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UCM is in a small town, Warrensburg. You will have small class sizes and the professors really seem to want you to succeed. There is a great athletic building with all kinds of things to do inside of it. The one downside is lack of jobs for college students.
I will be a Junior at UCM. Based on my experience, I have learned that getting involved on campus makes the experience of college better. I have made tons of friends since my freshman year and on my way to better things. I am apart of an AMAZING program which has dedicated teachers with one goal; they want their students to graduate. They are invested in what we do as students and push us towards our potential. The only thing I would say that needs to change is how some of the dorm rooms look. A LOT of them are run down to the point where nobody would want to live in them. They NEED updating badly. Another thing that needs to change is how racist our campus really is. I have enjoyed my experience at UCM and can't wait to graduate and put my degree to work!!
I haven't attended the school but I have heard great things about the campus. The times I have visited the campus I had a great time. It's a beautiful campus, the food was amazing, and the student I got to talk to really talked about how wonderful this school is. I am excited to be able to be a Mule.
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I've had a great time at UCM. The professors here are professional, approachable, and ready to go the extra mile. The staff are all friendly and helpful as well. I have only two complaints, the first being that the University takes such great pains to avoid raising tuition that many of its programs suffer from inadequate funding and some great professors are laid off from budget cuts. The other complaint I have is that the system for university scholarships is difficult and time consuming. I have been trying to fund my education without getting into debt, and have often wished there was a more efficient process. These things aside, I am thoroughly enjoying attending UCM!
I'm almost done with my first year at UCM, and I love it here! The class sizes are great, the professors seem to genuinely care about how you do in class, the food is good, and the dorms are great.
I am currently a freshman at the University of Central Missouri. I couldn't be happier about my decision in coming here. I truly feel like the professors care about my success. Plus, there are so many different activities on campus that it's so easy to get involved and make new friends!
The campus is beautiful and everyone is super friendly. I have always felt safe on campus and there are many people around to help you. Some staff members of the dining choices have even come to know me on a more personal level. its a very welcoming environment. Have only had one bad professor other than that the others are very helpful!
Although the campus is large, , I found that as soon as I transferred, I went from an honor's society student with a 3.65 GPA at SFCC to being put on academic probation for my first UCM semester and receiving 2 D's an F, and a C. I feel this is directly related to the faculty in the Science Building who are cold, distant, and do not seem to want to - or like to - interact with students and do not "teach" as much as they all simply create PowerPoint slides and read the slides verbatim to the students as the sole class material.

Asking questions seems to be discouraged by the teachers in the biology department, and I have found that many teachers will rush through the material and add nothing else.

I am transferring out of biology and giving up my dream of working with animals due the environment of the sciences programs at UCM to major in research psychology instead as the psychology department is very welcoming and with a much more student-friendly environment.
My experience with the University of Central Missouri is a superb one. The professors and campus staff have been super friendly and helpful in my endeavors. I have not encountered any major hurdles on my path to a bachelor's degree.
I am proud to be apart of this college. I love the campus and meeting new people everyday. The education system here is great. I really do learn something new every time I attend class.
The overall experience is very excellent. I would recommend anyone who is committed to bettering their future become a mule today. What I would like to see change is the dinning hall food, but for that to be my only complaint means the school is the best.
Attending the University of Central Missouri has been more than I expected what college would be. Living on campus is probably the best part for me. I love having a 10 minute or less walk to each of my classes. All of my teachers have been great and are easy to work with.
I attended this school when it was called "CMSU". I worked at the information desk in the student union where I had a lot of interaction with people from all over.

I really enjoyed my experience here. The teachers seemed concerned with your growth and you weren't just another number. There were always extra curricula activities to fit mostly any and all interests.

The cafeteria food didn’t suck and there were mini restaurants in the student union to dine at.

The sporting games were fun to attend especially when we won.

Overall not a bad economical choice for a Midwest undergraduate.
Have been attending this school for a year now and for the most part.i am really enjoying here great activities and groups. good class selection.
I love all the nice professors at UCM! Espically the music professors, they are all very enthusiastic about music, and make a great impact.
I absolutely love this university. I fell in love from the moment I first stepped foot on this campus. The faculty and staff are so down to earth and helpful in any way possible. Even the professors are amazing. Some might seem intimidating, but that's okay because they are only trying to teach us in order to get ahead in life and in our career. The campus is so beautiful and I'm always smiling when I walk through campus. It's a small campus but not too small, which is good. The classroom size is just perfect because you get more hands on experience and one on one interaction with everyone. I am absolutely in love with this campus and university and I would like to hope you will be as well.
My experience at University of Central Missouri has been amazing. The teachers and classmates are very welcoming and the campus is very safe.
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My favorite thing about UCM is that it is a large college, but it has a small college atmosphere. Even though there are thousands of students, I still see my friends all the time, and I have made great relationships. The professors are easy to get to know and you have great access to them.
Great school.The campus is easy to get around, professors are helpful and love the school. I feel that I will be able to get a great education to help me with my career once I finish.
I am currently a sophomore at UCM and it's a love hate relationship. I love the people and the facilities such as the gym. I do how ever hate the food. It is absolutely disgusting. You are required to have a meal plan even as a sophomore. When you want to change the meal plan, you can not. The dorms are run down and need ALOT of work such as floors, walls, heating/air conditioning, bathrooms need the most work. (I wear shoes in the bath and it's a suite). I've not had the best experience with some teachers, however some are amazing! I have changed my major 5 times and they give you no direction. As long as you are giving them money, they do not care.
A college always has ups and downs, UCM however makes you think about other colleges to go to and if you have to stay.
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