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I liked how it was situated so close to the beach. Even though I don't go to the beach, the setting made me feel comfortable like I was taking classes at a resort. Teachers are helpful and nice even though I did not go to much office hours. Students seem very extroverted so you won't feel like you do not have anyone to talk to.
It is been both sweet and bitter, which is what life is about anyway! I got rid of the stigma of mental healthy and changed my pronoun to the "they, them" non-binary. I enjoy every moment here!
I had a wonderful time here on my visit during a youth conference! I'm definitely applying this upcoming year. The campus is super pretty, right on the water. The cafeteria food is average but there is always Isla Vista to go to. I got the feeling that the student life here is active and open.
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Amazing Academics, ample research opportunities for undergrads, beautiful location, friendly people, fun, communal. Housing is expensive, students can have drug dependencies due to studying demands and/or party scene.
UCSB is one of the best places to spend your first four years of adulthood. The academics and social life are the perfect challenge. Who wouldn't want to study beachside?
My experience at UCSB has been one of a kind. I have been challenged academically and been pushed to reach academic achievements beyond my wildest dreams. I'm involved in several organizations on campus, and I honestly could not have dreamt of a better university to pursue a higher education.
UCSB was absolutely the best experience I could have asked for! I transferred from a Top 20 school to UCSB and found UCSB to be superior in almost every facet. Great professors, fantastic social scene and community of friendly students, and great school spirit. Location is right on the beach and tough to beat! Thanks UCSB for an incredible college experience! Go Gauchos!
As a young Latina from the small beach town of San Pedro, CA, the campus of UCSB is a home away from home. The smell of ocean, overcast mornings, and warm, sunny days connect me with home, and also push me to get out of bed early to enjoy my favorite campus spots. Whether it be the hiking trails at Campus Point, the REEF touch tanks, or the library, the beauty of UCSB could never get old.

When it comes to academics, classes are very fast paced in the 10 week quarter system. Some classes go as fast as covering a chapter of material per class; it's very important to attend lecture and establish relationships with professors.

As for the party scene, UCSB is viewed as party central. However, many people, including me do not follow the party scene. A recent survey found that nearly 50% of UCSB students do not party. UCSB is ranked #8 in the United Stated in the Top Public Universities, so it is seen that UCSB students are strong in their academics.
I loved my experience at UCSB. The campus is gorgeous and the people were so friendly. I loved how Isla Vista is full of college students and is basically a college town. The food in IV is also really good. I loved the professors and I really learned a lot in my major. The one thing that I would change about the school is that I would add more majors like criminology.
UC Santa Barbara is a laid back beach campus with excellent academic opportunities and a small town atmosphere.
I transferred to UCSB Fall 2017 for 2017-2018 school year from Foothill/De Anza College. UCSB is everything that I expected it to be, and more. I expected UCSB to be a beautiful 4-year university due to the college being on the coast, but I also expected UCSB it be predominantly white. Although UCSB is predominantly white, there are clubs/organizations/associations for students of all backgrounds. The professors I've had so far are helpful and enthusiastic, but the coursework and workload is more intense than I expected.
UCSB is a great school in a great location! For the most part the professors are great. They have a firm grasp on the subjects and actually enjoy teaching. Santa Barbara is a small town which I wasn't expecting but Los Angeles is only 100miles away! The athletics aren't that great but theres so much to do around here we're a community that doesn't need a sports team to rally around.
What I like about UCSB are the wonderful professors that teach the classes. However, I would like to see a change in the amount of space in those classes since they tend to have a long wait list for most of them.
Santa Barbara is a lively and motivating environment with a beautiful campus. The students and people around are very nice and welcoming.
Absolutely loved my time at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The school provided me with a great education and ample opportunities to assist in research.
UCSB has a beautiful campus and is near a beach. Theres lots to do like walk around town, go shopping, surfing. Most people own a bike to go to school or just to go around town. The weather is great. Also if people like to hike there are some good local hikes to go to. Theres a lot of diversity. Its a local school if you live in the county and want to stay close to home and be able to see your family whenever you want but its also good if you need or want to be away from home but not hours away. They have a good research program. You can make many new friends.
I had a tour for my school and the campus was beautiful. There was so many people and because there was so many people there were a lot of bikes. You would see bikes in every bike rack it was full.
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I like the people and the environment. I just wish there was more open access to some clubs and orgs.
UC Santa Barbara is a wonderful campus with incredible opportunities all around. I have been honored with being involved in Greek life, three departments, two on-campus jobs, and a plethora of research opportunities and connections. Because of UCSB, I have learned the importance of balancing a social life and academics, while also learning about putting everything into perspective. Going to college next to the beach provides a very relaxed, yet focused environment that is conducive to learning of all kinds.
THE BEACH! THE PEOPLE! THE FACULTY! Everyone and anyone will feel welcome and learn a lot from all the great professors here who truly care about their profession and what the next generation to be educated, and just individuals in our society.
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