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The school is fine. Campus is attractive since it's in the forest. The food in the cafeteria is bad, so we bus it into town to eat out. The dorm is way too crowded; three of us in a room. I wish it were closer to the airport, and of course, I wish the tuition were way lower.
What I like about UCSC are the amazing professors, I have yet to have a bad experience with one and the combination of being in the forest and less than 5 miles away from the beach, these top my list and what has made my experience here at UCSC a great one. What I would like to see change, is the housing situation. Because of our housing crisis, I am not guaranteed housing next year and may have to leave because of it, this is the situation for a lot of other students as well, as off campus housing in this area is pricey. Other students have resorted to returning home, or living in their cars, no one should have to make those sacrifices in order to pursue their academic dreams.
Great school to attend, wonderful location but life can be expensive. It is a Bay Area after all. School has great location in redwood forrest, great selection of majors and proximity to everything a student may need.
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Everyone seems friendly. The campus is beautiful as there are deer, turkeys, and many squirrels. The RAs are also kind and always willing to lend a hand. Professors have been good so far. The Coastal Campus is unique and fairly new to UCSC.
I love the nature at UCSC; the only bad thing has to be the busses. The busses get filled fast, making it hard to arrive to class on time. Walking isn't so bad, you get to enjoy the nature, but you have to leave early if you were to try to get to class on time.
I like this campus because it puts you out in nature, and for those who are in the science field, it gives many opportunities to gain hands-on experience. I would like to see better food options, but other than this, I don't have a lot of issue with UCSC.
It's a decent school. Some courses are taught by less than amazing professors, but that goes for any environment. The atmosphere is nice and plenty of opportunities for socializing
Great diversity, different vibe. Santa Cruz is definitely a different experience, the campus is huge and beautiful but it can make it a challenge to getting to classes and such.
The community at UC Santa Cruz is unlike any I have experienced. Professors are very welcoming and want students to succeed. The students at UC Santa Cruz are open minded and open hearted. The campus is gorgeous and provides ample opportunity to breath in fresh air while walking to classes.
I loved the campus. It was huge and gorgeous and felt like you could be alone and surrounded by people all at once.
I loved the campus and believe it is very diverse. I really enjoy how the campus is full of nature and there are also deer on the campus. I went to visit Santa Cruz with my teachers and other students as a trip which I thought was a really good opportunity.
It is a beautiful and nice place to be at, there is a lot you see in Santa Cruz. There you learn to meet others and learn new ways of living. Life at Santa Cruz is fun where you might get lost at some point but afterwards there will b people that will help you along the way.
I've loved my experience here so far. I feel like I've learned so much about myself and the people around me. It's a beautiful campus with great academics.
UC Santa Cruz is a beautiful school. The campus was up on a hill so accessing it from off campus housing was difficult. During my last year transportation to the school was being cut despite more and more students needing it. Housing off campus is extremely expensive. As far as academics I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most open minded and inspiring professors on that campus. The athletic scene on campus is not big so no big games that people attend compared to other schools.
It is noted that the forest and outdoor environment largely made the school environment very calming and peaceful for me to self de-stress to just gaze at nature while for a couple minutes while I am at library. In terms of academics, I feel the school does provide very plentiful amounts of resources for student success such as personal tutoring, free group tutoring, T.A sections, ACE, and professors tend to accommodate for student questions well from what I have seen in my STEM classes with how they have a structured system and T.A's to clarify for students when they do not have the time. In terms of academic downfall, I would say lies most specifically to partying that does go on somewhat very frequently here at Santa Cruz. My largest problem on campus is specifically housing, as the crisis of homeless students living in cars is an epidemic due to the fact that the school accepts more students than there is on and off campus capacity to house them legally.
This University is known for its academics and great STEM programs. If you are looking for great scenery, clubs and sports, and or interested in the Sciences I would recommend this school.
Santa Cruz was the perfect place for me to develop as an adult and provided me all the opportunities I could ever dream of. Not only did I receive an excellent education, but also learned about life and learning in general.
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This university is in an amazing location, half in the redwoods and half with ocean views. I feel blessed everyday walking in between classes. Their public bus transportation to and from the university is prompt and sufficient. The professors are extremely nice and are willing to help you succeed as a student and future professional. The school offers many outdoor and recreational activities, as well as support groups for diverse communities. Inclusion and diversity are the main goals within UCSC and I can’t think of a better educational system that can say as much.
I earned my bachelor's degree in computer engineering from UC Santa Cruz this last summer, and now I am in the computer engineering masters program. I think that many people don't hold UCSC in very high regard, but I think that will change very soon as the university has been getting serious about boosting all of its academic programs in recent years. I think that our engineering programs/courses are all excellent hands on learning experiences with real world applications. The campus is also beautiful; it sits in the middle of a redwood forest with plenty of hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking opportunities, and it is a 10 minute drive away from some of the best surfing spots in the world.
I am currently a transfer student who has only been on campus for a few weeks. Aside from the constant hike from colleges, it has been a wonderful experience. You do get sick of the food after a while so you should bounce around dining halls when you can.
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