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University of Colorado - Boulder Reviews

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The city of Boulder is stunning. I enjoyed my time at CU Boulder. My professors in my major were amazing and truly cared about our success. The food and environment encompasses being healthy and adventurous. I absolutely love CU and I miss the closeness of my major and my school's pride.
Boulder gave me opportunities. It gave me options. It gave me ideas. All of which is important when I am trying to figure out what I am doing with my life. They are helping guide me towards success, and it is helping me relax. They are making growing up and becoming adults easier.
I was so excited to come here when I was in high school and was very let down. They tell you that only 25% of students are in Greek life, yet you were considered weird if you weren't. Most people focused on partying, there was a lot of people who cheated in class and on tests, and teachers made classes way too hard. It was almost impossible to get an A, even in basic 101 classes.
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It is called Boulderland for a reason. It is a little slice of heaven on earth. I 100% recommend joining a sorority/fraternity. I am so blessed that CU has helped me make life long friends. It is a very social setting and right off the bat you will make friends if you are willing to put yourself out there. The school itself is magical to walk through everyday to class and the town is a true college town. Most of the students live on the "hill" and you are literally next door neighbors with all your friends. I am from in-state and out my close friend group of 75 people, mostly everyone is from out of state so it doesn't really feel like a state school. Whenever students visit from other schools on gamedays, they wish they would have gone to CU. It is definitely a work hard play hard environment. I have just graduated, and it is unbelievable how large the Buffs network is. It has helped me tremendously with finding a job right after graduation. GO BUFFS!
Beautiful campus. Lots of students. Tons to do around Boulder. It is a bit expensive; both living here and going to school. Many students have to commute to Boulder.
The University of Colorado- Boulder is a great college. Campus is absolutely stunning, and the entire town of Boulder is easily accessible and is in fact built around the college. This means that, whether you live on or off campus, there is plenty to do and getting to campus or to local spots is convenient.

As far as Academics go, I have only had good experiences with my courses and professors at CU Boulder. Obviously, courses and professors will vary highly depending on your major, but I can at the very least say that both the Philosophy and Linguistics programs are very good, with excellent professors. CU Boulder as a whole is a fairly prestigious college as well regarding academics.
When I was in high school, I heard too much of Boulder being a party school, and it would often be discredited. I am currently a junior studying electrical engineering, and I have to say the classes here are as challenging as anywhere else. If you are willing to put the time in, you will get a good education here.
I’ve really enjoyed CU Boulder, I have yet to experience a professor that was genuinely ill intentioned or impossible to work with. And have in turn, met a lot of great professors, grad students and full time alike.
University of Colorado at Boulder is an excellent school. The teachers are all outstanding, especially in the math, engineering, and business schools. Food and entertainment is great on campus, but there's a lot just off campus as well.

Its biggest flaws are its cost, especially to live on campus, and its crowdedness. It can be hard to find a seat in the dining halls, even as they're tearing down food areas to build more dorms. These programs and teachers are in high demand, so be prepared to claim your dorm/apartment and classes very early.
Boulder is the most beautiful place. I am so happy and lucky to be attending University of Colorado Boulder and I am going to miss it so much when I graduate. I have had such amazing experiences during my 4 years in Boulder and have been so fortunate to take interesting classes and learn a lot.
I am a transfer student who is relatively new to Boulder, but not to college in general. Boulder is an environment I had not yet experienced in my collegiate career. Everyone on campus is there to learn and although it is a fun environment, it is also an environment that is conducive to learning. The staff wants to help each student succeed as long as each student wants to reciprocate their efforts. Outside of academics it is a very social and outgoing environment that is easy to make friends in and find your niche.
I love how open staff is to students who may not know what they want to study yet and are incredibly helpful when you actively search for help. The only thing I would change would be the online orientation, I felt very confused doing it and would have preferred to have done it in person like other friends of mine at other schools
I adore the University of Colorado. Not only does it have a fun and beautiful environment, but the academics are amazing. The perfect combination.
I love the fact that this school is working so diligently to erase as much of their carbon footprint as they can. With so many dedicated students, this university is going to go so far.
The University of Colorado Boulder has a large variety of classes and excellent professors on campus, that inspire students to further their knowledge. The environment is fresh and clean which provides students the opportunity to study outside or actively enjoy the weather. Also, CU Boulder provides many clubs and programs that range from gaming and archery, to active, community-based groups that seek to bring change for all people who are oppressed. There are plenty of places to eat and hang out with friends, get a job and programs that help students to find volunteer/internship work. The only thing I would change about the University is the general studies requirements, that seem to be more prevalent than my majors. For example, I am an English/creative writing major and require around 14 credits worth of science classes, but only 18 credits worth of actual creative writing classes.
My time at the University of Colorado Boulder has been excellent. The professors are involved and knowledgeable on the topics they teach. The study spaces are accommodating, with boards, paper, pencils, and other supplies one may need to study. Living in Boulder is like living in a sanctuary. The only problem I have with the University of Colorado Boulder is that I feel the school tries to take money from you every chance it gets.
So far in my college experience at the University of Colorado Boulder, each professor has been eager to help students and figure out ways we all can succeed. I enjoy coming to class since my professors are so passionate about what they teach. There is no boring day in Boulder! There are so many resources around campus that all students can utilize. The Women's Resource Center has been extremely helpful for me when dealing and processing a past assault. Every adult I have talked to here on campus wants me to succeed and having so many people cheering me on makes me try even harder in school and in life.
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My first year at CU Boulder was great, the experience will alway be different for many but mine I was able to meet new people and be able to just do what I want to do. Being in the music department really helps me get out there with seeing new places and being able to meet new people.
Its an amazing and fun community and most teachers are very personable and always available. The teachers will do whatever they can to help you out when you need it. The life outside of school is amazing. There is always something going on and there are so many things to do around Boulder.
I really love my school. They take everything into consideration to make sure you get the best experience and that’s all I could ask for. They care about you and want you to succeed.
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