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I like how diverse everyone is at UCSB and the friendly environment. I would like to see easier ways to be connected to organizations.
It is a beautiful school on an amazing campus. Happiest students you'll meet with great life and fun in Isla Vista, whats not to love??
It is a beautiful campus with an ocean view. The professors are always available to talk to you whenever you need any help, plus the TAs also have their doors open at all times.
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UCSB is filled with the most wonderful. I was worried about the reputation of the school, as one of the main "party" schools, but even as a shy person, I feel welcomed and invited by my fellow peers. The facilities here are great.
As a current Junior here, I can honestly say college is more than school work, but a life lesson. UCSB has taught me that it isn't easy getting what you want in life, especially if you don't know what you want. I have lived, laughed and learned here, and there is nowhere else I would've rather done it all. The number one lesson is that you can drive forward if you know what direction you want to go in, otherwise you drive pointlessly in no direction. Find yourself by learning how to understand things, and life will reward you with the experience. I have moved around a lot in my life, and I will tell you that people are now the same everywhere. There are only a few that really care about others left, or actually express it genuinely, so don't take the pressure or the hurt to heart. In the end, you learned from and you lived the experience, and no one will take that away from you. Strive to succeed and thrive by not letting anyone take what you desire away from you.
Attending UCSB was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I have made great friends that I enjoy socializing with and the academics in this school are challenging, yet doable. I know that the staff genuinely care about the students here and I am happy to see so many resources on campus.
I was not expecting to love the atmosphere of this school, given the reputation of the school. I loved how peaceful and beautiful the campus is. Although getting to my major took a lot of hard work, I think the campus vibe helped me a lot with my studying.
The campus is located where a resort would be located usually, but the surrounding town of Goleta is sort of rundown. The people are friendly and beautiful, there are tons of ways to get involved and make your own impact here at UCSB. Plus the only school that owns its own beach.
Very beautiful school with many opportunities! It has a reputation for being a party school but in my experience, it is no more a party school than any other university. Academics are rigorous and classes are challenging yet rewarding.
The atmosphere is nice and the professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. I'm a psychology major and the professors are so into their own research. They all have their own research going and you could feel their love for their subject pouring through. I feel so lucky to be here.

Did you know the library here opens 24 hours a day? It's wonderful, you can escape here to study if your roommates are too loud. There are also computers for you to use if you need it. Other areas on campus are also open up to studying during the day.
This school is great! I really feel like I am safe and my classes are exactly what I wanted not to mention the Beach!!
The University of California, Santa Barbara has a unique culture, different from many other colleges. Though everyone is striving for academic achievements, there is less of a competition between students but just a drive to be the best they can be as an individual. Because of this culture, the students here on campus are overall very friendly and "chill."
Classes are very tough, but that is just what is UC education entails. Campus sits right on the beach, but most students are kept busy between classes, sports, clubs different internships, so the beaches tend to be rather empty during the week. Library is a nice area to study and it's open 24/7. It is very difficult to get into certain majors, and some professors are not very generous when it comes to curving. Students learn to make use of different resources on this campus, and most importantly, to be independent.
I love that I live right next to the beach. However, it is extremely competitive & there isn't much diversity here.
UCSB is located in a beautiful location, right next to the beach and Isla Vista. The beach offers amazing sunrise and sunset views as well as a chance to de-stress and relax when work gets hectic. Isla Vista, a beautiful little college town home to not only college students but also many retirees and shop owners, is full of adventure with cafes, small restaurants, and parks.
UCSB, as an academic institution, offers a wide variety of educational programs but lacks in variety of majors and minors available compared to other schools in the UC system.
The classes at UCSB are challenging yet very rewarding because all the professors are so passionate about helping us succeed as well as the subjects they teach.
The college offers extensive courses, and is extremely asthetically pleasing. UCSB has a lot to offer, from the close and welcoming community to the helping factually.
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It's a beautiful campus with so many resources that are helpful. Professors and students are easy-going here and very helpful. I haven't had a bad professor or TA in my two quarters here. The only downfall is that I live on an "on campus" dorm that is technically off campus, almost a mile away, and it is really far to bike. Being so far away from campus makes me want to stay in my dorm all day, but also, being so far away from campus is nice too because I've made really good friends in my dorm.
Beautiful campus and location, world-class faculty, and highly intelligent/motivated student body. 10/10
I went on a field trip on February to see this university, and I totally love it. Everything in the campus is amazing. It has a beautiful view of the ocean, not only the ocean but a lake too. The housing is also really nice. The food being serviced in the food court is delicious especially their fries.
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