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UCLA is an amazing school! The campus is beautiful, the people are great and very welcoming. I learned so much and grew in my academic skills here at UCLA thanks to the amazing professors. The only thing I would change is I wish it were less expensive!
Great institution. Many elite programs, great athletics, and located in a major city. Students receive a first-rate education for a reasonable cost
Amazing food, a huge student base that allows you to find common interests, and a beautiful campus. The surrounding area of Westwood and Santa Monica is very nice, and allows you to take refreshing breaks from studying.
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It has the best food and that is really the most important thing. Aldo, the campus is big and grand.
Excellent reputation and hospitality when touring. Availability of majors of interest is superb. Faculty help and assistance is great.
It was so much fun and enjoyable. Excellent staff and the students are amazing. I enjoy my classes so much because they really hone on in on the subjects that I am the most passionate about. It will lead me to a bright future working in the science industry.
My friend goes here and she thinks that it is a great school with great food, lots of majors. It is really competitive and stressful and will make you cry about your grades but great academics.
UCLA is such an amazing place with diverse opportunities for students to explore anything and everything they want. Not only is it an academically challenging school but it also has many aspects that help it stand out among other schools. All the students who attend have a passion and desire that UCLA tries to support.
I love UCLA. I think I am truly getting a top education here. I also love the many resources available. It is difficult to learn how to manage classes and studying with social life. I find myself spending all my time studying and very little time for meeting new people and making new friends. I don’t think there is much help financially for out of state students. We are not given nearly the scholarships and grants as in state students yet we are the ones who worked harder to even get accepted here.
I have two years going to UCLA and it has been really fun. My teachers are very supportive to those who need it. There are fun campaigns throughout the year. Would highly recommend this school.
UCLA offer a wide range of education for people of all ages. This school supplies all the needs of any student whom want to be successful. UCLA is defined as a cutting-edge University that homes into the never-ending needs for the future.
In terms of financial aid, it took multiple people to explain the package because it was a little confusing. Choosing classes is a little tough because there are time slots and you don't always get the one you want. Housing and food is great, and you do get lots of options for what you pay for. Switching majors is fairly easy, especially when its to a field related to the one you're already in. Tons of resources for anything you might need: finances, clubs, physical and mental health, etc.
I like the campus and I like how diverse the campus is. I hope I will attend this University in the future because it is my dream school.
It was really great, the campus looked beautiful and everything with very nice people. I enjoyed how I could roam around campus with nobody noticing me, and the distance the campus was away from my house.
I had an absolutely amazing experience. Amazing area, amazing professors, amazing athletics. There's nothing more I could have asked for. Scratch that, there's one thing I could have asked for and that's cheaper housing. But other than that, I'm so glad I chose UCLA. Huge bonus: they have the best dining hall food in the nation!
World class student body along with outstanding professors and recognized around the world for excellent academics.
The school was extremely competitive and prepared me for the real world. However, the school doesn't provide as much support and resources than similarly ranked private universities.
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The loacation, people, attitude, and culture are all amazing. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be active members in all areas of college life.
My eldest child went here for video prduction and she loved it! Everything about UCLA from the professors to even the food was amazing.
UCLA is full of opportunities academically and socially. It has a positive atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie in classes, on-campus organizations, and social spheres. UCLA is a college for people who like to be busy and challenged.
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