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I earned my bachelor's degree in computer engineering from UC Santa Cruz this last summer, and now I am in the computer engineering masters program. I think that many people don't hold UCSC in very high regard, but I think that will change very soon as the university has been getting serious about boosting all of its academic programs in recent years. I think that our engineering programs/courses are all excellent hands on learning experiences with real world applications. The campus is also beautiful; it sits in the middle of a redwood forest with plenty of hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking opportunities, and it is a 10 minute drive away from some of the best surfing spots in the world.
I am currently a transfer student who has only been on campus for a few weeks. Aside from the constant hike from colleges, it has been a wonderful experience. You do get sick of the food after a while so you should bounce around dining halls when you can.
So far, UCSC has been an amazing experience. It’s not a city college but more so a natural experience as it is enveloped my nature. With so many professors loving their subject, each class welcomes new students into joining the rigorous curriculum set by the administrators. All in all, every student and faculty in UCSC is welcoming and friendly towards each individual.
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Overall the past 2 years at santa cruz have been great. I met my best friend and really connected to some of the people. But it can also be very lonely, they should offer more diverse clubs and programs. Maybe organize more events for students other than freshman. The tuition is also very expensive and some of the things we still pay for should come included with the package.
I like that there is awareness of social issues affecting people of color. Being here, I have gotten to know more than a few woke people. It is quite refreshing and enlightening.
They're good about promoting a healthy lifestyle and most professors are cool. Not super wheelchair accessible but you know, I guess we ARE in a forest.
I love the school but the financial aid office is killing us. They never pick up the phone. It is impossible to reach to a person and the website aid section often contains mistakes (happened all 4 years) and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are out of state pick another school because unless you are within driving distance of the aid office you will never be able to make this work. The only way to resolve all the problems are to show up to aid office in person every year often multiple times (parent and student)...this is impossible to do if you are not in the 95003 zip code. Students say they are understaffed and that is probably why they don't pick up the phone.
Its a beautiful campus and people there are very open and supportive no matter your past, present, or decisions for the future. You have plenty of opportunities to find community. One thing that's getting difficult is the housing situation for all students, both on and off campus.
The thing I found interesting about this university is that its located in a very beautiful place. I think that this is a very nice campus I would love to be there I like these type of places where it looks so scary but it really is not and am really in love with the campus . I would not change anything about this campus because its really beautiful.
I am a Fifth year student at this university, and from my experience I think this a really good school for engineering. Of course, there will be some professors that make the classes harder than they should be, or they do not make the classes hard enough, henceforth, losing valuable information. Nonetheless, this school is focused on continuously improving its academics. The one thing I think needs changing is the food provided by the campus. The food quality starts off okay, but then gradually goes down throughout the quarter.
UC Santa Cruz has provided me with a beautiful, inspiring, and welcoming place to learn. The campus and surrounding city has so much to offer in terms of educational opportunities, outreach, clubs, and hobbies and activities.
I am truly glad I decided to attend school here at UCSC. I've had a variety of enriching courses and professors that I've learned so much from in a short amount of time. They have definitely changed my mindset and outlook on the world and have guided me in directions that have inspired me and my career options. However, I do wish that the university in general provided more support and acknowledgement financially and generally to the visual arts department.
This is the place where I've done most of my growing up. I can't believe it's almost over. Honestly, to find yourself, and if you're a nature fanatic, getting lost in the trees isn't such a bad place to find yourself.
I would like to see more improvement on the social aspect of the campus by making people feel more welcomed. I like the nature feel there.
UC Santa Cruz was very welcoming to me when I first arrived. The faculty's accommodation to my needs helped me make a decision on what I wanted to study. The campus itself is also very beautiful, with hills that keep going on and on- makes you a bit stronger as well. I am very excited to continue the last three years of higher education at this institution.
The University of California - Santa Cruz provides decent variety of major options however, it is felt that there is a lack of depth in basic understanding.
UC Santa Cruz is an extremely expensive school, and the dorm housing is outrageous. However, the education and the academics are wonderful, and the campus is the most beautiful college campus you will ever step foot on. It's in the middle of a forest, and is close to the beach as well. The transportation system is pretty average, there are very few sports teams on campus, and the Greek life is small.
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The environment is very friendly, relaxing, and everyone is extremely helpful. A lot of opportunities for success and the staff wants you to succeed.
UCSC has been the perfect school for me. I'm studying Literature and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and I am extremely satisfied with my programs. The campus is ideal if you enjoy the redwoods and being immersed in nature, but there is also some beautiful architecture if that is more your thing! I believe that there is something for everyone here.
UC Santa Cruz is a beautiful campus with a diverse student body. There is always something to do down in UC Santa Cruz!
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