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I have fallen in love with the community of UCCS. Even in such a large city such as Colorado Springs, we are known as “the community on the hill” because of how tight knit and welcoming we are. UCCS is big enough to where you’re always meeting someone new but still small enough to where you always see familiar faces anywhere and anytime you are on campus.
The campus is beautiful, and the staff are all very nice and interested in really teaching the students. Classroom sizes are a little larger than what I prefer but overall the quality of the school is amazing.
I love the wide variety of majors they have. I love how friendly and helpful the staff and students are.
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The campus is very nice, and the people are friendly. The classes are the right length and are hard so that you learn. The most frustrating part is when paperwork unexpectedly comes up or one of the departments does not talk to another meaning you have to directly go to both to find the problem.
The community of this University is friendly and supportive. It's always an amazing experience being involved in clubs or events. The Gallogy recreation and wellness center is a great place to stay fit and ask for mental health services.
I love how this school is big enough to give you a university experience but small enough to feel like a community. This college is also known for its environmental impact and is overall health conscious.
More parking lots would be awesome because sometimes it is very hard to find a place to park. Great fitness center and the library on campus is a good place to study and do research for classes.
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is very veteran friendly campus. The location of the school is within four military installations which helps with the commute. One thing which they can improve is the crosswalk for the dorms on the opposite side of the street. There should be an over pass which will prevent students from being injured.
UCCS takes pride in its inclusive environment where everyone can rely on each other. Many professors care deeply for their students success, however, you will receive a professor that does not care about you or how you do in the course. To suceed here at UCCS you must have motivation and dedication because you need to push yourself
Some classes are enjoyable and a lot is learned while others are dull and forgettable. Half my money has been well spent.
I like everything at UCCS. It have the best view of the mountains in Colorado. The professors wants the students at UCCS to succeed, so they help you in all of you classes.
Love UCCS. Started here with the mindset that I would go for a few years then transfer somewhere more prestigious; as an art student the top liberal arts colleges were more appealing to me than a public university. However, I fell in love with the attitude at UCCS. The faculty is incredibly caring and encouraging; the small class sizes allow students to feel more involved in the classroom. The interdisciplinary approach to the Visual and Performing Arts degree was very appealing to me as well. I rate 4 stars instead of 5 because, as does come with public university, the art program could benefit from updated facilities.
Attending UCCS has been one of the best experiences of my life. Growing up I wanted to attend a local University in order to stay close to my family and UCCS was the perfect fit!
I have only been an on-line student at UCCS but feel the teaching staff has been excellent . I was a little concerned about learning in an on-line environment but my teachers have been very creative in supplying multiple digital avenues to learn a particular topic. I would absolutely recommend UCCS to prospective on-line students.
Moderate size school with an array of majors, new emphasis on sports. Large commuter, non-trad population.
I studied Counseling and Human Services at UCCS. I really enjoyed the professors and ease of registering for the required classes. It is a nice campus and not too spread out. The best thing that I can take from this experience other than the knowledge I gained was the lifelong friends that I made while in the Counseling Program. It is a really great school.
All the professors are amazing. They care about their students and show enjoyment of what they are teaching.
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The people are campus are extremely welcoming. Everyone it feels cares for your success on campus and do whatever possible to make your dreams come true. I am a sophomore there and it has been a great year. All of my teachers have a desire to teach and all want you to be successful which is a great switch from my old school. Great school, great atmosphere!
Very welcoming environment and great school. Relatively cheap for a CU school and has great turn around rate for its tuition.
Being at UCCS is wonderful and a friendly environment. The classes are a decent size and most of my professors were very involved with the students. Going into my first year I of course, felt nervous, though the students around me and the staff really made me feel more comfortable. The area is beautiful and it is in a great city with lots to do. The students at UCCS are very friendly and helpful which makes for a fun environment.
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