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UCCS is quite a pleasant school located just outside of downtown Colorado Springs. Access to parking is available if one is willing to take a shuttle, or pay extra for a semester pass; but don't expect to find available parking after 10 A.M. Academics are excellent, but is to be expected with a moderate tuition cost. Free services for academics are quite good, but often result in student-to-student tutoring rather than a specialist. For those local to the state, UCCS is a solid choice for post-secondary education, but be prepared to pay more than you expect for tuition and housing.
I admire the diversity and inclusiveness of the University. The school seeks to create the best opportunities for each of its students through tutors, invested professors, and many out of school job opportunities. One of the most important things about the school is they value the path their students take after graduation or even during enrollment. They do so by providing academic advising available whenever and constant communication to students via email and other resources.
I have been a student here for a year and a half an have enjoyed my time here. We are a very unique school and offer many programs that can't be found anywhere else. For example I am a part of the BI degree program who h is the only one in the world like it. It is a inaction based degree which is a very new and exciting way to learn.
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The information sessions and orientation was very informative and helpful. Family feel. Instructors are really interested in seeing students excel.
It is a very safe school option. It is growing at a vert fast paced and you can see that on campus. It is still very much a commuter school and still lacks that "typical" college campus feel. That being said, I am a commuter and appreciate the lack of a "typical" college campus feel. The class options are growing which is much appreciated.
The campus is beautiful! During the summer, when it's warm I love to study outside sitting under a tree. The professors are so kind and understanding to everyone's personal needs. I love the students and how everyone is so welcoming and loves to socialize with new people. I have never felt lost here, there is always someone there to help and make sure you have a wonderful experience here. The trails at the back of campus are amazing to hike just to take some personal time!
I went on a campus tour and fell in love the place is very beautiful and I am very excited to start in the fall.
It is a great college. I have just been accepted into their program and I am excited to go. My rankings are based off when I last visited this past summer.
I like that the school is not too big, but still has lots of things to do. There are a wide variety of students, and I have had no problems with the people I have met.
The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is a great school to attend. It is a very green school and sustainability is very important here. The classes aren't very large so the professors will get to know you personally. The rec center is phenomenal. There are always activities going on during the week and weekends on campus. There is also a club for everyone! Because of this, everybody has a place that they can feel comfortable and fit in. The people are also amazing. You make new friends all the time and it is a safe, fun environment.
Its a very small school with small class sizes where you get the opportunity to be able to know your professor on a first hand basis, and it is easier to make friends who are in the same major as you.
I like the small class sizes and the excellent faculty. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus via clubs or activities.
I love this campus. It’s the only campus that imnot just another number, i mean something to this school.
The campus is really pretty and the Professors are really nice and usually are reasonable and very respectful. I would have upgrade the parking situation though.
Overall a beautiful campus with awesome degree programs. The specific programs such as PGA Golf Management, set you up for success with a broad and helpful network. Fantastic internship opportunities are also available. A few of the professors in the business school are known for terrible communication skills, making lectures not comprehensive and difficult to follow. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities for outside help with academics. Social atmosphere of the school is different from bigger universities. There are many commuter and non-traditional students, meaning the nightlife and campus activities have low participation.
Overall the school give you what you put into it. Staff and faculty depends heavily on what degree you want to go into. A simple breakdown from personal experience would be:
-Parking: terrible, but being worked on heavily by both the school and student groups
-On campus food
-dorm food is terrible
-out of dorm food (café 65) actually really good for decent pricing
-great faculty that connects with their students
-growing CO springs area helps with networking and possible class assignments with new businesses
-great academic advisors with a lot of information for the future
-hit or miss faculty when it comes to computer science
-great faculty for mathematics
-terrible academic advisors (depends on the degree path)
UCCS is a great way to start your college career if you are looking for a fulfilling and an affordable school. I have only attended one semester and I can't wait to go back already. You will find that the classes aren't to difficult and even if you are struggling, your teachers will work with you and give you helpful feedback. The community is filled with tons of clubs and events that you can join in on for free. The environment of the campus is very positive with it's awesome scenery along with the supportive staff. You will be able to make tons of new friends that you can share your college experience with as well. If your living on campus, you will find that your dorm is fairly accommodating and cozy. UCCS also has endless outdoor rec activities that you will be able enjoy in your downtime. Overall, UCCS is a fun and a not to expensive school that I strongly recommend to anyone looking to start their college career off on the right foot.
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I've had a wonderful experience so far at UCCS. Everyone is friendly as well as faculty and staff. Only improvement is more retail eateries on campus and a football team. That would be awesome.
I enjoy attending UCCS but they screw students and faculty over with ridiculously expensive parking passes. The staff on campus are great but accommodating student commuters isn't a top priority. As far as my professors, each have their oen style of teaching and interacting with students, which is pretty cool.
The campus is beautiful. In my graduate program my professors were very invested in their students. The process of applying for graduate assistant positions was seamless and concurrent with application to the graduate program. Faculty were very approachable and helpful in assisting student with their graduate research projects or thesis projects.
Parking on campus was an issue, as it is with most college campuses. There was some confusion with class requirements and registration. I can't speak much to the party scene or athletics as I was not an on-campus or undergraduate student at this university.
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