactive and fun, engaging you in lectures and the homework. Not only that, but I feel as if I am receiving the best education possible and being well prepared to become a nurse.
I must say that I really did enjoy my freshman year more than I ever thought that I would. I like the school settings as they are quiet and the professors really allow for us to get involved in all of my classes so far. I am going to have a great second year here at the University and continue to pursue my academic goals throughout my college years.
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Being on Detroit Mercy's campus was an amazing experience for me. I met a lot of great people. What i love about the campus is the beautiful scenery and landscaping. It is so nice to take a walk at night and just look at all the beautiful buildings and nature.
I love the student to faculty ratio. I never see any new faces on campus, and everyone is alway ready to help. If this is someone who wants to go to college to have fun, this may not be the right school for them. The diversity is great. Although we do not have a football team, we are still a D1 school and the basketball games are our version of a big school's football games. I sometimes wish we had better professors for certain subjects, but that will be the case for the majority of schools.
This is by far one of the best universities in all of Michigan. The faculty and staff are very welcoming and work with their students to reach success. For anyone looking for a great education filled with amazing oppurtunities I highly recommend Detroit Mercy!
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