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I completed my first year at UConn and loved it! The campus is gorgeous and there was a wide variety of classes and majors to choose from (even Puppetry). Athletics is really big on campus (esp. basketball) and there is definitely a LOT of school spirit. Also SO MANY FREE SHIRTS.
Incredible school. Beautiful, well-maintained campus. Most professors genuinely care about their students and keeping their engagement in class. Amazing resources on-campus for any student need. Large campus, but very easy to get around!
I love how easy the process is to apply. I didn't feel frustrated with the process because it is self explanatory and they are very helpful when you call
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The campus is nice, the facilities are up to par. The faculty is kind to its students and visitors. My only complaint is that there's a lot of walking
I loved UCONN from the moment I stepped on campus. Everyone there was extremely welcoming and you could tell that all the students love it there. The campus is well kept and clean which was an important component for me.
College can be intimidating at first so its good that you have mentors and a supports system all throughout your four years because its beneficial for you as well as for your experience in the university.
UConn is a great university. As a transfer student, I can sincerely say that UConn is the best fit for me and many others. It is a big school, very diverse with many opportunities. There are many amazing programs and schools, such as those for Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. There are a number of clubs in which students can become very active in learning about either their profession, or simply anything that interests them. There are a number of cultural events and shows, comedic events, and other events of all sorts. UConn provides a setting for students in which they feel as though they are at home and comfortable, as well as providing many useful resources as well as exciting events.
I enjoyed attending uconn, it a great experience to lean responsibility by living on your own while balancing studies and a social life.
I had an awesome experience at Uconn! It is a big college and Uconn students come from all over the world, wether it be Connecticut, surrounding states like New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, etc. Also there are students from China, Asia, Australia, etc. Uconn is a big beautiful campus offering many academic programs, sports teams, school clubs/activities, as well as jobs for the students.
I am an incoming freshman, and this school has such a nice animal science program with so many opportunities. Plus all the students clearly love their school and have so much school spirit.
UConn offers many extracurricular activities. If it's not on the list, you're welcome to make your own club! There are many opportunities and resources UConn offer their students, including a resume critique at the career center! I've always though that was helpful.
not very diverse, cost of attendance is high, but i love the experience of being here. one of my top choice schools.
here at uconn, they make everyone feel very included and provided for. the ample amount of clubs and activities make you have a niche where you fit right in! the difference between high school and college here at the university of connecticut makes you forget the past and start over with new lifelong friends. the classes are a lot of work but provide you with information you will always use in your life, and make you a well-rounded person overall. It is not an easy school, but the challenge is what makes this process so rewarding!
Great school, good resources for students, professors were accessible and friendly. The dorms are a bit run down and living on the hilltop was very hot during the summer time months.
I will be an incoming freshman at the University of Connecticut. During my visit to the university's campus, I greatly enjoyed learning about what the college has to offer. The campus is huge yet comfortable. The student body is very diverse and are filled with talented students. The dorms are reasonable, not too big or too small. The academics are very good with many majors to choose from. This college has so many clubs and organizations, everybody will fit in somewhere. The one down side to this college is it is very rural, which means you have to drive for a while to get to the nearest city.
Everything is being upgraded on the campus and expanded and new equipment is being installed. Every time I am on the campus people seem happy and excited to be there. It also has great food so thats a perk as well.
I like the campus and the community around it. I also enjoy that the major of my chose is in this university.
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I like the talk about there is alot of resources on campus but I would like to see these resources being promoted more especially academic resources.
UConn has so many amazing opportunities for every major. It is one of the top public universities in the country, and its academics reflect that. The science classes are rigorous, but prepare you for graduate school. Not only do the professors induce problem solving skills, but they force you to really understand what you are studying instead of simply memorizing information and forgetting it after the exam. The professors are readily available, especially in my college, the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources. In my college, every faculty member is there to help you. As a freshmen, being in a class of 250+ people can be very intimidating, but it allows you to adjust to the college setting. Although UConn is a huge campus, once you get used to everything and have your many friends, it's not so big after all and everyone is there to help you.
I am an engineering student, and find the academics very frustrating not for the content but for the teaching.
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