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I enjoyed the campus of UCA and all of the faculty that I learned from. The great majority of the professors I had worked hard to teach students and believed in each individual's success.
Learning online at UCA has been a relatively smooth transition this past semester. Being in nursing school, the biggest challenge regarding online learning was that nursing students were not allowed into hospitals March 2020 through May 2020.
The campus and the staff are amazing. It still lacks things that almost every campus does, food options, accessibility, insane tuition, but overall I have loved my experience here.
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So far my professor have done a great job at making students feel safe and heard with their concerns on in-person learning. We have all adapted to almost complete online learning with only a few short classes being held in person with social distancing.
Very welcoming community with excellent academic staff and support, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, a beautiful campus, and something for every student!
I never personally took an online course, but I heard from other students that had positive experiences.
The people who complain about parking are the ones unwilling to park in the back of the lot and walk to their dorm. There IS parking, but all of the good parking spots are usually taken. I am rating this 2 out of 5 because of the profs. In 2 of my classes (1 is core requirement, 2 is business foundation), both professors have assigned homework for material they haven't covered. How are we supposed to do homework over stuff you don't teach? In their syllabi, both profs said nothing about independent learning. It's not something I can't do but when it is Earth Science 1400 and Principles of Accounting, I need all the lecture I can get do to well in those. However, these professors have not covered a single thing over what the assignments they posted require of me. Food is good (Get the 200 block to meal swap in the student center). Campus is beautiful. There are good professors but in most of the hard classes, you're out of luck.
If you have a hard class, take it with friends because from my experience in Earth Science, Accounting, and Nutrition, the professors will usually suck. They will give you assignments on stuff they haven't covered yet and expect you to learn it yourself. Which is doable, just not in hard classes like Accounting and Chemistry.
greats at responding and getting back to you on emails that you've sent in. Super nice and caring! All ways keeping in touch with you and check up
don't have experience yet.I am a senior thats planning on going here, but so far they've been amazing
I feel that online anywhere can be challenging. So based on the school they are fine but based on what we have to have on a personal level is okay but it takes time.
I have heard very good things about this college. I have family members who have went to the college and that is one reason that I chose to go. As well as the nursing programs that are offered!
My online class experience was excellent. I took most of them online. My professors made sure to cover every aspect that needed to be covered. If I didn't understand something to kindly explained to me the process of the situation and guided me into path of success.
I liked everything about the University of Central Arkansas. The people I met so far are polite and helpful. They are guiding me to achieve my goals in life and investing their time and money into me so that I can benefit.
I truly enjoy being a student at UCA. The campus is clean. The Faculty and staff are friendly and helpful. All of my professors are available during class, online and after hours to assist their students. The food is great. Campus life is pretty good considering the pandemic and social distancing guidelines. I truly look forward to spending the next few years of my life becoming who I am meant to be at UCA
UCA is amazing! Go Bears! UCA is a great college. The campus is beautiful. Teachers are friendly and the students are focused and goal driven. I absolutely love my school as you can tell. I am looking forward to spending time learning and preparing myself for the world here. I have no doubt I will be a proud alumni!
The University of Central Arkansas is a student centered campus that focuses on student success. There is a culture here that I have never experienced before. Each professor and many of the students feel like a family away from my own family. The classes are very engaging and are medium in size! This allows one-on-one interactions with the professors!
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Due to COVID-19, all classes were forced to become online courses. This transition was not easy, but UCA made it very comforting. The professors were prepared as if they knew there was going to be a pandemic! They communicated effectively, for the most part, and were always prompt.
The staff do everything they can to make sure you have everything you need to be able to focus on learning. The classes are fun and the teachers are enjoyable. Overall, it is a fun place to attend.
The classes went well. Patience can be a difficult quality to demonstrate at times, but the instructors handle issues reliably.
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