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University of Denver is an amazing school that provides students with a myriad of opportunities, academically, socially, and professionally. Staff and faculty are passionate, supportive, organized and encouraging.
It's a great school that makes you feel like home. The campus is spread out and it can be a long walk to get to classes from the freshman dorms, but the classes are worth it.
Everything about the school is amazing except for the on-campus food. Dorms, classes, and the surrounding area is great especially for people that like to get outdoors.
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The University of Denver is a great campus situated just minutes from downtown Denver. The school is great for those pursuing careers and degrees in: International studies, engineering, and music. It is a smaller school, which makes professors more accessible for personal help and guidance.
Great university with a beautiful campus. Class sizes are smaller and more personal. All of the professors and staff want to see the students succeed.
Although at first I didn't think I had liked my first year that much, summer vacation has opened my eyes to my appreciation for the institution. I honestly feel homesick for school. The quarter system has proven to be fantastic. If there is a class or professor you don't like you only have to be there for 10 weeks. It feels nice to be busy, but there is certainly time for a social life too. There are great clubs on campus, run by students and professors alike. The professors are amazing, and have proven to me that a professor can make or break a subject. Although the food and housing could be better, I have fallen in love with campus and the school itself.
The campus and surrounding area are gorgeous and the University has many opportunities for students to take advantage of the nearby Rocky Mountains. The small size means that professors know and care about their students but also does slightly limit the availability of many classes.
The University of Denver is full of diverse people that I would never have met in any other way. I feel as though the experiences that I gathered here, whether that was through studying abroad in Italy, the various clubs I was active in, or just the work study positions that I held over the years, all contributed to my steady development of professional skills.
I've only been going here for one year now, but in my time here I've been shown incredible support from teachers, counselors, and various other sources to get me through. While there are some aspects listed here that I can't say much on... athletics being a big one, I would wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone interested.
I had such an incredible experience during my first year. The professors want to see you succeed and support you if you need help. Living in the dorms helped me meet amazing people and I found it easy to make friends when I put in the effort.
The University of Denver is a dyamic campus that caters to all types of students. From traditional to the retired, DU has education opportunities to engage and interest everyone in the community.
The whole atmosphere is so positive and the athletics program is really competitive and really good.
When I was touring the school, the tour/ Student Life Staff were very informative and helpful. They were please to guide the potential students and pleasantly answer all of the questions that students and the parents had. Programs that are offered at the University of Denver is suitable for students interested in various fields. From its exceptional Daniels College of Business program to its science and engineering programs, students will find their place at the University with no problem. Additionally, the active student life such as sororities, fraternities, and various clubs and club sports, students will always stay active at the University of Denver.
The University of Denver has an amazing faculty and staff, specifically the Sociology and Criminology professors! They are all very willing to help you should you need it. I do wish this campus was more diverse than what is "advertised"
The University of Denver is a school that provides a good education at an inflated price. The education that I received at the University of Denver was lesser than I thought it would be. The safety of the school was also over-exaggerated. Campus security was not there to protect as much as they were to get students in trouble for minor infractions, campus security also gave false information about the services they providing giving a false illusion of safety for students.
The University of Denver has exceeded my expectations. Though I'm only in my first year, I have had amazing teachers and classes that have inspired me to continue my education. Though expensive, I believe University of Denver really tries to make things accessible for their students. I am a huge fan of their motto Inclusive Excellence and I think they really are trying to make strides to better the students lives in class and on campus.
The University of Denver offers many more opportunities because it is a small private institution. The Daniels College of Business especially sets students up for success. The small size doesn't effect the school spirt, and one of my favorite aspects of the school is the high energy the students have towards the sports. Attending hockey games is what I look forward to most on Friday nights. My professors have all been very understanding and available for office hours where they are very helpful and seem to really want me to be successful in their classes. Overall I have had a great experience so far at DU.
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So far DU has been amazing. I would not want to go anywhere else. it is a great balance of what you are looking for in college. There are lots of smart students here but also a lot of people who party hard. The location is fantastic with having a city and the mountains. DU is small but not too small, so I am continually meeting new people but also recognize a few people every time when I walk across campus. The student body has a lot of athletes for its size, but not much diversity.
Overall my experience at DU was pleasant, and as an older student and the flexible class schedule allowed me to work and attend school full-time. However, DU has a long way to go to achieving the diversity they strive and adverstise.
Denver is a great school in a beautiful setting. I've met people from all over the world with a vast variety of majors and career goals. Although it's known to barely have any diversity, the administration is working on it and there are a lot of cool clubs that represent students of different backgrounds. DU is expensive, but being a private school they give out large scholarships.
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