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Professors are adjusting well to online classes and have set up systems to avoid confusion. Many classes are recorded so you can rewatch at a later time.
A lovely school with great professors and welcoming students. The professors are experts in their fields and the students are all very hard working.
I've loved my experience at UCLA. Every one of my classes has been so interesting, along with each of my professors. They teach me new things both about class content, as well as things outside of class, and so many of them are a huge inspiration to me. The campus is beautiful, the food is great, and we have a beautiful student-run garden which I am lucky enough to help run. Campus events are always so fun and there's never a dull moment!
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I don't necessarily believe that my online learning experience has been anything special or out of the ordinary compared to students at other schools. The lack of field trips, participation, and motivation to engage are the primary reasons why I feel it's just been average. There's not much that can be done in a completely virtual world, but I feel like I am not learning as well as I would be in a real class setting.
I did not have to take many of my classes online, but I will say I really loved our "myUCLA" platform because everything was central and easy to find. I loved our scheduling platform and for the spanish class I took the online platform was really user friendly. I liked being able to see my assignment grades and test scores updated.
It is one of my biggest accomplishments to graduate from the #1 public university in the nation. It was hard to find my place at first because it can be really daunting with a huge student population and highly esteemed professors. Eventually, you find your people and you hit your stride. Overall, the school was a great challenge and pushed me both academically and personally. I wish faculty were less intimidating and took more time to support their students. I wish counseling and tutoring services were better advertised, but the resources ARE there, you just have to find them. Food on the hill and on the campus were amazing... not to mention that you're in LA. There are always things and places to go. I do wish that the surrounding westwood area and the students living in the apartments took better care of the streets around move in/out time (it can look pretty trashy). Party life was fun and so was all the collegiate sports! Overall such a great experience! Go bruins!!!
Online school is a completely new experience and so far it seems that everyone is adapting, well mostly college students. The curriculum is different but mostly all the professors are offering multiple opportunities to improve and more leniency when it comes to grading. One of the many aspects of online classes that I enjoy is that I have more flexibility with my time. At home I am able to access all my classes easily and communicate more often with professors. Also, saving money has been one of the amazing outcomes of online schooling, like not having to pay for housing or laundry every week. The downside is not being able to have access to stable internet especially when sharing the wifi with multiple people at home. You also do not get to interact face to face with other students and it is far more easier to get distracted from school responsibilities. Overall, it has been a totally different experience learning from home but not a bad one.
I enjoy the friendly and energetic environment all around campus. The faculty is kind and helpful, especially when you are first trying to navigate through the school’s programs, clubs, and academic departments. Living in the dorms allowed students to not only meet new students but it helps them stay informed about news on campus and provides information about helpful resources that are offered on or around the area. I was able to visit new places around Westwood and the LA area with the help of the RA’s and other students living in the same dorm hall. There were rare moments where I experienced some difficulties at UCLA but I had enough support from friends and classmates, who showed me that I was not alone and that we were all going through the same experience together. My experience at UCLA has been very inspiring and life changing. I would definitely recommend people to try to go out of their comfort zone to experience all the new things that life has to offer.
Going online looked very different for every class I took, but, overall, my professors did a good job transitioning to online learning.
UCLA was an excellent place to go to school. The campus is beautiful, the town had lots of restaurants, and the campus food is incredible. Though classes were difficult and walking up and down the Hill every day was rough, I definitely enjoyed my time there.
A beautiful campus in the heart of Los Angeles, this school is also on the cutting edge of technology, health science, and much more.
Currently taking my Master's program online. Professors are knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding especially in this crazy time.
UCLA surely achieves high curriculum to its students, which offers one of the best education in the country. It does need work on diversity with its students and faculty, and offer much more relevant education to its minorities. They should also work on funding more towards underrepresented communities.
Many students and professors are simultaneously trying to adjust to remote learning. Some are accommodating to their students during these tough times, but a handful are not as accommodating.
I have had a great experience at UCLA so far. There is no shortage of opportunities at UCLA with respect to academics, research, and extracurriculars. The academics, social life, and campus life have all been amazing and given me memories that I will cherish forever.
I have taken several online classes at UCLA and found all of them to be very convenient while still maintaining the quality of a UCLA class.
UCLA has everything I need to become successful in my career path. The diverse and accepting student culture here is unmatched, and my interactions with other students inform my work immensely. Go Bruins!
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UCLA has done an okay job with online learning given the gravity of the situation, it seemed as though it was very difficult to make the transition to online learning so quickly. Theatre and music schools were definitely left in the dark without socially distant in-person classes because our careers depend on in-person instruction.
I have been dreaming of going to this school ever since I was 11 years old. Now that I am officially enrolled (student transfer) at UCLA, I fell comfortable here. The staff, professors, TAs, and campus overall is excellent. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I was not able to be on campus but I have seen it virtually. I also took some online courses over the summer and I learned so much from it. I recommend going to this school!
My online experience was much more engaging because I was able to have my own schedule of when to see the pre-recorded lectures. Everything went according to plan and I had two amazing professors that were in the Political Science field. Yes it was very difficult at first to adjust to the new system but overall, it felt like I was physically in the classroom. There is so much more to learn!
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