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I do not attend CU but have lived in Boulder and around the University for years I have many friends that attend as well.
Although Boulder was not my first choice, I'm so glad my admissions process came out the way it did! I love CU and highly recommend checking out the greek life because the campus is quite large, and anyway to make it feel more comfortable is great.
I love the experience I had with the other students and staff there. Everyone is os focused and the environment is the right place for hardworking and dedicated students.
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University of Colorado has a beautiful campus with lots of wonderful resources. They spend a lot of time investing in the university to make it the best experience possible for students. They also have a wonderful range of study abroad programs!
Very academically diverse school, and therefore it is fairly diverse when it comes to the people. Some of the academics are sub-par, but the college of engineering and applied sciences is a good program that will provide a strong base as graduates are looking to start their careers. It is a beautiful campus nestled against the Flatirons, allowing incredible access to hiking, climbing, and skiing. The people of Boulder (out of school) are often pretentious, but the school/campus atmosphere is great.
Didn't have a lot of expectations coming to CU but after a few months experience have to say I enjoy the place in every aspect. Amazing resources in every possible area for if you reach out for it, academic, recreational, health-related.. Been able to get all the classes I want and design to major & minor in a few totally unconnected but really cool programs. All kinds of communities on campus ---- personally I'm very involved in the international community, which isn't super large but pretty diverse and inclusive; found it really easy to make friends in the first few weeks, and most people I know agree. The campus and the Boulder area is very much culturally involved too, a lot fun festivals and speeches to go to if your interested. The environmental scene is amazing, the campus is almost zero waste and there are many good educational/internship opportunities in this area. And there are events and clubs around the campus of all sort as long as you search for them.
While I love my university very much, I wish the administration was more transparent about certain issues that are ongoing. However, I have been very fortunate to have the best professors I could have ever imagined.
I love that I see beautiful mountains everywhere I go - it makes campus feel big and full of opportunity.
This is a great university, however, if you are an incoming student my best advice to you is to come in undecided and take classes that you have an interest in. DO NOT GO INTO A RAP!!! I am currently in the HPRAP and it was a huge waste of money. I thought that RAPs would be more beneficial for students who might want/need a smaller class size or extra help by getting free tutoring, but they treat it like you're gifted and make the classes much less explicit and they go at a much faster pace.
Beautiful city and amazing learning opportunity. Great people and a fun and enriched learning environment. Some of the classes can be very large, but the college offers lots of helpful study tips, learning assistants, and free tutoring. There are many ways to be involved on campus and off campus. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
Leeds School of business is a great school, as long as you're a traditional student. If you enter the pipeline as a freshman, the guidance and streamlining is incredibly efficient and can get you in and out very quickly. However, non traditional students such as transfer, working adults, and older adults may have a harder time. The program does not cater to transfer degrees and does not consider working schedules. Other than that its a phenomenal school with resources and opportunities.
CU Boulder is a great school with many different resources to help students in many different ways. There is great food and so much to do around down.
CU is great in terms of the culture. The football team is great and the marching band is awesome. However, there are many many classes taught by masters students who aren't good teachers. Also, it is very expensive for what it is so if you have money, that's great, but if not, I don't know if it's worth it.
I’ve wanted to go to school here for 7 years and have been in love with the campus and environment for that time. It’s been my dream school and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. This place makes you feel like you belong.
Amazing campus. Great social and Greek life. Incredible professors who are approachable and available to help you. Friendly people. Beautiful weather.
It was very good. I was surrounded by great people, a good city, and given a good degree. CU is great. The football games are lit, I enjoy the energy. CU Boulder is a great school with good vibes.
CU Boulder is an amazing school with tons of opportunities. It has an amazing student body who love to get together and spend time together. The classes are a little large, but overall, there is some communication between professors and students. The council does an amazing job of helping us shape our paths to continue our academic pursuits.
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Boulder has everything for all type of students. I am so very happy to found my passion in astrophysics as its a pleasure to go to class everyday. The professors are passionate and has made my experience even more rewarding
The University of Colorado Boulder is an amazing school , with a truly beautiful serene campus. Campus life and life in Boulder is a truly humbling experience. The faculty always strives to help you and encourage you through your academic journey and allow you to live a happy and fufilled life whilst doing so.
safety at night is challenging and staying in pairs is recommended.
sorority life is wonderful and great rooms and food is available at many. top football team. good local transportation with the RTD bus pass.
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