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I currently attend this institution and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love how there are many students around the world, and we are able to work along with one another regardless of where they come from. I am a Political Science major and the school offers programs and internships for me to succeed and help lead to my goal of attending law school.
UCLA provides an amazing academic playground, where you never stop learning. Aside from your major, one is able to grow from communicating with fellow students and of course the great professors. When attending the school, you are obtaining a world class education. UCLA could benefit from a more diverse student population. As a black student, who makes up less than 4% of the population, you may find yourself struggling to fit in and become wholly accepted.
The learning environment is excellent. Also, it has a beautiful campus, so students feel more motivated.
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Loved UCLA. The students were top notched and very friendly. Professors wanted to see their students succeed and were easily available.
I would probably add more online classes but not to many because the campus is beautiful.
Very friendly and supportive atmosphere, #1 public university, amazing athletic program, and great food.
A terrific school full of bright and engaging peers and caring faculty/staff. A well-maintained campus rich with history and esteem.
Beautiful school and the people are amazing. The professors are so dedicated and the staff members are always willing to help.
The students here have an unprecedented passion for their university. Everyone who is here wants to be here and is determined to work hard to keep their positions. It is a truly inspiring environment.
The thing that I found interesting is that it has a beautiful campus and mostly it is close to home for me and I think that the academics are really good. in other words I believe that I do not find anything else other than the fact of safety and they need to have more polices or securities and that is the only ting i would change.
UCLA is like a dream - it is the most beautiful school in the most wild location. Every resource is within reach here, but it is definitely a challenging place. You can get anything and everything you want, but you have to put in a little work for it. However, it is so worth it because the networking connections are legit.
The campus is beautiful but the types of students that attend make it hard to really enjoy life on campus unless you fake it. The academics are amazing as well.
I really like UCLA. The academics are great, the atmosphere is amazing, and the people are wonderful. I would, however, like the offices of financial aid, housing, etc to be more personalized and available more often.
It has a variety of programs plus one can meet new people and interact with the smartest of the best.
Classes are diverse. Location and the opportunities it brings are impeccable. Available resources are amazing.

I was truly able to find my calling and passion through many hands-on internships and jobs at this school. I have access to professionals at the top of their game. The quality of the student body challenges me everyday. The diversity of the student body teaches me everyday. I love it.

However. If you are someone who is anxious in large crowds, in a 'hustle and bustle' environment, I feel you would not benefit from this university. I do wish that we had more 1 on 1 time to faculty at this school - you can feel like a number IF you are not proactive.
From the field trips that I go to UCLA, it always felt like home to me, like it was a place that I could see myself going to. People there are very friendly and it's diverse environment. It has a lot of majors for people to choose from and it feels very safe on campus.
UCLA is a great school for certain people. I think the campus is lovely and you can tell that most of the professors here care about your future. I think that there is a lot this school can still work on, but it is definitely better than others in most areas. Like most colleges, UCLA's diversity rate is not all that. I wouldn't say UCLA is very diverse, but compared to others, it is far more diverse.
It was a very big and beautiful campus, it's very diverse and amazing. This school, it has many strengths in academics and sports.
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UCLA overall is a great university that offers many useful resources and has great staff. I feel a great sense of community and there is a lot of school pride among the students which makes me happy to be a part of a great college. Sports are a big part of our school which is important to me because I am a big fan of sports, and can be enjoyed by a wide range of people because of the great atmosphere. Most of the people I meet on campus are great and I have been able to form valuable relationships. However, the only thing I would say that I do not like about UCLA is the amount of competition it seems like there is between the students.
Attending UCLA has been the best experience of my life. I was initially hesitant to attend such a large public university, but quickly got plugged into a group and it has been smooth sailing. Although the work load can quickly become stressful and a lot to handle, its all manageable with a little time management. As for the school itself, the campus is amazing, food is to die for, and academics are stellar. I have loved attending this university and getting to experience all it has to offer and would recommend everyone who is accepted to attend.
I believe that the education that professors at UCLA provide and the diversity of students on campus are unparalleled to any other education institutions. The competitive academic environment often challenges students to set higher goals for themselves and the various extracurriculars led by fellow students allow the pursuit of personal interests as well. At the heart of Westwood, the life outside school is highly enjoyable as well.
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