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Very diverse campus! Faculty and staff are all very kind. It takes a while to get used to the different campuses, but the shuttle services are very helpful and easy to navigate once you know where you need to go.
The area is very busy, and expensive, but there's always allot to do. I've heard really good things about the school too and have visited multiple times. I also heard they are the number one state med school.
I am excited to begin my graduate studies here. Although I don't begin for another 2 months, they have already made my student experience very fulfilling. I have been able to attend seminars and other university sponsored events as an admitted student.
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So far school has been very fun and i have learned a lot freshman year. My favorite experience would have to be homecoming everyone was having such a good time together. What makes my school so unique is because we all got in because of the same reason. We are all smart even though were different colors and have different beliefs. I would choose my school again because its a good school and the acceptance of every race , everyone is awesome.
Small cohort of students, so the learning experience is an intimate one. Professors carry decades of nursing experience and there is a general attitude of wanting students to succeed.
UCSF was always my dream school and I would not go to any other school give the chance. What makes it so unique is that everyone there encourages one another to strive for innovation in all areas of health care.
It is SF, what do you think?
Walk, biking, or taking bus.
The school provides everything you need to be successful, it is totally up to you.
You get what you input.
We have all kinds of students.
I want to stay in the fitness center 24 hours.
World class faculty, world class facility, and world class students.
We are UCSF, which is the unique.
I love Sf for food variety.
My best choice ever in my life.
We are professional people, and we know how to deal with drugs.
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If you are a party animal. Come on, it is SF, you can find anything.
Everyone has different standard. It is ok for me anyway.
It is all about the same. You can't really tell.
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