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When I went on a college tour to UCLA, I loved the campus and academic programs they showed us, the student to teacher ratio isn't bad and they really want you to succeed
I’ve visited UCLA once when I was younger I really wanted to go there when I graduated from high school
I think that UCLA is a wonderful campus for pre-med students especially because it has one of the top state college medical programs at the school. Which I am hoping to attend later, it's called DGSOM. However, living in LA is really expensive, and I think we should move more to online books because textbooks are expensive.
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What I like from UCLA is their food from their pizza to their burgers and to deserts are delicious and I like the campus since it has nature life. Their dorms are so clean and perfect.
UCLA is very fast-paced and rigorous, be prepared to be overwhelmed and constantly on your toes. There are so many opportunities for involvement in leadership and as a participant of clubs, councils- you name it. I wish that it wasn't as fast-paced as it was, and a lot of times it seems like you are looking out for yourself.
I love the environment and culture at UCLA. This university is open to all races and groups which I enjoy. There is nothing that I would change.
I got a chance to go to UCLA this summer for a video production camp. I knew that UCLA was my dream school from a long time before, but when I actually stepped into the campus, everything amazed me more. Everyone looks so happy and close. It must be an honor to be a student of such a wonderful school. The only thing that I noticed that might need a change was the walking distance between campuses. The school might consider to purchase bikes that students can have free access to, it shortens the walking time that students have to take, and it's a really easy solution for a problem like this.
UCLA has really good professors that are always willing to help you to do better at school. There are also very interesting classes that could even make you want to change your major.
UCLA actually went on a little tour and came to Maryland, so I got to meet with one of their admissions people. They gave us free food, so UCLA is already great in my eyes! However, my dad did want more blueberries.
MY cousin attends this school the environment is very happy and educational. This school is very helpful toward students and makes sure they succeed.
I love UCLA! The environment is really nice. The academics at UCLA are top notch, with it being the top public university in the world! The social scene is great and you're bound to meet people who you can click with, whether it be from encounters, shared classes, or club activities. There are parties that go on all the time, if you ever want to let off steam. The food is the best in the nation, and I can honestly vouch for the quality of it. There is tons of variety and there are also many healthy options. So far, I am loving UCLA. The campus is beautiful, and the location of the school is also amazing. In the heart of Westwood, there's tons to do both inside and outside campus.
UCLA is an amazing school, there are so many resources offered to students. It ranges from research programs to community involvement. There are plenty of clubs to allow students to develop their interests. There are plenty of highly qualified faculty members assisting students; the professors are really great. UCLA has a very supportive campus.
I love everything about the university. It has great athletics programs and wonderful faculty who are always helping, especially the graduate students.
UCLA is an amazing school because they value diversity and community service. They offer endless resources for students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially and opportunities to explore a multitude of interests.
I'd like to transfer — not because UCLA isn't a good school, but because it doesn't match with my vibe.
UCLA is a welcoming campus with tons of opportunities to get involved. Being in Los Angeles there is everything you need to get a head start on your career with volunteer, student organizations and internships in most fields. I would like to see them get a stadium closer to the campus for sporting events and football.
UCLA has a beautiful campus full of nature. Overall the vibe is laid back but also hard working. Most of the students seem happy to be here which is something that can't be said for many universities. The Great environment in UCLA make it conducive to attaining everything you as a student would want out of a social and academic space.
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I love Los Angeles to begin with. I also want the access that LA has to offer. UCLA has beautify beaches and mountain views.
My experience at UCLA so far has been stellar. Even with the large number of students, UCLA makes the point and and effort to attempt to make every student feel accommodated and safe in the school environment - no wonder it is the most applied to school in the world.
The University of California - Los Angeles is a fantastic institution with strong academic opportunities and a pleasant environment. The campus is beautiful, open, and very welcoming. The professors are excellent and the academics are outstanding. The community is pleasant and the opportunities are endless at this university!
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