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University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College Reviews

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University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College is the cheaper alternative to take smaller classes before making a huge transition to the main campus after 2 years. It’s an amazing regional college with great opportunities for students to succeed.
I love that there is support so many professions around to help us through the semester, it is a safe environment and what I like to see a change is to the cafe
The University of Cincinnati is a very diverse campus. There are many opportunities and flexibility in hours for classes. The campus is beautiful in the neighborhood that surrounds it, is exceptional.
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I want to apply to this school because it has all the factors i want in a college. Its less expensive then most, it is close to my home, and it has the programs i want. Also, the visits I've had to the college showed me how safe and friendly the college is. I look forward to attending.
Very nice campus with good professors. I would like to see the current renovations finished and more renovations to come!
I love UCBA so much! All my professors have been amazing and super helpful in making sure I succeed. The one thing I would like to see change is the way they process FAFSA, it need to be done with a quicker manner as I and many other students are still waiting on financial aid and it is now November and the semester is almost over.
Nice environment. The staff is wonderful. What I like the most is that they thry to involve everyone when in events.
With just starting out as a freshman as UCBA I have learned to walk out of my comfort zone and truly experience all that UCBA provides! Its absolutely beautiful here and more of a smaller campus which is awesome! The people and teachers here are very genuine and kind!
I have yet to start UCBA, but I will in spring 19. I am transferring from CSU, and HBCU that is located in Ohio as well.
I love every professor and advisor I had here and I couldn’t have asked for a better education. Well diverse student body and great party school. Definitely recommended!
UC Blue Ash is a good college choice, only 15 minutes away from main campus it offers benefits and you are very well still an UC student
Great college. Campus is only a few buildings and is in a great location. Most students live near the college and I found the staff to be helpful and great teachers for the most part. Specifically recommend Mark Fritz for Chemistry and Amy Gultice for Intro to Pharmacology.
Comfortable class size. Instructors who want to see the students succeed.. Clean, friendly safe suburban campus.
All the professors and admissions staff were very helpful in getting me ready to go for the first day of school coming at the end of August. I am very excited to start school here.
My grandpa, mom, dad, and sister attended University of Cincinnati, so I had pretty high expectations entering my freshman year. I was not let down by any means. The amount of support and encouragement UCBA provides its student body is impressive considering it is a relatively small campus. Not once have I felt alone in my academic journey because my professors and dean constantly remind me and my classmates of the numerous opportunities we can take advantage of to gain the help we need to succeed in our classes. Lastly, coming from a basically all-white school, I can really appreciate the diversity of the students. I love my college!
Im actually attending UCBA as a first time student and I absolutely love it. I LOVE the campus, student housing at Main campus for UCBA students and the tuition rates as well and much more! What i dislike and feel like can change with the school is how I feel lonely as an incoming student for the fall semester. School is right around the corner for me and I dont feel like much is being explained... Just emails on things that I am unaware about... off guard about ...and also things im beginning to panic about as the summer continues and walking in as a first time student. Ive never been to college, so I hate that I just dont know how everything works. I feel like alot of the students would understand much of what is going on if more effort of communication by mobile device was put into place, Rather than by email. Emails are very helpful, but I also have questions too, that I would love to be answered at the time of the emails.
As a graphic design major my experience was very different from every other major in the school. We had our classes in an old school house down the road which offered privacy and kept us to our own major. The teachers in my major know what they are doing and how to teach it efficiently. They want to see you succeed and try very hard to help you understand the material.
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I have just recently completed my two years at the Blue Ash campus. I absolutely enjoyed studying there for many reasons. Firstly, the tuition is much less than the main campus. It is a no-brainer to complete pre -requisites at a cheaper price if the opportunity is there. In addition, the professors are amazing. The class sizes are small which makes it easy to make a relationship with the instructor. Secondly, there are many helpful labs that can certainly help if a student finds that they are struggling. Lastly, the advisors and onestop are there every step of the way as a student is ready to transition to main campus. UCBA provides an atmosphere that is welcoming and allows students to feel productive and supported. I am so grateful that I chose to save myself some money and still receive my education.
I transferred for Sinclair Community College, to UCBA. I loved the small class sizes and the resources you can use to help study better.
I love the small class sizes. All of my professors know me and notice my academic achievements. They are always very helpful and happy to answer questions. The campus is very small, so walking between buildings doesn't take long, which is especially nice in the winter. I genuinely enjoy my classes and my learning experience.
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