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I absolutely love UCF! My personal and professional growth skyrocketed during my time here. The academics were excellent; my professors changed my perspective and taught me how to think critically. Career Services could not have done a better job preparing me for the work force and the Alumni Association is still a very helpful resource to this day. UCF always challenged me and I had rough days but the school also motivated me to keep going. I am very proud of my academic background, however UCF is not an easy place to make lifelong friends at if you are shy or introverted. The student life here is very active so push yourself out of your comfort zone and get social. The school itself is very clean and modern. I like that they are always expanding so they could offer more to the students.
I would like there to be more faculty and staff to accommodate the immense number of students at this school. I just feel like a number in an ocean of students, making it hard to stand out and succeed.
The school has grown so much since I've been there, it's like it's own little city. The new bookstore has a huge variety. The school has excellent professors that go above and beyond to help you.
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I am currently attending the University of Central Florida and I absolutely love it here. The campus is so beautiful and there is so much to do. The school also provides many resources for their students that will help them in the long run. USE THE RESOURCES! The only downside is that there is always construction going on.
UCF has a beautiful campus with wonderful faculty and many options for education! In addition, there are many student activities to become involved in.
The Professors at this school are motivating, interested, and care about a student's education. The facilities are incredible and create a comfortable space to learn in.
I loved everything about the University of Central Florida. The University is extremely beautiful and diverse. If you are not someone who likes big crowds or larger cities, the UCF and Orlando would not be the place for you. Finding the right professors can be a challenge, but once you find them they are amazing and truly care about their students. People are amazing and you will find life long friends. Staying in Orlando and attending the University of Central Florida were easily the best four years of my life.
Very diverse school, great teachers and faculty who are always there to help you. The only thing that could improve is the amount of parking spaces.
I went sightseeing to UCF for a field trip with my club HOSA, there I learned about the different majors, housings, medical part of the campus, and the different types of student attending their. It's a really big campus that provide variety of things, such as a closed section, private library, medical gym and a map that tells student news about whats happening around camps. UCF is one of the colleges that I would love to attend.
Education is what you make it. Here at UCF there are many opportunities to make your experience a good one. there are plenty of resources and the school is diverse. You will find something here for you if you look. However, the school is really big and if you have a problem putting yourself out there this may not be the school for you.
I transferred from Valencia College through Direct Connect and I was an amazing choice. The staff is spectacular. The specialized major classes are generally smaller class sizes. A lot of the actual work is online, so you can work at your own pace but still have a lecture component. There are a plethora of services available including gyms, student success, free printing, psychological services, and many others. On top of it, the campus is beautiful and it's a walking campus so you can easily and safely get to all of your classes.
An amazing College altogether. Very easy to live off campus thanks to their shuttles. I've only ever had one "not so great" professor, but the rest have been very good.
UCF offers many amenities, including free doctor appointments.
Tons of academic and casual clubs as well. It's very easy to be involved.
I loved attending UCF. I was there 4 years and graduated in 2008. I changed my major 3 times, was part of the Honors College and graduated wishing I could have stayed longer. A lot has changed since then. I have visited a few times since leaving and it just keeps getting bigger and better. I am proud to be a Golden Knight!! (I know Golden was removed..)
I absolutely loved all of my classes at UCF. I got a great education and understanding for my program, which will help me so much in the future as I continue my education. The only downfall was the parking. It seemed almost impossible to find a spot and would take me at least 30 minutes to find a spot in the parking garage, out of luck. They are trying to fix this problem through other accommodations, however the lot I used to always use was turned into an employee only lot.
I am currently a Junior at University of Central Florida. From the looks of it, I am rather impressed with the scene. Their are several fun things to get into. The Greek life, sports, concerts, and anything else that you can think of. There is a huge amount of diversity on the campus. All types of backgrounds stay on the campus and help me feel much more comfortable. The teachers and students are both very nice to me and are willing to give a helping hand. The campus is also very clean and well kept after showing that are people who care. I do not have that many complaints since there is always something to do. There are concerts and special events to go to and they are usually very cheap. There are several computer labs and study areas for you to focus on schoolwork. This campus is designed for the very best in fun and educational.
The University of Central Florida is a great university with a beautiful campus. Would recommend to all.
The overall experience here is very good, people are friendly and the staff is also. The classes are easy to sign up for and also to find. Everything about ucf so far has been a dream come true
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I like the atmosphere of Central Florida and the people. I like how everyone is very open and friendly. I love walking across campus and seeing everyone outside.
The classes and education system is great and services are willing to help. The only thing I dislike about the college is the amount fees cost and how hard it is to contact umployees at times for services or help.
I'm currently a Sophomore at the University of Central Florida, and have felt that my time here has been well spent. UCF offers many opportunities for students to succeed, and become integrated with clubs and activities that suit their lifestyle.
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