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UC Clermont is a great stepping stone towards a bachelor's degree or wherever your college career may take you. The small classes are extremely helpful because you feel a connection with your professors - who are always more than happy to help you with whatever you need! Everyone at UCC is very nice and helpful, and they truly want all of their students to succeed!
My first few years at the University of Cincinnati Clermont are fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing about it except having more places to eat rather than the SubWay that is there, however.
The University of Cincinnati Clermont is an amazing college for a student who wants to feel very important to the staff and wants to be known as an individual instead of being just a number in a largely populated school. The staff cares about you and will help in any way possible. Its small and cozy and is a very comfortable place to get an education.
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All of the staff really want all of the students to succeed. They try to give every student all the resources they can to help
I had a really wonderful experience earning my education here, it's a quiet non-party regional campus.
Being on this campus is amazing. It is small but bustling with activity and very inclusive. The professors and students are friendly. Since it is a small campus, the sports and student life is very minimal outside of the class schedule.
I love the opportunity to succeed in all of my courses. Professors go above and beyond to see you not only pass, but exceed expectations.
The university of Cincinnati is an amazing school! All the professors are so helpful including your academic advisors. I feel as if everyone here cares about you and wants to see you become successful after graduation.
I really enjoyed that UC Clermont was a small campus that had very sweet and down-to-earth individuals everywhere you turned. UC Clermont was my first college experience and I could not have asked for a better experience. The only thing I would change would be to put in more lights for night class students to enhance the feeling of safety when walking to their cars after class.
I loved how small it was, but it felt more focused on older adults trying to get a second chance at a career rather than the fresh out of high school crowd.
University of Cincinnati - Clermont is a branch campus of University of Cincinnati. Located in Batavia, this campus provides students with low cost tuition and a flexible class schedule. The staff is very understanding of different circumstances and are very willing to work with each individual student. Small class sizes allow professors to spend more time with each student.
One thing I love about Clermont college is the smaller campus and smaller class sizes. This allows the professor to interact more with the students and create a more personal environment to help with studies. The teachers at Clermont care about the students and overall it is a great campus and college all together. Highly recommend!!
This school is the best if you are looking for a small town feel. I feel welcomed by teachers and administrators. I feel like I am getting a great education. Plus, I can get my 4 year, all at a community college! I love it here!
University of Cincinnati Clermont College is an awesome college to start out at. It has a good amount of programs. The classes were awesome and so were the instructors. You really feel like you are cared for at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. They also make it very easy to transfer from Clermont College to the University of Cincinnati Clifton campus (Main Campus).
UCC is a great college to start at. The size of the college is about 3,500 students, and each class has a maximum of 30 students. For the first few years, it is a great college to be at. The value is great, and I am looking forward to continuing on to pursue my career here.
I like the classes that I am in they are easy to handle and not that stressful.
My degree that I will receive will be the same as getting it from the University of Cincinnati.
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We have an okay security, police officers and a lot of cameras I don't think anything will happen.
The sports at my school is okay, people attend the games and stuff but our main campus gets the most attention. University of Cincinnati is the main campus and are very known for their sports so a lot of people just attend their games and really show school spirit for them.
I like my school because it is a small campus, my classes are small and its very easy to focus. I don't get distracted easy and with the small classes, its easy to ask for help and get the amount of time I need to be helped.
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