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I really like the campus. The professors and the staff are almost always friendly, flexible, and accommodating. A notably good aspect of my university is how easy the book and parking pass buying processes are.
One thing I would change about my university is the website. Many parts of the website have not been updated for a while. The website, along with the MyCentral page also uses many unnecessary steps to get to the information needed.
Another thing I would change about my university is how they welcome students that come in mid-year. I started school in January. Not a single person from my family has gone to a university, therefore, I was going in without much knowledge of how a university works. According to my friends who started in August, I missed out on much preparation.
As I mentioned, I started mid-year and I have only attended the University of Central Missouri for one semester, so my review is a bit limited. These opinions are based on what I have experienced thus far.
I love the University of Central Missouri because I love the openness of the campus. The campus provides so many different opportunities, such as a gym, coffee shops, and a huge library. There are also so many great clubs that you can join. The classes offered are amazing as well and there are so many different majors to choose from here. I chose this college because it is in the town that I live in and never really thought much about it, but as I was walking around a few weeks back it made me realize how nice it actually is. It is a really beautiful campus overall.
So far, My experience a UCM has been very good. I like the college experience, and have learned a lot about how to be an adult and make it on my own. The classes give me a challenge, but don't generally stress me out too much. The campus has good places for studying and lots of entertainment. The food is mostly good, but I wish there was more variety, it's a lot of the same stuff every day. The dorms are nice, but pricey. Overall, I'm happy with the university, but there's always room for improvement.
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I like that there are many opportunities for students and activities for them to participate in. The school is really geared toward learning.
I have only attended UCM for only a year now. Being there it has helped me discover things about myself that I would not have learned if I stayed in my hometown.
I loved the atmosphere in the class rooms. The professor makes learning entertaining and fun. The people around campus are always positive and eager to help in anyway possible.
Even though I'm a Freshman, I absolutely love it at UCM. There are lots of resources for learning and lots of activities. The professors and students are all around friendly and it's really just a very good community. The Campus itself is very pretty and they make sure it stays clean.
UCM is a great mid-sized college. It is easy to meet people and the choices of activities is great for the size. The professors are very personable. The Greek life experience has been a bonus.
The University of Central Missouri is the perfect university for a student who wishes to have the college experience but, not is overwhelmed by it. Its a medium sized college where students are able to get one on one help if needed but also bug enough where activities are always going on. Another great thing about UCM is that it's a safe campus!
I love how small and close knit UCM is. I would like to see more teachers that are genuinely interested in their students success and not caught up in themselves since they already have their degree.
Overall University of Central Missouri is great for students who are looking for a small classroom with great learning experience. Profressors are there to help if needed, campus is small enough to walk to dorm to dorm, and the students life is great if you want to be an out going, social, and/or studious, University of Central Missouri is the college to be at! Go Mules & Jennies!
This university offers a lot of majors and everyone on campus is very welcoming and helpful. If you are a dedicated person then Greek life is a good choice! Your sisters or brothers in the chapter will support you and keep you on track with all your school work as well as have fun and show you around town if you are not from the area. The campus isn't too big and it only took me 10-15 minutes to walk to class. The dorms aren't too bad but I wish all of them had elevators cause walking to the 4th floor everyday is very tiring. I also wish that there was more to do in town because if you aren't involved in a lot of clubs or organizations you will be bored because the town is small and there isn't anything to do. I like that the campus is pet friendly. I wish the dining hall food was better and I wish there were bigger parking lots cause good parking is hard to find.
I loved the atmosphere and the staff and the people around campus are very helpful and nice. I have talked to many schools but UCM has been the most helpful with every area I have needed help in. I am very grateful for them.
The University of Central Missouri is a very good school. The campus is very nice. The staff are all great. The size of the school is on the smaller size which I like.
I really enjoyed my freshman year at University of Central Missouri! I came from a high school that never really cared about individual students grades. When I came to UCM it was like a breath of fresh air. UCM truly cares about each and every student and their personal needs. I need scholarships in order to attend UCM next year, I am really hoping I am able. I really enjoy that UCM also advertises the wins of every sport and club that is available on campus. It does not just talk about the popular sports. While I love UCM, Warrensburg is a small town that does not have a lot going on. While it was hard, I adjusted to it, and I love the little town now!
I have really enjoyed all of my courses here at UCM, as well as my professors! UCM has a great campus, friendly & helpful staff, and great academics.
As a sophomore at UCM, my time here has been quite short. While it's been short, it has also been a very pleasurable experience. There are plenty of opportunities offered here; some that I have pursued are: a Dietetics major, Sport Nutrition minor, Food Science minor, competed in athletics, joined a host of clubs/organizations, volunteer work, and on-campus job opportunities. Besides being required to take an unnecessary amount of General Education classes, I feel as though the academic standing at this school is top-notch. I have met plenty of great people who will help me reach my goals and graduate within four years.
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I plan on attending The University of Central Missouri and I planned out a visit not too long along. I loved the campus and the environment around it. The campus tour was amazing and all my concerns and questions were answered.
Everyone is very friendly on campus they make you feel welcomed here. UCM offers a variety of social events to participate in and attend on campus, which is nice because the town of Warrensburg does not offer many things to do.
Its been a great experience so far. The people and professors are amazing! The food could be improved on but the local restaurants are OK. I like the housing and have made many friends. I work on campus and that has been a nice to make money for school.
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