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I can't imagine needing more from a school. The dorm life is great, the academics are amazing, and the opportunities are endless. It is inspiring to be surrounded by so many passionate, hardworking students my age. UCLA has it all and I am so happy I chose it.
I enjoy all the life at the campus, and I think that it was a perfect fit for me. I wish that the dorm rooms could be more spacious, or there was a better roommate matching system.
Great place for a balanced school and social life. There are always many activities both on and off campus. Classes can be difficult depending on the professor and subject but peers are all very supportive (Facebook groups do wonders in college). Food is amazing compared to other places but can get repetitive; there are many dining options though. The social party scene is active but optional so if you don't go, it won't really impact your experience. Overall great place.
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My experience studying and living on campus at UCLA was a dream come true. The school was very clean and had great libraries where you can study and possibly take a naps in. The quarter system was very tough to adjust to if you are going to transition from a quarter system, but the quality in academics and campus life makes it worth adjusting to. I would not change anything about the campus because it is already doing good as it is, and I feel that life at UCLA can only get better.
I've known many people that attended this university and became vastly successful in their fields immediately after graduating.
It has a very competitive environment with outstanding academics. Many resources available. I would like to see the cost lower, especially for out of state students.
UCLA has a great crop of students who are willing to help underclassmen get into the groove of things. The food here is AMAZING (but you can't take much out of the dining halls), and keep quiet if you have a P meal plan because people will constantly ask you for swipes. The lower div. professors aren't always the best, so look on BruinWalk to find the best professors. Be willing to self study a class if you can't get a good teacher. Students who've already taken a class are great resources for advice and study help, so learn to be proactive and ask for help. And make use of everything offered to students: gyms, a student group that'll manage your taxes, libraries (books from every UC are available to you), beautiful lawns on campus for that rare day of relaxation, free programs and software, the Scholarship Resource Center, and so many other things. All in all, anything run by or offered to students is usually high quality, but do your research in regards to academia.
The campus is beautiful but the classes are very hard as students are really competitive. It is really hard to get A's unless you study really well.
UCLA has great resources when help is needed. The professors are always available during office hours to assist you with whatever questions you may have (don't e-mail because in my experience they take forever to respond they have A LOT of students). Along the lines of the social scene at UCLA, there is one if you seek it out. UCLA is absolutely a school with a place for everyone.
I love the environment on campus. The cohort one grows at UCLA is beyond phenomenal. It is a massive campus, but it is very manageable and the positive vibe that the students emit makes college better!
The overall atmosphere is friendly and safe – I feel completely comfortable walking alone at 2 am through campus. On-campus housing and food are high quality. Academically, I have heard classmates complain that many professors do not care about teaching so much as research, but the professors I have had have been very approachable and helpful, some of them going out of their way to be so. I do find UCLA to be a bit on the expensive side, particularly for those who live on-campus, but I have no regrets coming here.
UCLA has so far been a great place to meet new people. The professors care about the students as well as the TAs. The food is great. One downside to the housing is living of the ninth floor of a building that has had a broken elevator for around a month.
Great school! Intense academics with a nice balance of extracurricular and a diverse student culture.
I love all of the new friends I have made here and the excellent professors and TAs that have made the challenging courses more bearable and exciting.
Dorms are really nice, professors and TAs are wonderful and helpful. However, classes are challenging as you are competing with some of the best students in the world.
The University of California - Los Angeles is a great academic institution, however it lacks diversity. The majority of the students are either from Asian or White decent. A disparity exists in terms of students of color being represented in different areas on campus. This issue is something that needs to change.
I love my school so much! There are so many clubs and organizations on campus that everyone can find something they like. Dancing clubs and culture clubs are pretty popular. Greek life is relatively a big scene, but it's completely OK if you're not into parties. Everyone's pretty chill. Parties are usually on Thursdays. Academics here is amazing! Most of my professors are funny, caring and involved in teaching. All my professors are super helpful and have extended office hours the week before midterms and finals. There are many research opportunities and internships open every quarter.
Our basketball team is awesome and students get free stuff and sometimes a free chick-fill-A sandwich after the game. Football games are also pretty fun to watch, especially the USC game(The rivalry is real, tho we're way better at everything but football). Totally worth the money and time. Overall, my life at UCLA is 10/10. Bruins work hard, party hard. I can't even imagine myself at somewhere else!
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University of California Los Angeles is a very beautiful school. It is a very diverse place. The living environment is great. The sport event is amazing.
UCLA is one of the most well-rounded schools, having the optimal balance between academics and social life. The diversity of the school brings people from various backgrounds together; this allows students to perceive the world from novel perspectives and helps students move away from ignorance and naivety. Personally, I've enjoyed most classes at UCLA, but some things I would hope that the school improves on is diminishing the amount of general education (GE) courses needed for graduation, especially in the College of Letters and Sciences, and the second is having a stricter policy on hiring teaching assistants and adjunct professors, in terms of their English fluency and proficiency.
I have gone varies times to UCLA for field-trips and I find the university very appealing. I have tired the food which is really good and have been inside of the gym which is very spacious and a great idea to have students purchase a membership.
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