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The University of Chicago has so far provided me with an incredible undergraduate experience. While extremely difficult, my course load has been fulfilling and valuable. It certainly is not for everyone, but UChicago is an amazing institution.
A really prestigious institution. The education provided here is one of the best in the world and really prepares the students to succeed in life.
U of C, with its competitive environment has pushed me to become a better student. Reaching out for help has never been an issue, and everyone here, faculty, staff, and students, is very friendly and welcoming.
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The University of Chicago is a very rigorous school, and not all people make it through the intensity. But it is very rewarding and it is possible to have a lot of fun like I did.
This is an amazing school. Be warned academics are taking very seriously so don't expect to coast. Really good return on investment since there are plenty of internship opportunities.
Strong academic institution that will really push you to expand your knowledge boundaries. However, sometimes the college courses are unnecessarily difficult and the quarter system makes it hard for those who fall behind to catch up.
As a high school student, this university has provided my friends and I with various opportunities and summer programs. The facility is beautiful, and the environment is very friendly, open, and diverse.
UChicago is highly challenging but can be really fun if you're down to take all the core classes (which will for sure include a class or two you weren't initially interested in) and won't be set back by the fact that you're gonna learn hardcore theory and will have to figure out the practical aspects on your own. People are usually a lot more weird than in other schools so if you're kinda crazy you can fit in properly if not you'll have to figure out how to live with the mad.
I love the atmosphere of the campus. All the students seem really engaged with their classmates as well as their studies and all the professors I've had enjoy teaching and working with the students here! Love love love it here!
I am very happy with my decision to come to University of Chicago. The school certainly delivers on its reputation for challenging academics, particularly if one takes honors math/sci and "the classic" humanities classes, but it is possible to take less intense classes. The student body is quite varied, but most students are intellectual and mature. Social life options include large frat parties, smaller apartment parties, going to downtown Chicago (easy to do by public transportation), on-campus events. The dorm house system is terrific, at least, my particular house is active, inclusive, and fun.
I'm a female who is very interested in weightlifting. Ratner's good, with a decent amount of equipment, but doesn't have the space needed for ab workouts and additional cardio machines since those currently there are almost always in use. Good number of squat racks. Pretty male dominated. I've also participated in some intramural Volleyball in the Field House and the floor is like a popcorn ceiling - if you go down after a ball, you'll lose skin. Needs to be resurfaced.
UChicago is a beautiful school with incredibly driven students. Everyone is incredibly impressive- it can be intomidsting at times, but it also pushes you to be your best. The University is extremely rigorous but prepares you well for the future.
My experience at UChicago so far has been wonderful! There is such a variety of courses to choose from, and so many interesting majors are available. All of the courses are respectable and worth taking. The professors and TA's are all very experienced in their fields, and are very passionate about what they're teaching. The Core classes are usually taught in lecture halls, but also have classes periods that are broken up into smaller groups (during discussion). Other classes can have as few as five students, like my Yucatec Maya class, which allows students to have awesome conversations with their professors and TA's.
Though I'm only a sophomore, it is already very clear that the university has incredible alumni network, and a group of career advisers that are dedicated to helping students leave UChicago with a job/arrangements. There are tons of great internships available, and plenty of advisers and faculty/staff to help students find opportunities. From what I've been told, graduating with a degree from the University of Chicago is a huge bonus for anyone looking for a job, etc. The school's career services are really top of the line!
The University of Chicago's police force is top tier, and does an excellent job at keeping the campus safe and secure. Not only are there UCPD and CPD patrol cars scattered through campus, but there are also security guards at most of the street corners on campus, as well as plenty of blue lights. The neighborhood surrounding the school does pose its threats, but using common sense and not venturing into the wrong areas at the wrong times speaks volumes. The key is learning how to adapt and co-exist in communities with higher levels of crime, and not letting fear prevent you from exploring Chicago's many gems. Overall, the campus is very, very safe.
College Housing has been a joy so far! The Housing system has proved to be really fun and has provided a lot of opportunities to meet people and make friends. The rooms in South Campus are a nice size, and are pretty modern. It is also easy to get to class, and the dorm is right next to the dining hall, which is awesome, especially in the winter!
I personally am not involved in Greek Life all that much. It isn't really a big part of the UChicago experience, however, Greek parties are widely attended and are usually pretty fun!
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Varsity sports are not a very big part of life at UChicago, but intramural and club sports are cherished, and have very high levels of participation and fan support.
I have really, really enjoyed the University of Chicago so far! There are so many interesting classes, and the professors are without a doubt passionate and experienced in their fields. My school is centered on the idea of "the life of the mind," and encourages students to explore and develop a passion for learning, which is exactly what I love. For example, last year I decided to take Modern Yucatec Maya as a language, just for kicks, and it ended up not only being my favorite class, but also introduced me to a whole new world of opportunities. I actually got to use Maya with native Maya speakers while vacationing in Yucatán this past summer. UChicago is great for so many reasons, but mostly because it creates the perfect environment for students that are curious and eager to learn about anything and everything.
It is helpful, but can be easy to overlook