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Meeting many people that want to see you succeed. Great experience living on campus. Great nursing program.
As a rising Sophomore, I just completed my first year at the University of Delaware and I can honestly say that this was the best year of my life! I had an amazing time becoming a part of the Blue Hen community I wouldn't have traded this year for anywhere else. The professors here really care about their students and their successes and you meet so many people from so many walks of life. The saying is "You can make a large university feel small, but you can't make a small university feel large." UD is just that. By getting involved in all the activities and clubs on campus, its so easy to make this state university feel like a home away from home.
I love the community that the University of Delaware has. University of Delaware offered countless of opportunities for extracurricular activities and even careers through their career center. As a transfer student they highly encouraged students to get involved in clubs that align with your core values to help acclimate to your new school. However, University of Delaware should really work on improving on its diversity. There have been plenty of courses that I've taken and I am the ONLY person of color in the class which makes me feel like an outcast. Although this taught me to get out of my comfort zone to talk to others, I would have loved to have a few students in the class that were minorities.
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This school is actually pretty good. Very large, if coming from a small school it could be a shock. There's a lot of school pride despite the often backhanded comments about it. Big party school, but there's no pressure to actually go to the parties. Fairly accepting of minorities.
I really enjoy the academic atmosphere and social life of my college. Teachers are there to help you, but there are so many more people looking out for you than just them. Also, Main Street is an amazing part of my college experience.
I am a current rising senior in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Delaware. The program itself is fantastic in that the professors and faculty genuinely care about each individual's success and learning. The university as a whole could do better to ensure each student has access to adequate learning facilities. Some of its lab spaces need to be updated and renovated
So far I have enjoyed being a student at UD. I am in the Mechanical Engineering program and both the program and engineering in general are rather big. It is a popular major and currently there are around 120 students in the MechE program. The university is not too diverse. 80% of the students are white, which is not great but there are programs that are attempting to create a more diverse and open campus.
I thought the academics were sub-par and not challenging . The party life was fantastic though. Overall I felt the school did little to help me get a job, or teach the necessary skills to be successful at a job.
I transferred to University of Delaware because my previous institution did not have the major I want. It was a great decision and I encourage other students who are also thinking about transferring to this university. If you are coming from a lower ranking institution, transferring all your courses may be a hassle but this university is excellent in many ways. I cannot say that UD is extremely diverse but it clearly accepts diversity and welcomes every student. I took around 7 courses until now, but many of them already criticized racism and discrimination. Most of the instructors are very knowledgeable but some of them are somewhat tough graders. I encourage you to search your instructors before choosing them, you can compare them and then make a decision. Campus is very nice and Newark area is very vivacious. I really think the University of Delaware is a good choice and a good investment.
The University of Delaware really has something to offer everyone. They cater to every need and want that a student might have. From a tremendous green available to hang out and socialize on, to upcoming newly renovated classrooms, easy shuttle systems to ensure easy commutes to class, and much much more. Four years just doesn't seem long enough to really enjoy this prestigious university. With each year I complete, I learn something new about the campus that I didn't know about before. It's Mainstreet alone provides everything to satisfy a person. To this day, I'd say committing to the University of Delaware is my proudest and most noteworthy decision.
This school provides me with countless opportunities to get involved with clubs that I'm interested in. There is something for everyone! I joined the student television network here my freshman year and learned to edit news videos and interview students and faculty. They encourage students to be their best by aligning their values with being "first" since Delaware is the first state. There are various courses to cater to each student's needs and majors. We also have fun classes to take the pressure off our hard classes! They have a great plan to grow the diversity in our school and keep us safe as we are running across campus. They encourage unity while allowing you to be yourself.
If you like to party, Delaware is a great school. You may have a hard time meeting people otherwise. Math and Science departments have sub-par professors.
Its an amazing school. The academics are tough but its worth it, this school is so much fun. I love the people, the food and the campus. I transferred here, it was the best decision I've made. There is so much to do, you can fit in anywhere, just join a club or a sorority or fraternity or whatever you are interested in. They have a puppy raising program that I really want to join. Winter break is also about two months which is great.
I'm a music major, and everything here is in a transition period. I don't really like it here but it was a last minute decision.
As a music education major, the University of Delaware has been a place where I can grow and blossom as both a human being and future music educator.
The University of Delaware is a wonderful institution for undergraduates. Set on a beautiful, large campus, UD offers a various number of Bachelor's degree programs. Academics are balanced well here with extracurricular opportunities, like club sports, and greek life.
I am a chemical engineering major at the University of Delaware. Overall, I am very pleased with the university. By biggest qualm is that some of the curriculum decisions made by the university are rather illogical. For example, my intro to engineering course was entirely busy work which included projects in mechanical and electrical engineering (needless to say I haven't used anything I learned in this class since). I have done the math and it would require just as many teaching hours to give each discipline its own intro course.
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Delaware is an amazing school! There are many ways to get involved on campus, the professors are good, and it has a beautiful campus.
Professors are pretty open to helping you out and are available often to meet one on one. Also, really easy to stay involved on campus.
University of Delaware provides a clean, safe, and challenging campus full of fun things to do and new things to learn. The extremely diverse student body provides interesting perspectives in every class I have taken, and the staff are extremely open minded and accommodating. The dorms are spacious and the housing staff will happily work with you to find a living space that is ideal for you, and the arrangements of all dorm buildings allow for socializing with new friends at floor events, building activities and club meetings. The professors I've had have all been incredibly friendly, with a passion for education and expanding your horizons. Overall its an ideal campus for any student seeking higher education in a fun an friendly atmosphere.
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