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Strong academics and great professors. Husky Pride is very strong here and is a big component of the student life here on campus.
As with any large school, the responsibility to look after yourself, your academics, find resources, and access help is completely on you! Be assertive and aggressive when it comes to advocating for yourself and you'll do wonderfully!
What I like about the University of Connecticut is its diverse population and emphasis on the STEM field. My dislikes about the university involve it being in the middle of absolute nowhere.
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Love! Love! Love! I have never been more sure of making the right choice as to what college I chose to attend. It is my home from home.
Becoming a student at the University of Connecticut was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I arrived on campus around early August of 2016 for football preseason camp and I have not looked back since. As I am no longer playing football at the University it has opened up my horizon by helping me engage in new experiences and develop friendships that I will cherish forever. I enjoy how the majority of the student body at UCONN is friendly and carry themselves with positive mannerisms. UCONN is a large university and many people are afraid of getting "lost", but the University of Connecticut is as big as you make it, as UCONN offers many different extra circular groups that can help make with this. The only thing I would like to see changed at UCONN is already getting remodeled (REC Center) so I truly do not have any compliments about this prestigious University.
The food is great- especially the ice cream that they make at their own farm! The students are always studying hard, enthusiastic and super friendly!
Having a blast at UConn. Overall great facilities, ambiance is great because the school is so big, there is always something to do.
UCONN is amazing. Peers and Professors are great and super friendly. The campus is nice and the atmosphere is not overwhelming.
Such an amazing school with so many different recourse and are dedicated on seeing their students succeed.
When I first attended the university, I felt overwhelmed because the campus is like a city. Now that I am entering my senior year, it is easier to find my way to classes and dining halls. What I like about the university is the farm because it assists with my major, animal science. On the other hand, what can change about the university is diversity, and the food being served at the dining halls.
The campus is huge and has some nice scenery. I received a decent education from here. The school cares more about sports and money. Too liberal.
In my personal opinion, I would say that the University Of Connecticut is a good school to attend academically. Although, financially it may be difficult for a lot of people without proper help. I see very great potiental in gaining a career in your desired field. The university has many resources and so many possibilities to utilize. They want you succeed and has almost everything to help you do just that.
I had an amazing tour! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The facilities are state of the art too. There is always something to do on campus which I like a lot.
Over the past few years, UCONN has become harder to get into. Although, there are very great programs and they have a lot to offer. The social aspect is by far the best part about UCONN because there are people to talk to and things to do. However, there are some programs, such as the Chemistry Department, just to name a few, that lack in instruction. They have been on probation since I arrived at UCONN and me, being a pre-med student and having to take those classes, make it difficult to keep a good GPA. The business school is probably the best program that UCONN has to offer.
Storrs, CT is not an exciting place, but UConn is a small city itself with lots of fun people and events. I've never had a professor who did not care about students learning and succeeding.
UConn is a phenomenal public research institution. I feel like the faculty really cares about my success as a student. There are many resources and extracurricular activities to take advantage of! I'd love to see more diversity at the school as far as race and gender identity.
I come from a poor family after making the dean's list and receiving straight A's, I expressed my financial situation to the school and was recommended to cancel my housing so that I could afford the next semester instead of being offered any aid or a scholarship. Uconn also practically robbed me of $6000 because not a single person told me that I could get my $3000 health insurance fee waived which I paid for for TWO semesters costing me $6000 AND my housing. DO NOT attend this school if you're in a difficult financial situation like me. They will not aid their STRAIGHT A DEAN LIST students, they will not even tell their students about the waivers they can fill out to save tons of money, and they will ignore ANY APPEALS you make toward cancellation fees. But something they WILL DO is build a new recreation center that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when we already had one.
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I’ve wanted to go to UConn since I was very young, so being given the opportunity to attend was a dream come true. UConn is amazing and there’s so much to do and so much help is provided in terms of academics if you seek it.
University of Connecticut is a great campus. The environment is very welcoming. It's very diverse. The teachers are always willing to stay after to help out.
Around this time last year I was extremely nervous to be embarking on a new journey called college. At such a large campus, I had no idea what to expect. Would I get lost going to class? Would I make friends? Would my roommate be a total freak? As an incoming freshman, we have all feared the terrifying scenerios but I am stoked to say that my experience was unimaginable. With the help of my hands on advisor, I took amazing classes with state of the art professors who helped mold me into a better student today. I really got to explore my options at Uconn and I even changed my major! Never be afraid to try something new! There are such great resources at Uconn to help you fulfill your needs. By the end of the year I made long-lasting friendships, got super involved in amazing clubs and work opportunities. Choosing Uconn was one of the best decisions I have ever made!
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