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I love college! First year Freshman, and every day is a new adventure, filled with meeting new people, and enjoying everything a public university has to offer. Coming from a small, private high school in Los Angeles, it's a real culture shock to have so many people all at one school. That just means there are a lot of people to be friends with!
UCR is very great; everyone on campus is inclusive and there are a lot of events every week. Academically stressful but that's expected in college, especially since it's my first year here.
I believe that there should be more programs offered that are connected with other campuses to build a sense of community like Hermanas Unidas. That club exists in all campuses and comes together to show a sisterhood however, our school and our girls are excluded from that experience due to the fact that it does not exist. We also NEED more free parking. Students are not rich and they keep building unnecessary things.
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I really loved the campus and the environment at UCR. Everyone was so nice and helpful and it was just a beautiful overlook of the whole campus. I also love that they had there own medical school which is amazing and I hope to attend this fall
I think that UCR is extremely underrated of the UC schools and with one of the best research schools in the nation I enjoy being here since I dorm and that experience is so important for my other years here in UCR.
This school has a pretty campus and is constantly expanding or being renovated. It is a research school so all the professors have first-hand experience with what they are teaching. There is also no shortage of club and organizations, so there is something for everyone.
I am a freshmen at UCR and so far my experience here has been good. The professors put a lot of effort into helping the students, they hold office hours in case you need extra help. Some teachers even set up review sessions outside of class time for those who would like to review for the exams. I haven't had any unpleasant situations here, and there are a lot of nice people who don't mind. helping you. UCR does a good job in having activities that the students will enjoy, like the block party at the beginning of the year, and other fun activities.
This is a great university, everything is close and the campus is beautiful, close to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas all less than 4 hours away. You will love it.
my experience is average. I feel that the availability for clubs and activities are limited because they are late at night. It is very uncomfortable for people who commute and have to wait long hours just for the club to begin. In order to have that "college experience" you need to actually dorm on campus because that is the best way to make friends or just get to know someone to call them your friend.
I really enjoy the people here. There is a ton of diversity and everyone here is so nice. As freshman I have enjoyed all my classes here well except for my English class, but that was due to the professor. Besides that one class I have enjoyed all my professors. The professor for the most part know what they are doing and so kind when it comes to explaining information to students.
I know plenty of people there when I attended a free field trip that offered to show a group of students and volunteers the amazing campus of UC Riverside. It is beautiful scenery and full of diverse students as well. It feels like a friendly and progressing environment that I enjoy being a part of!
I like how buildings weren't too far apart from each other. I lived on campus and the time it took to arrive to class was always around 10-15 minutes. If I were to change one thing, it'd be the no smoking rule. There are signs all over campus saying no smoking but I've seen people smoking regardless. I wish that rule was more enforced.
Visiting UCR was a very good experience for me because of how nice the buildings and the campus was, and also i got to watch a really good soccer match.
UC Riverside is an amazing school with beautiful people and a great campus! Initially, I had second thoughts but mainly because it was not my first choice, however I am so thankful I chose UCR as my school! Although UC's are expensive, there are multiple ways to get scholarships, financial aid, as well as help in any areas you need.
I loved UCR so much. I visited the campus one weekend for a high school conference and stayed in the dorms for one night. It was an amazing experience. It definitely made me excited for college and I loved the vibe and energy.
I truly enjoyed studying at UCR taken into consideration of the professors I've worked with as well as the environment it has provided for me. There are a lot of research opportunities for students and the professors are all very approachable.
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Very diverse school with students and faculty of different backgrounds. There are lots of different campus organizations for students to get involved. Professors and TAs are very helpful.
I went to visit this college over the summer because I was considering to attend here in 2021. However, the tuition is expensive and scholarships could make it more affordable for students who desire to have a good education.
Diversity, inclusion and adaptive institution that listens and hears their students, families and faculty.
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