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I am a senior at Ruskin highschool, I recently took a collge tour there and I fell in love with everything this collge has to offer, This is absoulutely #1 on my list of colleges for Fall 2019.
I've been to the campus several times for school activities and athletics and I enjoy it a lot. The campus is really pretty and there are very nice people there.
This is my second year at UCM and I have a love/hate relationship with the school. It has great programs provided to students, especially the undecided program I joined my freshman year, but it is way over priced and does not offer enough scholarships. I understand I may not be a minority or in sports, which is literally all they offer to people, but I work really hard in school and have a full time job on top of it to help pay off my debt in school.
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I enjoyed the overall campus. Even though I am still in high school, I really enjoy every time I visit the school which says a lot.
Helpful and informed professors. Lots of opportunities to get involved, excellent recreation center, pretty campus, and good faculty student ratios. Positive student environment.
This is my first year here and so far I’m loving it. Most of my professors are great and seem like they care about our futures; the dorms are pretty nice, better then some of the other colleges I visited; the overall campus is pretty good too. It’s a decently sized campus to where you don’t have to walk forever to get to class to class, but not too small to where you feel like there is nothing; there are plenty of places to eat here in Warrensburg and the dining halls foods are usually good. The menu however can be very repetitive from day to day.
The professors are attentive enough they know you by name the second week. Classes are of a decent size and the campus has an excellent layout. School spirit is definitely not an issue at UCM. With different on campus groups and events, there's something for everyone!
It was an amazing experience to visit this college. There is a huge welcoming environment that makes the whole place very likeable
UCM is a nice place to complete your degree. Living on campus is not always the best, but the area around has plenty of off site housing that are really nice to live in. Warrensburg itself is an awesome town with all kinds of things to do and fun to have.
What I liked about UCM was how connected the professors are with the students. They show that they truly care about the students and they wish for them to succeed. One thing I would change about the school is for more student involvement in events. There is a lot of support for football games but when it comes to basketball season the support is gone. I wish the school would promote which games are happening via email and not just posted on there website.
I just really love the whole college experience here. I want to be involved in probably too much. I am a retuning student, so I feel like I need to soak up the college life I missed earlier in life. I would like to see more students take advantage of their time here at UCM.
Fantastic advising staff. They really work with you to help you graduate, unlike other schools that want your money and then leave you to figure everything out.
I really like the campus. The professors and the staff are almost always friendly, flexible, and accommodating. A notably good aspect of my university is how easy the book and parking pass buying processes are.
One thing I would change about my university is the website. Many parts of the website have not been updated for a while. The website, along with the MyCentral page also uses many unnecessary steps to get to the information needed.
Another thing I would change about my university is how they welcome students that come in mid-year. I started school in January. Not a single person from my family has gone to a university, therefore, I was going in without much knowledge of how a university works. According to my friends who started in August, I missed out on much preparation.
As I mentioned, I started mid-year and I have only attended the University of Central Missouri for one semester, so my review is a bit limited. These opinions are based on what I have experienced thus far.
I love the University of Central Missouri because I love the openness of the campus. The campus provides so many different opportunities, such as a gym, coffee shops, and a huge library. There are also so many great clubs that you can join. The classes offered are amazing as well and there are so many different majors to choose from here. I chose this college because it is in the town that I live in and never really thought much about it, but as I was walking around a few weeks back it made me realize how nice it actually is. It is a really beautiful campus overall.
So far, My experience a UCM has been very good. I like the college experience, and have learned a lot about how to be an adult and make it on my own. The classes give me a challenge, but don't generally stress me out too much. The campus has good places for studying and lots of entertainment. The food is mostly good, but I wish there was more variety, it's a lot of the same stuff every day. The dorms are nice, but pricey. Overall, I'm happy with the university, but there's always room for improvement.
I like that there are many opportunities for students and activities for them to participate in. The school is really geared toward learning.
I have only attended UCM for only a year now. Being there it has helped me discover things about myself that I would not have learned if I stayed in my hometown.
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I loved the atmosphere in the class rooms. The professor makes learning entertaining and fun. The people around campus are always positive and eager to help in anyway possible.
Even though I'm a Freshman, I absolutely love it at UCM. There are lots of resources for learning and lots of activities. The professors and students are all around friendly and it's really just a very good community. The Campus itself is very pretty and they make sure it stays clean.
UCM is a great mid-sized college. It is easy to meet people and the choices of activities is great for the size. The professors are very personable. The Greek life experience has been a bonus.
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