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University of California - Santa Cruz Reviews

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Gives a different type of experience compared to the other UCs. Campus is located on a hill that sits atop of the city. Surrounded by lots of redwood trees and wildlife, while the town sits directly next to the beach and the 1 highway. Definitely competes with other UCs in research, and can be a great experience if you make the best of your time there. Highly recommend studying here if you come from a city/downtown type of background.
The overall environment at UCSC was beyond unbelievable. They also just built a set of buildings by the water for their marine biology students which is what i am looking to study!
The schools itself is great there are so many resources the problem is not everyone knows or takes advantage of them. The campus is great to hike around and people are generally nice to meet and talk too. Some professors are really dedicated to thier class while others ramble on without making sure thier class is truly understanding.
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The first thing I liked about this university is that the campus is beautiful. The school is not big on sports but it is big on clubs and getting involved with ethnic resource groups and the ten distinct colleges that make up UC Santa Cruz.
Very beautiful campus with friendly students, teachers, and staff. Hike or take the bus to most areas. Food is ok, not that great.
My experience with UCSC has been a roller coaster. I am a first generation student so I was going in a little half blind when it came to the resources the school had to offer (for a Queer Black Woman) as well as personal issues like knowing how to study and what teaching techniques work for me. I still am learning and finding the resources the school has to offer as well as getting resources (such as female products to be more available) onto the campus. But the things that I have learned (social justice issues, where investments are being made, etc) I could not have gotten from any other school. It has its perks as well as its cracks.
It shined upmost ambition and light to my dreams and future aspirations. Walking up the hills and down the hills excited my capabilities and my road to a better education. UC Santa Cruz provided a felling of warmth and protection that I had not felt in any of the previous college campuses I had ever visited. What enlighten me the most was the atmosphere of the campus and how it allowed my to breathe in a new life for myself and for my future.
The campus is beautiful, and most of the professors are great. There are problems with housing and enrolling into classes.
The greatest aspect of University of California, Santa Cruz is the campus. The campus is located in the California Redwoods on a mountain. There is lots of wildlife, including: deer, turkeys, and mountain lions. The first two I have seen in person and the latter, I have thankfully never laid eyes on in person.
One thing that would definitely warrant change is the lack of African American representation. Though the percentage of African American students, 3.7, is greater than other other UC schools, this percentage does not anywhere reflect the amount of African Americans in the United States.
I like the very natural-like setting of UC Santa Cruz. I love that the campus is surrounded by nature.
Not worth the cost of attendance. Psychology department very disappointing. Hard to make friends or connect with other students.
Very VERY beautiful campus with wonderful people in it. However, it seems that the administration didn't know what they were doing during my time there and treated students pretty poorly, especially those who lived in the dorms. The scope of learning in my particular major was very limited, as the professors there were so set on their own archaic ways that they didn't accept any sort of new methods.
UC Santa Cruz is a beautiful campus. In the center of a lush forest, there is so much to do at this school. You get to meet so many different kinds of people and friendships are to be made in every class or club you join.
It was beautiful, I really admired the amazing scenery and extravagant location of this campus. The campus was very big and had a lot nature and history surrounding it. Despite its great safety it could use an upgrade on the food .
I recently finished my first year here at UC Santa Cruz and I was absolutely happy with the decision I made to attend this school. I love the student life and how everyone is really welcoming, and there are so many resources to help students with academics.
really nice, just don't pay attention to the other things focus only on your study. you know what, sometimes you may get distracted by some other stuff and you may also get your self more exposed for so many things especially if you are an international alien, but is usual incident in many universities in america, all over the world. the only thing that you have to do is stick to your goal and hit the nail street ahead. good luck for all and for me too because i am also tring to get in to this university i wrote this depending on my cousin's experience and me deep research.
Professors are passionate, funny, and excited to help you. There are innumerable research and field opportunities. It’s a great school for ecology and environmental studies. The students generally aren’t always the nicest however and transportation is a bit of a mess. The campus is lively with lots of events to attend.
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UCSC is a beautiful campus and has amazing professors. The UCSC community is mentally and academically positive. The teachers at UC Santa Cruz have been extremely influential on my motivation for school and interest with my major. Every professor I've had is very knowledgeable and inspirational in various ways that have helped me maintain the desire and interest I have for my specific major. The only downside of UCSC is the difficulty of having a busy social life because of the disinterest with many of the students. The students are very smart and engaging, but not particularly interested in socializing.
I am a first year at the University of California- Santa Cruz and my experience has been overall very good. The only concern that I have is with diversity, because it seems that the majority of the school is white. It would be great to see more diversity within the school. I also think that the school could focus on the problem with impacted majors. Overall, the school has great academics, resources, and is overall helpful with getting you to your future goals.
Great teachers and the campus is gorgeous ! If you like hiking this is definitely the place for you! Great events throughout the year and a lot of research and job opportunities as early as your freshman year!
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