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The campus and students are very welcoming and interesting. My experience here exceeds all my expectations for a university that truly cares for its students, faculty and staff!
Through this coronavirus pandemic I, and my fellow students, have felt well cared for with multiple communications keeping us informed of the decision making process being developed to keep us safe, healthy and hopefully back to school in person, soon.
Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience.
Plenty of support available if needed. Never felt like we were left to figure out this new process on our own.
Hoping to be on campus soon.
This school is absolutely fantastic. You cannot beat the location, right alongside the beautiful coast of California with ocean views from the dorm rooms. The diversity is impeccable, the school constantly stresses the idea of inclusivity and comfort to embrace your culture. Their are many clubs and activities on campus where you can meet new people and find your place. The academics are rigorous but it will teach you how to become the best student you can be. It is naturally competitive but that is also what keeps performance at a high level. The professors are extremely professional and skilled at what they are teaching. I would not trade this school for anything, it has helped me grow and enjoy the so called "best years" of my life.
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I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my professors picked up online learning. Of course there was a little bit of a learning curve from my end but my professors adjusted grading and assignments to help students perform as best they could under these circumstances. I myself am not an online learner but there has been such a strong support system from my school in adjusting grading and costs to help the students as much as possible.
I was honestly unsure about coming to UCSD because I heard so many things about it being socially dead and I wanted a fun/normal college experience after going to a small high school. I decided to join Greek life and I’m so happy I did because my social life is certainly not “dead” and everyone I’ve met knows how to have a good time, but also really smart and studious! The location is also insane since it’s so close to the beach, La Jolla, and downtown. I’ve met the best people and the academics are amazing, so I’m really happy I chose this school. If you’re unsure, I say do it and make the most of it because your experience in college is all about what you make of it!
I had all my classes online for spring 2020 and had regular zoom classes during the times I would on campus, but the workload was very accommodating given the circumstances as were the teachers.
There are a lot of resources and opportunities offered by the university. However, being that UCSD is a competitive school, the rates of depression are really devastating to see, and the health services offered are not as well known about and/or accessible to students.
There are a lot of interesting courses offered, so it was super dope getting to take those courses, but the professors may not always be invested in your growth.
Very good academic scene, and as for social scene, it's really what you make of it. Some very good professors and some average professors. Overall really enjoyable.
Great school for STEM majors and walking distance to a beautiful beach! I love it here so far, I have made many memories from living at the dorms before having to move out because of covid-19. My professors have been great at teaching even remotely, and there’s a bunch of clubs and activities on campus for students!
One of the most beautiful campuses in the world, UC San Diego offers ocean views from many classrooms. How many schools offer you the chance to take a surf break between classes? Faculty have always been friendly and approachable, though there is a definite preference for STEM majors. The university campus itself is whimsical, with Geisel library's unique architectural design, modern art installations, and a crooked little house perched atop the school of engineering.
I loved Univeristy of California, San Diego. They had endless resources for their students and the teachers were always ready to help. There were many on campus organizations avaialble for students to be a part of and that made the experience rich and fun
It is perfect for me! I am a human biology major and since UCSD is a research-based school, I find that it is the most fitting for what I want to pursue.
Amazing academics, lots of opportunities and plenty of resources. Great for all majors but especially stem majors relating to biology or engineering. Great career paths after graduating
UCSD is capable to provide all opportunities to students. However, due to large classes and general overpopulation on campus it is hard to find lab positions.
So far, my experience at UCSD has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost every faculty member of the Data Science department has pushed me to be the best version of myself that I can be. I've been able to procure great internships and job opportunities as a result of that. However, one thing that can be improved is the amount of courses offered. I've always wanted to take a religion class but every quarter I wait for a specific class to be offered and it never really is. Sometimes I look at CAPEs and they haven't been offered for years. So maybe either update the classes being offered or make it easier to know when a course is being offered.
My experience was great as the campus is very welcoming. I like how the campus is open to everyone and nature can be seen within walking distance when someone needs to go for a walk for fresh air. There are a lot of on campus resources for problems that a student may have and would need help with. One thing that I would like to see changed would be the selection of food offered by the dinning hall.
I really enjoy certain departments within the university. There are so many ways to get involved and create your own community. I dislike the generally the La Jolla area and the general atmosphere of campus.
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I love UCSD for so many reasons. The academics are impeccable, the professors are brilliant, and they offer a variety of resources for their students. Whether you want to be a part of a research lab, join a club, or peruse any of the 8 library floors, the campus is yours. The only thing about UCSD that I don't like, is how huge the campus is, it feels like a small city. However, they do let you ride bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. Additionally, I think academic advising could be improved, but I know how difficult it is to organize that for how many thousands of students UCSD has.
Overall, I don't think I would have wanted to go anywhere else for school. It's not perfect but the organizations I've joined and the people I've met have made me feel lucky to be a student at UCSD. In general, the people that I meet are very friendly. It can seem abit socially dead at times, but I think getting involved with organizations that are important to you really help deal with this. I also really like a lot of the professors I've had. But I am a humanities/arts major so I'm not sure how good the STEM professors are. Be prepared for lots of walking and an awful parking situation. Plus, sometimes it can feel like the administration doesn't care about student input or about their students at all but rather how they can maximize their profit.
It is a big university so it may be intimidating at first, but you'll find that all or at least most of your classes will all be in the same area. The cafes and food choices are also really good and some of the classes are small too, which eases a lot of peoples concerns.
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