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University of Connecticut - Tri-Campus Reviews

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Overall, UCONN is an amazing university. If help is needed, it will always be right around the corner. Professors will always be there when needed. However, I would love to see more diversity within the campus itself.
More funding going towards student activities, food resources on campus (NOT a starbucks) and later hours for the library-- some students can only do work there, not at home and have night classes.
This campus is an affordable campus that is very easy to commute to. The environment is very diverse and the academics are as goo as any other professor would be at a main campus. there isn't much student life since it is a commute school, but there are student activities from time to time that are enjoyable and keep the students together and interacted.
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I like that I can commute to Campus, its has everything we need a state of the art library court yard for studying and lunches.
My experience at this campus has been nothing but a great experience. Between the small class sizes and friendly professors, I would recommend this campus to anyone. Also, this is a great way to save money instead of attending the main campus as a first choice.
Great way to start college. Excellent for fulfilling pre-requisites and introductory into all majors. Very comfortable; good people and small stature gives a sort of laid back high school vibe. Wonderful teachers who care about your education and success (so long as you're willing to do your best, they'll give their best for you too). Great library; decent selection of books with lots of peace and quiet, and study rooms for collaborating on projects with other students. There's also a writing center, which is really helpful when you're struggling on an essay. In terms of services the school provides: student help center where you can speak with an school adviser, career counselor, and even a financial adviser. Not too many clubs to join, but lots of little activities (cute things like making persona cards, psychic readings, popcorn booth, bored game night, etc.). UCONN Waterbury may not be the biggest or fanciest campus out there, but its definitely one worth checking out.
I am currently enrolled in Uconn Waterbury campus. Considering it is the heart of downtown Waterbury the campus itself is beautiful and across the street from the campus we have more classrooms in a historic building which is beautiful. I am only a freshman in my second semester but my experience so far at Uconn is amazing, the professors are great and they really care if you show that you put the effort and time in. Also, all the time at the campus are events always going on, some days they have Moes, Panera, and for Chinese New Years they handed out egg roles, and lucky bamboo. The Uconn Waterbury has so far been a great experience and I cannot wait to continue the next 4-6 years of my college career there.
I really like uconn and the resources it has available for its students, but I think it should lower some of its fees like parking and printing.
It was really hard for me to pick Uconn- Waterbury. My Parents made me stay here for a few years, but despite that I don't regret it. All the classes are small, personnel sizes, so professors really get that one on one with the students. They try really hard to get the students involved, and organize so many events. Its a very comfortable place and I have got say, defiantly have gotten use to it, I don't regret staying here.
It was a place where all the buildings are close to each other, for when you need go to your class, you did not have to go far. The people is friendly with applicants and on tour are fun.
It is a small campus so safety is not really a problem as you can see from one side of the campus to the other.
There are no internship possibilities no one talks about them or brings them up its all up to the student no one to ask for help.
I would not recommend Uconn Tri-Campus
We don't have athletics in reality.
Uconn Tri-Campus although good is rigorous. It is difficult to get As unless you understand fully the material that is being presented to you and you grasp it instantly. There are very little opportunities on campus outside of class though.
Waterbury isn't the safest place but the police on campus are very friendly and always around if you want someone to walk you to your car at night.
Waterbury definitely does a good job of reaching out to students about job and internship opportunities in the community.
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It was an okay place to start but I would much rather be at Storrs.
There is no Greek Life at Uconn Waterbury
The Waterbury branch does not have any athletics however we do have a basketball hoop and a volleyball net which is nice for long breaks between classes.
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