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They offer a large range of classes and majors which makes it easy to find something you enjoy. However it is a large school so in some classes it is hard to get help from the teacher.
- the overall campus is very nice and the people here are very welcoming to new students as well as transfers. You’ll find your niche in no time.
What stood out to me the most was the atmosphere and overall mood of the campus was very positive and welcoming.
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My experience at the University of Central Missouri has only been a full year so far, but I have enjoyed the time I've spent. Being a student that transferred here, it has been pleasant to feel like I made the right decision. It is a much bigger school than the private one I came from, but at the same time more than half as cheap. The biggest difference is the student life. There are so many more opportunities and ways that you can get involved on campus, or just interact with what others are into. It also has given me the chance to move away from home in the Kansas City area, but it isn't too far to where I couldn't go home any given weekend if need be. I am finding that the longer I am at the school, the more motivated I am to get on the right path towards what my future holds, as well as doing better with my courses.
I like how it is a smaller campus size and the student:teacher ratio is way smaller than any other in Missouri.
My Freshman experience so far has been good and I have met a lot of new people so far and made connections with my professors and able to do things i usually would not do.
They have fairly good academics. Campus is very lively and is close to town, so it's not too difficult to go to restaurants or stores.
UCM gave me an affordable degree. No bells and whistles, but it was close to home and affordable. The business department professors were decent, there was a lot of turnover causing a lack of foundation and preparedness. You are getting what you pay for.
Honestly I love this college. It's a great atmosphere, and very welcoming to Freshman. The musical programs are amazing, and you should definitely consider joining the Marching Mules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The University of Central Missouri is a very good school. The atmosphere is safe and the students and professors are friendly and helpful.
It was a very small school, great college town things, just a lack of access to much, very dated, and began to take a turn for the worst via campus issues.
I am attending the University of Central Missouri to obtain a degree in Physical Therapy. I am also playing baseball there. I am happy with all aspects of the University. The only thing that I would change is adding more washers and dryers in the dorms.
My professor for my class is very cryptic about what she wants when giving directions. When you ask her questions she does not answer them and chooses to be even more cyrptic in her response.
University of Central Missouri has a great environment. There's lots to do and see. Students are social, and the campus is beautiful. However the dorms are a little small.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here, it's the right size school, not to small not to big. The town is little and cute, and everyone is so nice. The school really helps you find yourself and helps you discover what's important to you, and really gets you ready for the workforce. I can't imagine going anywhere else.
As a current student at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) I get to see a lot of new things happening around campus. The football field has been renovated; new apartment buildings are being built right off campus, and the academic and athletic departments are working constantly to bring the best to the student population. With the recent funding cuts at UCM I am amazed that we are still functioning to the same degree as in years past. It is a testament to this college's ability to adapt to change and provide for the student community.
As a student I would like to see updates to the student housing; the dorm rooms themselves in particular. I would like to see increased student involvement around campus and more events centered toward building a community among the students.
The University of Central Missouri is a wonderful campus. It is easily accessible and easy to navigate. It brings a small campus feel to a student body of over 14,000.
Go Mules
The public relations program at University of Central Missouri (UCM) is top notch. The professors are extremely helpful and supportive. Greek Life at UCM helped shape me into the person I am today. I would highly recommend getting involved on campus and meet as many people as you can. I was also a part of athletics at UCM and we were always praised and given content support from staff. If you are planning on getting an MBA after graduation start to study for the GRE early. I was misguided by a staff member, which made me unprepared for the exam. Other than that UCM is a great and affordable school.
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UCM is a very fun school. Not just the partying but also in the classroom. The professors made it so easy to learn. They were very helpful and flexible when it came to students education. UCM is a fun place to learn, the professors get evolved and made learning easy and fun.
Good luck on your journey at college, university of central missouri is a good school. I would recommend this school to all graduating high school seniors
I love the professors at UCM. They really do a good job on trying to interact with students in a positiver manner, and most professors sincerely care about the students and making sure they are moving in the right directions on their academics. As a member of the Cross Country and Track teams, I can say first hand that UCM has outstanding athletic programs. The food is top quality and there is nothing better than a rural, medium sized college town to spend your four years of undergrad at!
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