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Nice campus, lots of people. The village area is sufficient, and the university gym membership is great.
My experience here at UCLA has been extremely exciting and fun. The dorm life is so convenient and the food is delicious. The classes are challenging but rewarding. Sometimes it can feel a little impersonal to be at such a large institution but UCLA makes it easy to find your own space within the larger student body.
There is a lot of nice people who teach you really well. They make you feel like home. The school is really big and you get to meet a lot of new people. Around the campus there is a a lot of nice buildings and jobs. There is also a lot of sightseeing and a very nice environment.
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UCLA is the number 1 public school in America and it definitely shows. Students here value their academics and a great emphasis is put on collaborative work. Furthermore students join together to participate in hundreds of activities outside of academics where each student can persue their passion. However while the community is great, the school can sometimes be a little too big, where meeting new people can be intimidating. Furthermore, due to the size of the school, there sometimes is a lack of resources whether is being enough space to accommodate all the students in the dorms or at the libraries, or even having enough guidance for each student.
I loved my time at UCLA. The campus is beautiful, student life thrives, and the dorm food is the best in the country. The biggest downside to attending a large public university is the difficulty in getting classes.
Its the best school ever. I enjoyed my time here because the place is full of adventure and opportunity. I consider it my second home. Its always been my dream school.
The view is very pretty. The professors teach efficiently and effectively. It is easy to understand and they are able to help you if you take the initiative. The peers among you, are diverse, communicative, and creative.
It's a very large school, and it's difficult not to feel so small attending here- especially when you commute.
The University of California, Los Angeles is one of the best universities nationally and internationally. The faculty are first rate and the students are interesting and motivated. UCLA is an excellent value with a beautiful campus and endless opportunities.
I love that it feels like a real movie type college and I love that I am surrounded by others who work as hard as me. There is something for everyone here.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. There are so many clubs and diverse people and the food in the dining halls is great. What makes living here difficult are the expenses and the trouble in covering all of them. Also, there are many people who are not very open to diversity and make living on campus and being socially active a bit uncomfortable for a biracial woman like me.
UCLA has really knowledgeable professors and rigorous curriculum. I only gave 4/5 stars though because it is such a large, research based school, that sometimes support services for students are not easily accessible.
I liked how the school had many people of different diversities and contains many different opportunities for student to research and spend time socializing or studying. It also has an amazing atmosphere and many of the professors and students are willing to help the students navigate around the campus and assist them with their studies.
It’s a great school with a lot to offer. A top public school as well. Only wish I knew how to prep for my career here.
Definitely the kind of university where you'll find yourself grow immeasurably as a person. UCLA students find themselves becoming successful in every aspect, from becoming accomplished in their fields while still in undergrad to forming valuable connections, I've found UCLA not to be lacking in any of it. Also the food at the dorms is phenomenal, but the only reason I didn't rate 5 stars is because the financial burden is excessive for a public institution. That said, I don't know of any other public school that is more worth the price than UCLA.
I love UCLA overall as a whole. But courses are as expected very difficult. The issue isn't the difficult courses, but rather the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a spot in your courses. Sometimes I wonder if they even want me to graduate or if I even can graduate.
One of the nation's top universities. Excellent faculty and a beautiful campus. Many opportunities arise from attending this university.
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I love the campus and the dorm life; the food is amazing and you get to meet a lot of pretty awesome people. I have had a couple of professors that weren't that great; they were both very hard to understand and made the learning of already difficult material even harder. Except for those two I have liked all my professors and TAs.
I love that UCLA offers so many cool recreational classes. At the moment I'm taking a Krav Maga class and am loving it. Whatever you enjoy doing, chances are that you will be able to satisfy it on campus. We are even offered free kayaking in Marina Del Ray!
The quarter system is a bit hard to get used to, but I also like the fast paced environment and being done with classes quickly.
I loved my experience at UCLA. Partly, that was due to taking part in all kinds of interesting school activities, and partly is was due to taking some very interesting classes from great professors, and partly it was about being in a thriving and important city.
I love the environment and the vibe of my school. Everyone is not super stressed and overloaded with school work, and there is still capacity to explore in other areas of interest outside of academics.
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