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In the first 3 months at UD I'm already turned away. Commonly known as a one of the best party schools, but only if you're in a frat. Which consists of 2 months of hazing on a 6 day a week basis and paying ~$1400 a year for parties and borderline assaulting drunk girls. If you're a guy who isn't in the frat, you can expect to be asked "who do you know here?" at least five times before they will leave you alone. Campus is beyond dry on a weekend, and truly the only thing to do besides party is eat on main street and go to the gym. The only school spirit you'll find here is for getting blacked Thursday through Saturday. Club sports are competitive and most freshman only make the team if they have connections. Overall, keep Delaware as the backup to your backup and don't be surprised when you get here and you're disappointed.
I came to UD as a student athlete. The school academically is great. I love my classes and professors. I play softball and had an full scholarship to pitch. I have suffered bulling and harassment from fellow teammates and my coach. I have talked with four staff members and no one has done anything to help me. I have since suffered an injury and am no longer able to play softball.

I can not afford the out of state tuition so I will have to transfer back to my home state of Virginia.

I feel that the University has let me down by not helping me with the bullying and not helping and being more understanding with my medical problems.
The University of Delaware is a beautiful campus and is an amazing school where I know I will get the best education possible in the state of Delaware.
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After visiting the University of Delaware my freshman year of high school I ultimately knew it would be a perfect place to continue my education. It has the major I want to study, school spirit, the opportunity for study abroad and internships, greek life, the beauty of the campus and so much more. After visiting the campus four times throughout high school and sitting in on two classes with professor`s in Allison Hall, I believe that this college has everything a student needs to be successful in college and their future.
I love the University of Delaware! The campus is beautiful and there's always things to do around campus.
I love the university. It is so well rounded in many aspects. Except the roads, so difficult to drive on lol.
more diversity and involvement opportunities for international students. Teachers are really good and helpful. Wish there were more bus routes to cities than just mega bus
I love the University of Delaware. I'm from New Jersey so it is the perfect distance from home. It's also a medium sized school so I never feel like there's too many people or not enough options, it's just the right size. Delaware has so many opportunities and resources when it comes to academics, athletics or clubs. I truly could not be happier with a school.
What I like about the University of Delaware is the size of the campus because there is so much that a students can do and lots of clubs to join so students can always find something to fill your time. I do not see much that could change, if at all anything the pricing of food could go down or better access to cheap food places.
Great school! The campus of University of Delaware is outstanding and creates a very inviting feeling that everyone should be excited about. The outstanding academics in addition to exceptional student life should only give you more reasons to apply and ultimately go to the University of Delaware.
I like that the school is not too far from home so my parents can visit anytime or I can visit anytime. The only thing that needs to change is if they added pharmacy as an actual major instead of pharmacy interest.
I'd like to see new professors hired who have more experience with teaching and care about their students learning and education. Many professors are understandably focused on research instead of teaching.
Beautiful campus with students that are eager to learn! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Highly recommend
UD is everything I hoped it would be. The students tend to go out often (usually to frat parties) and give the school a party school reputation. While partying is a huge part of the social scene here, students are extremely competitive and the academics are very challenging. Each year UD gets more and more competitive and the school is constantly improving itself and its rankings yearly. The campus is extremely picturesque and the surrounding area is safe and has lots of great restaurants. Dining on campus is not exactly delicious, but from what I understand it is much better than some other colleges. UD is also extremely popular for Delaware, New Jersey, and New York residents.
The University of Delaware is known as a top party school, and it is nothing but that. If you are looking for an environment that will increase your academics and form strong connections with people who aren't just looking to party all the time, this is not your place. Friendships here are formed around who you go out with. Becoming connected with students in any other way is hard as a lot of students party every weekend night, every weekend day, and also during the week as well.
Feels very safe, along with lots to do while there. Check out their own ice cream shop ran by the agriculture students!
I adore the campus life and the non-hostile atmosphere. We have set a precedent, that everyone is free to be who they are without resistance from anyone. We have had people come on campus to express strong opinions, however, the students at the University of Delaware rallied together in order to uphold the accolades we make for ourselves.
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The University of Delaware provides students with a welcoming environment and a fun community. It is very easy to get involved in student life and extra-curriculars.
I love being here at UDelly. It's a lot of fun, you get a good return on investments with nice professors. More than anything, it's the happiest place on earth and I wouldn't transfer for all the money in the world!
It has a very beautiful campus with lots of student activities to partake in and many places off and around campus to enjoy.
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