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1,032 reviews
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I am proud to be apart of this college. I love the campus and meeting new people everyday. The education system here is great. I really do learn something new every time I attend class.
The overall experience is very excellent. I would recommend anyone who is committed to bettering their future become a mule today. What I would like to see change is the dinning hall food, but for that to be my only complaint means the school is the best.
Attending the University of Central Missouri has been more than I expected what college would be. Living on campus is probably the best part for me. I love having a 10 minute or less walk to each of my classes. All of my teachers have been great and are easy to work with.
I attended this school when it was called "CMSU". I worked at the information desk in the student union where I had a lot of interaction with people from all over.

I really enjoyed my experience here. The teachers seemed concerned with your growth and you weren't just another number. There were always extra curricula activities to fit mostly any and all interests.

The cafeteria food didn’t suck and there were mini restaurants in the student union to dine at.

The sporting games were fun to attend especially when we won.

Overall not a bad economical choice for a Midwest undergraduate.
Have been attending this school for a year now and for the most part.i am really enjoying here great activities and groups. good class selection.
I love all the nice professors at UCM! Espically the music professors, they are all very enthusiastic about music, and make a great impact.
I absolutely love this university. I fell in love from the moment I first stepped foot on this campus. The faculty and staff are so down to earth and helpful in any way possible. Even the professors are amazing. Some might seem intimidating, but that's okay because they are only trying to teach us in order to get ahead in life and in our career. The campus is so beautiful and I'm always smiling when I walk through campus. It's a small campus but not too small, which is good. The classroom size is just perfect because you get more hands on experience and one on one interaction with everyone. I am absolutely in love with this campus and university and I would like to hope you will be as well.
My experience at University of Central Missouri has been amazing. The teachers and classmates are very welcoming and the campus is very safe.
My favorite thing about UCM is that it is a large college, but it has a small college atmosphere. Even though there are thousands of students, I still see my friends all the time, and I have made great relationships. The professors are easy to get to know and you have great access to them.
Great school.The campus is easy to get around, professors are helpful and love the school. I feel that I will be able to get a great education to help me with my career once I finish.
I am currently a sophomore at UCM and it's a love hate relationship. I love the people and the facilities such as the gym. I do how ever hate the food. It is absolutely disgusting. You are required to have a meal plan even as a sophomore. When you want to change the meal plan, you can not. The dorms are run down and need ALOT of work such as floors, walls, heating/air conditioning, bathrooms need the most work. (I wear shoes in the bath and it's a suite). I've not had the best experience with some teachers, however some are amazing! I have changed my major 5 times and they give you no direction. As long as you are giving them money, they do not care.
A college always has ups and downs, UCM however makes you think about other colleges to go to and if you have to stay.
I liked how all the teams stuck together throughout their routines. All of the students was up to beat and was awesome did an excellent job. The food was great and I really liked the performance near the end of the program. UCM has great things I'm store for the young adults that's currently attending UCM or will be attending UCM later on in the future.
I am a currently enrolled freshman at UCM. One thing I don't like about the university is how there isn't much diversity here, other than that it's a pretty good college and financially affordable!
I give my university 4 stars because they will help you succeed, they care about your education and they also care about you as an individual.
I have not reached the expertise level yet to where I get to do an internship, but 90% of students get a job within a month or two of being out of school.
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  • 6 months ago
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I have loved every single one of my professors that I have had thus far. They truly care about the well being and success of each individual student. They want to get to know us and connect with us, which is not commonly heard of with most campuses and professors. They are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the area that they teach in, which is so important for me and allows me to relate and rely on them.
Generally, I feel safe on campus. I am fine with walking by myself during the day, but I prefer to walk with at least one other person at night. The Safe Team members that are available to walk with people at night is a great service that is offered here, although I have never used it.
I have lived in UCC for the past two years and I love it. I was in the Art Ship last year, and it was great to be able to walk down the hall and ask for help when needed, befriend those with similar interests and classes, and understand the stressful and good times as an art student. The extra sinks in the dorm rooms are great.
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  • 6 months ago
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I am not involved with Greek life, so I do not have much knowledge about it. Several of my friends are in sororities and fraternities, and they love it. I try not to stereotype those involved with Greek life as I know that most of them are great people.
I love playing intramural volleyball, and I know a lot of people that love playing intramural sports. I enjoy going to the UCM volleyball, basketball, and football games and getting to see everyone pumped up with school spirit. I have always loved being athletic, and UCM's athletic facilities make it easy for me to keep athletics as an integral part of my life.
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