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UC Santa Cruz is an amazing school when concerning academics. They have amazing classes and professors who really care. They have amazing on campus health services, including mental health. However, their tuition prices are outrageous. The amount of money that the people at the top pocket is absolutely out of proportion to the education granted. It was an absolute mistake not going to a junior college first, then transferring.
I will say though, that thank g** we don't have any large college sports teams stealing any extra money away from students who are just trying to get by financially. Our women's rugby, water polo, and ultimate frisbee teams give those athletically inclined amazing opportunities.
UCSC don't take safety of students seriously. But the professors are great, willing to go completely out of their way to help you. Way too overpriced for a UC.
Going to UCSC was the BEST decision I have made! I loved every minute of walking through campus mesmerized by the redwoods on campus. Once I was done with class for the day, I would take the bus to downtown Santa Cruz and grab a coffee or take the bus to Natural Bridges beach. Around sunset I walked along West Cliff Dr and enjoyed the sunset.
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Ucsc has very friendly people and is a diverse campus. I gave it 4 stars because I wish the dining hall had more options instead of repeating the same types of food.
UCSC has a beautiful campus and some incredible teachers. Like all schools, there are some downsides. The campus can be incredible clique-y.The teachers are vary knowledgeable but depending on the major, classes can be very large. All intro courses are huge and it can be difficult to form a relationship with your teachers. The University is divided into colleges with varying themes, these themes do represent the students in them to a surprising level of accuracy. Crown College: technology, Merrill: right next to Crown, well known for LGBTQ+, also incredibly far from where classes up a giant hill.9/10: Hard sciences (Chemistry, Biology) in the center of campus. College 8/Oaks: environmental studies, far from the center of campus.Sevenson/Cowell: humanities (has all the athletics and amazing view of the bay), Porter/Kresge: Arts. You can always request to live in any college even if you are not affiliated with it.
UCSC is a cool school. It is my second year here. I like the students and teachers here. However, parking on campus needs a lot of improvement. I hope they come out with solutions about this soon. Housing is also a big problem in this area. The rent is way too high for broke college students to pay for. The area is safe. It is near beaches. Make sure you can find a way to survive thru parking and housing crises before coming.
I have not been to the college yet but all the services I have received and notifications have helped me get set up to leave in September.
UCSC offers a well rounded, whole, approach to the college experience! I have been very impressed with the support services available to students. The University of California - Santa Cruz goes above and beyond to help students manage anxiety and stress.
UCSC is a fantastic school. The campus is beautiful and close to many great beaches, campsites and hiking trails. Although they don't have a ton of different sports teams, their intramural sport opportunities and rec center are great. The campus is close to downtown Santa Cruz and the boardwalk, where there are many different restaurants and activities. It's also not too far from larger cities like San Jose and San Francisco. For a lot of the general education courses the class sizes were a bit large, but once you enroll in classes more in depth and suited to your major, the class sizes become smaller. The professors are fantastic and always eager to help. In addition there are many TAs for each class that offer office hours, as well as MSI and other academic assistance.
I have had a very good experience at University of California Santa Cruz. The people are very nice and friendly. The area is very full of nature, providing many activities for students such as hiking, going to the beach, swimming, and more. The food is unique and I like that they try to bring foods from different cultures, introducing the students to a different culture.
I am a freshman here in University of California Santa Cruz, and I especially love the campus and its wildlife. It is extremely refreshing whenever you see deer, squirrels, or even sometimes cows. University of California Santa Cruz is a smoke-free and very green campus. I have met very interesting people with very diverse interests here in Santa Cruz. We are very accepting of other people's gender, nationality, and sexuality. I feel safe on campus; most people are very friendly and outgoing. Due to the amiable environment here, I feel that people are also in the same situation as me. We are all looking to find friends and make connections. I have stepped out of my shell and met many wonderful people who may be very different or very similar to myself. I think University of California Santa Cruz is a very welcoming college.
I am very excited to go. The campus is wonderful, as it's situated in a beautiful part of santa cruz where the redwoods meet the beach. The air is refreshing to walk in as you head to your next class. The students are very friendly, and the staff is amazing as they are there to help you learn. The facilities are great, and surrounding the campus is santa cruz, where the boardwalk and beach are. Being a UC school, it's setting you up for success for the future in an environment you really can't beat.
UCSC was a unique experience. Surrounded by the forest, ocean, and meadows, the campus was a paradise for those who needed an escape the city life. . The school was competitive yet friendly, so students would help one another with coursework as opposed to the students from other colleges who were cut-throat. There were many engagement opportunities within the school, including first rain, rallies, open mic nights, and fitness challenges. Overall, beautiful campus and a great opportunity to pick up an outdoor sports, hobby, or activity. The city of Santa Cruz is welcoming to the college population. Three to four years studying at UCSC will definitely be a memorable experience for all majors.
I loved my entire four years at UCSC. It was a very diverse campus and offered a wide variety of classes that broaden my knowledge. UCSC has a ton of student resources on campus and makes it easier to graduate on time!
I went to UC Santa Cruz for my undergraduate career. The campus is beautiful, there’s plenty to explore when you need a break from school. I enjoyed Santa Cruz as my second home, I miss it every day.
Very beautiful campus. The university offers a lot of fun classes to choose from, especially GEs. Athletics are not given the attention they deserve, and many sports, mainly club, are neglected.
I loved it here and it's definitely a place I feel like at home with although some of the workers are terrible at helping you when you have questions and sometimes it feels like people are just trying to avoid answering your questions.
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I just simply have to say that I love the local wildlife area nad the fact that it is inside a forest.
Great campus with a lot of nature surrounding it. For some, the trees are too much but you can always go to the boardwalk or somewhere to get away.
UCSC is a very nontraditional college. There is no greek life, but students are very friendly. It is a great school for physics and marine majors. They have many internship and research opportunities. The campus is beautiful being surrounded by redwood trees, ocean, and constant beautiful scenery.
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