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Pretty expensive but overall a good environment for people who want a challenge in college. Not just for one type of person, and you can definitely find your fit.
There are only two downsides of my UChicago experience so far: the weather and the cost of attendance. Otherwise, it's a fantastic school. There's so many opportunities available to students and every person I've met has had something interesting about them. Of course, there's a heavy workload but it makes you grow so much intellectually. I've learned and absorbed more in the past year than in the ten before it.
Liked: the school is not focused on athletics at all, which is great because I've heard that some schools are centered around their teams; not a huge party school but there are parties hosted by frats on the weekends (good if you're not interested in the party scene)
Disliked: there's not a lot to do in the local area (there's just MSI, a bowling alley, a small theater, pathetically small Target, a couple of restaurants), so you're gonna have to go into the city; dining hall food will decline over the course of the year
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The University of Chicago has an incredibly welcoming and yet challenging atmosphere that is unlike any other. The Core Curriculum introduces truly applicable frameworks for critical thinking that can the applied in a diverse curriculum. At UChicago you can attend your Physics lecture in the morning, work on your film project until you participate in a religious discussion in the afternoon and rehearse with your traditional African music group in the evening. In spite of the lack of affordability, UChicago does offer various ways of financing, including generous financial aid and merit-based scholarships. However, Uchicago is not need bling to international applicants, which is likely to discourage low-income international students to apply.
I’m about to start my first year but just from visiting the campus back in April I could envision myself attending the school. Uchicago is the epitome of socioeconomic and ethnic diversity. The academia is one of the best in the country and the school provides amazing financial aid!
The University of Chicago prepares you to be successful. You are taught by world recognized researchers, and connected to the city of Chicago. It has a long history of excellence
Love it here, just surround yourself with positive people.
It is very important to find clubs and activities that get you out of the books and into the world.
Very rigorous study environment that demands a large portion of your time, and they do not do a very good job of steering you in the proper direction to do whatever you wish to do after graduating. There are plenty of very good, average, and very bad professor's so it is more so about asking other students who the right professors to take are.
Situated at Hyde Park, an already openly diverse neighborhood, the University of Chicago provides a unique environment which consists of a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. The University offers an array of programs and activities for various subjects and fields. The architectural work on each campus is breathtakingly beautiful. Everyone is welcoming and respectful of each other. Enrolling at The University of Chicago will give you the best experience ever and you will find yourself craving for more.
The University of Chicago is an incredibly difficult place to attend school. You will be pushed to your limit in almost every way. However, after 2 years I have become a firm believer that this kind of pressure is absolutely necessary to reach the next level. UChicago heavily emphasizes the need to think critically and independently, and for this reason graduates are successful everywhere they go. If you have a burning passion to improve yourself as a person, UofC is absolutely the place to be.
A great experience! Definitely rigorous and not for the faint of heart. Academically excellent, fantastic research opportunities, diverse, professors are amazing. I participate in varsity sports and it's a great community. The surrounding City is amazing...tons to do.
I love the University of Chicago for it's intense curriculum that is focused on excellence and critical thinking. However, the University could do a better job of providing graduate student housing.
All around great school, definitely don't come here unless you're willing to put in the work. Not the best social scene/athletics, but the professors and peers are unmatched.
Excellent teaching and intellectual community. However, high stress and academic demand. You can feel it in the community.
Quarter system is making it difficult to get a job. I feel ashamed every day to be a part of a community that hires its own police force to police and harass the residents of the south side. No real diversity on campus, and black people on campus are often harassed and arrested by the UCPD in their attempt to seal campus off from the rest of Chicago. I've spent the last week unable to get basic healthcare on my University insurance, and begging various job opportunities to accept me even though I graduate in June and am on the quarter system. There are definitely some smart people here, and I enjoy a lot of my classes, but this place is a hotbed of depression, suicide, racism, and elitist morons. The only reason I would come here is if you are interested in academic research, know you want to go straight to PhD, and got a full ride. If I could do it again I would have gone to UMASS.
So many research opportunities and career paths the school offers and Chicago State has a good faculty, staff and choices for food.
The academics here are incredible. You are able to have access to some great educators and resources because of the wealth and connections at the school. However, the social life here is lacking. There is also a weird culture because of how many privileged people attend this school - everyone is always networking.
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I really liked how supportive the community was. I also like how everything in the city feels accessible, and I am also getting a quality education.
I loved the way everyone on campus is because they are so nice and helpful. I had an overnight stay on the campus and it was so beautiful and the students helped each other with work. I also liked this because I can get help from other students.
Food's good. Don't even go here. I only go here because my great grandfather donated what would be $30 million to this college back in the 60s.