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Great! I love being part of such a close community like this one. While it is far away from a lot of things the school in itself doesn’t hesitate to help a student out in any way. Specially the faculty like professors and TAs who make sure to help the student out in any way that they can. I am happy that I chose to come to a campus like this.
I have only visited the university when I went with my AVID class. I really enjoyed the campus , it had a very clean area and it truly felt like home! I truly hope I get accepted because it is somewhere that i'm looking forward to attending.
The university was fairly new when I attended. It was literally in the middle of nowhere but had new structures, awesome faculty and a responsive student service center.
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I like the fact that UC Merced is not a party school. I am able to focus on my academics. One thing that I would like to see change is more recreational activities on campus.
I am currently a student at this institution and have enjoyed its benefits thus far. It is a bit separate from the actual town, but its professors are easy going and intriguing. Financially, the perks are amazing.
The school is very diverse and cultured, which was a huge reason as to why I chose UC Merced! Also, the student to teacher ratio is great! Being a student who sometimes needs a little more help from the teacher/teacher’s assistant, being in smaller classroom sizes helps a lot
The education at UC Merced is phenomenal. I feel like I am being challenged, but that's okay it just means I must try harder to succeed. Support is easy to get here most of the professors are friendly, or you can go to the campus tutoring services for free. You can easily get tired of the food that they serve in the Dining Center. The social life can be dry, and the University is pretty far away from the town.
Overall it's an okay school, it's still growing and will get better with time. The professors are good at helping students one on one.
Some students might see the smallness of the school to be a downside; however, that is what I enjoy about it. The campus is small enough that it does not seem as though you are walking miles between classes and with that comes small classes in attendance. With small class sizes, you are able to develop closer relationships with your professors and TAs. I am a part of the women's soccer team and the resources student athletes are provided with is large and completely advantageous. While the campus is sort of secluded from town life, it is not a far drive to town where there are hidden treasures to find at every turn.
The school consists of a very small tight knit community. There is a lot of student involvement on campus. There facilities and resources offered here are some of the best in the UC system. The school is still under construction and the numbers of incoming freshman are expected to increase in the future. The school leads the UC system in financial aid given to students.
I enjoy attending University of California Merced since it is a new school it is currently growing and i am excited to be able to grow with it. The school has numerous resources on campus to ensure student success, and also goes above and beyond to help student in their personal lives.
There's a lot of help for students if they choose to seek it. It's a great place to study because it's environment makes it so students can really focus on their studies and easy to get around campus. Plus, the school is currently under construction so the expansion will allow for students to have an input in what they want to see in the new buildings. However, the food can be better, there is not a lot of choices.
I love how different this UC is apart from any other UC. Not only is it an upcoming university, but its experience is like no other. From being in touch with nature, (hence all the cows and raccoons), to meeting people from around the globe, UC Merced is a great place to focus on studies. Love my experience here and I can't wait to continue my journey!
UC Merced is a great university, but is in the middle of no where which tends to make weekends uneventful. As first year students, you’re not able to have a car on campus so you really have to make the best out of the campus. Lake Yosemite is walking distance from the campus, which is a plus because students can have a barbecue and relax there. The professors are always there to help you with anything. Food isn’t the best, unless food truck are on campus. Overall UC Merced is a beautiful campus and a great place to study!
Student life is great especially when you live on campus you get to interact and meet with others easily.
I like the small and close-knit community that is in Merced and the professors are very kind and helping students are their first priority. With UC Merced being small the facilities are very close
Campus is friendly as well as staff. It’s a very diverse campus. I’d like to see more distractions or hobby like activities closer to the school.
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I was scared about moving away from home and going to college, but now the I am her I do not want to leave. I have met some great people while only being here for three months. I love all of my classes even though they are challenging. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is not sure about where to go for college.
I am currently enrolled at the University of California, Merced and can confirm that it is truly a diverse and well rounded university. I enjoy the many different people I have met thus far, and will continue to broaden my horizon by mingling with others at the lively events and get-togethers hosted on campus.
The school has a very nice community of people. Everyone here is very friendly and is able to get along well. The teachers know what they are talking about and are very approachable. The campus is small and nice to walk around because it is very modern. It is easy to navigate the campus and to get to class which is great in between classes.
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