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The professors are extremely knowledgable and caring. Financial aid is very helpful and works hard to make sure that you can afford to attend college. I feel like an individual here. Not only do my professors know me by name and care for me, but so do many of the administration workers.
It's like kinda pretty good if you like, you know, going to college and that sorta stuff. The weather's nice, but hot and it rains sometimes.
A fantastic Catholic University with a vibrant campus culture that is oriented towards strang academics and genuine faith. The buildings are all ugly (especially the monstrosity of a structure Cardinal Farrell Hall) but it is what they contain that is so vital to this university.
A highly dedicated staff with a long line of superstar professors sets up an environment among the teachers which encourages them to excel. This, in turn, benefits the students who continue to receive an education that has been recognized as one of the best offered by any Catholic University.
The university also has a great overseas program where sophomores go to Rome to study the classics (part of the core curriculum).
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it was a very safe university that made me feel welcome and accepted no matter where i went on campus, but i would like to see majors that reflect new trends developing in society
Very conservative and some will be forward and disagree if you even have the slightest difference in any view. Sports are ok and the size of the school makes it convenient to know where everything is exactly.
I love the atmosphere at UD. It's exciting, it's eager, it's fulfilling. Students are motivated to do well and better themselves as they move toward entering the work force, where they'll make a real impact through the Core classes and exceptional staff offered by the University of Dallas. I look forward to joining the ranks of the alumni.
The University of Dallas is a 4-year Catholic liberal arts school. The university has an awesome core curriculum that every student takes for a total of 60-70 credits. I find this very useful as students are able to gain both a wide array of knowledge useful in other classes, as well as direct you towards a field of study that interests you. UD has an amazing study abroad program for a semester in Rome, which is really a capstone to the end of the core studies that allows for an overall grasp of what you have studied the past few years. The teachers are brilliant and are always willing to help you learn, as well as classes are small which allows for meaningful class discussions a lot of times. The students are all so kind and helpful, as the campus is arguably one of the safest in the country with little to no crime. The only thing I would change about my school would just be renovating the campus to a more modern era style. Overall, this school gets a 5/5 stars!
Equipped with a rigorous core curriculum and a close-knit community, UD is a nourishing campus. Some crusaders may complain about the reading done at UD, but UD teaches its students the truth about living. We’ve all read Homer, Milton and Dante by the end of our first year in addition to Aristotle, Plato and Aquinas! It’s not just an education based on the sciences but a well-rounded one. The campus is built with boring architecture but within those walls are a family of students and staff who hold on to unique traditions. Groundhog week is only a sneak peek into the energetic and creative life of a crusader. I love UD if there was anything I could improve at UD that would be the Asian Food section in the cafeteria!
It's quite the place. You either love the Core or hate it, and if you hate it, you probably leave. It fosters a unique student that really learns to be an "independent thinker".
UD is a fantastic school to study the liberal arts. If you want to perfect your writing skills this is the perfect place to be.
The academics are good, but attendance is REQUIRED by almost all professors-most of my professors are willing to drop someone from the course if they have missed more than four classes.There is a two year program of required core courses covering all subjects required to graduate. This is well rounded, but the courses are often difficult for required courses and I know students who have lost their scholarships for courses they failed in (that had nothing to do with their major)
The administration is messy--many I know have been overcharged, undercharged, or otherwise shortchanged by the business office, which struggles to get things done or communicate with itself. The food is poor. The internet is also bad quality. Mainly due to the horrendous trouble the business office has put myself and everyone else I know through, when my brother started searching for colleges I advised him to search somewhere else.
When I approached on campus for the first time , it surprised me to find that all the students were welcoming. The feeling you get when on campus is the definition of southern hospitality . I recommend more people to attend this school and receiving all the benefits this school has to offer.
All the staff at the University of Dallas were really welcoming. I would not mind going to the college to attend school because of how strong the Liberal Arts and Business programs are there. Plus, they have a Rome program to travel to a different country is exhilerating. Although it is expensive they do give you a financial aid package that covers most of your costs to attend the University of Dallas. The staff do really care about you and your existence is definitely fulfilling its needs as a valued college school.
The University of Dallas really is a “Catholic University for independent thinkers.” It’s small campus makes for an intimate, supportive community.
Great academics, the athletic program is small but full of great people. The professors are wonderful and the classes have about 20 students.
It's a very nice college, with a root in classical education. There's a large workload, though, so if you aren't prepared for that, it may not be best for you.
UD is a place where you can decide who you want to be. I like how students have to take the same core classes, but you get to choose a major, unlike other similar liberal arts colleges . I love the weird traditions (a lot of them organized by students), the way we read actual texts instead of just textbooks, the way you can get to know people due to the smaller class sizes, and meet inspiring people.

On the other hand, the cafeteria food isn't amazing and the meal plan is mandatory while you live on campus. It's hard for commuter students to get involved with events on campus since so many fun events happen at night. The Cold War style architecture isn't exactly gorgeous (though it's grown on me due to familiarity).
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University of Dallas is such an amazing school! If you want to make incredible friends and have a great, faith filled education this is the perfect school and is the best decision I ever made!
The University of Dallas is a very small campus but has a huge strong community. Sports are limited but being right by Dallas, you can do anything.
I absolutely adore the small campus. I come from a fairly large high school so the quaint size of this college is a nice change. All the teachers and staff were very nice and helpful while the students were close knit. It is a fantastic campus.
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