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Friendly environment everyone is respectful of their peers and is always a helping time during times of duress.
The University is very nice. I like going to their library and studying. There is a great atmosphere and overall everyone just wants to learn.
I loved the home like feel of Merced you always feel welcome. It might be a small school but there are a lot of things to do. I wouldnt change anything about Merced its great as it is.
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The University of California - Merced is a great public four year university. Its 2020 project will make the university a very appealing institution even if it is the most recent University of California institution opened.
It's a decent school but if you're from the city it's going to be awhile before you settle in better. There's not much to do outside the school since the city is still barely getting around to have a university so close but there are things around you could do plus Yosemite is close enough that you could go and hike there. The classes are okay, maybe better if you're a BIO major. It also helps to get more involved in school and events going on, I don't usually because they don't catch my interest but there's always something going on. The view of the night sky here is something else entirely and there's a little hill on campus that you could lay or sit on and just look at the stars which is how I got through finals and exams.
Merced offers a small town feel along with the academics. This combination is unique as many colleges also come with a large variety of distractions.
I love the agriculture surrounding the campus. Very beautiful and away from the city. Every staff member would always be more happy to help you with any concerns or questions you might have. The students here are amazing and easy to talk to.
I loved the size of the university. It's small enough that there's room to create new clubs and to leave your mark, but it's also large enough to make lifetime connections and be able to apple to amazing internships.
UCM is a beautiful and growing campua. The diversity is honestly amazing and everyone is super nice and helpful. There is no competitive vibe. However, the food and professors could be better.
My sister attends UC Merced and I was able to stay with for a week. I really love the campus and the food it has. I really loved the dorms and wouldn't mind living there. One thing I would change, however, are mattresses; they are really hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. I do love the area around the campus, and I did attend some of my sister's classes to get a taste of a college class environment, and her professors were extremely welcoming and allowed me to participate on the activities.
The University of California Merced is a great campus with small classes and caring professors. The only problem is that will the campus still growing it can be difficult for student to get the classes the need or want. I would like to see them finish the construction that isn't going to be finished for another two years. I also think having places where students can take naps would be very beneficial to both student's attitudes and grades. They do hold events geared toward the student's for both physical and mental health throught the semesters. Along with many clubs for almost anything a student would want to do.
While being a freshman, I enjoyed how the school planned events for freshman to make them feel welcomed on to campus. Halfway through my freshman year, I had many problems with my suitemates to the point where I wanted to move out of my dorm. The Housing and Residence helped me quickly to find a new room and move in. The only issue that I had with dorming were the dining center and not having my car on campus with me. They did not have a wide selection of food so everything felt repetitive. The university is so far from the city so not having my car was inconvenient. As for academics, the school provides many resources such as our Math Center, Writing Center and STEM Center, to help us excel in our courses. Overall, this is a very unique university since we are the smallest in California and we are still growing.
Im currently a senior at UC Merced. the campus is beautiful it has so much heart. The valley really grows on you. My experience here has been great the diversity on campus makes everyone feel so welcomed!
Being the newest of the UC's, UC Merced has done a great job at helping students financially and educationally. It has way to go, but it seems they are fit to handle their incredible future.
This school is not in an ideal location, in fact its as far from ideal as you can get (almost). It is in the middle of nowhere, Merced is a developing town and I have no doubts given 20-50 years the school and local community will resemble davis. Besides being in the middle of nowhere it is 2 hours from the Bay, 2 hours from Sacramento and an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park. If you like quiet this school is for you however, the lack of local activities also means the students party alot. This place grows on you however, as many students who considered transferring(myself included) change their mind as they call this place home. There are an abundance of clubs and student orgs, you just need to find your niche.
I like that everyone is friendly and it's easy to start a conversation with someone new. The campus is small and it makes you feel like your at home.
Campus is very isolated, so it is quiet and serene most of the times. Living on campus was alright, except that the beds are a bit uncomfortable and the food isn't the best. There are plenty of on-campus events to attend to if you're not sure about where to go in the city. The campus is pretty safe, but there is some bike theft near the gym and AOA, though theft in general is pretty rare. The university has its own bus system which reaches most areas of Merced. Bellevue neighborhood is the best area to live off campus because it has access to most of UC Merced's buses. City bus is also free to ride. Academics here are pretty nice. There are a lot of classes to learn about various lab and fieldwork techniques within STEM classes. It is a small and close-nit community, so it is quite easy to access any homework or assignment help, including the professors.
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The professors I have had so far have been very pleasant and made coming to class very enjoyable. I would say that the campus has services mainly directed towards Hispanic people so other races don’t have as many resources.
It was something different to experience coming from Los Angeles, almost like a culture shock. It took me a while to adjust until you meet people with the same drive as you. There is a lot of room for growth and opportunities for students to implement a little something of themselves in the university. I personally had a hard time being a first-generation student but I was able to pull through it. The university still has a lot to add on, thus it is mostly research-based for now. Overall, I am glad for the experiences and growth through my academic career at UC Merced.
I enjoyed my time at UC Merced. I made great friends and found what I am truly passionate about. Although UC Merced did not fulfill all of my needs as a student, I has mostly positive experiences that helped shape who I am now.
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