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University of Colorado - Boulder Reviews

2,490 reviews
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I love the campus. The city of Boulder is prefect for this kind of university. It really tries to connect with the college students by making it predominantly college aged students with accessible resources. The classes could be more inclusive for the minority groups. Grouping minorities isn't too efficient.
Boulder is an amazing college town which attracts many due to the care free environment which it provides. With a stunning campus view of the flatirons and great academic programs it is easy to fall in love with the appeal of the university.
So far I have only taken a course in the continuing ed dept in economics that I plan to transfer for credit in the fall when I begin full time on campus. But the folks involved were great-very helpful and the online class was organized well. I liked the textbook too, which is unusual!
Lots of opportunities to get involved on campus, a variety of great courses to take, and one of the best college rec centers in the country! The food could definitely be better, but it's dorm food, what do you expect?
CU Boulder is an amazing campus with a lot of diversity. Everyone is always considerate and the professors are always willing to help except for the occasional few. The social experience is amazing and the school is extremely close to ski resorts and other outdoor type activities.
I love the town it is located in as well as the professors. I cam from instate but there are so many things to do here still especially with the flatirons. The education and the party scenes are both great and doing both is doable if you stay on top of your work.
Boulder is one of the best places you can live in America, and CU sits in the heart of it. The campus is beautiful, the school is well known, the academics are pretty great, and the athletics are alright as well. The only thing I would change about Boulder is their lack of diversity and the Libby dorm basement, that floor is nasty.
Going to Boulder was hands down one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. The people here are so friendly, good food, parties, and a great atmosphere overall. We're 10 minutes away from Flagstaff, a five minute walk to the hill, and ten minute walk to pearl from central campus. Boulder is AMAZING!
I've been at CU Boulder for one semester so far. It's a diverse campus that offers a dynamic learning environment. There is a great variety of academic and service programs and events that is sure to fit every student's needs.
The University of Colorado - Boulder is a fantastic school. The only thing that could be seen as negative about CU is that the price tag is very high in relation to most public schools. However the price is very much worth the experiences you will take away from your time at CU.
Boulder is great. Great people, the city is beautiful, and if you like to ski or snowboard it couldn't be easier. Also, the school is great, our physics and engineering schools are incredible and the rest of the opportunities here don't fall far behind.
The University of Colorado Boulder is a very good school. The professors I have had so far seem to really care about their students and push them to do their best. It is not as diverse as they claim to be, however everyone is really friendly and open minded.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Boulder so far. I am studying percussion performance and music education, and the programs for both are very good. There are many opportunities for involvement and growth, which are both things that I appreciate in a school.
The campus is beautiful with the view of the Flatirons and the location is great in terms of access to local stores and supermarkets. It has a lot of clubs and activities that you can be involved in. Overall, a great school but definitely use a bit more diversity!
Professors at Boulder are willing to engage with and challenge students. The new college within CU assists students with degree trajectory and credit fulfillment to ensure success. CU Boulder is lacking in diversity but the city itself is quite beautiful, safe, and fun to live in.
Living on campus is my absolute favorite thing. The food is phenomenal, the people are great, the services are wonderful, and the dorms are comfortable. I love having access to the rec center, and dozens of on-campus markets that sell everything you'll need. There are plenty of job opportunities for everyone, and constant events that help you connect with other people. My second favorite thing has to be the professors. They all act like humans, and they all care about you. If you don't understand something, they'll explain it to you until you're more confident about it. They're always available when you have questions, even when you're not in the classroom. They'll accommodate to your physical and emotional needs.
I am a freshman Aerospace Major who is getting ready to begin his second semester at CU.

First off, my absolute favorite part of my college experience so far is the professors I have had the pleasure to study under. My physics professor, Professor Dubson, was brimming with experience and joy for his subject. .

I also had a projects course: Gateway to Space, in which I had the awesome opportunity to build a balloon satellite together with 8 other incredible people! Our team's satellite, built to test for algae in the upper atmosphere, was difficult to build, but it was worth it.

Overall, I love the school. It's everything I wanted out of college and I know there's still much more to explore. Maybe it's the right fit for you too!
The campus is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and the professors are mostly great. Due to low in-state tuition the return on investment is very good.
I'm definitely proud to be a CU Buff. The teachers are excellent and really care about their fields and students. The town is beautiful and there's always a lot to do. The only cons are that it is expensive and the Greek life culture has a bad reputation, especially the fraternities association with sexual harassment, for which the school is currently under investigation.
What I liked about cu Boulder was the diversity of people there. Though it is mostly white, it is not as non diverse as people usually think it is. There are a lot of clubs and activities to join from nsbe ( national society of black engineers) to actual intramural teams tat compete for a prize at the end. The college experience is great at Cu boulder especially if you are an incoming freshmen. Every body is so outgoing and open to talk to, people just want to meet you every where you go. There are also a lot of study sessions through out the university for for students who need help with their study. At the end of you day, you will feel like you have accomplished so much that you can't to do it all over again the next day.
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