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UCCS is an awesome school! It has one of the best engineering programs! Something I would want to see change is the number of engineering professors. If UCCS hired more engineering professors, there would be a wider range of learning experiences.
At the lower classes, it feels very much like high school and the teachers hold the student's hands through everything. The teachers are great at explaining the material when they treat the class like adults and college students. The parking is ridiculous for the amount of money a student spends to park there.
While the small university allows for great interactions with professors who (for the most part) genuinely want you to succeed, a number of degree programs offered are limited and lacking. And the amount of help you get from the university (the centers, the advisors, etc.) varies and usually is not much. Plus, this university's online programs are lacking significantly.
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UCCS is a great community, very safe and very beautiful. It has a great location, close to all necessary amenities as well as outdoor adventure sites. The community is nice, has a very welcoming and diverse atmosphere with lots of growth in progress. There are plenty of groups and organizations to integrate yourself in, and the academics are good as well. The teachers are very available for necessary assistance. All around great place!
There is a good diversity of classes, administration is easy to work with in terms of flexibility and ease of access. Teachers are professional and are usually unbiased. Campus is diverse in terms of the students and clubs/organizations available for students.
UCCS is an exceptional school. I moved to Colorado from Washington state not knowing anyone with the realization that there was something special about this school. The professors and students are all very friendly and they all give a sense of welcoming. There is always somewhere to go to get help when needed and the library offers an amazing quite and relaxing place to study and just get away.
I have just moved on campus and I start classes next week. So far, UCCS faculty has made me feel welcomed. I love the campus, the people, and I am proud to be a mountain lion!
It has a beautiful campus. There are many resources to help you be successful and a diverse student body. This university also offers a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities to choose from. I went and took a tour as a prospective student and my tour guide was very vibrant and thorough. It helped me to finally make a decision to attend the school.
Great school! Professors are educated and reliable. The campus is beautiful and there is so much to get involved in.
I really enjoy the sense of community and the helpfulness of all my professors. I also like how much of a challenge each of my classes are because it has taught me to think outside the box and become a better student for it.
I transferred to UCCS at the beginning of the 2017 spring semester and,so far, it has been incredible! I came from an online university, and the transition was easier than I had expected. The professors actually seem to care about their students.
I liked how clean the campus looked but everything around the campus was not so pretty. the campus felt crammed in the middle of a ghost town-like city and did not feel super welcoming. if you want that then you should go there but i will not be attending
Overall the school is great with people that care about your education and the campus is growing each day with new ideas.
The university of Colorado of Colorado Springs is full of interesting people and ideas. I loved how open to share those beliefs were looked upon in a loving environment
Beautiful campus, challenging academics and lots of things to do in the area. Smaller college feel, many students are commuters
I actually never went there but I still would really enjoy to roll into that University. For one things they have such amazing views of the moutain's and the proffesors are willing to help you with the academic problems you have.
Overall, my experience at UCCS has been life changing. I learned more about myself than I could have ever.
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Many different degree opportunities, professors are wins and losses, some are definitely better than others, you really get what you put in.
UCCS was always one of my top schools, and now that I have spent two semesters here I couldn't imagine having spent it anywhere else. It is rather expensive, but it's so worth it. The professors are amazing as well as all the clubs and programs around to get help if you are struggling mentally, physically, or emotionally. There is so much support and i have had the best year of my life so far here and i wouldn't take that back for the world.
I love this school. The campus is very safe and the teachers in my major are very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to everyone.
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