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The university is way too big for me, would take into consideration more if I had to do it again. Greek life is large part of student life. Parties hard to find.
I like UConn because it really gives ample opportunities for anyone to pursue their interests and diverge further in that field. It is very diverse with people from all around the world. The professors are very helpful and there is a common theme of "the mission to education" where every person is working with another to improve the educational experience for everyone.
Although having large classes might be an advantage for some people, it minimizes the interaction between the students, which could be improved. Students don't interact very well in classes and rely on extracurricular activities or living on campus to get to know more people. Additionally, another area where the university can improve is the campus food! The dining halls don't present a variety of options, which makes it hard for some people to find what is right for them.
Awesome school!! Lots to do on campus, if you're doing nothing you're doing it wrong. Very pricey for out of state students, but otherwise amazing school.
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UConn is a great school overall with really nice people. My start at UConn was harder than it needed to be though. The ACES program is designed to explore options for your major but the advisors within the program weren’t very helpful. I had to navigate to find my way through. However once I found my major the advisors within it are very helpful.
My experience at UCONN so far has been really good. They give fun opportunities like the one ton sundae and the late night events. The food is really good and the professors are kind.
I've had an incredible experience at UConn. The school spirit and passionate student body has motivated me to become a better version of myself. As a large University, students must find ways to stand out and make lasting connections in order to get the most out of their experience.
There are a lot of opportunities to be had for those that take the time to find them not they are that hidden. People always say get involved and that was something I always took for granted. But once I finally started going out and meeting people and getting involved with different organizations I started meeting a lot of people and it opened so many doors. I'm not big on parties because I prefer to either gather with friends but the parties I go to are all hosted by the afro population of campus at clubs. I go to these ones because it has a good mix of caribbean music which is what I listen to primarily.
UConn is an amazing university, the campus is great and the students really show a lot of school spirit. Courses are challenging but rewarding and most professors work hard to ensure students understand the material.
The University of Connecticut prepared me for a successful career. The Professors care about the students and want to see you succeed as long as you are willing to put in the work. Outside of academics, there are plenty of clubs and organizations that you can get involved with. Personally, I was a member of the UConn Woodsmen team, which a competitive collegiate lumberjack team. My experiences both in and out of the classroom provided me with the necessary skills needed to succeed in my career.
The University of Connecticut is a large school that provides opportunities for students to feel the intimacy and foster relationships with professionals that are usually more common in smaller settings. I have been able to become very well acquainted with numerous professors during my three semesters here and I am very grateful for this. I love the diversity that UConn represents, as I am from a minority group and love to witness and experience the different mindsets and perspectives of the various backgrounds. I am very involved on campus and accredit my involvement to the opportunities UConn provides for intramural sports, volunteer opportunities, and research opportunities. I have been able to experience the wonderful nursing program and am preparing for clinical rotations next semester to which I feel very prepared for after my didactic courses. Overall, I am so lucky to be attending the University of Connecticut.
if you want a big school, with a diverse population and MANY different organizations- uconns the place for you. i wouldn't recommend coming here if you want a small class size though
Everything about UConn is amazing. The students, professors, food it is just great all around. The only bad thing is the location. The bad weather is unfavorable and because we are in the middle of basically no where it is not that great either. Also the layout of the school is not that great. It was supposedly built by someone who builds schools in Arizona making them a wind tunnel. This is not what is wanted or needed when the weather is 0 degrees or lower and it is snowing.
UConn is a school full of opportunity and fun. Education is highly important to the students here, which is seen by the amount of people studying in the library all the time. But besides education, UConn has over 600 clubs and activities to join and helps everyone feel included. The campus is its own community, even having its own zip code. Whenever I'm asked what college I go to, I proudly tell them I go to UConn and do not regret my decision of coming here. I am a proud Husky and can not wait to see what the next 3.5 years bring me and who I'll meet and what I'll be able to experience with them.
I love how big the campus is, there's something there for everyone. What I would like to see change is the way activism is handled on the campus and our ability to exercise free speech
I enjoy the diversity in people. I've made friends who come from a wide variety of cultures. The community is wonderful at UCONN, and I always have a friend to go to when needed. At UCONN, there is so much life! So much to get involved in. The courses I take are interesting and inspire me to learn more.
Overall a pleasant experience. Challenging academics as expected, but rewarding and enlightening. The Hartford campus is enjoyable and a quality smaller-scale option if smaller classes are desirable, which in my case they are.
The academics are really good and there is a great deal of acceptance and diversity throughout the entire school. Most professors actually teach and are willing to go beyond just lecturing. Put yourself out there and you won't be bored just balance between academics and fun.
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UConn has very little consideration for their commuting students. I once had to drive to school in a blizzard to take a test which couldn't be made up if I didn't show. But when I got there, the professor hadn't even shown up because of the snow! Yet i still had to drive all the way there in less than perfect conditions. Speaking of, the professors are horrible. They hire teachers who either have no idea what they're doing or teachers that have such thick accents that you can't understand them. Academic success isn't just in the hands of the student. It's also in the hands of the professor teaching the class. If the professor can't communicate clearly with the students, or they have unreasonable standards, etc, then their students will fail, and they will fail as a professor. I would like to see UConn administration take more interest in accomodating commuters and hire professors who can actually be understood.
I went there for my Masters in Social work and I appreciated the experience. Professors are knowledgeable and kind.
The University of Connecticut is an amazing school. The people are great and once you are used to the campus, life is really great. The professors care about your grades, and theres always additional resources around campus if you need help.
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