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I really like the University of Delaware. They have a large variety of programs, and the professors and overall university atmosphere is positive and encouraging.
The University of Delaware adapts to the student needs. There are programs in every department to help each student individually and this is very welcoming to a student such as myself. There is a wide diversity of students and staff which helps the students become well rounded and cultured throughout school. I feel relatively safe and cared about while I am on campus becuase of the blue light system and the campus-wide texting system informing students, staff, and parents when things are occurring on campus. The only thing that I would change as a student is the amount of work and stress that goes into the financial side department. There is a program where students are picked at random to submit information as additional information. This additional information is nonstop and it becomes stressful to the student and their family.
My experience at the University of Delaware was overall beneficial in my college choosing process. The atmosphere at the school is positive and studious. The campus is beautiful, with a mix of both urban and rural.
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The University of Delaware is not only what you would expect from a university, but it’s even better. The people are friendly, professors are easy to communicate with, and there are many events to go to whether you’re bored or just want to make new friends. Also if you don’t want to live on campus, living of campus isn’t bad either. The food offered by the university and the restaurants around the university are top notch and very diverse, so if you like Mexican one day and Chinese the other, it’s got you covered. The university is also located near a shopping center and busses that can take you to the mall and other places so it’s has a very convenient location. Over all, the University of Delaware is an amazing university that you want regret going to.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It gives the feeling of home yet allows for a different experience for each individual who attends. The programs are all of great quality and always on top of things too. There is much help involved with setting your path and future.
I was drawn to this university mainly because of the first impression I got of the beautiful campus and surrounding town. Newark is full of life, opportunity, and things to do, not to mention it is gorgeous in all seasons. Once I was accepted and came for some more visits I fell even more in love with the atmosphere. Now that I have been living here for about 5 months I can truly testify from my personal experiences that the University of Delaware is where I am meant to be.
My experience at University of Delaware was remarkable. The life at Delaware is a life worth living. It is full of fun adventures, friendships, awesome football games, school spirit, and more. My favorite part about University of Delaware is the atmosphere. Main street is full of never-ending fun and good places to eat. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to build upon friendships and their career.
I've only been on campus a few weeks so far, but so far so good. There seem to be a lot of good systems in place to help students who have trouble, and their classes are non-terrible. The food is good. There are a lot of NSOs, including one that works to improve the school, and by the sound of it has done quite a bit. Plus they have their own icecream? Not really sure how relevant this is but it's really good icecream.
It was always clean, the staff is helpful, I lived off campus but still had great experiences. There are plenty of quiet places to study, use computers, printing stations, beautiful gym!
I love the campus and the wide array of classes that can be taken here. The professors are always very helpful and there are just so many clubs to join. The opportunities here are endless.
One of the things that I love about the University of Delaware is the campus. Reason being is since it is located in the city of Newark you are close to a lot of things that you need. Such things are convenient stores where you can get some dorm essentials.
University of Delaware is great place to get real world experiences, create amazing memories, and get a an excellent education with and amazing local environment.
I love attending UD. The experience of being a college student is almost unreal to me still. Im ecstatic that I go to UD, its such a good time. I enjoy my professors and their lectures, the friends I make everyday and just the diversity and difference from high school and smaller college life. Im also in my desired major of exercise science and couldn't be more excited to learn.
The University of Delaware is an excellent campus that provides a wide variety of possible academic achievement to undergraduate and graduate students. This academic achievement that can be obtained provides an excellent opportunity to succeed in the future.
I am a freshman nursing major at the University of Delaware. I love the atmosphere and the academic programs. It feels like home!
I wish the University of Delaware was a bit more diverse. However, there are lots of opportunities available for almost any student.
The University of Delaware felt like home immediately when I stepped onto the campus; I would not trade this college for the world. The academics are incredible and the social scene is exciting!
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UD is place of great opportunity. There are such a diverse array of meaningful things to be involved in. I like to think I have taken advantage of many of these opportunities, including involvement in clubs for fellowship, service, and fun, involvement in intramural sports, in student life, in movements related to my health sciences major, and I even did a semester abroad. UD is a community that I am grateful to be a part of and proud to call my university. The campus is beautiful and I can always find an aesthetically appealing place to get my work done - whether that be a seat in a coffee shop, a spot on the green, or the skylit second floor of the library.
Attending the University of Delaware has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is a wonderful school with many opportunities to excel as an individual.
the overall vibes and people are what really hits home with me and almost everyone you'll speak to. i only heard great things coming in and I was blown away. There is some friends of mine that had to transfer for personal or monetary reasons but no one who really was not enjoying the environment. For some it satisfies every need, for some it just does enough and for most its perfect. With no regrets or doubts.
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