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Some professors did really good with the transitions to online school, however, some did not which made the class/material a little more difficult to understand and pass the class.
School is really good. Really easy to talk to counselors about future career plans and goals. Going to study abroad soon and super excited, the process was fairly easy and had a lot of help from different counselors and staff members.
Ucr has been great! I love all my professors so far. I think that they are all passionate about what they teach and generally want you to succeed.
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Taking classes online makes it a bit easier since I’ve found that the professors are more likely to give things like equation sheets for tests, but overall the lack of in person interaction and ability to talk to your professor face to face makes it a worse experience overall.
I really like the campus and it is a very good soothing vibe especially with all the tress and plants and things just feel calm. My first two quarters there I loved it I had a good experience for my first year.
Online is very good but it can be easy to get caught up on other things but you have to stay determined.
I would say this school has some good professors and their facilities are top notch. I also like their support services to help students with whatever you need.
The professors that I have right now are very accommodating but I think their as of lower division classes.
For incoming freshmen (especially living on campus):
1. get ready for lonely weekends. Many students tend to go home because Riverside life is not fun on weekends like UCLA, USC, Berkeley, etc. but it makes sense because it’s a school reaching the potential of other bigger schools.
2. LIVE IN AI. It is the more low quality dorm but has the tendency to be very social. A lot of people that get involved in social groups and organizations come from AI.
3. Life off campus if you have the chance. Sometimes living on campus has drawbacks like costs, regulations, and a bunch of other things that living off campus may not entail. Get an apartment, rent a house with friends, it’s a great experience to undertake if you can financially allow it.
Learning online was a tough task in and of itself. It’s not easy to get accustomed to something out of nowhere because of a pandemic. Communication is good but at times quite unreliable. So definitely take advantage of the limited resources you already have.
I didn't do much online besides pick classes and that was simple easy and smooth. just a blast on campus.
My experience was great. I was not in campus long but the time I stayed on campus there was always something to do even relaxing in the library. Took me 7 years to finish school at UCR but I loved it and miss campus alot.
UCR is a very good school. I love it there. The professors are really good and the school has so many opportunities for all students. It's a great place for education and learning.
The online experience has been excellent, all professors are very understanding of the situation and always keeping us updated.
The campus was full of friendly and welcoming people who assisted those in need. It was also very culturally diverse and accepting.
It isn't the ideal learning situation, but it wasn't so bad because there were good professors and understanding staff.
The school itself is really beautiful, but if you're looking for professors that actually likes teaching and are not there for research and could care less about students I would choose a different school. This may not pertain to others, but there are maybe 3 bars in the entire city and overall it is not a city. Just not a fun place to be if you like both academics and a livable city. Moving from San Diego to Riverside was a huge shock. I definitely do not recommend UC Riverside because not only of the lack of resources such as getting an internship, but not enough credibility when you graduate and have to compete with USC and UCLA kids and UCSD kids if you want to stay local.
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As a student currently enrolled, UCR offers access to many resources which students can use to further their academic endeavors. I do have friends who go to UCLA and, from what I hear, UCR offers just slightly less in terms of assistance to students. The campus is beautiful but the dorms are sub-par in my opinion. The student body is incredibly diverse, the professors, from what I have experienced, are very good at what they do, and the TA's are very friendly and understanding. I would, however, critique the dining halls as the food is very hit or miss. If you are someone who goes to the gym, the REC center is very nice, spacious and well equipped with a million and one machines as well as a beautiful view from the second story. All in all, the campus is very unique and has a special vibe that is not for everyone but I cannot imagine myself at a place like UCLA or USC over UCR.
I had a great freshman year here. I was in a learning community for my major and it made my transition to college classes so much easier. I definitely recommend joining a learning community. I lived on campus in the AI dorms, and the food was pretty good. Also, the University Village was a quick 5-10 minute walk away. I would go there on the weekend with my roommates to watch a movie at the theater, eat breakfast, and every get pedicures. Moreover, campus has a lot of free useful resources for students on campus and the gym is actually really nice.
Going to UCR had always been my goal. Now that I am here I know that I made the right choice in completing my goals.
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