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My experience was very formal and excited, its a very beautiful place. Has Enormous campuses and sections . It was pretty difficult at first to manuever throughout the area, but overall the students attending are very formal and polite.
There is good diversity and resources on campus for everybody, there are tremendous amounts of opportunities available for those that would take them.
I really liked how massive the campus was. Has a lot of space for student events, and able to occupy a large student attendance. UCLA is pretty close to home, only being an hour away, and I like the idea of being able to just drive home for the weekends.
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My time here has been exceptional. There are so many subjects to pursue and learn. The professors are welcoming and helpful. I have made quite a few strong friendships that I know will hold strong for a long time after I leave. There is always some event going on around campus to go and enjoy. As a senior, I am so sad to leave UCLA. It is unlike any other educational experience I have had.
Its an amazing school with such nice people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The environment around you is great and everyone has a smile on their face.
My experience at UCLA was one of wonders. I went with my school on a trip to many colleges and universities in Southern California. My favorite was when we went to UCLA. I have always admired the school, and I especially did when I saw the school. It's been my dream to go to a UC for college, and UCLA is one the top of my list.

When I got there, I loved the campus. Its home colors were great, along with the buildings. Personally, I like my home colors red, blue, and black, but I can learn to love yellow and blue. I learned a lot by the campus tour guide, who told me a lot about their school's history.

I personally recommend going to UCLA because it is a great school, with an amazing sport programs, especially their quidditch. I love the school and I hope to go there in the fall of 2020.
This is by far one of the best college campuses in America! The school is large and very beautiful with breathtaking architecture. The school community is close knit and very diverse. I won't mention about the weather, you have to experience it by yourself.
UCLA is a very good, well-rounded school. Academics can be hard but rigorous. It needs to work on its diversity though. At 5.2% Black students, UCLA has the highest percentage of Black people out of any UC, but this is still not enough compared to the double-digit percentages of other races on campus (Hispanic- 21.3%, White- 26.1%, Asian- 31.6%). Seeing less of ourselves on campus is discouraging and can lead to serious issues of retention. Fix this UCLA.
I enjoyed the environment of the University, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. It especially interested me because of it is a research based University.
Going to UCLA is like living in an all-inclusive hotel. It's lowkey the best place ever; you get the academics (#1 public university in the US Berkeley who?? (just kidding, we love you Berkeley)) and the fun. The people, parties are amazing and don't even get me started on the food... the food is so good and there are so many healthy options, that the freshman 15 are not even a thing. If you get into UCLA, I'd definitely advise you to go here. this university keeps on getting more prestigious and you'll have the most fun, greatest experience of your life. don't miss out :)
With my experience touring the University of California- Los Angeles, I found it very lively and diverse. Everywhere I went I saw faces of different race. The students there are gregarious and very polite. The food there is amazing. I've been to the dining halls to eat with my cousins and the variety there is great. I felt like I was at a Las Vegas buffet. Additionally, the dorms are quite roomy. From what I remember, a lot of cabinet space is provided for students. The spirit there is great! I remember going to a volleyball game and it was very exciting to see how crazy people are rooting for their team.
Nice campus, overall high level of education. Some teacher grade very unfairly, not a lot of individual attention.
Great university. Very powerful learning. Had friends that went there and had great experiences they loved it.
I loved the campus size and the atmosphere. UCLA is the place to be to get the top notch education and prosper in education. The student social life is also a big asset to the campus and making it seem like everyone belongs at a place like UCLA.
It’s beautiful. Change nothing. The food, atmosphere, and hate intellect of the people is exceptional and i wish to spend more time on campus. The lifestyle is both enriching and fascinating to experience first-hand.
My time at UCLA was amazing. There was a diverse array of activities and extracurricular events for me to explore my interests in. For me, I decided to join UCLA Cub Tours, Bruins Fighting for Pediatric Cancer, and Society of Occupational Therapy club. The professors had a lot of knowledge on their areas of expertise and they were very welcoming to the students. Many of the professors also led their own research and allowed students to attend. One thing I would like to change is the accessibility of the school for students with disabilities. There are a lot of stairs and hills to climb in order to get to class. These obstacles may be difficult for students who have physical limitations in one way or another.
Great school!
Applying was the best decision of my life. Met and made great friends. Loved it! would recommend to anyone.
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Great school! Applying here was the best decision of my life. Love the area and the people and the weather is great too.
Great School!
So glad I made the choice to apply and go here. It's given me lifelong friends and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Although it is a great school. It's so big that you could feel a little bit lost about where you belong. The location isn't really great either as there are limited options for what college students can do. It's also expensive to go to places.
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