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The University of Central Oklahoma has taught me and prepared me for my future. Not only am I well equipped to enter the postgraduate life, I am a better woman, friend and contributor to society because of the experiences that I have gotten at UCO. The intimate sizes of the classrooms gave me one on one time with each of my professors, ensuring that I am retaining all of the information needed. There are so many different organizations to get involved in and so many different people from different walks of life to connect with and learn from. I have enjoyed my time at UCO and couldn't image my college experience any different! Roll Chos!
I'm a currently studying at the University of Central Oklahoma. The environment here is absolutely amazing because it really safe on campus and everyone here are so welcoming new students. The class size is like high school, so students have a better chance to communicate with professor whenever is needed.
What I love about this university is the closeness of it all. The classes are appropriate size and the teachers actually care about you and your learning.One thing I dislike about it is the parking, which they keep adding new parking every year. So it is getting better!
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My overall experience has been incredibly good. The staff is so kind and understanding and their free counseling is so helpful. I’m finally able to get help for my severe anxiety and depression which helps my academic life considerably. There’s nothing I can really think of that UCO doesn’t do to improve.
It has truly been a blessing to attend this school. We have such an open and welcoming community. They seem some how to make everyone literally feel included. I love it. We have drag queen shows, to Black Student Association protesting injustice and unfair treatment in our community on campus. The school believes in our rights to fight the things we see unfair and unfit and allow us to truly be ourselves. Along with outstanding more than willing above and beyond professors who are excited to teach so we are excited to learn. UCO is Oklahoma's best Public University.
The staff is very personable, and the professors are well chosen. In my time here, I've only had one professor that I didn't like.
The best thing about UCO is how welcoming the staff, professors and other students are. The diversity is absolutely amazing. It is incredible to see their young generation and our future leadership, teachers, engineers, etc. working together and setting aside there differences. Not only that but they are using their differences as strengths and learning from one another.
The forensic science program is top notch taught by professors that have years of experience. Some were heads of departments in the FBI. The program is well supported by the school and the community. It even partners with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.
When I first went on campus tour to The University of Central Oklahoma, I loved it. I come from a small high school compare to others around the area and uco was the perfect size for me. It's not as big as ou or osu stillwater but bigger than a community college. My campus tour experience was excellent! I met lots of faculty and current students. Hearing their experience here at this college really convinced me to come here. More importantly they were friendly and well welcomed.
I toured this college in August and was pleasantly surprised in the cleanliness and academic involvement of the students.
I love the atmosphere around here, and the people are very friendly. I am in the Theatre department here, and I love it! The Financial Aid office is hit or miss though.
The University of central Oklahoma is a really great college, I have been there 2 years now and have no regrets in my choice! I am very involved in the school which is why I think I like it so much. I am on the cheerleading squad and also a manager for wrestling. Those two experiences have gave me a place where I fit in perfectly but there is so much more than that that they offer. Their academics are wonderful, and they have a good greek life also. The only thing that I would change about the school is the parking, it is terrible until later in the year when kids stop showing up.
The University of Oklahoma is a great place to learn. Although it may seem intimidating by its size, UCO welcomes you with open arms and help with everything you need to succeed. I wish they would give more affordable housing options.
I love the diversity. I love that all the staff and student body are always open to helping new students out. I love that uco has an app that can be downloaded to i is easier to check your courses and grades, and even to get to your building because they have a hyper link that will be input into your google maps and you can just follow the GPS to get to your classes. They also have stampede week which is a week full of informational booths, so that new/incoming students can get information about all the clubs, sororities and programs they have to offer.
My experience at UCO has been very good. One has the option to study online or in the classroom. I really enjoy the small classroom sizes that are provided because one can really get help from professors if needed. There are tons of activities throughout the year and sporting events, we even have a rowing team that practices at the olympic center down by Bricktown. For food there are lots of options like sushi, chick fil a, tacos, we also have a Starbucks on campus or one can walk to the nearby restaurants just across the main campus. The location in Edmond is fantastic because it is a short drive from anywhere in Oklahoma city. UCO is also one of the cheapest in the state by far. Overall great experience I will be graduating in 2018 and could not have chosen a better University in Oklahoma
The campus is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with the University of Central Oklahoma as soon as I walked through the science building which is top notch! It is by far one of the most unique buildings for science that I have ever seen. The college should be proud of its campus and the students should certainly be proud to be a UCO broncho. I was very impressed with the lake on campus. It certainly adds to the beauty of the campus. The campus is very peaceful and inviting. The staff were all very helpful with all of our needs and concerns. The facilities and grounds were welcoming. A college to be proud of.
This school has opened my eyes to what a good school should feel like. Great campus size, class size and things to do. Parking was the only problem for me with being a commuter. I did meet a lot of great people and professors. I can't wait to start again for finish my degree
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What I like about this college is that you can be yourself and not be judged. They are very accepting and interactive with the students that are here and are always willing to lend a helping hand
UCO is an awesome university that is clean, affordable, and in touch with its community. The professors and campus services really help prepare and help you earn a career job by the time you graduate. Also, the friendly staff, students, and faculty make UCO great.
As a non-traditional student I am often not catered to like the traditional student. It is hard to find evening classes that fit in with the average 40 hour work week.
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