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Beautiful campus with students that are eager to learn! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Highly recommend
UD is everything I hoped it would be. The students tend to go out often (usually to frat parties) and give the school a party school reputation. While partying is a huge part of the social scene here, students are extremely competitive and the academics are very challenging. Each year UD gets more and more competitive and the school is constantly improving itself and its rankings yearly. The campus is extremely picturesque and the surrounding area is safe and has lots of great restaurants. Dining on campus is not exactly delicious, but from what I understand it is much better than some other colleges. UD is also extremely popular for Delaware, New Jersey, and New York residents.
The University of Delaware is known as a top party school, and it is nothing but that. If you are looking for an environment that will increase your academics and form strong connections with people who aren't just looking to party all the time, this is not your place. Friendships here are formed around who you go out with. Becoming connected with students in any other way is hard as a lot of students party every weekend night, every weekend day, and also during the week as well.
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Feels very safe, along with lots to do while there. Check out their own ice cream shop ran by the agriculture students!
I adore the campus life and the non-hostile atmosphere. We have set a precedent, that everyone is free to be who they are without resistance from anyone. We have had people come on campus to express strong opinions, however, the students at the University of Delaware rallied together in order to uphold the accolades we make for ourselves.
The University of Delaware provides students with a welcoming environment and a fun community. It is very easy to get involved in student life and extra-curriculars.
I love being here at UDelly. It's a lot of fun, you get a good return on investments with nice professors. More than anything, it's the happiest place on earth and I wouldn't transfer for all the money in the world!
It has a very beautiful campus with lots of student activities to partake in and many places off and around campus to enjoy.
I am a part of the Associates of Arts Program, which basically means I stay home and take UD classes at a Del-Tech campus for 2 years. Then I can go to main campus for the other 2 years of a Bachelors. The professors, staff, and students that make the community are amazing and encourage you to stay with your education and keep going strong.
At Delaware being a student athlete is tough but it is still a load of fun. I have the ability to have access to tutors and to great facilities on campus. I love delaware and wouldn't have chosen anywhere else
I am a sophomore this year and I love this college. You are pushed academically and there is always something to do on campus. I do wish that the diversity was a little better.
It was nice to discover different classes while in the AA program. Some professors are kind enough to help you personally which was good. The school environment in Wilmington Campus is in the city of Wilmington.
I like University of Delaware because they provide many academic programs and opportunities to get involved on Campus. There are many ways to stand out and make a name for yourself through joining clubs, joining sororities/ fraternities, and attending networking events (career fairs, panels, etc.). The students & professors are very interactive and friendly. They make your experience as an undergrad or grad student very rewarding. One thing I would change is increasing diversity on campus.
Absolutely love this school. I've been to a few schools, never really finding their academics or campus giving me a reason to stay, but the moment I got onto the UD campus I knew I had to finish my college career here.
The University of Delaware is preparing me for my future. I am one step closer to obtaining the degree I have a passion for. The professors are very educated and definitely challenge my thinking.
Ever since my new student orientation, I have had nothing short of amazing experiences at UD. Within my first year I developed amazing friendships and discovered what I was truly passionate about. I don't think I could have made the experiences that I have at any other university! The only thing that they could improve on is the diversity which I think the school is already working on.
I love the University of Delaware. I have been provided so many opportunities to excel and become involved on a beautiful campus.
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It is a great school and I am very happy that I decided to attend there. It was not my top choice but I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The academics are challenging but the professors are very helpful and are always open for assistance.
Wonderful sense of community and spirit. Everyone who is a current student or alum is proud to be a blue hen. I would not have chosen another school to attend. The teachers for the most part are fantastic and the friends you make last a life time. There is always something fun to do either on campus or on Mainstreet.
The university is okay, it has a lot of students with many events and clubs and organizations to join. I was a part of an acapella group that was fun but I just didn't fit in like I thought I would. I think if you like a big school with parties this school is for you.
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