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I have appreciated my time at the University of Cincinnati. The exposure to real life situations within my career has been wonderful. I'm eight months away from graduating and have a lot of employers taking notice of me because I will graduate with so much on-the-job training. Also, the cost to attend graduate school was much lower than other graduate school options. It helped make graduate school possible, which is huge.
The University of Cincinnati is a beautiful campus that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. My only complaint would be the environment of the off campus housing. However, the University was adding quite a bit of restaurants and expanding housing that I am sure it has improved the living conditions and student safety.
Beautiful campus and great many great opportunities available here. People here are amazing and the city of Cincinnati is extremely beautiful.
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University of Cincinnati was not my first choice for college, but it has definitely grown on me. I like that most of my classes are a small class size. I get to have one on one time with my teachers when I need to. The campus is also really small so it is easy and quick to get anywhere on campus.
I love UC! I started my freshman year off as an Exploratory student. The Exploratory advisors were excellent and helped guide me to what I was really passionate about. I transferred into Health Education and the faculty in the program are amazing at keeping students informed and being there for students. UC has also provided me different ways to become involved through different club, hall governments, and different activities that allow me to socialize with other students.
Cincinnati is a great place to find yourself. The academics really engage you and there’s always something to do and get invovled in on campus. The only thing I wish I could change is the area around Cincinnati. It’s known for being not so safe but nothing has happened on campus thankfully.
The campus is beautiful and there is a lot of diversity of campus and within available areas of study. Financial aid is not great and they don't explain a lot of things to you and the advisors are terrible. They have great study abroad opportunities though.
The campus is great. The community is welcoming and diverse. I love the activities available and the friends I've made. The opportunity for education is excellent and I wouldn't want to attend anywhere else.
Overall my experience at the University of Cincinnati has been a positive one. This university has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and really learn what my passions are. I was able to join Greek life, where I made countless friends and memories, and get involved with not only young women with same interests as me but other members of the university.

This school has many great opportunities for those that are looking to grow and find themselves. Inclusion on campus is easy, all you have to do is take the first step and the school will give you what you need to succeed.
I absolutely love my college and would like to see more campus activities and community linked work in the area.
I loved everything about attending college here! There are excellent academic offers but also plenty of social opportunities for a true college experience. The campus is small making it easy to navigate and there are plenty of places to live so that the commute is easy.
Cincinnati is an amazing and beautiful campus who offers so many opportunities to their students and helps them succeed in any profession they choose.
I really enjoy the University of Cincinnati. As my first choice school when deciding where to go to college, it has done nothing but make my happy about my decision to attend this university.
I absolutely love the University of Cincinnati! When you decide to come here, you won't regret it. Get ready for the best years of your life. The campus is diverse and full of wonderful people to meet. Most of the professors I have had here are fantastic and super helpful. In addition to the great faculty and staff, Bearcat Football games at Nippert Stadium, the stadium in the middle of campus, are so much fun! We also host FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati's new soccer league. Campus is always improving with new buildings being built and new student organizations being created. You will find everything you are looking for here, I know I did. These have been the best 4 years of my life and I'm looking forward to my fifth and final year here.
Diverse school with something for everyone. Great academics, athletics, music, greek life, rec center, security, co-op programs, and and endless list of other programs and endeavors to enhance your college experience.
I enjoyed the flexibility the University of Cincinnati offered in completing my classes. As a non traditional student, the huge option of courses available was perfect. Some I took on campus, some on line. They all worked with my busy schedule.
I like how engaged the professors are in their teachings. I really appreciate that if something goes wrong in my life whether it be financial or personal issues, they are always there to help me and provide me with plans to help me.
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I enjoy the range of co-op options built into many of the degree curricula available for each major, it assure that you will graduate with workplace experience in your field and possibly a job immediately after. Not every major has one but internships and courses on career building are always available.
I love uc there is so much to do on and around campus. they have great academics and clubs. the work is fast pace but it is totally worth it. I love uc and I am so glad I chose to go to school here.
Once I first visited UC, I absolutely fell in love! I knew this was the college for me and couldn't picture myself anywhere else!
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