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I choose UC because of the masters programs they have to offer online. Great instructors and course layouts.
In the heart of Uptown Cincinnati, The University of Cincinnati has everything you need in a college and more. Off-campus living and parking. An array of diverse dining, designed to suit multiple needs and palettes. No matter your field of study, UC can and will accommodate. Professors that care about students grasping the knowledge, makes your educational experience worth the cost of obtaining your degree. Cutting edge technology equips one for real world experience. Work study experience helps one to migrate toward success. The diversity is well-rounded and balanced. A great place where one can find their "Niche" in life.
I loved the tour I took of the college - It's far enough away from home to get that college experience, but close enough for me to go home and visit in a drive - saving travel expenses! Loved the campus and loved the medical campus in the heart of my home state! It's reasonably priced and I clicked immediately with it!
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I began at the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash to earn my Associates degree then transferred to Clifton to earn my BA. I have the most amazing professors that truly care about me and my education.
U.C. is a great place because of the diverse culture and many course offerings! U.C. is well known for its co-op program, which allows students to work full-time for a company while gaining real world experience. This not only benefits the student's resume and helps them obtain a job right after graduation, but it helps students figure out what they really want to do!
Overall, The University of Cincinnati is a wonderful place to study. Even in large auditorium sized classes, the professors truly care and are there to help students perform at their best. Our campus is incredibly unique, which makes it extremely beautiful. When applying for college, I debated between many schools - after deciding to attend the University of Cincinnati, I questioned my decision. However, after being here for over one year, I could not be happier with my decision!
The University of Cincinnati is a great collegiate experience. There is a wide range of opportunities and ways to get involved. As a member of multiple different clubs and organizations, I'd say this is one of the better schools in terms of investing in your future.
The campus is beautiful. There are so many great programs located in a wonderful, safe urban area. This school has so many fantastic opportunities, especially with CCM and the DAAP Programs. Students can truly find themselves while becoming self sufficient in a great city.
The University of Cincinnati is a great place. It is very diverse. It is a big and beautiful campus. It has many different activities and things to do. It also has a lot of places to grab a bite. The professors teach very well.
I do the online bachelors program and they’ve made it easy to navigate, the professors are great and it’s easy for my busy schedule.
Great professors and well diverse student body. Couldn’t be more happy with this school. Others should also attend.
University of Cincinnati has so many resources that can help with your resume, internships, jobs, networking, & just so much more, it’s almost overwhelming. The amount of social/extracurricular activities is endless & there’s no limit to what you could do. Student interaction is great & there are plenty of people to get to know. Most professors & staff members are really here to help you to the fullest & really want to see you succeed. Off-campus there are yummy restaurants to choose from. You have Asian, Indian, Thai, American, Italian, & I’m sure there’s more hidden spots. Other great aspect of UC is that it’s 10 minutes away from Downtown so you have plenty more to choose from for social events & restaurants. One downside is all the construction that they do every year on a new building or anything so traffic can get crazy around there. I love this college & glad that I chose here to get my degree !
Easy to switch between programs. I switched twice and love the interior design program I’m in. Most of the staff make the courses a lot of fun to learn and get us excited about our futures.
I love UC. I go to blue ash but im in the marching band so im always on main campus for band cmp and practice. the only bad thing is i am able to get lost easily.
Great to be here. Beautiful campus. Top-notch professors. Having high expectations on investment returns
I love it! They have the best Professors that are always willing to go out of their way to help their students. Even though the school is right next to downtown Cincinnati the campus police does a great job making sure the campus is safe. The school offers so many clubs and activities that there is no way you can be bored here.
The University of Cincinnati is a beautiful campus to attend! The classes are great, professors are caring and the student life is so fun!
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The University of Cincinnati has a great campus that is set in a urban area. Teachers can be great and bad just like any school but, for the most part they are good. They have a great business, art, and engineering colleges that are nationally acclaimed. The new dorms are really nice and modern and the area around UC has been growing rapidly. UC is also a great commuter school. A lot of students live on campus but, just as many commute making going there an affordable option. UC is pretty central so many of the surrounding areas so it is easy to get to.
Wide selection of resources, on-campus activities, and community outreach! Great food, hospitality, and overall environment. The engineering co-op program is primarily why I chose UC. I am currently on fall co-op making money to pay for school rather than take another semester to sink deeper in debt. I am allowed 5 semesters of co-op rotations at my time at UC. The median payout for working all 5 rotations is roughly $50,000, which really helps with the student loans. Only downside is that any B.S. for engineering is a 5 year program. If you are willing to stick out that other year for your degree, then I recommend filling out that application to UC!
I am in UC’s music conservatory program, a competitive pre-professional environment where I’m encouraged to grow in my knowledge and abilities. The academic rigor is substantial, to optimize growth, and the ensembles in which I play constantly prepare me for my orchestral job I will have in the future.
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