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Overall the university is a great experience like most others, but what sets UCF aside from others is its size. I think of it more as a strength rather than weakness since there will always be someone new you can probably relate to if you need help. The main Orlando campus just looks like it hasn't been renovated in a while, which it really needs and shows no sign of the large amount of money you spend to attend there physically. It does offer plenty of organizations and clubs for everyone which is a huge plus since there is always something to do no matter what you're into. The most upsetting part of the organizations would have to be how the university doesn't offer many greek organizations in comparison to other, much smaller schools.
I have always wanted to attend UCF back when I was in High School. I even applied to attend right out of high school but I decided to attend another institution I was accepted to due to personal reasons. I deeply regretted that decision and tried a few more times to reapply to UCF but was unsuccessful. As a second Master's Degree candidate, I have the pleasure and excitement to say that I am now a Knight!
The University of Central Florida is a great school to go to. They have so many ways to get involved and an abundance of social events to meet new people and have fun, like spirit splash and late knights. They're althetic events are also really fun to go to and the UCF spirit in all of the students is amazing. What would make their athletic events even better is if they would promote the other sports as much as they promoted their football games; that way more people could hear about and go to the other athletic events they hold.
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I may be new at the University of Central Florida, but so far my experiences have been that it focuses far more on every student and the opportunities available to them, than its athletic program, something many other schools funnel millions of dollars into. The dorms are pristine, and come in many different sizes and price ranges. There are many different types of people here. Different religions, genders and philosophies. The campus is very modern and open, and student life is thriving. The only downside is some classes have far too many people for the professors to give individualized attention.
It's a really big school with lots of restaurants and activities to partake in. There are so many clubs, organizations, and Greek Life.
It's a huge campus with a lot to offer, and a lot of housing options, on and off campus. Thank goodness there's plenty of shuttles to help get students around, even a grocery shuttle. If only there was one to Downtown Campus though, then that would help out students who're going into Animation or other classes that are all Downtown.

I just wished some teachers cared more or took more into consideration with their students. Some of my teachers have ruined my grade by not reaching out when my grade dropped over a project apparently not being submitted despite me sending a message or some kind of technical complication. My grade doesn't deserve to be tarnished over the negligence and carelessness of my teachers not reaching out when something must be clearly wrong for my grade to drop so much when they know my grade was great beforehand.
I am a first time in college student but I have the privilege to attend the beautiful campus while attending cheer leading camps for my high school. I rate my experience thus far with UCF as excellent. I give them a rating of excellent because despite being the second largest university in the state the faculty treat its 65,000 student with the concern and attention I received in my high school.
There is no other school I would rather be at, the campus is beautiful the professors are great and everything about UCF is great.
My overall experience with the university has been great, the way the campus truly feels like a community and the overall atmosphere is amazing. There's always something to do and there's plenty of clubs and organizations to be a part of. The only thing I would like to see be changed is the academic department and see more value with different professors. Overall really great!
Great School ! I love UCF and I couldn't have chosen a better school. I am studying Industrial Engineering the Professors are amazing they challenge you yet work hard to help you succeed.
My first semester at UCF was exciting and stressful at the same time. There are many things to take care of when you start your higher education. UCF has a ton of resources for students so they helped to make my remaining time here at UCF less stressful.
The University of Central Florida is a place where students and faculty are able to come together to do amazing things in our community and our world. This university is a home to students living on campus and a vehicle for others to explore the world. Wherever UCF students end up, we have had instilled in us the culture of inclusivity and respect for every person we meet.
UCF has something for everyone. There is always something to do on campus and the University really cares about the students and offer you tons of resources to help students succeed.
UCF has changed for the better in a lot of ways. There are more student driven activities than before. However, in the consent need to change and build they sometimes leave behind the renovation of current buildings before creating new ones.
I visited and took a tour of this campus and it was amazing! Very diverse and a lot going on! Has many major and food options and many things to do on the campus.
There is something here for everyone! Find peers ins academia, dance, language and culture. The school is huge and always has something going on. Concerts, comedy nights and watching movies on the greens, UCF is as much fun as it is academic. Programs for everyone and everything. Best decision I've ever made.
The University of Central Florida is an amazing school. Although it was hard to leave my parents, siblings, family, and friends behind, I can not imagine attending a different school. I am very glad and fortunate that I chose to come to this school. There are so many different opportunities here no matter what you are studying. Even though it is the second largest school in the nation, they do a fantastic job with including everyone. I definitely found where I belong.
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I loved my first year at UCF!! I'm in a sorority and it's not essential to the whole college experience, but it definitely helps you socialize and meet tons of new people. The clubs close to UCF are 18+ so that's always fun and the campus is absolutely beautiful. The campus is an easy 1 hour drive to cocoa beach so that is an amazing perk also.
I appreciate that the University of Central Florida has programs that can be completely entirely online. I think their financial aid department can be improved because they take quite some time to get back to the students.
Parking is a hassle. They have state of the art everything . Always expanding. Hundreds of clubs and events to get involved. Free stuff. Decent curriculum. Very student oriented. You will have fun here.
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