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I’m so glad that I decided to transfer to the university of Cincinnati. I’m able to keep my full time job and I’m able to attend college courses online without hassle.
I enjoyed meeting staff and students they made the application process very easy. The university has a great repretation of supporting their students. I look forward to becoming a bear cat.
UC is awesome! DAAP is an amazing program for anyone wanting to go into a field of art or design. They really prepare you for the real world.
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UC is a great school and I have learned a lot. Sometimes I wish it was easier to get into contact with professors and researchers!
I like the RA position, study abroad program and that there's stiff to do around campus. Neighborhood safety needs to be worked on though
I am a current graduate student at the University of Cincinnati! All my courses are online, and I have been super impressed with how well done a 100% online program has been put together. The notes are given in lecture form, so you still get the same experience that you would get in a seated class. (Other than the interaction, of course) Study sessions and web seminars are provided frequently for that interaction though. Overall, I would rate my experience so far as five stars!
The University of Cincinnati is overall a great college. Most professors are great, the campus is nice, the food isn't bad, and it is such a wonderful and diverse campus.
The University of Cincinnati is a great school. The diversity is incredible and everyone has an opportunity to fit in. The campus is compact, but not limited. You can walk the entire main campus within 10-15 minutes. The school has a very good safety system with a call button that is within site every place on campus. If you hit this button, security will be at your location within 60 seconds. There is also an unlimited amount of student involvement if you wish. There are always events held that welcome anyone and everyone.
The University has a very nice campus and on campus living gives you at home feel. The only thing that I don't enjoy is some of the professors but, I imagine that happens everywhere.
I love going to UC. This school has great academics and social aspects. Greek life isn't as big of a deal compared to other schools but I'm in greek life and it's still great.
The campus is compact and very community based. The professors (especially at the design school) are wonderful, but the school has very few opportunities for financial help.
The University of Cincinnati allows students to get hands on experience unlike any other college. Take a semester off and complete a paid co-op/internship. It looks great on a resume!
Poor alumni network and industry relations. Master of Science students are forced to stay in school for 3-4 years before professors let them graduate. Career development services in almost nil for grad students. Sadistic and egoistic academic advisors. I have suffered a lot of psychological torment over the course of 4 years (MS students in other universities graduate within 2 years) because of my professor's bad attitude, insults and whims. Worst part is that you have no one to complain to since professors wield a lot of power over MS students.
Aside from the advisors and the financial aid department, it's great. there are opportunities here that students cannot get anywhere else.
I have had a great experience in the past 2 years. I have had great professors in the nursing program.
My best memories are I was in college are on my Senior year are

Working with University of Cincinnati IMG Of Bearcats Sports Marketing as I was there Professional Photographer and Social Media.

I was working with University of Cincinnati Cheerleading and I was a Professional Photographer and Social Media.

VIP for University of Cincinnati Football as Professional Photographer and Social Media.

I wish I be a Team Member/ Cheer and Dance Photographer
The University of Cincinnati is a fantastic school with many opportunities. This is my second enrollment at the University of Cincinnati and have only one thing that I wish was different. The cost of education is preventing me from continuing with my courses.
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Overall experience with the university is pretty great. However, the academic advisers are often overloaded with work which can lead to problems with your schedule and difficulty meeting them at convenient times.
I think the University of Cincinnati has a lot to offer, for example, many majors, dorms, career opprotunities, and fun things to do around the campus
UC has multiple programs that attract a diverse crowd, differing in mindset, educational background, interests, and personality. The colleges and university are liberal in mindset, have recently designated themselves as tobacco-free campuses, offer multiple student housing opportunities, offer payment plans, and have professors who are always ready to help when asked. The Blue Ash campus even has free tutoring in the their writing and math labs (which helped me pass statistics)! I completed my undergraduate degree at UC and I plan to go back to complete my graduate degree. It is close to home and affordable.
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