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I wish I didn't go to law school but medical school instead. It's very competitive and only 10% can get anA on an exam no matter how good everyone was, then 25% can get a B and the rest must receive a C,D, or F. There is only one chance for a grade, the final exam which are way too long over 4 hours and that you grade for the class without any other assignments for points. I like a class setting where there are homework reading exams papers discussions, etc a variety to keep me occupied interested and knowledgeable. The students are very rude treating each other as lesser than them because of the ranking system. No one will help anyone because you are all competing against one another. Many students have daddy's and mom's who are lawyers and got in law schoolm because of that and think they are better than you and smarter than you err. I came from a disadvantaged backgrounds abd if I share that with anyone then they treat me like trash. there isn't very much academic support. You just have to learn how to relearn all over again because law school isn't like undergrad. It's analytical and unclear. You can bend the law in your favor. Nothing is certain in law school. It cost me $175,000 and I'm in serous debt and it wasn't worth it.
There is one student parking garage but it's also open to the public so there is rarely a spot. It's about 2 blinks from school and 4 blink from housing in an unsafe area to walk in. There are parking attendants but one at a time who is doing everything so when you want to pay you have to find him or wait for him and it is expensive to park there
The school had one building called the tower with about 30 floors full of apartmebts but you either fat the bedroom or the living room as your room, there isn't enough space like communal areas. There is wait list that takes too long- the building is old and in a bad area but gas security. The housing is extremely expensive and no housing assistance is offered by the school.
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The scholarships are very specific requiringbyou to be a resident of a city or state, to be a certain type of latter, to work at a particular organization, be a specific race... They are not based on financial need at all. They don't offer a very large amount avid the application is very lengthy. The school doesn't offer any of its own scholarships.
There are no school teams but there are reserved times to play basketball, do yoga, or work out in the gym and the faculty and students meet and do it together. Otherwise the school is not very active in sports
San Francisco is usually cool because the ocean do you need a jacket sometimes but in the summer it's gray to feel some wind ans cool air pass theough. It rains about 2 weeks if the year. There is a lot if fog but it's mainly sunny
There is only one computer lab with about 20 computer available to the entire school. Some computers have the internet access blocked. You can print anything you want as much as you want in the lab for free but in the library it costs 25 cents a page to print or copy. In the lab there are research assistance. There is a technical support department but when faculty need assistance with computers powerpointdms or DVD players it takes technical support about an hour to help and by that time a student has already figured it out for the professor.
The part of San Francisco that Hastings is in is called the tenderloin and considered to be ghetto. There are several areas around the school where the homeless stay and sleep at. There are tons of mentally ill people who wander the streets talking to themselves or screaming and cursing at random people. There are tons of drug addicts using and buying drugs on the cross streets. There is a lot of criminal activity going on and student are victims some of the time to assault, battery, and robbery of their phones and laptops. The bike area often gets stolen from. The campus is safe though because each entrance has a campus police officer and each person entering must show ID to prove there members of the school to prevent the wide range of currupt residents transients and homeless from aging access to the school. The police also send texts immediately after any crime is committed. The area is unsafe and I disagree strongly with the schools polucy that the police are not allowed to have guns. They need to be able to protect us from the vikebce and dangers of the people. The people who live around are not heathy having mental illnesses, disabled, addiction to drugs, lack if food, bathing, and shelter being homeless. The campus is clean and sanitary and students are well and happy but there are some students with disabilities that make education challenging.
It's San Francisco so there are tons of places to go and the people there are just happy and it's very diverse so you stay entertained.
I love my classmates and my professors. And really my school is great, it's just that law school in generally is really difficult and though I would do it again if I had to, i'm not sure a lot of my friends would say the same.
San Francisco is an amazing city. It's really one of the greatest places to live. The only bad part about it, when you're busy and in school (and poor and in debt) you cannot really appreciate it for everything it has to offer.
Extremely difficult to get into law school. Lots of work filling out the application, taking the admissions test, and getting references. Make sure you really want it before applying because if the application process is hard, the actual school part is terribly hard!
I loved my internship this summer. However I didn't get paid, which was tough. Most legal internships (unless you are at a big firm) won't pay so this is just something you have to get used to. It was great experience so that made it worth it.
There are definitely not enough good-looking boys at school. Pretty girls definitely outnumber. But that certainly does not mean that people don't meet and start dating.
Public transport is the best way to go. The muni and BART stations are a five minute walk from campus. Granted it can be a scary walk if it is late, but at least it's a quick one.
Our campus is in the most terrible part of the city, but thankfully our campus security really takes care. They offer escort services and are always present and seem menacing to crazy people but are always nice to us.
Nightlife around our campus is pretty good. The best part is that transportation is pretty easy to get to so it's just a matter of minutes before you're in a good area. Polk street is the most commonly used area and that is a quick walk away.
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People love the soccer and basketball leagues but there are few options and the facilities kinda suck.
The police that make up campus security at UC Hastings are some of the best people around. They are cool, nice, fun to talk to, and keep us all safe in what can be a pretty tough neighborhood.
The best places to eat near UC Hastings are Saigon Sandwhich, Elmira's, Morty's Delicatessen, and Burmese Kitchen. All these places offer a different type of cuisine and are just generally really good and fairly inexpensive.
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