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University of California - Los Angeles Reviews

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I love going to UCLA. We have amazing faculty and conduct groundbreaking research here on campus. It's so cool that we get the opportunity to participate or even help to research in such labs. Our facilities are great, either new and beautiful or rustic and full of history / tradition. I'm constantly challenged in my classes and I am driven to work even harder by being surrounded by such competitive peers. Our dorm food is literally amazing -- top ranked in the nation. Westwood is a cool place for college students, full of places to eat and really cool movie premieres at our famous Westwood Fox Theater! One downside to living in Westwood is the high rent for students who live off-campus. We have a great tradition of amazing athletics. Our party scene is lacking however, as our campus is known for being more studious / milder than others, but I don't mind that. I feel safe here, much safer than I would if I was at a campus like USC ... and that's not just the rivalry in me speaking.
UCLA is a fantastic school academically; I have been impressed by every single professor I have had so far and the help I have received from TA's in tough classes has been imperative. As an African American student however, the lack of diversity is a negative. I am a transfer so I cannot speak on campus life as much but I found it easy to find a community and make friends.
The thing that I liked most about UCLA was its diversity, although most colleges tend to have one race dominating the others, UCLA is filled with students from all over the world, which gives students a chance to be exposed to new cultures.
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