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UCSB is full of hard-working students. It gets a bad reputation for the party scene but this is unwarranted. Students here work hard for their grades and nothing is handed to you. Work hard, play hard is definitely the attitude but students are much more than that. Most people are kind, helpful, social and smart. Collaboration in class prevails, even in heavily curved or weeder courses.
UCSB is an amazing school that offers a ton when in comes to both academics and student life. The student population is incredible welcoming and intriguing and the social scene is impeccable.
UCSB is an incredible place! I have had life changing and inspiring professors, met some of my closest friends, and live in a place where I can watch the sun set over the ocean every night. The people at UCSB are very friendly and I have found it to be a place where people try to lift each other up as opposed to competing with each other and not sharing notes or information like other colleges. UCSB has a wonderful study abroad program as a part of the wider UC system. The downside to UCSB is large classes--you really have to make an effort to have relationships with professors, but because it is a large university you have SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to do research/ intern/ join or start a club. I love my school and my campus and although it took some time to feel this way, I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
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Absolutely incredible. Coming from the opposite side of the country, I've never felt more welcomed into a community. Not only have I gained knowledge from the phenomenal academics, I am constantly learning something new every day at UCSB. Incredibly diverse with endless options to get involved. It also doesn't hurt that the campus is stunning and you can study right on the beach! Wouldn't change my experience here for the world.
In my first quarter at UCSB, academically I've found the school to be above average with friendly professors and helpful TAs. It's been academically challenging yet rewarding, with many of my GE's not specifically aimed for my major, but still interesting and engaging in their own ways. In terms of location I find it to be very convenient and close to a lot of different amenities such as a shopping district, grocery stores, and restaurants; all it's lacking is a one stop shop, but soon that won't be a problem since they're putting in a Target. One thing I'd have to say is that if you like bubble tea this is the school to avoid; it's a bubble tea desert. Dining hall food isn't very good either no matter what anyone tells you so be prepared for that. The weather is pretty nice so not having AC inside isn't that big of a deal. Also the beach is pretty nice.
I love UCSB! I did the EOP STEP Program in the summer and it really made me feel at home. The EOP program really helped me my first quarter here. I also like the diversity at the university because it's something different that I did not grow up in my hometown. I love the opportunities that we are provided here and not to mention all the support you get here!
UCSB provides a very laid back and easy going environment for all students. The facility and students allow people to be open and able to express themselves freely. The classes are tough, but if you take advantage of your resources, then you should be able to get along just fine.
Beautiful campus on the ocean with a mountain backdrop. Campus town in Isle Vista. Easy access and bike friendly. Consistently rated as one of toppublic universities. Great academics, research, internship and study abroad opportunities. Lots of student organizations,including sororities and fraternities. No football team but soccer rules here!
My first quarter wasn't bad. I wish I had known about my chem professor's crazy hard exams and that I would feel homesick so often before choosing my classes and where to go. The school is nice, campus is beautiful, and it's right next to the beach. The dining commons food can get very tedious at times, but you'll find something you like eventually. Everyone thinks ucsb is a huge party school, but I actually haven't been to one party there and I don't feel pressured to go to any. College is very different from high school; in both good and bad ways.
My first quarter here exceeded all my expectations. Everyone here is so driven to succeed, the professors are brilliant and passionate, and the feel of the campus is really relaxed. The proximity to the ocean is just the icing on the cake.
My first year was very difficult because I found it had to adjust from my hometown to my new home for the next four years. However, I found myself surrounded by very socialable and friendly students and people and made my next few years enjoyable.
No bs review here: from a guy for a guy.

Academics: don't let the school's reputation take away from the fact that this is a top ranked UC. I'm stating the obvious here, but don't underestimate how difficult it is to succeed at this school. This is a common mistake that I and many others have made.

Parties: Yeah, they're good but it's all about connections. If you show up with your crew without knowing someone at the house, or without having someone who knows someone at the house, you will not be allowed in unless you improvise. Showing up with girls makes no difference. They will let the girls in but not you or your friends.

Girls: There are a lot of hot girls at the school, the average standard is fairly high. That being said, it's also fairly high for guys as well. If you're a good looking guy (8+/10) you will get laid A LOT. If you're an ugly guy (4-), good luck. I hope your game is top notch.
The University of California - Santa Barbara is a decent school, nothing more nothing less. The chancellor does not really care about the students, as evidenced by how long he made us stay at school despite how the Thomas Fire was causing Air Quality deemed "very unhealthy" by the county. It was hard to breathe outside due to the air quality, yet the school administrators still thought it was a good idea to hold classes.
UC Santa Barbara is a great and beautiful campus full of people who want to succeed. One thing I would like to see a change in is diversity.
UC Santa Barbara is a second home to me — this place is truly like no other. In my time here I've made amazing friendships in and out of classes. The sense of community wherever you are or wherever you go is truly outstanding. The faculty is very committed to the success of their students and students don't attempt to undermine their fellow peers. We are in it together. By far an amazing
and special place.
I love the campus and the beach! The campus is the most beautiful place and is a wonderful place to be. I really hope I get in
UC Santa Barbara is between a beautiful array of mountains and the ocean, an absolutely stunning location. Faculty and students are very friendly and the moment I got here I felt at home. The only change I would like to see is an improvement in the food available on campus. Other than that, I absolutely love it!
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I've visited the campus several times and would love to be a part of it. I have an older sister attending the school and after I graduate high school, UCSB is my goal for enrollment. I love the diversity and the overall campus is gorgeous.
The atmosphere of the college is unbeatable, but it just feels like it's missing something. I love it here, but I couldn't live here forever.
Santa Barbara is a great place to go to school. It covers all aspects any college student would want; you have the ability to get a great education from great professors as well as live in area with much to do and much to see. The social scene is always full of excitement and things to do. With a place like UCSB, it is hard to pass up the chance to go anywhere else other than here. You can be in class one minute and at the beach in the next minute.
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