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I have just recently completed my two years at the Blue Ash campus. I absolutely enjoyed studying there for many reasons. Firstly, the tuition is much less than the main campus. It is a no-brainer to complete pre -requisites at a cheaper price if the opportunity is there. In addition, the professors are amazing. The class sizes are small which makes it easy to make a relationship with the instructor. Secondly, there are many helpful labs that can certainly help if a student finds that they are struggling. Lastly, the advisors and onestop are there every step of the way as a student is ready to transition to main campus. UCBA provides an atmosphere that is welcoming and allows students to feel productive and supported. I am so grateful that I chose to save myself some money and still receive my education.
I transferred for Sinclair Community College, to UCBA. I loved the small class sizes and the resources you can use to help study better.
I love the small class sizes. All of my professors know me and notice my academic achievements. They are always very helpful and happy to answer questions. The campus is very small, so walking between buildings doesn't take long, which is especially nice in the winter. I genuinely enjoy my classes and my learning experience.
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UC Blue Ash has been a great college for this non-traditional student. I would recommend it to anyone. They offer night classes that make it easy to complete my degree program while holding a full time day job.
I love the staff everyone is helpful. The students are even more friendly the environment is amazing.
It has been a good transfer from high school to college. the professors are very helpful when needing help with the class work.
It's a great college, however there are some classes that could be taught better. It really just depends on who your professor is. Over all, great school.
I think the school does really well with the handling of the course material and provides an environment for everyone to learn effectively.
My experience at UC Blue Ash has been tough but well worth it. I use the word tough because balancing school with financial problems is hard.UC Blue Ash made all the struggle worth it because you can feel the compassion from the staff and faculty and know that they care. The Classes are a reasonable size so you get to have one on one time with your professor.UC Blue Ash is helpful when it comes to providing resources.On campus,There are writing labs,science labs,and foreign language labs that help you in your course.The tutors in the lab are extremely helpful.I Found myself using the science lab a lot this semester because I was falling behind in Chemistry.Thanks to the tutors in the science lab, I was able to get caught back up in the class. UC Blue Ash is an excellent campus and its a place where you can succeed. Coming to college from high school,I would have never thought I would be going to a small college so close to home.I'm glad I made the decision to attend UC Blue Ash
Love the close nit feeling. Professors seem to really care about the success of students and the well being of each of them.
It's more focused on smaller classes which makes it easier to focus and learn new things. I wish that they had seasonal employers for the One-stop center because it's really hard to get a hold of a representative in the beginning of a new semester.
I like the feel and ability to personally be able to get to know all of your professors. Also the space and room available to work on things while your on campus.
I recently completed my first semester at UC Blue Ash, at it overall has been an enjoyable experience. The majority of the professors are very helpful, and there are many resource labs and workshops available to help you succeed. I like the small class sizes, and community-like feel.
This college is perfect for me. Small class sizes and personable professors. I'm very excited to get into the vet tech program after I do all my prerequisites.
Class sizes and professors are very willing to help students one on one. The campus has learning labs for students to study, work on assignments, and collaborate with other students. These labs typically have one or two professors and at least one student tutor available. With in the past 3 years the campus has undergone renovation to accommodate the growing student population and add more study spaces.
Many of the academic programs at this campus are associate degrees, but there have been recent additions of bachelor programs.
UCBA is a beautiful campus with some of the world's best professors. It is close to home (my home in Mason) and I don't have to commute very far or spend hundreds on a dorm downtown, where main campus is much more expensive anyway. The one thing I wish would change is how students treat the campus. UCBA is trying to address this, but students will litter, clog the toilets, put their gum under the desks, etc. Sure, this does not happen very often, but it does and that upsets me.
The class size is small so you get more of a one on one feel than that of a larger campus. The staff is friendly and the students feel just like highschool.
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So far my College experience has been great. I especially like my teachers. My Major is Mortuary Science. Although my school is reasonable in fees I am trying to pay for all my classes and books by myself. I pray that it will work out because I love being part of UC!
So far I only have positive experience, the help I get from everyone is great, the one stop office staff for financial aid they are amazing.
I wish they could offer more language courses that I want to learn. I also wish they offer more study abroad opportunities like UC main because here there's only two.
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