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The University is a great place were the professors care about you. They work with you as well. One of my professors offered to let students bring their kid if their babysitter fell through.
I graduated with a BS in Anthropology and now I am pursuing another Bachelors of Education degree. The staff and proffers are extremely encouraging in my pursuit of knowledge and have been a tremendous help as a first generation, no traditional student.
Great programs and professors! Small community makes it feel like home. Tons of student activities that will keep you busy and they're a great way to meet new people.
There's Chick-fil-A in the student center, you
can't beat that. The gym is renovated and awesome! It's worth the time to tour the campus. It is beautiful. The advisors are also very knowledgeable and will help you meet your goals. They watch out for you even when you think they're not 😁 My only complaint is parking... Make sure you have some comfortable tennis shoes for all of the walking. They're is help everywhere for you, this school really want you to achieve!
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I did not like very much about UCM. They need to change the way that they run mostly everything and stop spending student money on changes that are not needed.
I may be calling it too early since I just got through my first semester here, but I have to say that I've found the school I truly belong at. I enjoyed my classes (except math, cause I hate it) and I made lots of friends and I even got a good job on campus! I only hope that I keep feeling this good during the next semester and the years to come.
This campus visit was very inviting. The tour was very helpful with both educational and activities.
So far, UCM had provided me with the college experience I want. It has been very fun and interactive, but I do need to get involved more. There are tones of activities and clubs to participate in, but I have not, which I imagine would make my experience even more fulfilling.
I like the freedom of online courses. Most of the professors are very helpful and get back to you in a timely manner.
This is a very good school . It is highly diverse and there’s a lot of things to join on campus . There is always something to do or something going on to help one get out the room and be active . There are a lot of resources to help one as a student get through anything and most of the people there to help you are trustworthy . I would like to see better cafe’ food
UCM's campus is absolutely beautiful! There's so many places to sit and relax to study, read, socialize, and learn. I wish the same opportunities available at the Innovation campus were available to students in Warrensburg.
I like how UCM isn't a huge, confusing campus. It has many clubs and activities to get students involved, like intermural sports and academic fraternities. Most of the professors are kind and well experienced. The academic advisors are very helpful in choosing your classes.
UCM is my dream school. I thought I had my mind made up about where I wanted to go to college until I visited UCM. The campus is absolutely beautiful, The community is diverse and the school isn't too big.
I like how we don't have curfew. We are provided a kitchen and free laundry. I disklike how hard it is to gert a scholarship, the lack of financial help and the food they provide in the dining halls
I like the cost for what I'll be getting. On the other hand, they are short on professors in my field, so some classes won't be available. Still a good choice given the reputation, cost, and flexibility of the online degree.
UCM offers students a unique experience packed with academic opportunities and also creates a great learning environment for everyone.
I love most of my professors, my academic advisor and my work supervisor! They're all very helpful. I don't particularly enjoy the dining hall food or the dorms.
I am a senior at Ruskin highschool, I recently took a collge tour there and I fell in love with everything this collge has to offer, This is absoulutely #1 on my list of colleges for Fall 2019.
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I've been to the campus several times for school activities and athletics and I enjoy it a lot. The campus is really pretty and there are very nice people there.
This is my second year at UCM and I have a love/hate relationship with the school. It has great programs provided to students, especially the undecided program I joined my freshman year, but it is way over priced and does not offer enough scholarships. I understand I may not be a minority or in sports, which is literally all they offer to people, but I work really hard in school and have a full time job on top of it to help pay off my debt in school.
I enjoyed the overall campus. Even though I am still in high school, I really enjoy every time I visit the school which says a lot.
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