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Such a modern school and amazing professors that constantly want to help you! Students are always willing to offer notes on days you've missed and theres always way a student can improve. Extremely helpful faculty and staff!
UCF has been a great welcoming experience. The campus is beautiful. The people are friendly. The teachers are great. Its very easy to get involved on campus. The on campus dining has a great selection which includes Chickfila, Panda Express, Steak n Shake, Domino's, and Subway. There are more than 150 clubs that you can join in UCF. The recreation and wellness center is state of the art and brand new. The dorms are very nice though they could probably be updated. The internet at UCF is great. Class schedules are easy to make and you stay very informed on when are where to make them.
It's not as glamorous as you think. Some professors are way out of line with their teachings. The extra courses the you have take, that has nothing to do with your major is quite irritating and a waste of money. Also those class can greatly effect your GPA. The campus itself is very nice and well kept. It is like a little town of its own. All that's missing is a grocery store.
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The University of Central Florida is a city within a city. There's so much to do on campus to the point you can never be bored, even if it's studying! The campus looks really pretty with nature around and there are plenty of places to relax with friends. The professors I've had up to this point are all really nice and I'm happy that I'm learning so much from them, especially from my Korean professor!
The environment is very welcoming and the students are very friendly and polite. Everyone works together to get this done and students are willing to help others.
The University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) is a great public university with many options available for its students. Even though it is only my first semester here I can already see what an amazing school it is. Friendly students, caring facility, and a gorgeous campus are only a few attributes that make this campus on to remember! One thing I would hope to see changed on campus is the diversity of students. Most students who attend the University of Central Florida are from Orlando. I would enjoy it if there was more variety.
The biology department is great for my major (veterinary medicine). Also, love the campus and landscape is beautiful. Good for weather.
UCF is overall a great school with plenty of academic and social opportunities. This campus is also very safe, and security typically responds to emergencies in less than five minutes.
A huge university with many things to do. There are many teachers who increased my love of the subject of medicine. I'm very glad I transferred here. I had a lot of fun studying here!
My experience at UCF so far has been rather great. the food is amazing and they are constantly adding new places on campus. The staff and people are very friendly and have great attitudes. The campus is very beautiful and is very centralized making things easy to find and not a long walk either.
The area is great, the campus is lively with plenty of perks and various activities. Most professors are attentive and interesting.
I love the area the campus is in! Orlando is a super cool area with lots to do and so many people to meet. A great school to make friends and also really get a good education.
I attended UCF from 2011 to 2015. The campus is beautiful. Since Iv'e been there, a lot has changed and they have added additional parking garages. The professors are awesome and I feel like I learned a lot.
My experience at UCF so far has been amazing I begin classes in summer 2019 so I haven’t attended yet, but the whole process for enrollment and applying has been an smooth transition from high school!
The University of Central Florida is a great school with professors that want you to succeed and promote their availability for anyone who needs clarification on things after/before class. The school advisors were less than helpful, and I ended up taking two courses that I never needed to. Since the school is such a large school, you really must make sure you are working towards your goal on your own. The campus is gorgeous, the nightlife is better than I could have imagined, and the campus food was exceptional. I attended night classes and the parking garages were never near the academic buildings which at first terrified me for walking to my car at night, but they have a good amount of campus security and well-lit pathways. The area itself surrounding the campus is very populated and traffic was always a nightmare, even at 10pm in the evening. Overall, the University of Central Florida was wonderful, it just comes with a few minor speed bumps that need your full attention.
I always knew I wanted to attend here, so I tried my best to get in. When I got here and looked around, seeing how big the campus was and getting to know it, I was so impressed,everything seemed so pretty. You can sit down and actually enjoy the view. The classes aren't that hard but you still have to commit to them. I really like the diversity around the campus.
Throughout my undergraduate career I have been able to serve others through providing guidance and advice to younger students, serving the poor and refugees through my religious community, and creating an inclusive environment as part of the University of Central Florida. The culture of the campus has prepared me to continue to serve my community, diversify the professoriate, and mentor underrepresented students. UCF has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a scholar.
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I am a freshman but so far I love this school! All of my professors are extremely knowledgable in the subject they teach and they really do care about their students and want to see them succeed. There's an abundance of resources available for all students to make sure that they are having the best college experience that they possibly can.
I like how that the faculty and staff are willing to help you out when you need it. Also, the students on campus is very helpful when you need help finding a class.
As a UCF freshman, I loved all that this university had to offer. The campus is very large, but easy to navigate. I believe UCF does a good job at maintaining a safe campus, as I have never felt unsafe while walking around at night or early in the morning.
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