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I love it here! The environment and people in general are so welcoming, it feels like you're at home but better. I would choose this school 100000 times over again!
It's a great school. The academia is difficult. San Joaquin Villages parking is horrible. We paid 455 in parking and the parking lot is a mile away. Not worth it.
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I absolutely love UCSB! It is a very challenging school, but it is definitely worth it for STEM Majors. I am a second year bio student and am working extremely hard, but I am getting so much out of all of it.
I liked the campus, I liked the location, it is in a place where you can go and do different things. It is also close to where I live, but not that close to live with my parents. In case of an emergency I can go and be there in less than 40 minutes.
I have yet to feel out of place here, it is my second home. The campus is right next to the beach so its very beautiful. The staff and students work to provide a welcoming environment. The party scene is great if that's what you like to do ,but there are plenty of other events that you can attend that different orgs put on.
Santa Barbara is a great school, they are really focused on the success of students. If you are not doing good in school or if your are going through some things, the school really focuses on you. Not only is UCSB great on academics but it is also good when it comes to student activities and it is located on a great campus next to the beach. I love UCSB.
The school is very welcoming and you feel like you fit in. I don't think that I would really change anything.
I went to UC Santa Barbara for a summer program and absolutely loved it. The campus is gorgeous and don't even get me started on the food. The kids on campus seemed so content and the atmosphere seemed friendly and supportive.
The academics is very tough yet eye opening. The people here are super nice and I feel that everyone will find their place here.
What I liked about the college is the beautiful view of the beach. Also when you at the campus is nice to walk around and the classes are cool.
Great beach community atmosphere with amazing academic resources. This campus is very accommodating and the student body is active.
I am currently going into my 3rd year and UCSB and I love this place with all of my heart. If you make an effort to get involved and put yourself out there, you will truly thrive at this campus. It is a huge group of wonderful welcoming people that have a passion for many things and are so well rounded. It is a diverse campus that has so many opportunities. We have truly incredible professors that are dedicated to their job.
Great academics, but challenging. Impersonal staff. Great musical events and campus. Loved the area. Lots to do there. Great restaurants and beach area.
The professors for sure are amazing. The way they tackle teaching is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. Not to mention living less than 5 minutes from the beach is an experience that’s hard to put in words. The interesting academics on top of the beautiful scenery make this school an amazing place to live.
I love it here, the academics are amazing, the teachers are very passionate on what they do, it’s in such a beautiful location, and the social life lives up to the hype. Who wouldn’t want to be here??
Very nice college, beautiful campus and devoted professors. Also, great food and staff, and very diverse campus. Also a safe place to be, the University has really stepped up its security game. Very prime location and overall a very enlightened and great place.
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UCSB is a great university. As an engineering major, there were lots of opportunities to grow, learn, and connect with interior faculties or local companies. The faculty and peers were are very intelligent and willing to help. The campus is very nice and right next to the ocean. Also get plenty of chances to engage in the social scenes, such as parties, on campus events, and clubs.
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I liked how connected a lot of the community was which was something that I did not have in high school.
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