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As an educational facility, this school is phenomenal for research-orientated students. However, students who desire to pursue careers in the health industry would struggle to find the necessary prerequisite courses for post-grad health programs. I think the school administration does very little in order to recognize and allocate to the student's needs on and off the campus. The housing situation is extremely difficult and they are unable to continue housing for students after their first year. The administration continues to admit more students than they can house and there is a housing crisis for the upperclassmen or graduate students. Despite all the protests, the school administration does not seem to listen or attempt to accommodate the student's needs. Other than that, the student atmosphere and culture is the most significant factor I value till this day. Everyone is extremely helpful and supportive of each other.
I loved living in the forest and the community of scholars who genuinely cared about each other's well-being. Affordability of housing and the cost of rent was really difficult and lack of support from the University for continuing students (post freshman year) was really frustrating.
I love the scenery of the Monterey Bay and the beautiful redwood trees. Santa Cruz is a haven and destination location for Northern California residents and people from around the world. However, attending the University of California, Santa Cruz and living in Santa Cruz while enjoying all that the city has to offer are two very different things. The facade of UCSC is quickly overshadowed by the poor quality of food being served at the dining hall, the frequent campus shutdowns due to strikes, and the professors that don't care about their students actually learning the material. Overall, there is a lot that the university tries to hide from prospective students (i.e. the housing crisis, high cost of living, inability to bring your own car). If I were able to redo my college acceptances, I would not have chosen to go here. My advice is to go to another school and save yourself the hassle and costly price of living here.
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Santa Cruz is a very fun campus. The downtown area is kinda small, but it's got most of what you need. The campus itself is beautiful. If you want to find illegal stuff, you can, but if you want to stay away from that, it's not hard.
The campus is beautiful, very kind people . However, living on campus can be a bit isolating as the separation from on and off campus is pretty wide. I was a part of Stevenson college which I really enjoyed their core program. The engineering department is improving but all engineering majors (except Electrical Engineering) are not ABET accredited.
I love UCSC for the environment and the people. Classes are good depending on professors. Food is what you would find in an average dining hall and it's nice you are able to use any dining hall on campus.
This school is great if you like hiking and being in nature. The walk to commute to classes is beautiful and refreshing. I love this school, it's the perfect fit. I highly recommend attending here. The difficulty of academics depends on your major. I'm a chemistry major and I find the classes to be intense, but doable. I'd say that diversity is average because though there are many transfer students, the population isn't super diverse.
UC Santa Cruz has a very "towny" feel to it. So if you're looking for a campus town feel then UCSC is a great fit for you!
I am currently a student at UCSC. My experience here has been ok. Nothing at this campus really stands out, but it's not a bad campus by any means. I just feel really bored here all the time as there isn't much to do. One improvement to the campus would definitely be the sports. It is very lacking.
UCSC is an epicenter for social empowerment and environmental awareness which I deeply appreciate. The education is very applicable and I would consider it to be high quality. I would like to see change in the school's treatment of graduate students, TA's, and part time lecturers because of the un-excusable decreases in pay.
The beach is a good place to read a book. Campus can be a little hectic at times what with 17 students getting arrested during a strike. I suppose it is a bit crazy that admin who own property in the area lobby against rent control but whateva!
The school is great but lack of housing and food security is a serious problem and affects all aspects of student life. You'd never think it's happen to you, but it just might. I know this firsthand.
I visited this university two years ago with my family for my uncle’s orientation. I toured around the campus and met a few professors. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the students were all so kind to us. It is the perfect school for someone who loves being outdoors.
I enjoyed pretty much being in nature while living on campus. Going for Walks/Hikes was as easy as walking a min from my Dorm and Apt.
I liked the culture of acceptance at the place although at times it was taken in a direction that I personally don't agree with. However, pretty much every professor was great, the math department has some amazing Lectures and Professors and I am happy I was able to learn from them
Wasn't my first choice but it started to grow on me after my first year. The campus was what really made it enjoyable for me. Living in a forest is a crazy experience coming from LA. However, I do think there is plenty of room for improvement, especially the housing. Do your research before coming here and don't do it on a whim.
I am a freshman at UCSC right now and I'm loving it here! To me the best part about this place is the campus itself. Ever since day one, I'm in love with the redwoods. Walking around campus has become my favorite thing to do. The quarter system can get a bit hectic, but since you are limited to taking 3-4 classes per quarter that's a relief. Some of the professors are really good, and some not so much. However, there are several TA's and tutors for each class, and all of them have multiple sessions and conduct office hours. That is a great opportunity for students to clarify their doubts. The dorms are pretty cool. The food though not always great is pretty much always decent. For the most part, they atleast have a variety of cuisine. Overall, it's a great college. Very student-friendly!
loved it. Great school if you like being in nature. Nice people. Great professors can guide you in picking a major.
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I like that overall everyone on campus is respectful and welcoming so the transition was better than most. But also it was still awful due to the lack of diversity on campus, especially in the classrooms.
UCSC is a great school in the sense of community and belonging you find on campus. However, I personally had a hard time living on campus as well as in the city of Santa Cruz. There isn't much diversity in terms of places to eat, grocery stores, and the people. Santa Cruz is more-so for those who like to eat granola for breakfast and have the means to shop for organic foods, what I am trying to say is that it is an expensive city to live in and housing is a real issue but the campus is beautiful so maybe that outweighs the cost of living!
My arrival at the University of California, Santa Cruz has been very interesting I meet interesting and fascinating people. The professors and student faculty encourages you to do your vary best in class and there if you need any help.
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