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I love this university's campus as well as the way that the people there truly want to see you succeed in whatever it is that you have set your mind out to do. It is kind of small but that helps you reach more of a sense of being at home. If there was one thing that i would change about UCM it is having more events that are held there because there can never be enough or too much options for someone to do.
I have been to the UCM campus many times for science olympiad and I really enjoy the campus and I feel like I know my way around. I do some college classes through UCM and my professors are easy to communicate with and willingly help me with my homework.
My overall experience with the school was pretty good, although I'm not going to actually be enrolled in the school until the fall of 2020, I found my college visit to be very informative and interesting. One thing I found interesting about this college is that they give you $1000 dollars for graduating on time!
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While currently attend the University of Central Missouri, it has offered me many different resources to maintain my GPA and follow my career choice. It offered me a club which suited my major and helped me meet new people who are similar to me and can hangout with. The professors care for their students as the always help one of us if we are struggling and offer us materials for assignments to understand better. The location also offers many different opportunities such as jobs and internships. The campus is excellently maintained and offers many different options for high quality meals. The campus offers many different athletic sports for students to view.
It's cheaper than other colleges and it's a small campus so it's easier to get around! They are very admin about helping you succeed. They are several resources, from career services, to touring, to academic advising. They will help and anyway they can to help you graduate and succeed in the world.
I definitely loved the campus, the students and the teachers. Some of the policies when it comes to what classes you have to take and when you have to take them are utterly ridiculous, especially for transfer students, and the academic advisors aren’t terribly helpful, but the professors are more than willing to help you out and make sure you’re taken care of. All you need to do first is ask.
I love absolutely everything about the University of Central Missouri. All our professors are hands-on and are willing to help if you have any questions. Everyone is super friendly and is always willing to get to make new friends. The campus staff is friendly as well. Also, on-campus jobs here are nice to have because these jobs will understand what your schedule is and they can work around it. Also, student life is an awesome part of the campus here at the university. There are so many clubs and organizations for students to attend and there are so many activities going on for students to get involved and make some new friends along the way. I honestly would not change anything about this campus.
I like the fact that the teacher cares. Distance not too far. Campus feel safe. I enjoy the culture difference. I am looking forward to be a successful graduate. The college experience is a lot of fun, if I could change anything it would be the opportunity to have a lot more positive clubs
The atmosphere was super great weloming and inviting. It wasnt hard to make friends, a definite friendly enviornment.
This university was one of a few that offered my degree. The teachers are good and helpful. The one item i would change is that it is sometimes hard to get to the right person when help is needed.
I feel like the University of Central Missouri is preparing me for industry once I graduate. My program requires that I complete an internship in order to graduate. The professors in the engineering department are very helpful and go beyond the mile to help their students understand the material. There is a lot of 1 on 1 help you can get with the professors for extra help. I would recommend UCM to those who are looking to work in engineering.
The dorm halls are extremely old and worn out, I also feel like they should open up Laura j tester hall because the dorms are overcrowded. There isn’t much to do there and if you wanted to go do something the closest place is independence or lee summit. It’s a bit of a drive.
UCM offers numerous opportunities too students. They have a great student life and many people are connected.
The reason why I choose the University of Central Missouri is for their Criminal Justice program. The department is one of the top criminal justice programs in the state of Missouri. The professors are great and so is the atmosphere of the campus.
I love the campus at UCM. It is the perfect size for me and they keep it beautifully maintained throughout the year. I would like to see more programs organized to help struggling college students better understand the resources available to them.
I love UCM. I've always had help from administration and staff when needed. The atmosphere of campus is great and the intermural activities are a-plenty!
I am a part of the Christian Campus House and I love how loving and welcoming this ministry is. I have been going here since my first day at the University of Central Missouri and was instantly welcomed with open arms. In fact, this group of students and a few alumni quickly became my family and made my freshman year of college and amazing experience. One downside to UCM would be the dining hall food, I would like to see this aspect changed but overall the University is fantastic.
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This is my second year at UCM and I would have to say as a school, they are amazing simply because of the resources and support they provide. Although its a small college town, they have everything you would need to be successful.
The University of Central Missouri provides a decent education. The professors and instructors there are extremely personably and intellectual. They are probably the best part about the whole university. The place itself lacks major funding, as I'm sure most universities do; however, the funding is getting in the way of certain degrees students are trying to obtain as well as a poor living situation.
I have recently been admitted to UCM, and the program stuff has been very helpful to welcome me. The program is designed to meet my career goals, so I am excited to be part of UCM.
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