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UCSC is a great place if you are a person who likes to be focuses on you. There aren't many major sports. The professors are mostly very good, but there are a few that really need to change the way they teach. There aren't a lot of social events that integrate everyone from the school. Overall, it is a good school.
I love the campus itself. The redwood trees surround every inch of the campus. The town of Santa Cruz is adorable, with all kinds of amazing stores and restaurants. The beach is minutes away too. The bus system on campus needs work though, I have had to wait up to 20 minutes until a bus arrived before.
Everyone is incredibly friendly and the campus is gorgeous. Really recommend bringing a hammock. The classes are really cool and the professors are great. They definitely need to
Do something about shortage in housing but it's not so bad.
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The dining hall food is not the best at any one of the dining halls on campus, but everything else about the campus is awesome. From having an ocean view, to walking through the forest to go to class, everything else is amazing.
very beautiful campus, the redwoods are a walk a way and the beach is a short bus ride. the food gets a little tiring after a while but the desserts are usually good.
Santa Cruz seems like an amazing school filled with amazing people and it has an amazing environment.
Santa Cruz is very different in comparison to what you expect the college atmosphere to be like. The school itself is located in a forest and the school itself tries to conserve the nature and wildlife. There are great professors, but just a lack of unity and school spirit.
I love UCSC! I decided to come to this school because of it's beautiful campus and because it is a good school in a prime location for my major (marine biology). The campus is unlike any I've seen before; you practically forget that you're walking around a college campus because you get so immersed in the beautiful scenic redwood forest around you. UCSC is also very close to the ocean, making it a great location for those who love to frequent the beach. Aside from location, I have had great experiences academically with this school. All of my professors have been extremely kind and genuinely interested in the wellbeing and learning process of their students. Finally, UCSC is a school that is extremely accepting of people from all different backgrounds, sexual orientations, and cultures and strives to make all students feel welcome. Has always been my dream school, and still is.
It is an atypical college in regards to lack of sports teams and lack of ubiquitous Greek life. I did not mind those characteristics because I do not care much for sports and Greek life.

The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is an isolated redwoods forest on the hills north of the rest of the city of Santa Cruz.

It is overall a liberal and accepting community, but there were very few Black students around. The campus is more diverse than the city's population. There are many student orgs.

The city itself has enough to offer to have a fun social life but it's not the most poppin. I recommend a car or a friend with a car if you want to go hang out in San Jose or San Francisco for a weekend.
I like the environment. We have a beautiful campus, abundant with trees, turkeys, and deer, and can also view the ocean from campus. We are receiving a quality education, with some incredible teachers willing to meet 1 on 1 to help out. Food isn’t great, as there are no chain restaurants on campus, just the sad dining hall food.
Love the college. Really helped me get out of my shell. As a LGBTQ student I was scared about college until the teacher in my high school told me about the school and how liberal it was. It was really nice there and I pretty much never felt afraid to be who I was on campus except for walking scary dark paths in the woods at night to get to the dining hall. Most of the professors are really hard working and very nice and they usually have very good and dedicated Teachers Assistance. The only bad thing is parking is expensive but you have the buses that go around school so it is not a big deal.
I love the relaxed vibe of UCSC, the nature, the students, and the professors. Our school has a lot of interesting and stellar programs to learn from. There is not a huge party scene, but if you want to have fun, you'll find a way. I do hope UCSC works on their overcrowding/housing issues, especially since they're admitting so many students.
The campus is gorgeous and there are good people to meet out here. Being a STEM transfer student I would say I have found some very good teachers and TA's while I've been here.
I love the campus and people here. The dining hall food isn't that great but there are a few other options that aren't too bad if you are looking to eat on campus. Have had great professors and have few complaints about academics. There are many free resources like MSI that are great if you are struggling and need extra help. Overall great school and would recommend.
Attending here is literally the best experience of my life. I feel so free in this beautiful place. Food is amazing, professors are interesting, and everyone seems to be chill about life. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. As someone who doesn’t care about sports, this college has no downside.
The main thing I liked about UC Santa Cruz was the opportunities they offered. They also have a great amount of programs to help the students in whatever way they can. The one thing that I believe they should change is making the rules less strict.
I like it but I think there needs to be more housing available for students and the buses need to run more often on weekends.
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The campus is absolutely gorgeous and everyone is very welcoming and inviting! You can tell everyone loves to be there which makes it such a wonderful environment to live in. The classes are a good challenge but not intensely overwhelming which is also nice. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved in a bunch of different organizations, clubs, social justice moments, and more!
I like the environment but the administration is awful. It feels like you're being nickel and dime by the college board at every opportunity. It's getting absurd. Dealing with situations regarding financial aid and money in general is the biggest nightmare. But if you are just thinking about classes, I think it's a great school.
Overall I like the atmosphere and environment at Santa Cruz. Not only is the campus beautiful but so are the people. Every one is very social, helpful, and welcoming. I have made a lot of good friends at this school and I highly recommend anyone applying at a four year university to go here.
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