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I like that the university provides students with free tutoring, a beautiful green campus, and professors that are very knowledgeable in their fields. There's a marketplace in case students forgot the essentials to daily life such as toothbrushes and nail clippers as well as diverse foods. I also like how class sizes are kept small despite how many students attend UC Merced. Everyone has a chance to talk to the professors if they need more attention and it's amazing how much information we cover and explore in class. One of the things I enjoy about campus is how delicious the food tastes since I'm able to enjoy something new every other week. We can also bring food into the library which is a huge relief when I have to study for a couple of hours without moving.
Overall the University of California, Merced is an average University. It is very hard and very close to impossible to be awarded merit based scholarships or aid of any kind. The school is still fairly new so the dorms and living options are not very run down or old. The city of Merced is a drive from the campus and is not very busy or packed. There is not much to do in Merced. There are surrounding cities that have shops and other activities, not that bad of a drive.
I liked the diversity that UC Merced had to offer. However, UC Merced lacks fun extracurricular activities and or big events.
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It's a great place with fantastic teachers and curriculum. It is a bit boring and it feels like the campus is isolated from the rest of the city, but it's nice.
Growing up in a suburban neighborhood for the majority of my adolescence and then suddenly starting the next four years of my academic career in a rural university came with its own strengths and weaknesses. In my first year, I grew the most as an individual and realized aspects of my character to greater accommodate the transition of living away from home and the comfortability I had known for all my life. UC Merced is unique from every other UC campus due to its diverse demographic and teamwork mentality. I have not met an unkind individual who wasn't willing and able to help a stranger in need.
As far as academics are concerned, the school does a decent job of teaching students, but life in Merced can be rather lackluster.
I enjoy going to class every day knowing that it's here at UCM. My classes are very interesting to me which keeps me intrigued in the lectures. The staff are very kind, the pavilion food is decent, and the campus is always looking spot on clean. It is just such a welcoming environment which is why I enjoy learning here.
Well like many here, UC Merced wasn't my first choice but the University has a very special feel here that many of the others don't have. Stepping on campus feels refreshing, the campus is so diverse so its very easy to fit in and the people on campus are extremely friendly. UC Merced still isn't what most of the other UC's are yet, but that doesn't mean its never going to get there. The University really wants you to succeed and go on to graduate and that is something that is very apparent and obvious. UC Merced to many is the gateway to a better future for them and their families, it is almost poetic how the campus is still expanding and growing at the same time as the students are. UC Merced has something very special to it, everyone is a pioneer here because without us the university would never get the opportunity to grow to the scale of the other UC's. So if you want to feel apart of something bigger and truly make a difference, then this is the college for you.
If you want to grow and gain experience before working in the industry, this is the right place for you. You really have to apply yourself to this school in order to gain the full experience. Majority of students are cool, but some can be rude and in their own world thinking they will be successful while they’re failing fundamental classes for their major. Food on campus has been inconsistent, some years being good and some just terrible. Location is ok, students really have to go out of Merced to have fun in other cities. Overall, I took advantage of my time at this school but I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s a living hell for new students incoming. Choose wisely.
Although UC Merced is the newest university added to the UC system, it is vastly growing. The campus life is extremely amazing, it's feels as if you're living in a small town on campus, which allows you to feel comfortable and at home. Stepping on this campus will never make you feel out of place because it is rich with diversity. It is easy to fit in and find the wonderful group of people, just for you! UC Merced also offers many different variety of courses for their students that helps guide the students towards the path that is right for them. The professors and staff are extremely helpful with their students and are always ready to provide students with the help that is needed. UC Merced is an amazing school!
What I like about the University, it is a small campus and the instructors are very nice and helpful.
The college campus is very modern and resourceful. During my orientation, upperclassmen were very welcoming and friendly. For being such a new university, UC Merced offers many opportunities.
It's still a new school. They are trying to expand. If you are comfortable with small classes, then this school is for you. They do have some seminars that fits a couple hundred, but most classes are from 15-20 students. I look forward for my first year.
Literally, the best college there can be. It provides the most financial aid help for students as well as with scholarships. It's the top best for providing financial aid. There are the best of best majors in this school... name it and there it is. If you're looking for psychology it has the best major for it. It's the most diversed even if it doesn't seem like it. Has the best sports section and some of the best athletics. The campus is spaced out well, has some nice places you can study or hang out even though it's in the middle of nowhere. There's remodeling and making of more space so that's good.
Great school. There's a lot of activities all the time around the school. A growing school. Everyone is very friendly. This school is very adapting. Nobody ever feels left out, there's something for everybody.
It’s a fairly new and continuously growing campus. The student life is very diverse allowing you to meet people from different backgrounds. With lots of modern technology and good professors its a good school to go to.
Its new, its beautiful, small, rural, and rigorous. UCM may get dismissed by a lot of people for its lack of name recognition. But come here and be ready to be wowed. This school is very eager to make a name for its self and it is building a lot of research labs and hiring young and eager professors. Classes are rigorous, and the professors will definitely push you to be the best you. The city of Merced is growing, and has fully embraced being home of the bobcats. Still, don't expect the school town, it isn't that. Instead come here to be part of something new where you can definitely make your mark.
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What I love about the University of California Merced is how diverse the campus is and the student life is amazing everyone is so kind to each other. The buildings are just beautiful.
When I first visited merced it gave me a good feeling,that it was going to be my home for the next few years. The diversity there is outstanding and the students and staff are positive and really kind. The campus is pretty big and its expected to expand more which means new opportunities and new buildings.
I dislike the town in which this university is placed at. The clubs and organizations at UC Merced are nice to be part of. It's hard to use your phone's data or make calls from the campus. The professors I've meet are nice to their students and are willing to communicate and help.
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