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I graduated from the Leeds School of Business and I loved my time at CU. The professors I had were passionate, supportive, and had a mix of academic and real world experience. The school has great resources and has put me in a good position to apply to graduate school to further my education.
I've been at this school for 3 years, and I have loved every second of it! It's frustrating sometimes - the school suffers from a lot of administration problems (lack of communication between schools, issues with advisors, etc.) But the education is absolutely worth it. I've taken a lot of wonderful classes and am excited for my later classes!
When I toured the University of Colorado Boulder, I fell in love. The campus is beautiful and it offers so many great opportunities.
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My overall experience is good. I like the environment and the people there are great. I totally recommend this university to other students.
There is practically no diversity here. Most of the student body seems to be wealthy and white. It is a pretty big school, so it's easy to feel lost in the crowd if you don't make an effort to find your niche. That being said, the campus itself is gorgeous and right next to the Flatirons. It is really expensive to live here, you're lucky to find a place to live close to school for anything less than $800 a month, and that's with roommates. Boulder is a big party school, but that does mean there's a lot of binge drinking and drugs.
Boulder has some excellent programs (particularly their engineering), which I think has a tendency to be overshadowed by the fact that it's also a beautiful, fun school. As an engineer who wanted a solid degree while not getting bogged down in an overly competitive atmosphere, this is the perfect school for me!
Needs a more diverse scene, but otherwise great location and really great academics. Love that I chose Boulder to get my higher level education.
A well rounded school. Great professors and courses that are challenging and interesting. They encourage going clubs and host many opportunities to see all the different clubs that we have. I love the social scene here as well. Lots of cool shops to go to and things to do for everyone.
The atmosphere of CU is always very positive. Boulder is an extremely outdoorsy place and the students here emulate that. The campus is beautiful and I believe that really impacts the atmosphere. Students, Faculty, and Staff are happy to be here and excited to learn and work to make CU a better place. It is also very academically driven as well. While for people that are looking for a more “social” side to college are able to find that here, generally most students are here to learn and academics are a HUGE priority to the majority of everyone here.
CU offers a good combination of education and outside activities. The professors are above average (based on discussions with friends at other schools) and there are a variety of support resources if you are having trouble with a class. Weather is unbeatable.
I transferred to CU Boulder as a sophomore. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have made great friends here and enjoy every single day
I love the boulder community and how involved all the students are with the outdoors. The sporting events are loads of fun and I LOVE that the entire campus has compostable cups, to go boxes, and silverware.
I am an Alumni of the University of Colorado Boulder. I loved my college experience and felt that CU helps it's students grow and develop during their education. My son now wants to go to the school, and I was hoping CU could help support in-state students more and help make college more affordable.
If you are looking for a university with small classes and a small community, this is definitely not the place. I came to CU Boulder with some understanding of how campus and how the university functioned. I was not prepared to see thousands of student on campus and bikes everywhere. It was definitely an overwhelming experience at first. Once you get used to your classes along with people around you, there is a flow to campus and spirit that puts you into the zone. It definitely takes some time to get around things and build up a social circle, academic circle, and just get into the flow of things but once you do Boulder is the place to be. There are restaurants and shops galore all within walking distance. If you are into the party scene, buffs go hard or go home. It is a fun place to be and depending on each individual, you either embrace it fully or it can be overwhelming.
I absolutely love CU Boulder. It is the perfect mix of acedmics and social life. The professors are all helpful and full of knowledge. You can get a great education while being close to nature and your friends.
I really enjoy the classes here at CU. The professors for the most part really seem to want to help the students. There are also lots of ways to be involved here at Boulder.
I love the film program there and I respect the teaching faculty and think they have a lot to offer in the realms of art as well as science. The English program however needs to be worked on. They currently offer a few compelling courses but no classes on grammar and very little opportunities for writing guidance.
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It's a beautiful campus with a lot of extracurricular activities to participate in. There are also a lot of convenient ways to get around campus, such as the buff bus when it's cold, or walking when it's nice out.
UCB is good academically, of about average diversity, and in a fantastic location with a fantastic campus and social scene.
There are great opportunities to get involved in whatever you want. It's easy to be swallowed up in big lectures, but most professors and TAs are there to help you succeed so don't be afraid to reach out. There's always something going on on campus as well as the surrounding area, but somethings can become a little pricey so be prepared.
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