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The computers in the library have a mac desktop but windows 98 operating system. Instead of spending money on academic resources, the school uses money to build a better soccer field to that the city of Cincinnati's soccer team can play there.
My experience so far has been a good one! The professors are caring and will help you when you have a question or a problem. The campus is absolutely stunning and clean! The campus food is okay but can improve. The safety as well could improve. Overall, I love this school and I do not regard going here!
I like that the University of Cincinnati has the College Conservatory of Music and the various programs within the college to help me express my artistic ability. One thing I would change about the university is the staff and dean within the school. I had an issue in the past dealing with minority and diversity issues and when I went to talk to the board to discuss what happen everything just seem to be brushed under the rug and nothing was taken care of.
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I absolutely love it here! The people are really nice and most professors seem to really care about their students. I think UC does a great job in wanting everyone to do well in school
Studying at the University of Cincinnati is a rewarding experience. I met a variety of teachers and students, classmates of different nationalities, and professors who come from different political and social backgrounds. The campus has a very open and friendly atmosphere and the university regularly holds interactive and free events. Being a part of this community feels like actually living in a small college city. The University of Cincinnati has unique characteristics, not like any other part of Ohio.
The university wants its students to be able to carry out their ideas and uniqueness. If you have an idea, the university will want to work with you to make it happen if they are able. The students are friendly and the clubs will guarentee you to find your niche.
I am currently a student here and I could not be happier with the decision I made to go here. I had a blast my freshman year and even though my dorm wasn't the nicest, I wouldn't trade living there for anything. I have met so many amazing people and professors. The classes can be challenging, but college isn't supposed to be easy. My professors have been great for the most part. There is so much to do on and around campus making it a fun and exciting place to go.
Good school and fun atmosphere. A lot of people to meet and talk to. Classes are hard and sometimes could be very confusing. Overall, it is a good experience.
The University of Cincinnati is a phenomenal university, with many opportunities for students to reach their full potential by utilizing services such as the Academic Writing Center, academic coaching, tutoring, office hours, and more. The professors are quite good, however, some could be a little more energetic and less monotone. The main campus is large and has many amenities that students would enjoy. Some dorms are very new and exceptionally clean, while others are quite old and dirty.
I love the campus and the teachers. They are caring, approachable, and easy to talk to. The things I am learning will be easily applied in my future career.
They have everything you need at the University of Cincinnati. You have state of the art facilities, professors who want to be there and help you succeed and you also have a wide range of people who go there to have the diversity you need to grow as a person.
The University of Cincinnati is an amazing school with a beautiful campus. I have been there for a semester, and I already love the school so much. I have met so many people thus far. I was in a learning community, which I believe is an amazing concept. It allows you to meet new people and really get to know them. It also helps with the transition of going to a big school where you probably don't know anyone in your classes. It allowed me to know people in my classes on a personal level. If I had any questions, then I could ask students in my learning community. In many of my business classes, we had projects to complete so it was good to know people in my class, which made working on these projects and completing them much easier.
I loved the University as a whole. The staff was friendly and helpful, the architecture was beautiful, and there was bountiful opportunity to get involved with meaningful groups. I give it four stars because the faculty in my major were rather sexist, but I think that was limited to my male-dominated field.
My son was an Engineering major and after 4 years was put on academic suspension with no written or verbal warning. The academic guidance he received was laughable. She was rarely available or interested. I would not recommend UC Engineering even though it is ranked well.
The University of Cincinnati is all around a perfect school. There are so many majors and the professors and staff are all helpful. It is an urban-based, beautiful campus so there is a lot to do when you need a break from studying and homework. The University has many events going on daily and as many clubs as you can think of so everyone can get involved. I love the University of Cincinnati!
The University of Cincinnati was one of the most important foundations to my future. Not only did I develop many important relationships with friends and employees, but I had developed a strong bond with the community and school!
I am a freshman at the University of Cincinnati and I am absolutely happy with the decision of becoming a Bearcat! I am a student in the Lindner College of Business and the professors, advisors and peer leaders are extremely useful. I picked UC mainly because of their Co-op program.
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Hey! After i visited the college i felt like i wold have the right fit over there. The diversity is awesome and fro what i have seen the teachers are friendly.
UC is the best college in the country. This school has a beautiful campus, located in a fantastic city, has a great academic staff, and many ways to get involved. Go Bearcats!
UC has been home for almost 2 years and has exceeded my expectations on every level. I am a nursing student about to start clinicals, and I could not be more excited. There is always something to do or see; I never feel bored when it comes to campus life. So thankful to have picked such a diverse, upbeat, lively school!
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