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My experience at the University of Dayton has not been very good. The school is small and cliquey so I feel like I'm in high school again. The campus is surrounded by a city that does not have much to do and is not very safe so you have to stay on campus and I feel like I'm trapped. The party scene is not very fun and is very hit or miss, and sports are not a very big deal. The school is extremely expensive and honestly not worth what it is.
Attending the University of Dayton was an excellent decision in my opinion. The environment is set up perfectly for a well rounded education, from invested and helpful professors to classmates willing and interested in collaborative learning.
The University of Dayton is a very small, yet expensive school. Job placement & accessibility to recruiters is fantastic, but you sometimes wonder whether or not you're getting your money's worth.
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The best part of UD is that fact that if you do great work, you will get rewarded. There doesn't seem to be a "crabs-in-a-bucket" mentality here. Everyone is nice, and their deep concern with your success makes one feel as if their future is bright.

The thing that I would like the University to improve on would be the factor of Diversity. Not only in student population but within student integration, thus bettering the entire culture of the campus.
The reason I chose UD was because of how welcoming the student body was on campus during my college visit. To this day, I am overwhelmed by the amount of caring individuals on UD's campus who are now my friends and neighbors.
The staff works very hard to make sure your expectations are met to the highest demand. Not only is it a loving school but it is an accepting community. I am looking forward to finishing my undergrad years t this institution. They give incredible merit and aid. The tour was phenomenal, campus is beautiful. All classes are within a walking distance from your residence hall which is beyond convenient. During finals the library is open 24 hours a day which meets a students busy work schedule.
The University of Dayton is extremely inclusive, and that it why all students call the campus their home away from home. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the students and staff are all extremely friendly, outgoing, hardworking, safe, and a positive influence. A UD student can never be board, for there is so much to do on/off campus. The University of Dayton wants all of the students to achieve success, and they do a great job reaching that goal.
I received a fantastic education at the University of Dayton that prepared me for my field. Since graduating in 2012, I've never had difficulty finding a job, and I've felt competent and adequately prepared to do good work in my specified area. I would love to see the cost of attendance decrease to make it a more affordable option.
I do not attend here but I hope to! I have visited twice and had great experiences both times. The students were so friendly and the tour guides could not have been more professional! It made it hard to leave such a great place! However, the tuition is very high and not easy to afford.
The University of Dayton is a great school! I had a wonderful first year with mostly good teachers and a fair work load. The campus is beautiful and the students are very nice. It is a great atmosphere and makes college an amazing experience.
The University of Dayton is an excellent institution committed to meeting the needs of its students.
The University of Dayton was always my first choice. The day I arrived here to visit it I knew this was the place I wanted to spend the next four years. It has the perfect size. It is considered a small school, but it doesn't feel like it. This gives us the students the opportunity to know each other better in comparison to big schools. Everyone has always been exremely nice and helpful, especially the workers. I have had no problem with anything. There is always something to do on campus. This is why people never really leave campus. There are intramurals, clubs, soriorities, and many other acitivities that you can get involved in. I definetely recommend the University of Dayton to anyone.
Huge party scene, campus food gets old after awhile, great basketball team, there really isn't a Walgreens or cvs close to campus so a car is a necessity
I love the atmosphere up here in Dayton, Ohio. It is all about community and helping others which is something you see regularly on campus.
This past semester has been an amazing opportunity at the University. I have quickly made friends and found my place among the students. I have joined a few clubs and been involved with volunteering. I would just add a little more to helping first years find their place and less at the NSO.
Dayton is such a great place to go to school. Everyone there is extremely friendly. There is none of that "who do you know here" stuff at parties. The food is pretty good. The only problem is really the weather, but it is worth it to go to such a good school
Overall it's a great campus, with a really good vibe. Lots of events that take place and allow you to get involved on campus. Very supportive of every sports team! Multiple places on campus to get great food, along with Brown Street that has just about every variety of food you can think of. Professors are very friendly and helpful. Class sizes are fairly small compared to other schools. The campus all over from landscaping to dorms is amazing! One thing I wish for is a little more diversity considering myself a minority. Dayton is a great place to be with many opportunities and memories to look forward to!
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I love the community aspect of Dayton. I got to know the people on my floor and it's like we are one big family. The thing I would change about Dayton is its chemistry department.
I love everything about Dayton, the campus is beautiful, the food is good, everyone I've met is welcoming and kind. There is a place for everyone
Dayton was the perfect choice for me when it was all said and done. Dayton had the close-knit home feeling, yet also embraced student autonomy and celebrations when desired. I highly recommend this school for a superb education yet thrilling and satisfying college experience.
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