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I love the diversity on campus and the professors! I would like if the campus had more accessible parking and healthier food options.
I love the university, but was warned in class about a certain ADVISOR. I had my own experience when she intentionally tried to set me up for the wrong courses. She seems to enjoy sabotaging students. She was extremely rude and does the opposite of what she is supposed to be doing for students. If I wasn't warned about her I would have trusted her advice without question. I wish the university would do something about this woman because she seems to really enjoy hurting students. Its this well known problem with students but nothing is done about it. College is hard enough we shouldn't also have to navigate around someone like this.
I enjoyed everything about Central Oklahoma , from the class sizes to the student life. The diversity is also a lovely asset to the University. The only thing I would ever hope changes is the debt students face after attending a 4-year University.
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It is very welcoming and the staff are very helpful when any questions arise about anything, whether it be programs, subject specific, or requirements of projects.
This university is a very welcoming and focused institution that is very much involved with each student to reach their goals. Students and facility express excitement in being part of UCO con-currently and alumni. There is a collective feeling of accomplishment expressed from friends and staff I've talked to which made me enroll and confident I will achieve my goals.
UCO overall has a very enthusiastic student life that makes anyone feel like they are at home. I got the chance to attend a Music day at the campus and it was a very eye opening experience from the campus tour to current students giving me advice on how to move forward.
I love the University of Central Oklahoma because of its ability to make close knit relationships. It’s a lot easier to establish close relationships with fellow classmates as well as professors and it makes your time in college a lot more enjoyable.
UCO is such an amazing school! The class sizes are small enough for one on one time with professors, the campus is beautiful, there are plenty of activities year-round, and countless opportunities to get involved!
UCO has it's positives and it's downfalls. While my experience here has been fulfilling, I find myself wondering about the potential for my education at other schools, considering the areas to which I believe,the University could improve.
My experience at UCO was not great. The food on campus was not very good, the town is pretty small and not many social opportunities. The classes were small, so that was helpful and nice. The professors were ok. I feel like there could have more events on campus to help new students get more acclimated.
I love it 5 plus stars. The campus and everyone on it is awesome. Everyone is so helpful and they are focused on what they are there for.
The University of Central Oklahoma has a very diverse campus and I really like that it gives me a feeling of being included in campus life. I am currently taking upper level classes they are all very challenging but my professors do a job of breaking information down and keeping the classes engaged. Industrial Safety is my major, few colleges actually offer that, but there is a high demand for Safety Professionals. After I receive my degree, I know that I will land a good paying job. The only down part about the campus is the food, they have multiple vendors there but it seems like nothing offered there tastes good.
The University of Central Oklahoma is a great school. It is very safe, diverse, and has many opportunities for students. I would not like to see any changes.
I knew for sure that I really wanted to go to University of Central Oklahoma my senior year of high school. I moved to Oklahoma for my senior year of high school and heard so much about OU and OSU but finally discovered that UCO offered so much more for me since I wanted to become a nurse. Not only does UCO offer outstanding major programs, they are also heavily involved with the Edmond and OKC community, and I really like that.! I'm so glad that I am able to be part of the Central community. I think the best part of the university is the diverse crowd. There's something for every race, culture and religion there.!#GO BRONCHOS!!
UCO has small class sizes and just feels like a close-knit community. You will meet so many new people and have so many opportunities to get involved on campus! The only thing I would like to see change is the lack of parking.
I feel extremely safe here. It feels like home. I just wish there weren't so many fees for every little thing.
I really love the campus and everything about it all together and even though it's big it's really easy to get around. I do wish we have a more selection for eating. Meeting new people is great and it's a judgment free zone.
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My favorite part about UCO is the student life. There are tons of student-run organizations and clubs to join and everyone is so friendly. Being a part of the student life is so simple because everyone is so welcoming and involved I the events on campus. I think this comes from the amount of student because there is a perfect amount- not too many but not too little. The total number of student enrolled also help with class sizes. I enjoy the individualization allowed and values given the number of students and availability of resources. UCO also has a focus on leadership which gives students an opportunity to grow as a person, leader, and in their area of study. Through the STLR program UCO promotes the growth of students by stepping outside of their comfort zone as well as having more than a transcript to show for it after graduation.
I moved from New England all the way to Oklahoma and even being 1600 miles away from home I fit in. The campus is very welcoming and everyone is super nice.
I haven't started college there yet but i've been trying to do summer classes and i've asked lots of questions and they have been very helpful. The campus is clean and the people there are very nice. They have one of the top forensic science schools in the state.
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