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Beautiful campus with lots of quiet outdoor space, which is great for studying. Being an off campus student is a little excluding, but they try to occomidate individuals the best they can. Overall, a great university!
The University of Colorado Boulder has a beautiful campus with many different and interesting options for courses of study. But, as a university that advertises how incredibly diverse it is it doesn't actually have all that much diversity. Approximately 70% of the university's students are white as well as about 72% of the faculty. Don't get me wrong, CU is incredibly welcoming to the few diverse students there are and there are many diversity programs in place to further make students of color feel at home but I think the best way to truly make these student feel more welcome is to make it so that more people of color attend college in the first place. Speaking as a student of color it's always refreshing to see faces that look like mine in the huge sea of students.
Great school, fantastic resources. I am in the Arts & Sciences school and have no complaints, tons of opportunities to learn about anything you're interested in. Teaches you skills needed for a career while being fun and informative at the same time.
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So many organizations and clubs to meet new people and get involved. Its so close to the mountains. Quick drives to Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver, Ski Resorts. On campus dining options are legit
As a freshman, I am engaging in rugby, a sorority and taking a full class schedule for my first semester. I live in Williams Village and find it a bit far for walking, however the bus is easy. It doesn't run late but there is a CU free ride kinda like an uber available. Next year I will live closer to campus in a rental house. It is quite competitive for housing and as of Nov I have already had to book housing for my next year. I am enjoying the college life and CU is an amazing experience.
I absolutely love that the calculus and chemistry for majors department keeps classrooms small and there is more hands-on learning than customary. Also, MASP provides an incedible sense of community and belonging
Great university in most aspects. In regards to diversity, it could be improved. As a whole, CU boulder is predominately white. Which isn't uncommon to see for it being a public university. However, Diversity is important and there aren't enough student here of different backgrounds.
CU Boulder is a vibrant university with lots of school spirit, an excellent academic environment with lots of choices, and it's an incredibly beautiful campus. Love it!
If you are a social butterfly who loves to work and party hard, CU is the place for you. CU Boulder is an unbelievably beautiful school with amazing academics. The dorms are well dorms, but everything is within walk distance. Boulder also has a well designed bus system to help you get around, and the bus is free if you are a student.
Boulder is a great college town, with incredible professors. Their advisors are well informed, and very helpful in charting degree options. There are a wide variety of classes available, and there's also a lot to do in the town outside of classes.
Really great place to go to school, although be warned, CU actually stands for Capitalist University, as the administration's primary focus is making money, and academic success is secondary. You'll have the great opportunity of learning about the negative effects burning fossil fuels while the school is making money off of their investments in oil. The majority of professors here are great, but you loose you key card for the fourth time and youll be paying ten dollars. And don't expect any help from the consolers here other than an in-person tutorial on using the website.
I, a high school student got the opportunity to stay and study on the Boulder campus. There were a lot in which caught my attention like the environment. What I liked most about it was the help we got during and after classes. Being able to sit outside I enjoyed the most. The thing I did not like much about it was the diversity. Overall I loved my experience an I am considering on returning in the future to take some classes.
It is a very nice place, and the campus is enormous, but somewhat its cost seems pretty high. But I would say it is worth it.
Such a beautiful place to live and learn! Boulder has a college town feel yet it doesn't ever feel too small, and with Downtown Denver within 40 minutes away! Amazing school spirit, gorgeous campus, and fun night life!
The school looks nice and big.
It is in colorado, boulder, it has a gym.
University of Colorado Boulder provides a unique education experience with fantastic professors, challenging courses, and high quality life style. The Boulder flatirons, Pearl Street, and The Hill provide the perfection college atmosphere unrivaled by any other university.
Diverse but save university town that gave me a bunch of connections in the work force and prepared me for my future.
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This university allows for the involvement of all students. It caters to the diverse background of its students who have come from all of the world to study in an inviting and helpful university.
Possibly one of the best universities out there, especially for my field. Great community, friendly people, access to pretty much everything a student needs. Promotes a healthy lifestyle, has great culture, and proximity to the amazing city of Denver. Great campus, and facilities available.
Love the city of boulder and how beautiful it is, love the beauty on campus, love the diversity and the programs for diversity, love all of the professors and classes so far, the residence halls are very nice and i love living here so far!
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