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Great staff and curriculum. Worked at a pace comfortable enough for me to get my MA. The only thing its been 2 years and I have yet to receive my certificate.
The university of deleware is a great school to call a home. The campus is set up in a college town which gives it a feeling not many can match
Everyone that I know who goes to UD loves it. The academics are great, the parties are great, every thing I hear about it is great!
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UD is known for being academically challenging. They have some of the top programs in the country. But the student life here is so much fun. There's plenty to do whether its partying or going to Perkins Live. There's something for everyone at UD
I have so much fun at the University of Delaware and the classes are all very top notch. I have met so many incredible student and professors and I love the diversity that we have on campus.
I enjoy UDel because it is easy to find people that are like me and are interested in common interests that I am interested in. Furthermore, the classes that are offered are broad and interesting pertaining to general education classes to prepare you to choose a major (when coming in undecided). The faculty is there to help you succeed.
great teachers. great faculty. great school spirit. not diverse. large campus. friendly environment.
I just don't like the American higher education system in general. Having a degree has become basically a necessity to live a comfortable life, yet the cost of college and the college experience is very expensive and taxing.
The experience has been great. Great Faculties. The office of the international student and scholars (OISS) are very supportive and responsive.
As a native Delawarian, it wasn’t too hard to know people around campus. But what I truly loved was finding the people not from high school. Since this college is so large, you have full opportunity to break out of your shell and develop who you are. You can join sororities, fraternities, clubs, sports, activities, and so much more. There is something for everyone, and you are almost guaranteed to find a home here. Just don’t be afraid to go out and try something. Take a chance.
I think the University has a beautiful campus and it is easy to move from one point to another! I also think that there are some very interesting courses taught here and I have learned so much. I wish there were more people of color attending this school and that diversity was a main priority
The campus is beautiful. There is great food everywhere. The school itself is okay. If you are social, this is the school for you. The greek life is abundant and most of them are disrespectful and give the school a bad reputation, but there are plenty of good ones out there too.
In terms of academics, University of Delaware is a pretty good school, and one of the only colleges in Delaware with a good reputation. The campus is pretty, and they have quite a few interesting clubs for basically any interest. However, I am not entirely thrilled about this school.
The staff here can be incredibly uptight with amazing egos, and I've had quite a few who don't show up to class because they had research to work on. For the skyrocketing tuition here, I find that pretty unacceptable. IN terms of security this school is lacking as well, with UD being voted the #1 party school in America this year. Many of my friends have been sexually assaulted, and after going through something similar I was met with the UD police department, which was extremely incompetent and insensitive throughout the whole situation. Overall, I just want to get my degree and leave.
University of Delaware makes big claims about diversity and student life and I would like to see improvement int hose areas. The school is known for their study abroad programs but I think it's inaccessible to most students. Even with in-state tuition the room and board is ridiculous and I've had a lot of problems with financial aid here. The classes are hit or miss - choose professors and mandatory classes carefully.
Great university with great professors and people! I love the location, having Main Street as an option.
I love the opportunities and how alive the campus is. There are extremely strong academic programs at the University of Delaware with many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in industry or research. There are also many clubs and activities to participate in. Overall, a great balance between school and a social life.
From the moment I stepped onto the UD campus, I knew this place felt like home. Everyone was super friendly and very welcoming. When it came to finding my way around, everything was really easy to navigate and people on the streets were very open to helping. Spreading kindness and feeling welcomed has helped UD become my home over the past couple years.
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Very good school that gives you the tools you need to succeed. I had a rough first semester but I was able to pick up my slack the second semester, and there are plenty of resources available to help people like me do so. Teachers have mostly been good or great so far, the campus is nice and the general area is full of things to do.
This school has given me more experiences than I ever thought possible. In my current position as a marketing intern, I can truly see how my education has given me the tools I need to succeed.
Beautiful and walk-able campus. Small enough that you know people in your classes, but big enough that you could meet someone new every day if you tried. Main street is nice. Definitely bring a car or you will quickly feel stuck. Lots of different types of housing options in the area. Biking is easy. Classes range from three people to hundreds depending on the major. Get ice cream at UDairy.
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