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I personally really love the school! I feel like I am getting a top notch education. The only thing I do not like is that there are not enough extra curricular activities that are interesting to me.
UCCS is a nice college visually. Many of the professors are kind and helpful and Clyde’s has pretty good food.The parking is minimal due to the amount of students on campus
I enjoy my classes, the professors, and resources available to me. I have access to many opportunities through UCCS which I would not have elsewhere.
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What I liked about UCCS was that it had one specific building for each major, which means that the university is really dedicated in regards to the alumni´s environment. Also, an interesting fact of the college is that it has all materials and equipment necessary for practice in order to have a closer relationship with the major that is being studied.
The University of Colorado Colorado Springs provides an excellent environment to form everlasting friendships while still providing the educational backgrounds needed for any field of study.
This was a great college to attend! I am so thankful for my time as a student! As a student athlete they allowed time for the balance and it was great!
UCCS is a great school. They offer a lot of different types of degree programs. The faculty are all very friendly and want to help you grow and succeed.
I love this college. And this college allowed me to have recently come back from two semesters in Alaska because I was able to get into the NSE program. Other than that, I love the environment and the professors, especially the professors in the engineering department.
The University is Breathtaking. The professors and staff are there to help you succeed in any field that you choose. I thoroughly enjoyed my Four Years there. A lot of excellent memories!!!
One thing I like about UCCS is that its very small pretty much everyone knows everyone and also they professors care about your success. One thing I would like to see change is the diversity, its not a very diverse school so I would like to see more diversity in that school.
They are very quick to answer questions and are very helpful. I have never had a bad experience with any of their staff and they are also very understanding.
The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has a welcoming community and the professors are great because classes are not too big but the ones that are have professors that talk to the student to make sure they succeed.
I am assuming the college is good because based on their website the campus has everything I could need to make it through all 4 years of my higher education. Would give five stars, but each time I use my portal there seems to be issues. (I am an incoming freshman, so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the actual university).
The entire atmosphere here is just amazing! Everyone here is just so welcoming and accepting. The classes are small which means you can get help right away if you're having trouble!
I really have enjoyed my experiences this year at UCCS, but I would have love to be part of more opportunities and clubs. It seems like a smaller school so it was hard to meet a lot of people. The food was also starting to get boring, yet I really loved the dorms.
I've yet to attend UCCS, but it seems like a very good school based off of my experience with campus tours there and my time spent there during Orientation.
There's a large student body presence on campus that offers different activities year round. The diversity on campus is slowly getting better with more minority groups attending the school every year. overall, the school is great with many professors who are willing to help you succeed.
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Very clean school with a beautiful view of the rocky mountains in the back drop. Tuition costs are affordable in comparison to other state university's. Free parking is provided with a shuttle for ease of transportation to and from campus. This school is largely expanding with new structures going up everyday. Overall I love my school, programs are challenging and campus atmosphere is next to none.
The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, or UCCS for short is a nice campus with scenic views, the education here is excellent and I find it to be challenging. There are a great deal of resources on campus, for mental and physical health, ranging from the Rec center to the M.O.S.A.I.C office. The only thing about this campus is that it's primarily a commuter campus which leads to there often being or at least it feeling like no one is here on the weekends, as well as there not being more activities in the morning, the only thing I'd like to see change is a greater degree of activity on the weekends, such as more activities to do, or more awareness that activities are happening.
Overall, it's a great campus - small - but still a great University. The Instructors are very helpful and make class enjoyable. The community is small but very active - not a crazy party college but can still have fun. The library is great to study in and the snack courts are great when going from class to class.
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