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I graduated from the UofC in 1975. I have had an amazing career since then; it has been full of adventure, challenge, economic rewards, diversity, travel and fun. My dreams have been 95% fulfilled. I have no doubt that I owe it all to the doors that the UofC have opened for me. My kids have studied at Yale, Harvard Law, Georgetown, LSE and Harvard Ed School. Seeing how my kids have enjoyed to each of these schools, it is clear to me that only Yale measures up.
Great experience! Rigorous yet tangible education that prepared me very well for a career in economics. Might great friends and had great experiences
This is an amazing university beside an amazing city, which I’m sure many are aware of. There is a very diverse and nice community here and I’ve had a great experience so far.
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Love Chicago, great dorm life/house culture, career services are helpful, and professors are helpful & experienced, wish the science core was less intensive
Just over a year ago, I came to UChicago expecting to live the life of the mind--and I have been engrossed in that life ever since. I have learned so much academically, taking classes including Advanced Computational Modeling for Biology, Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Language Development, and Introduction to World Music. I have learned to think, to take risks, to consider questions I wouldn't have otherwise explored. Being at UChicago has also allowed me to immerse myself in the South Side community as my House's Civic Engagement Representative.
Ive had an amazing experience at UChicago. While here though I found the school difficult the lack of competition is truly amazing. Furthermore, the ability to learn from noteworthy faculty, and do research with them, still amazes me.
I loved the campus . They are always friendly to visitors . They also keep everything clean and they make sure you know what you want . the students are always happy to talk to you and or answer your questions. I love the diversity and the acceptance for people who are different.
First I would like to start by saying the staff is so important to any organization because those are the first people you see before you really start classes. They are very helpful to my needs and as well as to others needs they really take the time out to answer any questions that I need answer to and very understanding I recommend anyone going to college to go to this school if you would love customer service and friendly environment this is the place to be.
I work at the University of Chicago. The students and facility are nice and caring. You get to meet a lot of people from all over the world.
What I liked about the University of Chicago was its challenging curriculum known as "Core". It's a very pretentious school with outstanding standards based on academia. The University of Chicago is probably the best school, based on academics, all the whole Midwest region.
University of Chicago gives you a wholesome educational experience due to the core curriculum. However, enrolling in classes is not an enjoyable experience.
I took part in HSF's Leadership Institute at the University of Chicago. I stayed in a single dorm that was neat and well kept. The campus was easy to navigate around and the food was particularly good. I ate at Cathy every day!
So far I have greatly enjoyed my experience at UChicago. The activities, people, and culture of the school is incredible. I have found myself transformed since starting school back in September. I am more engaged, excited, and optimistic about my future endeavors than ever before!
The University of Chicago has so far provided me with an incredible undergraduate experience. While extremely difficult, my course load has been fulfilling and valuable. It certainly is not for everyone, but UChicago is an amazing institution.
A really prestigious institution. The education provided here is one of the best in the world and really prepares the students to succeed in life.
U of C, with its competitive environment has pushed me to become a better student. Reaching out for help has never been an issue, and everyone here, faculty, staff, and students, is very friendly and welcoming.
The University of Chicago is a very rigorous school, and not all people make it through the intensity. But it is very rewarding and it is possible to have a lot of fun like I did.
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This is an amazing school. Be warned academics are taking very seriously so don't expect to coast. Really good return on investment since there are plenty of internship opportunities.
Strong academic institution that will really push you to expand your knowledge boundaries. However, sometimes the college courses are unnecessarily difficult and the quarter system makes it hard for those who fall behind to catch up.
As a high school student, this university has provided my friends and I with various opportunities and summer programs. The facility is beautiful, and the environment is very friendly, open, and diverse.