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Boulder, CO is a city like no other. Located in "the front range" of the Rocky Mountains, the beautiful Flatirons, people biking, and hippies walking their dogs are all common sights. The cost of living is extremely high, but this wealthy area also has a reputation for being eco-friendly and sustainable. Academics-wise the school is amazing, which was refreshing to hear based on its other reputation of being a party school. I just completed my freshman year at CU, and my only complaints include the ridiculous tuition and the lack of racial diversity.
My experience at the University of Colorado Boulder has been amazing. I love the professors and the coursework that is offered at this college. It was a perfect fit for me because I am a journalism major and it is a very strong program.
It is the best school in my opinion to get the full college experience. Coming from a small comunity college I didn't know what to expect, but everyone made it really great.
Review University of Colorado - Boulder
My experience so far at CU has been nothing but amazing. I feel as though I am receiving the education I am paying for. The environment that students receive in classes, dorms, and clubs is truly amazing, building connections you will keep for the rest of your life. Classes are challenging and professors expect you to work your absolute hardest in order to earn your degree. The resources on campus are extremely helpful, most importantly, the student recreation center.
I had expected so much out of this college and had been fed the same advertisements as colleges usually put out to get students; however, I was sorely disappointed in some aspects of it. Yes, the recreational center is fantastic, but the food is not that great, sometimes even hard to get myself to eat. And yes, the campus is beautiful, but that's only because the landscaping services put an immense amount of hard work into their job. I've seen students completely trash and destroy halls, lawns, and bathrooms. The student body is overall nice, but it's also very disrespectful and privileged and has absolutely no diversity.
The professors are amazing and are very involved in the subjects they teach. They are very knowledgeable and passionate and it shows when they are teaching. The school spirit from the student body is amazing. Every game day all students are in their buff swag and out tailgating. You can tell the students are proud of their school.
Strong academic school with lots of opportunities. Great for science and engineering in particular. The large student body allows you to constantly meet new people and have a variety of friends.
I love CU! I am a current student who is graduating Summer 2017. I will miss this campus so much. It is a beautiful place, with so many great professors and people. If you are looking for a diverse place this is it! CU is also a great environmental resource. You will not find a cleaner campus.
I love the atmosphere on campus and the friendliness of all the students and staff. The buildings are beautiful and the classes are all interesting and the teachers are really enthusiastic about the subject they're teaching.
The student body is among the best in the world. With all eager to learn and every professor willing to fill a student's brain with as much knowledge as desired. This institution allows a student to have a head start in the future and allows a student to know they will be able to succeed in life.
The level of education you receive at the University of Colorado Boulder is amazing for the price. The only thing I did not like about the campus is the lack of diversity.
I love CU. I transferred here from another school and am so much happier. The class sizes aren't too big and the professors are very approachable and really care if you put in the effort to go see them. The campus is beautiful and you can't beat the amount of things there are to do in Boulder, be it going to concerts, hiking, skiing, tubing, biking, parties, or shopping. It really is a perfect school in the perfect college town.
I love being here! It was my first choice in colleges and it was easy to get accepted. I wold suggest to live on campus, since it makes it easier and one is more focused in their academics.
I love the great things all faculty have to say about this university. I hope to be a part of their undergraduate population this coming Fall.
After taking 4 years between my "first" and "second" freshman years, I went back to school to finish my undergrad at CU Boulder. I absolutely loved my time there. From the faculty to the students to the absolutely gorgeous campus, I definitely got my money's worth. The academics were challenging and rewarding, and I felt incredibly prepared for life after undergrad once I graduated.
I love Boulder. The people here make everyday a learning experience as well as memorable time. The scenery is one of a kind to wake up to and the weather is always something new. Boulder is also a heavily populated town now so I feel like as I progress through my college career, I can meet many people who can connect me to new things to benefit my life.
University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado has the most beautiful campus in the country. It is an amazing place to go to college and live. A lot of students are from Colorado, California, and Texas.
Review University of Colorado - Boulder
Great Overall vibe, sweet social scene and parties, competitive athletics, and challenging academics.
CU Boulder is the most beautiful campus. Communities are built all throughout campus and there is something for everyone. I was able to find lifelong friends and start making connections for my career. Although there are typical college things that happen, I always felt safe. There is strong advocation for creating a healthy and enjoyable experience. The chancellor the school makes a point to be in contact with the student body. We had a few scares in the fall semester and the administration was very quick to alert the student body and direct them in handling the situation. Boulder has become my home and I enjoy going to all my classes.
CU is a fantastic college- both the town and the campus are beautiful and bustling with things to do.

Specifically, the college of music is outstanding. The faculty is caring, passionate about teaching, and highly knowledgeable. There are so many opportunities for students to perform and learn thanks to the college of music. The advisors are really helpful too! They know exactly how to get students what they need.

Over all, CU is the best state institution in Colorado.
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