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University of Connecticut - Stamford Reviews

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For someone who really wants to go to Storrs, it's not a bad taste for a college. There are no athletics teams besides the Sports Club and E-Sports team. The
comfortable, modern dorms are cheaply built and have somewhat thin walls. Parties are usually small, quiet, or not tolerated. Downtown Stamford has many things to do, with some giving student discounts. Campus police is headquartered in the very modern building. There's no meal plan but there is a Target and other dollar stores to get food from. Professors are hit or miss, but generally all want to help. Academics are alright if you just work on it. We even get our own pass to use just about any bus or train in the state.

The school feels like a commuter school with many diverse people still living from home, but there is a lot of return on investment in terms of resources for studying. Great school for those who want a small college, but you may change campuses after 2 years for the larger Storrs campus.
i like the dorms. they are apartments that are newly build and look really nice from the inside. overall great dorm life at stamford. Although, there are no sports at stamford, they YMCA has the basketball court which many students go and play. Also the YMCA uses the court to host many other things like dodgeball, badminton and host of other things. The campus has a lot of fun things going on daily from various clubs and the university also sometimes host things for student to do. Even though some people might say that the downtown area is boring because there is nothing to do, i actually think the opposite, with some good friends you can find some good things to do. A lot of places to get and good scenery to walk around.
UConn is a great college to attend. It is a diverse school with people from all over the world. The environment makes me feel safe as there are UConn Police always there. I love learning and UConn makes it a good place to do so. The professors make lectures interesting as they find new ways to teach. It is in the middle of downtown which makes it a big attraction.
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I transferred to the school on the year they were offering on-campus housing for the first time. After a few snafus, the lifestyle was great. Apartment style means that we make our own foods and the grocery shopping is popularly done at the Target down the road. I loved the atmosphere of the school and the dorms and will miss it when I graduate later down the road!
My overall experience with the University of Connecticut in Stamford was great. They have a good amount of majors and minors to offer. Additionally, lots of school events take place that bring many of the students closer. The only reason i rate this school a 4 because occasionally they only offer some classes once per year.
I love how the school feels like a home. Everyone knows each other and meeting with teachers is easy.
I am an incoming freshman. UCONN has impressed me so far by their student involvement, facility and academics. They have given me a warm welcome and they are helping me transition from a high school to a university
The University of Connecticut Stamford campus is a wonderful place to go to school! I love the people and the city area with an open campus is the perfect fit for me! Plus we have the brand new Residential Hall which is set up as a full apartment style. So far my transition from high school into college was super easy since is it is a small campus and there are a ton of resources for the students!
It's a diverse university with good people. Its small size makes moving around convenient and its staff is kind to its students
I love the diversity that UCONN has. It really does have a great education system. The environment is nice, the campus is great, and the people are very friendly. Never underestimate UCONN. I thought I wouldn't get in, but I know they believe in me. Once a husky, always a husky!
With their new apartments that had just been built students now have the option to either commute or rent. I am a commuter student which is great because the university has partnered with Metro-North and provide students free train rides throughout CT using a "UPASS"! Stamford is a mini NYC and there's always something to do. The campus is located in the center of nightlife, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. By going to this college you would be getting a great education while also saving a lot of money!
My experience at UCONN Stamford so far has been great. My time at UCONN has allowed me to make new friends and further my studies. Some things that I would want to change is that there should be more intermural sports to play. Another thing that I would change is some of the professors but wouldn't everyone. Sometimes it feels like the professors are trying to confuse you instead of teaching you. But otherwise, it is a great school.
UConn-Stamford was a default for me but I have enjoyed my classes, had good professors, & made great friends.
This is an amazing school, I actually take the train here because it's a commute college. It's definitely worth it though, the academics are very challenging, I'm learning so much, of course that's expected of college. The diversity is amazing as well, normally schools are dominated by one ethnicity but here you see so many different ethnicities. It's a real eye opener to see so many different kinds of people, each with their own background. Everyone I meet is so friendly and helpful. Sadly there is no cafeteria but sometimes. they give free food, whether its parties thrown for the campus or pizza in the lobby. There are many restaurants that you can go to, so many different choices. The campus is in a beautiful city and I feel completely safe while in my classroom and even walking on the sidewalk. I recommend everyone to come here, it's a beautiful campus and really friendly environment to be in!
UConn Stamford is improving a lot - but it still has a long way to go. One of my biggest recommendations is to get rid of the Starbucks and get an actual GOOD cafeteria, where students can get real nutritious meals.
The University of Connecticut Stamford gave me an opportunity to receive an education from our states renown university, but without having to relocate to rural Connecticut. It's great for business students who would like to spend their time outside the classroom in real offices with local major companies or those based in New York City.
The Campus is great, the people are very welcoming. the campus is fairly new and well kept. There are a lot of internship opportunities around which is very beneficial.
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Amazing school with amazing resources, such as career services that link students with nearby companies. 3D printing offered for digital media majors. Get student life a lot to do on and off campus.
Love how it's a small school and you know mostly everyone who walks by you. It's a small community filled with great people.
There isn't really a big greek life on campus at all.
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