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I went here not knowing what my major would be 4 years llater, I have a peer reviewed paper published and a bachelors degree in Biology. And, some genius professors that I still talk to today.
UCO is Avery "at home" type of university and everyone is friendly and is very very welcoming . From the moment you walk on campsite doesn't matter if you're just walking down the street you will get at least one hello from a stranger. And what I'm going for specifically is nursing and their nursing program is one the best in the state and is an amazing program ti be apart of and a program every future nurse wants to be apart of.
I love the environment and how friendly everyone is! I am so happy I decided to go with the University of Central Oklahoma. I feel like everyone can fit in or find something that interests them. The professors are always wiling to help and go above and beyond to help if you just ask.
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The University of Central Oklahoma is very diverse and has great opportunities for student involvement.
I study music production at the acm @ UCO. The people at UCO are the best part of the school. The students are nice and open, and the professors and staff are very helpful. The campus isn't too big but big enough to get me lost the first couple of weeks. The smaller class sizes are great and give each class a better feel. There are plenty of opportunities to have one on one time with the professors and you can have better interactions with the students as well. I really enjoy my time at UCO and am excited to continue my education.
This college has an absolutely beautiful campus! The students here, for the most part, are friendly and inviting. Most of the professors make class fun and exiting. UCO makes learning feel fun instead of like a chore. It is one of the top universities I have ever set foot on. Tuition isn't too expensive and I feel like you receive a great education here.
UCO is small and personable. It is a great place to connect with diverse people! UCO is a great place for learning where you get to interact with your professors on a personal level. I enjoy the fact that there is always events going on and things to do. UCO does a great job keeping students engaged and educated.
So far so good! I started back at the age of 29, going on 30. I have one last semester and I'm glad I came back to school. I've really enjoyed the culture, the students and faculty and of course the knowledge I've gained. Overall I've been extremely satisfied with the whole opportunity at UCO.
The campus isn't huge but its a very nice one, the professors are all very knowledgable and more than willing to help their students succeed. The facilities are all very nice and the feel around campus is very nice. Lots of events that go on throughout the academic year to add some fun and events that are meant to help relive stress especially during finals week.
I love this school and especially my teachers in my major, they really care about you and give you their all.
I like the college but my GPA is 3.9 and I barely qualified for one $500 a semester scholarship, despite applying for many. They also have a lot of hidden fees, especially for online classes. I am going to have to go on-campus for all of my tests, despite taking an online class due to the fact that I am a working adult. This college is definitely for those who are getting their college paid for by their parents/grandparents.
This college is such an amazing college to start at. The campus is smaller than most and the class sizes are just right. You will not be disappointed
The campus is amazing and a great atmosphere for anything. Tons of events throughout the year. Most of the teachers are great and some are terrible. Im glad I'm going into my 4th year.
This university has the "big" feel, but still has a small community/family feel to it. The class size s very: from lecture style with 30 or more students to smaller classes with minimum of 10 students. It is a pretty campus. It isn't surrounded by a bunch of bars or night life. So if you are student who is focused on studies, this is the place for you. The professors are the best you can get. I haven't had a professor I didn't like. The financial aid office can be aggravating at times, some of the students working don't know what they are talking about. The advisers are amazing and overall the student are pretty friendly too.
It is a very welcoming environment. The staff truly want what is best for you. The only downside is if you take online classes, they charge an outrageous amount for them and then still charge you on campus fees.
The University of Central Oklahoma is a great school. Being the cheapest state school in Oklahoma means UCO doesn't give out a lot of scholarships with their admission application but it is home to some of the best degree programs in the nation. UCO is located in Edmond, a suburb of the Oklahoma City metroplex, from a variety of restaurants to shopping of all budgets, the university is within 10 minutes of it all. If you are looking for a University with diversity in student population and extracurricular activities, The University of Central Oklahoma is the right place for you. UCO is a largely commuter school but offers a variety of on campus housing options as well as being within walking distance of several affordable neighborhoods. The class sizes are small and knowing your professors personally is easy. I wish there were more food options for the basic meal plan but if you spend extra on your meal plan you have very good eating options.
University of Central Oklahoma is a beautiful campus; embracing the look and feel of a big University, yet uniquely personal. Expect smaller classes and thus, Professors who actually know and connect with you!
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I am an incoming freshman at the university and so far I have really enjoyed the help and advice they have been helping me with. I also enjoy the school sprit at the school.
Plenty of interesting activities for students to join and to get to know others. Students are friendly and courteous. Most professors know their subject, teach well, and are pretty lenient.
The University of Central Oklahoma is great school to continue one's education. The staff are very helpful in getting you where you need to go and notifying students of the opportunities open to them.
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