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University of Central Oklahoma is a very pretty school. I know a lot of people who attend this school and it is very clean and well organized. The professors are very organized also. The campus seems clean but one issue is I didn't see any security when I went to visit.
I like the diversity of UCO, there is a lot of people you can get to know and the campus is beautiful. Also, there is a lot of stuff to do off campus so you won't be bored.
I have loved my time at the University of Central Oklahoma so far even though I am only in my first semester. I think that says something about the environment of the University. All of the people and the professors that I have met so far have been so kind. They have helped me with everything that I have needed thus far and made every experience a very personal experience.
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UCO is a great place for all students. I am an out-of-state student and I chose UCO because of the great and inviting atmosphere that I felt when I toured this school, and I still feel it today.
I was a little hesitant about attending the third largest college in Oklahoma, but the people at UCO are very welcoming. It feels more like living in a small town than a large college campus.
My favorite thing about UCO is the diversity. UCO values each and every student that comes to the campus. They have an abundant amount of clubs and organizations for every ethnic group. UCO makes sure you feel "at home" and not like just another student.
I love everything about this school . The people are interesting and kind and I genuinely feel that I will graduate ready for the "real world". Of course, I can only come at it from a fitness/health perspective, and I've heard other majors are not so great. But being a kinesiology major here is challenging, fulfilling and really wonderful. If you're thinking about it, COME TO THIS SCHOOL. It won't let you down.
It's a very good school! I like the class size and all activities that are available. It is very close to housing and stores. It is located downtown Edmond. I love the ease or navigation though campus. Very friendly classmates, I would give it 10 out of 10!
It's a pretty good school. The campus is beautiful and there's lots of events held, almost weekly. The teacher's are mostly pretty good. But there are a few who are there to waste your money and shouldn't be teaching. But there are many more on the other end of The spectrum that truly inspire. The main cafeteria food is NOT worth your money. But the central station is a student run cafe, it cheap n great. The campus and teachers are suffocatingly liberal and teachers are not very good at listening to any differential opinions. Lastly, if you're disabled and want to live on campus be prepared for some hardships. The DSS is not the most prepared and sometimes not very discrete. There not terrible people but I've had a few bad experiences with them.
I like the small class sizes. Professors get to know you personally. Uco offers a lot of help if you are struggling in any particular subject and the help is free. The library is wonderful and has a lot of different areas for studying. It’s an overall great school. I love being a broncho!
UCO is a good school. There is a wide variety of majors and most of them are known for their excellence. Professors care and are involved on campus. There are many activities to plug into. Greek life is smaller than most universities, but that’s what makes them special. They offer a great outlet for students. Sports are not well attended. Arts are very good. Food options for a meal plan are not good at all. The Broncho Sports Grill gets most orders wrong and is not very clean. Buddy’s cafeteria has an average variety, but it’s rare you find something that’s good.
Excellent institution for an education! UCO provides a very safe and friendly environment. UCO offers a wide range of degrees and class schedules. It is also a very diverse university that embraces differences. The university is continuing to grow as well. The staff at UCO is very resourceful when or if there is an issue.
Alot of diversity! Tuition is a bit cheaper here. They have a great nursing program of 60 students per class. Teachers are very involved in student's learning.
The one thing I was looking forward to is my professors and I would say there is only one professor I had a bad experience with and let’s just say she was not such a good teacher. But other then her, all my professors were not enemy’s. If I needed help it was like high school talk to them and become friends. They helped me so much my first year on campus and don’t be scared to ask questions they are there to teach so let them. I look forward to my next few years and hope to land a solid job and give back to those first year professors for the help and the time they took out of there busy schedules. I feel like it is also a good place if you don’t want to stress over school. Choose Central and I promise you won’t regret it!
I would just like to see better food being served, my friends and I always leave with our stomachs hurting and that's the only reason we can conclude to.
I transferred here from a small town college and I’ve never been more happy. Everyone here is so welcoming and the professors really care about you.
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I like that it's close to the city. It is a very good four year college that is cheap and gives good education to their students. This school is really great and meets all my expectations of college life.
The University of Central Oklahoma has taught me and prepared me for my future. Not only am I well equipped to enter the postgraduate life, I am a better woman, friend and contributor to society because of the experiences that I have gotten at UCO. The intimate sizes of the classrooms gave me one on one time with each of my professors, ensuring that I am retaining all of the information needed. There are so many different organizations to get involved in and so many different people from different walks of life to connect with and learn from. I have enjoyed my time at UCO and couldn't image my college experience any different! Roll Chos!
I'm a currently studying at the University of Central Oklahoma. The environment here is absolutely amazing because it really safe on campus and everyone here are so welcoming new students. The class size is like high school, so students have a better chance to communicate with professor whenever is needed.
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