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I am really glad I chose to attend the University of California Merced because it doesn't feel like I am away from home. This university is made up of a diverse community within students and staff. UC Merced is the newest and smallest UC and that has allowed for students to have many opportunities in different programs. The learning environment this university has helped me fit in quickly in the way that I knew when I could go to get the help and support I needed.
I like that the university was small which allowed me to get to know my peers. The university has a lot to offer such as the resources they provided to the students. Some of the resources are the library, the workshops for grammar, and free scantrons. The university is one big community that looks out for each other.
The University of California is a great school to attend. No matter where you look, everyone is doing their own research.
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Overall, my visiting experience at UC Merced was fantastic. I will be attending this university during the fall. This is the newest school in the UC system. It has a great reputation and geographic location. The scenery felt lovely. The mascot, bobcat, is pretty cool as well. The school offers higher rates of financial aid compared to other UC schools. UC Merced is heavy on academics. I think I will be focused on studying during my time there.
Being a student at University of California, Merced has been an amazing experience thanks to the supportive student body, as well as the compassionate professors and instructors who want the best for their students. The university provides a multitude of opportunities in which a student can undertake to grow intellectually and allows for students to think outside the box.
A bigger campus, but it is slowly expanding! It is a beautiful project. the campus is so small that anyone can be friends with almost the whole campus. The people are amazing and just have a nice attitude towards everything around them.
UC Merced is very diverse and inclusive. It is full of student activities, meaning that it is rich in student life. UC Merced just needs to expand its campus, in order to become a bigger and improved institution. Besides that, there are some professors that need to become more involved with their students and not rely on their assistants to run their class.
I absolutely love attending University of California Merced, it is by far the prettiest campus I have ever been on. The academic programs are made just for you guaranteeing a prosper stay at UC Merced. The facilities are brand new and made from all recycled materials, we are proud to say that we are an eco-friendly institution.
I like that it's a college that isn't centered around any major cities. While there are always fun activities going on around campus, the school is still a relatively calm and quite place that's dedicated to helping students who hope to succeed academically, socially, and as an individual. While most schools don't talk about their flaws such as only providing accommodations for freshman, here at UCM they try and provide aid to the insecurities of students. When students became food insecure with the limited varieties at our dining commons, the school introduced multiple food trucks ,is opening a new dining center this fall, and is also providing connections to food opportunities in Merced. With student housing insecurities and with the new housing building opening up, UCM provided more space for continuing students to be able to live on campus while also providing help for students to choose to remain off campus entirely.This truly is a school that listens to the needs of its students
Although this school is new it has so much potential. The student teacher ratio is 19:1 making it so easy to connect with your professor and have that one on one time with them. I like to say that you are paying for a public education with a private school feel. Here at UC Merced you aren't just a number you have a name. Around 60% of our students do some form of hands on research which is really hard to do at any other UC. UC Merced is ranked number one in the nation to provide the most financial aid and 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.
Since I have been in the University for a 1 year and a half, I truly enjoy all the opportunities that the school gives me. Since it is a new school, students receive a higher advantage with financial aid, research opportunities, and the ability to get close with the and faculty at the university. Being a new school also has a downside as well. Since its so new there are still a lot of buildings being made, and there are still little technical difficulties they have to over come. But overall the college with its faculty and students are very good at addressing issues within the college, politics, and home. They value the health of the community, mentally and physically. Also, there are many successful job offers after graduating with all the free help that the students receive from the school.
At UC Merced you are encouraged to express your own ideas. It is hard not to fall in love with such a resourceful place. You will never meet a more friendly, and helpful group of staff members and classmates. Our small, innovated campus allows for school involvement and networking.
My experience at UC Merced has been excellent. I honestly could not think of a better campus for me. I've had the best experience as a student here with the help I receive on a daily basis, especially among professors and the health coordinators!
My experience here has been amazing. I've made great friends and met professors who are both genuine and supportive. One thing I would consider here is to provide more variety food options to the menu at the cafeteria.
Though it's still a small school, UC Merced's faculty works hard to provide a quality education. Small class sizes mean you can get one on one attention from your professor, and office hours usually aren't too busy.
It is a very good school with a lot of available resources for science department. I like all my professors who are very open to help their students achieve their goals. As wells as the staffs who are always willing to help.
I believe that it is such a young campus that it has a long way to grow before feeling like an actual college. The teachers are tough when it comes to studying so I appreciate that. The school is far away from places to eat, off campus housing and student life. That is a downside because it doesn't engage people with the school. I wish they had more sports.
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I love that the class size is still relatively small. Its almost like getting private school education for the price of a public school. The school is growing so yo get to be a pioneer of sorts.
In my personal experience with the University of California - Merced, the students, TAs, professors, faculty members are all friendly. The campus exudes a welcoming environment. With the endless clubs and vibrant community, I felt at peace and made plenty of friends.
Great! I love being part of such a close community like this one. While it is far away from a lot of things the school in itself doesn’t hesitate to help a student out in any way. Specially the faculty like professors and TAs who make sure to help the student out in any way that they can. I am happy that I chose to come to a campus like this.
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