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The University of Connecticut has so many things for students to do that you never have to leave campus. The ice cream is amazing and there are great food choices.
It’s a pretty great school, known for its competitive athletes and scholars. However, it’s pretty rundown and it seems like no one wants to admit it. The parking situation for juniors and seniors is TERRIBLE. I would love to see that fixed but UConn is all about money and that’s it.
This college is perfect, it is the perfect blend between large and medium, the perfect distance to the coast and the perfect hotspot for New England culture.
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I have toured Uconn 3 times and every time I have visited, I enjoyed the campus. I really want to major in nursing and when I was informed by the tour guide about nursing houses on campus, I was so excited and eager to apply. The scholars on campus were so friendly and during lunch I went to have a conversation with a couple of them and they told me about their college life.
As a first year student here, I have had an amazing time. My professors are awesome and seem to be very invested in making sure we all succeed, which is evident in professors knowing names of students in 150+ people lectures. The food is good and the people here are even better.
Movement around the school campus has been made so easy with the transportation system on campus. What I would like to change about the school is increasing student participation in certain organization.
I love that the University of Connecticut has an all-encompassing campus feel in which the student truly feel like they are part of the UCONN community. The enthusiasm for sports make it so that every weekend can be a weekend to destress and enjoy, or if you want to study at the libraries that stay open half way through the night. The university is very clearly involved in helping students be the best they can be by providing them with all the resources for success.
I will always be grateful to The University of Connecticut for of the best years of my life. The professors are excellent, the students are friendly.
I like the University of Connecticut because they have the major I want to do once I get into college.
I wish there were more parking options for both commuting students and on-campus students around the university. I also wish there were more local things to do off campus. It is an agricultural town, so restaurants, movie theaters, and other activities are not exactly next door. UConn, however, does have many on campus activities and events to compensate for this.
I like that UConn is such a large school, it makes every day a little different and provides a lot of opportunity for every student.
Everything and classes also sports then students clubs and Greek life bookstore meals. Bus pass. Excellent
Strong academics and great professors. Husky Pride is very strong here and is a big component of the student life here on campus.
As with any large school, the responsibility to look after yourself, your academics, find resources, and access help is completely on you! Be assertive and aggressive when it comes to advocating for yourself and you'll do wonderfully!
What I like about the University of Connecticut is its diverse population and emphasis on the STEM field. My dislikes about the university involve it being in the middle of absolute nowhere.
Love! Love! Love! I have never been more sure of making the right choice as to what college I chose to attend. It is my home from home.
Becoming a student at the University of Connecticut was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I arrived on campus around early August of 2016 for football preseason camp and I have not looked back since. As I am no longer playing football at the University it has opened up my horizon by helping me engage in new experiences and develop friendships that I will cherish forever. I enjoy how the majority of the student body at UCONN is friendly and carry themselves with positive mannerisms. UCONN is a large university and many people are afraid of getting "lost", but the University of Connecticut is as big as you make it, as UCONN offers many different extra circular groups that can help make with this. The only thing I would like to see changed at UCONN is already getting remodeled (REC Center) so I truly do not have any compliments about this prestigious University.
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The food is great- especially the ice cream that they make at their own farm! The students are always studying hard, enthusiastic and super friendly!
Having a blast at UConn. Overall great facilities, ambiance is great because the school is so big, there is always something to do.
UCONN is amazing. Peers and Professors are great and super friendly. The campus is nice and the atmosphere is not overwhelming.
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