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1,242 reviews
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Dayton is such a great place to go to school. Everyone there is extremely friendly. There is none of that "who do you know here" stuff at parties. The food is pretty good. The only problem is really the weather, but it is worth it to go to such a good school
Overall it's a great campus, with a really good vibe. Lots of events that take place and allow you to get involved on campus. Very supportive of every sports team! Multiple places on campus to get great food, along with Brown Street that has just about every variety of food you can think of. Professors are very friendly and helpful. Class sizes are fairly small compared to other schools. The campus all over from landscaping to dorms is amazing! One thing I wish for is a little more diversity considering myself a minority. Dayton is a great place to be with many opportunities and memories to look forward to!
I love the community aspect of Dayton. I got to know the people on my floor and it's like we are one big family. The thing I would change about Dayton is its chemistry department.
I love everything about Dayton, the campus is beautiful, the food is good, everyone I've met is welcoming and kind. There is a place for everyone
Dayton was the perfect choice for me when it was all said and done. Dayton had the close-knit home feeling, yet also embraced student autonomy and celebrations when desired. I highly recommend this school for a superb education yet thrilling and satisfying college experience.
The University of Dayton is a great school! Everyone is so friendly to one another. There are tons of campus activities going on each week and there are many clubs/organizations. The classes can be rigorous but the teachers have open office hours where you can receive guidance and tutoring directly from them. There are also many tutoring sessions and study halls available. The library is also a great place to study, work, and be in silence.
University of Dayton is my new home. I have never been happier with my friends, studies, and the community. The studies come easy when I am learning things for my future. It is amazing the help I get from everyone to succeed. I cannot wait for the next four years of growth.
I love the campus and classes here at UD! But there is hardly any diversity, mostly just rich white kids that support Trump.
I'm only a freshman but so far I've really enjoyed the UD experience. You'll never go without hearing the word "community" in a day. We take that really seriously here. Most of the professors I've had so far are very friendly and do care about my success. They are accessible and easy to reach via email. The social scene is really open and you're free to do whatever you want, whether that's go out or stay in. Everyone is super friendly here and always willing to give someone a hand.
I love UD!!! It is such a great community. Not too small, not too big. Not a far walk to classes. You can either focus on studies or be a part of the party crowd, there's no pressure to party if you don't want to. There's a place for everyone here.
I have not gotten the chance to go to The University of Dayton yet. I am currently a senior in high school, but I really look forward to attending this prestigious university next year. I've been to multiple meetings with their Ambassadors and Professors and I can honestly say I can not find anything wrong with this school. They are wonderful when it comes to academics, sports, service, and community. I can not wait to attend The University of Dayton. If only I could fast forward time to my freshman year at UD. I know it will not be easy to get great grades or meet people, but I really feel that UD truly makes the student body feel at home.
I enjoyed UD a lot. The community aspect made me feel like I was at home. Everything felt right when I was there. The people were so kind and always held the door open for you. Everyone always u=invited people they did not know in to socialize. That is just how everyone at UD is, very kind and friendly.
The international student office is super helpful and it is easy to contact administrators and officials should you encounter any problems. The food in the dining halls isn't super varied but you can eat healthy if you try, and it still tastes good. Very cozy and friendly campus.
The University of Dayton campus is beautiful and welcoming. Community is really important here at UD and is valued by all. Professors want their students to succeed and are willing to meet with students. Campus is not very large, so it is easy to walk to class. Everyone is friendly and willing to help others. There is never a dull moment here at UD, there is always something to do on campus. Sporting events are fun to attend on the weekend or when a study break is needed during the week.
The Rec Plex is great for working out and the arena is beautiful
I love UD and everything it has to offer!
They offer a wide variety of ways to get in touch with alumni that help guide students in the path they want to go, although the amount of programs available are limited.
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  • 6 months ago
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I think the academics and the student life it great. I do think the price is a lot and it is very hard to work with sometimes. The path point system is a fantastic idea but there should be more ways to get path points. Some of the housing facilities are old, gross, and need renovated.
The campus is pretty small and there is the student escort service which is very helpful and appreciated.
The different dorms differ a lot. The path point system is terrible. Students who study abroad during a semester are offered about 5-8 path points for the semester that they're gone, when it takes about 25-40 path points to actually get your first choice in housing. A lot of the events to get path points are at night when SI sessions are and the events usually last 1-3 hours. My current apartment on campus has a lot of problems and the university doesn't do a lot to make it better.
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  • 6 months ago
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