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Many different degree opportunities, professors are wins and losses, some are definitely better than others, you really get what you put in.
UCCS was always one of my top schools, and now that I have spent two semesters here I couldn't imagine having spent it anywhere else. It is rather expensive, but it's so worth it. The professors are amazing as well as all the clubs and programs around to get help if you are struggling mentally, physically, or emotionally. There is so much support and i have had the best year of my life so far here and i wouldn't take that back for the world.
I love this school. The campus is very safe and the teachers in my major are very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to everyone.
Review University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Most classes are small and there is a lot of opportunity for face-to-face interaction with professors. There is a diverse range of class times to fit the schedule of busy students, and also condensed classes. Everything is updated and nicely furnished, and the recreation center is huge and has plenty of new equipment. UCCS features a beautiful campus with plenty of trees, plants, and trails. Also, there are chances to go on outdoor adventures through the SOLE program, and a lot of recycling, composting, and green opportunities as well.
great college with lots to do.helpful staff and teachers along the way.the area is beautiful and the weather is nice.
A fairly good school with many dedicated professors. The school is also surrounded by many stores and eateries and affordable apartments.
Great Campus, Helpful Excel Centers, Everyone is friendly, Great Proffesors. Always something to do when you're not studying, easy to make friends, Mountain views, hike to class, hikes around campus. Great location and just a good feel.
This school has done wonders for me. I applied here shortly after moving to Colorado Springs in my senior year of high school. It is affordable and very student focused. I couldn't be happier where I am.
University Colorado Colorado Springs is a wonderful university. It offers small classroom sizes and more one on one attention from your professors. They also have many resources such as a writing, math and science center to help you get through those difficult assignments
So far, I love UCCS! The campus is beautiful, the food is amazing, the dorms are like a hotel, and the classes are excellent. My only issue so far is the difficulty they had in handling my bill. I have what is apparently a unique situation, and they had some trouble in working with me to get my in-state classification and FAFSA.
I love the size of the classes and the professors are great! They are passionate about what they do and you can tell that they love teaching their subject. The only con I can think about at UCCS is the parking. Good commuter school, nice campus, great professors, decent on-campus housing and a beautiful/scenic and safe area.
I like how diverse it is to be able to meet different people from all over. They have great study departments specific to students needs. Seems to be crowded at times and very hard to find parking, even with a parking pass.
I am a Pre-Collegiate student at UCCS. I loved spending my time there furthering my education. The staff and professors were always nice. They were very passionate about their subject matter. It made me more involved with the subjects and rejuvenated my love for school. They challenged me. And I love challenges! Also when I needed help they always were there to assist me. Which is great. I love the college! It is so much fun and exciting and I would recommend it to anyone!
I like the campus at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). They have a good library and other sitting areas to do homework at and they have very good professors and staff at the campus. UCCS is a very fun and awesome school to go to.
What I like about it's is the atmosphere. Its literally all about academics and how you're doing to succeed. Everybody around you have the same and or similar goals to you that alone makes it easier. What the college can do better is orientation for incoming students as a freshman I didn't known what classes to take for my specified major especially the course for GPS.
It has a lot of resources on campus to get help whenever you need it. The campus is very clean and the shuttle service is great.
Such a beautiful campus, and the people are friendly! I have not had a bad experience at this University. In my three years here I have learned so much from my professors, and know that UCCS is preparing me for the real world after University!
Review University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
At UCCS you truly are appreciated. They take you for what you are and they offer you several things that everyone can be interested in. They have a large range of majors where almost anyone can find a career or at least a start to theirs. There are many clubs and organizations that anyone can find one if you go look for it. The professors and the staff here are supportive and will do what they can to help you achieve what you need to get done. The campus is located in a beautiful part of Colorado Springs and both the campus and the surrounding area show this.
My experience at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has been a very positive one. All the professors are extremely helpful and will go out of their way to make sure the students get the grades they want. The school has very good learning centers also. I have spent a lot of time in the science center and the writing center. The campus also has many great clubs. I personally really enjoy the ski and ride club and Phi Sigma Sigma. The only complaint I have about UCCS is the parking on campus. It is always very difficult to find a parking spot. Sometimes it has taken so long to park I have been late for class because it can take up to 30 minutes to find a spot.
I love this campus, it is close to town, but being up on a hill makes it feel a little more secluded, and it also has an amazing view of pikes peak. The buildings are mostly brand new, so they are all clean, and equipped with the newest technology. I wish I had another semester to go here.
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