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Well, ucf is great university for computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and for computer engineering too. So, nowadays ucf is one of the best research universities in USA as well as in the world. Also, UCF is the best university in STEM program.
The campus has a lively feeling and is completely welcoming. Due to be in a tourist destination there is so much to do outside of the campus. Currently there is a lot o construction going on, which is making finding food difficult. Great experience!
It is a large school that is focusing on being larger. It's investments can result in very good benefits for the students but can also cause a lot to be lost in translation. Beautiful but needs to work on it's inter campus and school to student communication.
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What I love about the University of Central Florida is their endless opportunities given for students to succeed.
The University of Central Florida is honestly an amazing college! It is located in Orlando Florida so there is always so much to do when you aren't stuck doing homework or studying. The professors and students there are super friendly and I couldn't picture myself at any other college. UCF was my dream college ever since middle school and it has lived up to all my expectations. Go Knights!
My experience has been great so far! My classes are interesting and the professors seem very experienced. Although the campus is large and a bit overwhelming at first, I learned my way around quickly. There is a lot of support for new students if needed and I've already visited a counselor to assist with some question I had regarding my next semester schedule. I've also visited the health clinic as I am a type 1 diabetic and needed to have my A1C checked. I was very impressed with the staff and services there. I'm very happy with my choice to attend UCF and wouldn't change it!
I am very satisfied with the overall campus of University of central Florida. Their academics are fantastic!
As of now, I've found life at UCF to be exhilarating. I've found clubs for pretty much anything that I'm interested in and that's simply amazing. I don' really have any complaints about the conditions here.
I have grown so much through the college of business and my involvement on campus. My college of business has given me a Major path that will help me be successful in things I want to do. Also, my involvement on campus has gotten me involved with many philanthropies and organizations that give back to the community.
Easy enough classes, not very advisers (have a problem communicating best class options to get you out on time).

But good teachers and great campus.
I love UCF, I think it provides a great atmosphere for students who come from all around the world. There's so many things to do on campus and off campus. With more than 600 clubs and after schoo activities, UCF is one of the greatest universities of all time.
I love all of the activities they offer on campus. The campus is kept very clean. People around campus are very friendly and will help you if you are lost. Many areas to rest and do work outdoors.
University of Central Florida is an overall good school. It’s large campus has pros and cons. Pros is that I can meet people from across the world and interact with different cultures and worldviews that I previously had no idea existed. It can be very eye-opening being a UCF Knight. However a con of the large campus is due to the fact that it is very difficult to find a group of people who you can connect with. Once you get more involved on campus, it’s easier but it is fairly hard to get started.
I found out the career I desired to study for my future. At UCF the staff at the division of continuing education helped me get well informed and ready to start my career.
I've had a very positive experience so far in my time here at UCF, the advisors are extremely helpful when it comes to any questions you may have regarding your classes or major requirements.
I toured UCF over my spring break. It was a great experience and the campus was gorgeous. I loved the layout of the school. The surrounding area was very nice and it seemed to be very safe and in a good area of town. The tour guides and other staff that I encountered were very nice and helpful.
Great campus, though faculty are rude and not very helpful. Also, the mathematics building had cockroach infestations, dead rats in the ceiling, and a mold problem that irritated my allergies to the point where I would be sneezing consistently throughout my calculus exams. This was my experience from 2009- 2011
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I really like how well UCF integrates their students. They also do a very good job making sure their transfer students have all the tools needed to succeed. They have a very handy app that helps you figure out where how to get to the building and parking lot you are looking for. The professors have a vested interest in the success of their students and are always willing to help. This is my second semester and I don't have any changes to suggest.
Its great and diverse experience.Many different clubs to find yourself. Great help and tutor. The college is located in the perfect college town. I love my University.!
I love UCF. Everything is within walking distance, the professors are understanding and helpful, and there are tons of opportunities. UCF is a leading school in research and there are so many fields a student can participate in with research.
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