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Professors really care! There are many things set up to help you succeed, like free peer tutoring and writing center! Campus felt very urban and different from home which helped me grow in many ways!
I start Master of Biostatistics in college of Medicine Department of Health Environments, that was wonderful experience.
There are tons of programs to choose from! Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate. The people on campus are very friendly and always ready to help. The amount of food options is also pretty great as well as the number of places you can go to study.
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I like that most of my professors show a genuine interest in my learning and want to see me succeed. However, I have seen too many times money being poured into athletics meaning there is not enough money for proper academic opportunity.
I have began my first year at University of Cincinnati. I am a transfer student entering my Junior year in Substance Abuse Counseling The experience so far has been great. The professors are very compassionate.
I really have enjoyed my time at UC. They have mandatory meetings with your advisors to get you on plan to graduate, as well as are very prompt in communicating with you and their responses. This is very uncommon for other experiences I have had with other universities.
The University of Cincinnati is a safe and fun school. The school is diverse and had plenty of opportunities for everyone. There is an abundance of campus involvment activities.
Excellent at aiding students with finding professional contacts and plans post graduation. Individual programs are excellent, such as at DAAP, CCM, etc., but I hear the classes are significantly less personal for larger majors, as the classes are huge lectures.
I went to this school when I was in freshman year. The whole academic curriculum in this school provides bad treatment to students. I graduated this school, but I have not getting job yet.
Probably the number one college for engineering students. Having invented the co-op program, they have perfected the system, guaranteeing great success for the student's futures. Being a student here gives me great pleasure and honor. I love the atmosphere. While there are places for improvement, most of them are just general college student complaints. Overall, a happy vibe.
I love UC. The academics are the right amount of challenging and interesting, campus is stunning, and the memories, friends, and experiences I have had are amazing.
Great undergrad experience! I lived in a dorm my freshman year and off campus in houses and apartments the following years. College vibe mixed with a city vibe was just what I needed! I am attending graduate school there as well because I know the DAAP program is excellent and the professors are highly trained and well-respected.
So much diversity! Everywhere you go there are new faces. You have so much to learn from everyone there. Each individual is so unique, you rarely hear the same thing twice. The campus is a nice size. Not too big but also not small. It is also very easy to navigate. There are pretty nice restaurants within walking distance and even more within a 10-minute drive. CCM is very pretty, and people are VERY welcoming there.
The university is big and beautifully built. I like the diversity and the architecture of the school. I also like that most professors are professional and good at teaching. I think that every thing is pretty decent. However, the garage permits are very expensive and the equipment for the labs are old. Basically, if they pay more attention to buying new equipment than building pretty buildings, it may drive more students to stay local!
It’s Home. A family of support systems and reassurance. I am thriving beyond what I expected a year ago. There have been some ups and downs but the University was always there for me. Altogether, the serenity of safety continues to drive my education and social life. A school so big still makes me feel like one in a million. They take the time to make sure that my education is their number one priority even when they are making sure everyone else is alright. I am extremely grateful of this school and all that it allows me to do.
I love the University of Cincinnati. It was the best decision I could've made for myself. The location is just perfect. It is located in Clifton which is a very nice area for college kids to be in. The professors are very nice and easy to talk too. We have a lot of resources to help us when we are in need of them.
University of Cincinnati is a great school- the regional campuses are outstanding and the professors are among the best. Student/Faculty safety are a huge priority as is keeping tuition affordable for students.
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After attending the University of Cincinnati for about 2 years now in pursuit of a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, I have learned that UC is what you make it. There are many activities and fun events that go on every week at UC that are fun to participate in. There are also many tools and resources that are available to all students that can help you achieve your desired goal in life. UC is a very broad and big college that suits anyone that is still undecided on their career path. I would recommend UC to anyone who is looking for a Excellent engineering college that is both hard and rewarding. I would also recommend UC to anyone who is looking to create memories and great friends along the way. Like I said, UC is what you make it, and that is what's so great about it.
I absolutely love the University of Cincinnati. The area is a little rough but there are lots of ways to get involved. There are a lot of greek opportunities and clubs to join.
My family went to the University of Cincinnati. I am currently looking into it as one of my possible college choices.
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