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Online learning at UChicago has of course been challenging, but I am grateful because my friends and I have definitely bonded even thousands of miles away. I think there is just that certain aspect of academic life here that draws people closer.

Professors have very accommodating, learning has transitioned well, and Zoom lectures still keep me engaged. One thing to note is that I think the difficulty has remained constant, which may be good or bad depending on your prospective.
I think the best thing that comes to my mind is the people at the school. There is always an opportunity to strike up a conversation, and it's amazing to meet people from all over the world from Day 1!

For prospective students, I would definitely like to clarify some concerns that even I had when I was applying. Campus life I can say is DEFINITELY improving. The new dorms and buildings are just beautiful, the food I feel like has been of consistent quality (pretty great in my opinion), and the party scene is there (not huge of course) if you want it. I think the response from students is driving these changes, especially in regard to mental health services and sustainability. The hype around academics is is hard! But also incredibly rewarding!!

One score that puzzled me was campus safety. For me, I have never felt "unsafe" on campus, including late at night. There are guards on nearly every block and even more blue lights. I feel the concerns via safety are undeserved.
My favorite part of UChicago is definitely its academics -- students are constantly encouraged to debate, rethink, and most importantly, listen. I was able to take a graduate student course as a first-year, and was amazed by the level of respectful and intellectual discussion that was possible! Students and professors alike are motivated, caring, and inclusive, and there's a strong sense of community everywhere you go, from the UCPD officer on the street corner to the dining hall staff. There's truly something for everyone, from Student Action to University Theater to Circus Club to Greek life. Regardless of extracurricular interests, however, there's an undeniable bond in the love of learning and open-mindedness that ties everyone in UChicago together.
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Despite the abrupt shift to online learning, my professors adapted their courses to a remote format seamlessly, making use of recorded lectures and Zoom breakout rooms to facilitate learning. By far the most important thing was that staff and professors were all aware that for a lot of us, school was the last thing on our mind with all that was going on in our communities and world. My professors, across the Biology, Art History, and Spanish departments, were all incredibly understanding and accommodating and went out of their way to ensure that students were doing okay beyond academics.
The College is a great place to expand your knowledge, however it is a bit polarizing. Depending on your major and your engagement with the Housing system you may find that you're lonely or surrounded by pirhanas for classmates. However, I have not found the college this way. I've loved every *very hard* moment there and I strongly wish I was there right now and not noticing a terrifying spider on my wall. Thanks Corona.

- Final Note: Financial Aid is very generous, everyone whose families earn under 125K/year get full tuition and below 90k gives you a host of benefits and half your room/board covered. So don't be scared off by the price!
Wonderful teachers, students, and facilities. An intellectual environment second to none. A jewel amongst American universities.
Attending UChicago is like falling down a tree except instead of hitting branches you hit knowledge.
I loved the commitment to intellectual rigor and how the school allowed students to prioritize theory. The location in Chicago is not the best because the university acts like an (white, affluent) enclave in the middle of majority black and brown neighborhoods. I do think that the prioritization of theory can have some downsides, especially for those who graduated in the humanities and social sciences.
U of C has a huge library, tasty coffee shops and amazing professors. People like to say that UChicago is where fun comes to die, but the student life and fun is found in things like Moda fashion shows and other super interesting student groups. There actually are parties here because of Greek life. The campus is beautiful and nice to walk around.
Love the diversity of thought and the freedom to express them. The core really focuses on interdisciplinary learning, and I recommend it to anyone who would want to experience learning about various disciplines (or to anyone who is undecided about their major!)
University of Chicago is an excellent university. It has an international accredited study abroad program and amazing research opportunities.
A challenging academic environment, but with a lot of helpful professors and teaching assistants. The campus is beautiful, and accessible to the city, and there's always a lot to do around the school. Dorms are a bit old fashioned, but very cozy, and the house culture at Snell-Hitchcock is amazing. There is also a lot of support from career and academic advising, as well as a lot of resources to help students.
The University of Chicago is the forefront of innovation, sparking creative/curious thought processes within students.
This is the place for the intellectually curious, for the smartest nerds in the world to solve problems together, and the place for the quirky geeks that want to head into academia or wall street.
I loved every single thing about this place! Excellent academics, great student body, a nice neighborhood that is close to the city. I wouldn't change a thing except developing the surrounding area more.
I could not be happier with my Chicago education. I have found that the dividends and rewards only increase with time; it left me with the ability to think critically - to separate truth from fiction, to understand others' reasoning, to contemplate ways to separate and attack problems - a skill that is proving invaluable in my career. I'm a recent graduate, and I found that the academics were unparalleled and that I met amazing amazing people at the school - my closest friends are all fellow Chicago alums who are now around the globe pursuing their interests and passions to the highest level.
Pretty expensive but overall a good environment for people who want a challenge in college. Not just for one type of person, and you can definitely find your fit.
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There are only two downsides of my UChicago experience so far: the weather and the cost of attendance. Otherwise, it's a fantastic school. There's so many opportunities available to students and every person I've met has had something interesting about them. Of course, there's a heavy workload but it makes you grow so much intellectually. I've learned and absorbed more in the past year than in the ten before it.
The University of Chicago has an incredibly welcoming and yet challenging atmosphere that is unlike any other. The Core Curriculum introduces truly applicable frameworks for critical thinking that can the applied in a diverse curriculum. At UChicago you can attend your Physics lecture in the morning, work on your film project until you participate in a religious discussion in the afternoon and rehearse with your traditional African music group in the evening. In spite of the lack of affordability, UChicago does offer various ways of financing, including generous financial aid and merit-based scholarships. However, Uchicago is not need bling to international applicants, which is likely to discourage low-income international students to apply.
The University of Chicago prepares you to be successful. You are taught by world recognized researchers, and connected to the city of Chicago. It has a long history of excellence
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