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I love it here. I just finished my second year and I cant wait to spend the summer here and start up in the fall again
Studying at The University of Cincinnati has been a great experience for me. My favorite part of the college is the co-op program, which has allowed me to excel in finding opportunities and experience related to my field.It has made me a better student by giving me practical experience that I can use in the classroom. However I would like to see some of the curriculum changed at the university. I think some classes can be added or removed that will help the students in the long run.
I love this school. Most of the professors are great and the campus is beautiful, and I have never felt unsafe in my 3 years here. I hope to continue my education here for as long as possible.
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I am now at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, I went to University of Cincinnati for my under grad. When I first started at UC the area around UC was really bad. But now they have revitalized housing and shopping and made it more inviting to walk around and hang out.
I love how this is a big school, population-wise, but it is not that large when it comes to the size of the campus. The big school feel of sports, clubs, etc is present, but there are small classes and enough attention given to each student that it also feels like a small school as well. I love the University of Cincinnati and would recommend it to anyone. Go Bearcats!!!
Professors at University of Cincinnati are very helpful and are willing to work with you. The building on campus are nice and class sizes are not to large.
UC has a great campus even though there are hills everywhere and I always feel really safe while I'm there. For the most part, the professors are extremely helpful, but only if you go to their office hours. I really like that I have so much flexibility in my curriculum and can easily get a minor along side my major. The dining halls aren't great and the dorms can get annoying, but overall I love UC.
I love my University. I have been attending since 2014, and I love the classes and most of the professors. The advising is sorely lacking, however. I was given bad advice on several occasions, and I was ignored many of the times that I needed advising. Once, I was 2 minutes late to a meeting because of the poor parking situation, and the advisor cancelled my appointment. I finally was switched to a worthwhile advisor in my last year of school.
The University of Cincinnati makes you feel at home. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and faculty goes out of their way to ensure you're getting a good education. With a close proximity to downtown Cincinnati and OTR, you never run out of things to do on weekends. And the athletics are INCREDIBLE!
I am right now having an okay experience at UC. I don't like the fact I have to wake up early at 6 to drive all the way there because I commute but that is fine. What I like about UC is you have more freedom to try out things to gain more experience but college life can be stressful.
I really like it. Big university but when on campus it feels small. Never felt afraid with it being in Cincinnati. Great co-op program.
Great school all over. Only problem is it is rare to have a professor who is able to teach the material correctly. Most professors are very difficult to understand due to language skills.
Nice campus and a dope city. I like the overall vibe of the people and the way they interact with people. Professors are overall responsive and there is a lot to do in the city.
I LOVE this school so much. There is always something going on, whether it is students playing soccer on the fields, fundraisers, or just fun (which almost always include FREE food, I might add) student activities. Students are always active and involved on campus and in the community.
I enjoy studying at the University of Cincinnati. It is a great place to meet new people. My first semester as a freshman was definitely an eye opener to college, but I know that with the right work ethic and attitude, I can accomplish my goals and get my degree.
The whole college experince is great on campus lots of people and always tons of things to do however parking is the worst part about it.
College itself was hard to transfer into from being a high school student, but UC made it easier to feel at home. All the homework and exams came fast but that's normal apparently. Welcome weekend really helped my transition because it kept me from being depressed in my dorm while missing home. The only thing I would change is to have more events to bring everyone together with diverse backgrounds and cultures, this would make my school 1000x better than all the other schools around the country.
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The University of Cincinnati is a small, tight knit school on a beautiful campus. The majority of classes are relatively small, the professors are reachable, the food is good, and the university has many safety programs installed for the benefit of the students. I would love to see more up to date dorm living, but the social scene within the majority of the dorms definitely makes the housing worth it.
Cincinnati has an amazing Co-op program that allows most majors to set up work during college and allows students to make connections with companies making it easier to find work after graduation.
I absolutely love it here! I love feeling academically challenged, and with the great professors and intriguing classes, I experience that everyday. I have made the best friends of my life and over the weekends, there are always plenty of things to do, whether we want to go out and party or stay in and chill. The students here are very kind and give the campus positive vibes. The local area around the school can be unsafe, but if you're traveling in a group, you'll be fine. There are various options for both on and off campus housing, all of which accommodate to those living there in the best way possible. Campus food is usually above average, however, at Center Court there are days where nothing is appetizing, but that's typical of any college campus. Overall the University of Cincinnati is a great school and my experience here so far has been one that I'll appreciate forever- I can't wait for what the next few years have in store for me!
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