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This is my first year attending UC and so far I love it. Everyone has been helpful while I try to learn the ropes. UC is. A beautiful campus with so much diversity and has many things to do around campus.
I did enjoy my time here at UC as a magazine journalism major and entrepreneurship minor. Being a college student can be tough at times and very stressful but you'll meet other students and staff who are caring enough to help you.
The school itself has great academic programs, accomplished professors, and nice facilities. I fully recommend the school itself, especially if you are planning to live at least 2 or 3 miles away from campus. The surrounding area to UC simply sucks. UC is working on improving it, and to some extent has made it better. Still, you should be ready to be asked for change seemingly everyday and hear about various crimes like robberies happening close to campus.
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UC was my first choice. Campus is large but has a small feel. I'm less than 10 minutes from Medical Campus & there are several surrounding hospitals. As a pre-med student this was perfect for me. Class size is large, especially for major science courses like intro bio & chem. Professors hold several office hours and recitations which keep sizes small outside of lecture. Had one bad experience with a professor that later resigned and another first year professor that ended up teaching a different class. The cost is high, but tuition is frozen which is nice. Paying for a meal plan the first year was a waste for me, glad I could elect out of it this year. Shuttle system and app is super useful when I didn't want to worry about getting my car out of the parking garage. That being said, trying to live in a dorm & pay for a parking pass can get pricey. Good off campus housing for after the first year. Overall glad with my decision to attend UC.
Amazing school, amazing value, Hottest college in America! Best internships and co-ops. Great people. Fun times.
I love being a student at the University of Cincinnati. The professors and academic advisors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I really like how close knit my graduating class is and how small the classes are at east campus. The one thing I would change is that students in the nursing program at east campus are required to pay main campus tuition.
I am, and will forever be a Bearcat. For two generations, this school has been apart of my family. I have always had excellent professors and learning experiences. This college has enriched my knowledge so much and I am not even finished yet!
There is a lot of walking involved if you have classes that aren't close together, but it is a beautiful campus.
I like how diverse the University of Cincinnati is. It's great to see individuals of varying ages and ethnicity walking around campus. I do wish they could work on their food courts because a lot of their food lacks flavor.
I love UC the overall community is great! everyone is very helpful! Professors are always willing to give advice and help you with anything. There are multiple learning centers and tutors to provide you with immediate assistance. There are many events that take place and will be something to do every day. This campus does not get boring. Food is every where and you will definitely gain weight but lets not leave out the amazing recreation center thats open about 18 hours of the day its so many activities to do.
the atmosphere is great, friendly campus, large campus. met a lot of new people, lots of places on and around campus to meet people or go and hang out. overall i think its a great campus and im happy to say it is mine
I'm really glad that I get the opportunity to go to this college. I use to visit my sister on campus when she went to college there and it was awesome! Everyone seemed super nice and it made me realize that living on campus maybe wouldn't be so bad.
I love how the campus feels like a small school, but in reality the school is huge and is located right next to a big city. There are so many opportunities within the Co-op programs and you're definitely ready for success.
I attended the business school at UC - Carl H Lindner College ob Business.
The programs offered by the college is worth the money.The college boasts of some really good professors.The university is a really nice place to be.
I loved the campus everyone there is super outgoing and helpful. There are a lot of learning aids if anyone as trouble in their classes, whether the setting is too big or you simply misunderstood something the professor said. The food could be better but it is still really good plus the location of the school has tons of off campus / campus options rather than the dining halls.
I am very excited to enter UC in the fall. They have my major which is why I applied there. The only trouble I have had so far with them is the housing process as I almost was not in the dorm i wanted.
My experience at UC has made me into a dedicated and motivated student who is ready and prepared to take on Nursing. The outpouring of commitment from staff and faculty have helped me to be a wonderful bearcat and I have loved my time here at UC, and very thrilled to experience my next 2 years here finishing my degree!
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I am qualified to review UC because I took five years of courses at UC-Blue Ash, plus another year at UC-Clifton. At UC-Blue Ash, I earned two associate technical degrees in related fields, but these degrees turned out to not be salable for most of us who graduated circa 2004. At UC-Clifton, I was accepted to DAAP, but the UC bureaucracy decided I was "not making satisfactory progress toward a degree" (after they refused to take credits from UC-Blue Ash!), then they stopped my financial aid around summer 2008. Overall, UC is a bureaucratic and sometimes arrogant institution. They discriminated against Generation X and anyone who is not Democratic/Socialist. They also have a lame "party scene" where people in row houses acted rude to me. Finally, Clifton/Corryville is a high crime area, to be avoided if possible.
I have had the best experience. I am able to do my classes through their online program and fits around the needs of my family.
I love the University of Cincinnati for its engineering program. The University of Cincinnati is at the forefront of engineering research and properly equips students for the workforce through its coop program.
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