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I have only taken online classes through the University of Denver. The teachers have been extremely accommodating and have been wonderful to take classes with.
The University of Denver has been a wonderful experience for me as a graduate school. The classes are great, the professors are very experienced. Overall wonderful time at this college
I am an online student at DU. I enjoy the classes, they are enjoyable and I look forward to graduating soon. I love the state of CO and I look forward to visiting the campus and eventually walking the stage there.
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I take all of my classes online. The nice thing about that is that the professors will often times let you ready ahead so that you are prepared for the coming weeks and have less stress about the classes.
I love it, its been able to help to to expand my skills and chase after the field I want to pursue now that i am out of the military.
its fantastic the teachers and staff are friendly and helpful, I would highly recommend it, it was my tp choice after getting out of the navy.
I love DU and overall, I'm extremely happy with my college experience so far. The campus is beautiful. I love the proximity to both downtown Denver and the mountains. Many students are very involved on-campus in sports and various clubs. In terms of academics, classes are challenging and the quarter system is fast-paced. I have found students at Korbel to be more competitive, for better or worse. In general, my professors have been fantastic! They're extremely dedicated and most have been easy to connect with. Small class size helps with making connections. For cons, I wish the student body was more diverse and dining hall food could be much better.
Spring quarter was moved to online and all of my professors were very accommodating. I'm in the business school, so the transition could have been different for students in other areas, but the professors I had were great. DU has worked hard during the pandemic to give students refunds where they deserve and to work with students to keep us and our families informed. You have to hound administration to work with you if you have issues that are unique to your situation, though. This school is overpriced tbh, but all colleges seem to be that way these days.
It’s an amazing school that offers many programs and many classes. They help you out so much and the classes are fun!
I only had one quarter but it went well. Some classes were better then others and it was mostly left to the professors.
I really enjoyed the classes and class sizes. I loved my dorm and the student life. They did sort of push diversity which I understand why that is important, being a biracial, queer, female student. However I don’t think forcing diversity is the way to make a school more open and accepting. I appreciated the alcohol and gun violence safety training courses at the beginning and how they taught us about consent as well. I think more schools should do something similar.
The University of Denver is truly a special school. Its beautiful campus makes me feel welcomed. The staff and the teachers make it a point to really get to know their students. Denver is an amazing city and the perfect place to spend college.
As a parent of a current freshman from California, DU was an excellent choice (academics, campus life, supportive administration & faculity, culture, surrounding city, etc) for my child. After visiting numerous campuses throughout northern and southern California, I'm so glad DU was on the out of state list. After the initial visit and tour, my child knew DU was "IT" based on all of factors noted above. Still very happy with DU 1 year later!
DU is a tight knit community with excellent academics. It is a beautiful campus with easy access to public transportation to get around Denver.
Very comfortable environment. People are positive and help one another. Teachers genuinely care about students. They are nearly as helpful as high school teachers will be. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The dorms are clean and comfortable. There are lots of things to do near campus.
I haven't visited this college yet, but i have applied and been admitted. As of right now, DU is my top choice for a school; they have been very helpful and informative with different oppurtuinites and deadlines. Despite being a signific antly small part of the college, they make the individual feel important to the whole big picture.
What I loved about DU was the campus, the first time that I went there I knew that the campus was a great fit for me. It also has great staff who are there to answer all the questions that you might have.
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The diversity at DU is little to none, however there are so many amazing people you will meet, and it just feels like home.
The University of Denver provides a seamless transition into graduate life. The advisors are genuine, caring, and informative. They will be as involved as the learner would like. The educators really have a passion for the curriculum and care about the experience of the student! I would recommend this institution to absolutely anyone!
I love being a student at DU. The campus is gorgeous, the people are so kind, and the variety of classes offered is incredible. I've always been really involved in extracurricular activities, and DU encourages students to get involved on campus. It's common for someone to be taking 12-16 credit hours of classes and be involved in more than one campus activity or have a job! I fell in love with DU in about the first minute I was on campus for a tour. There truly is something for everyone on DU's campus. You like sports? Students get free tickets to all sporting events (except hockey) and $5 tickets to hockey. Greek life? Join it, it's awesome. Student government? Run for election in the Senate. Dungeons and Dragons? Yep, DU has that too. Like to sing? Join an acapella group. If you like it, chances are DU's got it. Overall, DU's an amazing school.
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