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I love it. The professor really want to make sure you succeed. The class rooms are small so it’s more one on one learning.
I have just completed my first semester at the University of Detroit Mercy in their 5 year Physician Assistant program. Within this first semester, I have come to love their strong academics. This schools teaches students to strive from greatness while also guiding them with many resources such as writing center and the student success center. This University offers many clubs and sports for students to participate in as well as financial aid packages to make paying for this university that much easier. Professors are always willing to help during office hours or during class and this aids in the success of their students. I would recommend this university to many students looking for a great academic and social balance.
Overall, I have to say that my experience at Detroit mercy is pretty Good. EDUCATION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! There are many professors here who enjoy their jobs and it definitely shows. Do not come to Detroit mercy expecting there to be parties every night. This school is not a party school.
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My experience at Detroit Mercy has been amazing. I got directly admitted to the traditional BSN program my senior year of high school and is on track to graduate next spring! Detroit Mercy helped me find my goals and dreams. Coming to this school, I found my priorities, my mentor and people to support me. I got accepted into a research program which allowed me to get my tuition paid for and a monthly stipend so I wouldn't have to work part-time and I can just focus solely on my school work. Because of the opportunities I have received at Detroit Mercy, I am pursuing a doctoral degree right after my graduation. I never once thought I could become a doctor in high school. I love my school and after my graduate from my doctorates I plan to become a professor to give back to the school and to teach future generations. All the professors are wonderful here. You get to know your professors and they get to know you.
Wonderful staff, university highly accommodating. Whether your on campus or online everything is easily navigated. Courses and curriculum very challenging and highly accredited.
It is a great school. Professors care about the students. Students are treated like a family. Very diverse school and everyone is treated equally
UDM is a good school but they claim that they are Catholic and are falling away from that a little bit. The education is great though and the community, fact that it's a small campus makes classes small and your professors actually know you.
University of Detroit Mercy is an excellent private university, providing great education with a focus on community outreach. The university has an established reputation in Michigan and is part of the Jesuit Universities giving it's students unparalleled exposure to many national and international institutions.
Great & Respected College for those looking to get a good job. Very diverse and challenging for those over achieving students such as myself.
Detroit Mercy has such amazing professors who love to see students succeed and excel. I am proud to be a Detroit Mercy Titan and it has great majors to offer as well as outstanding graduate programs. I feel they could change the way recitations are run in terms of organization, other than that it is amazing!
Detroit is such a beautiful city! The people are so friendly and it's a very safe place. It's so safe, most people don't even lock their doors. What a wonderful city!! I would like to see the sports teams do better than what they are producing !
Definitely a family atmosphere here! While the academics are challenging, I feel more than prepared to join the workforce right out of college. The internship program here is really strong and the staff really do care about seeing you succeed. My advisor will randomly send me internship opportunities when she comes across one that she thinks I might enjoy which goes to show how the staff go out of their way to make you feel at home here. So glad I went with a smaller college, it has the student scene still just without the excessive drama.
I am a current student at University of Detroit Mercy. I am in an excellent program, Health Information Management. I have learned so much, and they even offer online classes. Because it is a private college, they are expensive. One of my classes require five books total. That is a bit much to ask when a student is taking between four to six classes a semester. My overall experience is good, at a expensive price.
As an international student on a vigorous path towards dentistry, University of Detroit Mercy has been very kind in easing my adjustment in a new environment. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful.
Detroit Mercy is not a college everyone would enjoy. You don't get the average college experience. It's a commuter school mostly, living on campus is extremely boring and very expensive.
I am very happy with my education at University of Detroit. The instructors and professors are knowledgeable and engaging. The only thing I would like to see changed is lowering the cost of tuition.
Since attending the University of Detroit Mercy I have seen impeccable self-growth. I have become way more independent. UDM is definitely what helped me transition from teen to adult. In addition to that, UDM offers top notch courses with well-educated professors. Because of the small class sizes you are able to leave a lasting impression on professors who genuinely care about you.
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I like the diversity at the University. I like the interaction with my peers. Learning about their backgrounds, heritage, economical status and beliefs. I feel safe and the atmosphere is religious base.
I absolutely love the size of the campus. I am terrified of big schools so this is perfect! The school is diverse, you do not have to be of a specific religion to attend. Being a nursing student one of the first classes I took we discussed our school, and its mission. I found this to be very neat, because now I can tell others more about my school.
Great University to obtain a degree and prepare you for your next steps to your career pathway. Great leadership, role models and academics programs.
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