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University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College Reviews

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University of Cincinnati is a great school! attending UC BA is a great way to save money while still being a university of Cincinnati student. the smaller class sizes here at UC BA are great for those who need more help in their classes. the teachers here are great and are always happy to help those that need it.
I like that most professors have extensive knowledge in the area of study they teach. The college also offers guidance through the academic advising department, and there are labs in every department that are staffed with graduate students to offer one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance.
Have only been to tour, was very satisfied touring and would really enjoy to go there for Dental Hygiene. The campus is small, so the teacher's teaching is more directed to you. You will be able to be helped more because of the small classes. The building is very nice.
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My experience with the professors and other fellow students is amazing this place is a possible five stars! the only thing I would change about this school is the onestop service center, I do not feel helped by them at all, it seems as if they do not know what is going on just as much as myself. Professors have been nothing but kind and helpful, everyone here is very nice and the campus is beautiful lots of healthy grass and trees, you can hear the birds chirping and the students hard at studying!
My first year at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash was a great first year. My first year allowed me to meet a lot of new people from different areas of the word. It was a unique experience and i had a lot of fun.
In every aspect of my life I find a way to discover something new and exciting that can make my life a little better. I have raised two wonderful adult daughters and they are encouraging me to follow my dream that I had before I was a single mother of becoming a nurse. Every day I learn something new at UC Blue Ash every day.
overall I have had a great experience at the uc blue ash campus and main campus. my advisers were nice and we able to help me out with financial aid problems also with my scheduling. the teachers I have had so far were good they knew how to keep students focus on the topics.
Great way to get your foot in the door with your education. Caring faculty and academic challenge for those who work hard.
I like the safe atmosphere with sidewalks, trees, and a green yard. I enjoy the study spaces and the neat library that you can rent textbooks from. The bookstore is also a great place for a snack to study with. I love having all my program laid out for me that makes each semester goal more obtainable. Ever professor really cares about the students' success in his/her classes and are willing to help everyone, wether it be in class, office hours, and even out of class.
My time at UCBA was inequitably poor. There was no source of help navigating my major and the opportunities I could have had. I also had no source of connecting with my peers. The campus is cold and unwelcoming and the staff, for the most part, were unhelpful and negligent. There seemed to be no urgency in helping students with questions. I wish this campus was friendlier to those who couldn't take on an on-campus experience.
University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash is an amazing experience. Even though you are not on main campus Blue Ash makes main campus very accessible, and partners incredible well together. Also, because Blue Ash does not have housing on campus you are able to stay on Main Campus which integrates you with a lot of people. Since Blue Ash is a smaller campus the variety of choices of when classes are held can be conflicting. The faculty is outstanding, always doing their best to accommodate to you. My experienece has been amazing so far.
Going into my freshman year of college, I was pretty nervous. After the first few days I already felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! UC Blue Ash is an amazing facility and really helped me excel in my first year. The class sizes are small so you can actually build a relationship with the professors. I never felt dumb asking questions because the professors were all really helpful. All of the labs and help centers are really great if you are struggling. I am excited to go back for year two!
My Dad works for the main Campus and the administrative office was very helpful when trying to figure out the free tuition stuff. even though we didn't end up using it in the end.
it's great because in UC blue ash for the student the have many major for the newly student who are looking forward for their future , student who are looking for their future to be brighten up teacher and other concile helps them to get to where they want , there is no rush for student ,
Great regional school, good student teacher ratio, clean diverse environment

Strong academics, easily accesible
I’m a freshman at University of Cincinnati Blueash and so far I love it. It’s so diverse so your always going to meet new people and make new friends. The professors there are really kind and helpful, their always willing to stay back after class to answer any questions you may have. There is a ton of programs and job opportunities there, you’ll never be bored going to UC because there’s always something for you to do.
My favorite thing about attending UC Blue Ash are the friendly and helpful professors. They all have showed they care and are very friendly. Also, their lectures are good and understanding.
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All of my professors have gone above and beyond to help students who need it. With the classes being small, it makes it easier for the professors to give more of their attention to the students who need it most.
I've geniunely really enjoyed my time spent at UC Blue Ash. I think going to this campus gives you really good return on investment. You're saving a lot of money here compared to the main campus and you're getting just as good of an education. All of the professors that I've had here have been great and understanding. I feel like you get to know the professors more because of the smaller class sizes. You get all the resources that Clifton students do. The social scene is different since everyone is commuting from somewhere, but there are lots of outgoing and friendly people on campus and I find the social atmosphere very welcoming. If you can take classes here, I really recommend it.
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College is the cheaper alternative to take smaller classes before making a huge transition to the main campus after 2 years. It’s an amazing regional college with great opportunities for students to succeed.
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