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My overall experience with University of California - Irvine has been wonderful. I have met many amazing people throughout my first year in college. I was quite scared at first and was worried I wouldn’t fit in. However, my hall mates in my dorm turned my thoughts around. They made me very comfortable living in the dorms. As for classes, the professors I’ve had were also helpful and inspiring. The clubs on campus are also very welcoming and friendly. The campus itself is quite easy to be familiar with. Overall, I have had an amazing experience with the students, professors, and the campus itself.
UC Irvine is obviously very expensive. Starting from the moment you try to park your car. You will find yourself working just to make payments that will allow you to stay at UCI. If you waste your time there and try to take it easy, you will regret not spending your time more wisely. Great professors. Great challenges, and above all, great competition.
I just finished my first year at UCI and it was absolutely amazing. I love the very diverse and inclusive campus! The campus life is absolutely amazing it has the beautiful Aldrich park right at the center of campus and you can find endless amounts of clubs and organizations around ring road. Overall I would say UCI is a great school and would highly recommend possible students to look into.
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I love how the community is very diverse and most people aren't afraid to make new friends. The professors are also very welcoming and always want the best for their students.
As a regular public university, this UCI does not stand out. Each of the schools and their respective majors stand well in their field regarding difficulty and reputation, however academics are not the outstanding factors of this school. The prioritization in student living conditions and networking is a very underrated achievement this school has strengthened over time. Through conversations with alumni in and out of my field, it became apparent that UCI truly prepares students for their careers through commendable adaption into the real world and through other resources that succeed based on the student's commitment, rather than simple class grades.
I love the environment and people here. With over 600 organizations on campus, there is always a place that a student can fit into. Plus, Aldrich Park is super nice and a good place to chill, hang out, and study.
As a freshman, it was very easy to stay connected on campus and get help when needed. Professors were always ready to help when needed and tutoring is offered on campus.
UCI is great environment for those who are or want to be self-motivated. As many universities hold your hand throughout your program, UCI leaves a lot of the work up to you. When I say work I am not just talking about studying and projects, but the work of piecing together your involvements at the school. While resources are readily available, it is left upon the student to decide which clubs, on-campus jobs, organizations, and research to be involved in. While the task seems daunting, the prolific number of research projects and great clubs clubs to choose from allow for students to really carve out their own path. I did it and it left me feeling more self-assured than ever before.
I love the look of the buildings and how theyre arranged in a circle around a park in the center. The campus feels welcoming and open.
-Extremely great location (close to the beach, Disneyland)
-Education is great and teachers seem eager to be there
-Parking is RIDICULOUSLY expensive ($101 per month, not per quarter)
If I were to describe the University of California Irvine in one word, it would be "safe". From our local environment to the campus-to-student relationships, every aspect of Irvine creates a sense of safety among the students. Though this is often a good thing, sometimes this extremely friendly environment can lead to boredom especially when it comes to classes and social life.
UC Irvine is a beautiful school with amazing and hardworking individuals. Whenever I am on campus people are so helpful and happy to talk to you, and they can balance their schoolwork and social lives extremely well. The school is so diverse and full of different cultures and backgrounds that everyone can learn from and get a small taste of. From the students, to faculty, to the location of this school, there is so much to offer and so many resources for any interest or need to be met.
The campus is slow and clubs do not have a lot of attendance. The academics are great but the school is very large. Lots of lecture style classes which is ok but not the best. The professors are very accomplished and love to talk about their research and interests which is helpful.
As a transfer student there is a lot to learn and take in when attending to a new college. The staff at UCI helped me in so many different ways and made my transition that much easier. Also, the campus is beautiful! Definitely recommend anyone who is interested in going to UCI to go, it is worth it!
I love the campus, the people, the academics, and the atmosphere. The campus is beautiful with a park centered right in the middle, whereas for the people, everyone seems willing to lend a hand and look out for each other. In general, the academics are fairly challenging but equally worthwhile, and there are so many forms of support and guidance available for anyone who needs it.
The school is huge and you can never get lost because the campus is a circle. There are lots of clubs and there are lots of opportunities to use campus resources as well as competitiveness in classes. I would like to see more campus involvement of students and more events happening for students like summerlands.
UCI is a great school. It is very competitive. It is also a very sustainable school by providing shuttle buses to school from nearby off campus housing. However, the rent for the off campus housing is a bit overpriced. The school is mainly focused on research so if this is something you want to do this is a good school of choice.
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I like the way that no matter what major you are, you can always find a group of people that have similar interests and can help you with your studies. I would like to see the professors on camps put in a but more energy and care into their classrooms, but as stated, the students around help make it better.
I liked the campus environment that encourages diversity and academic achievement, and I loved many of the computer science professors here! I wish that the food quality at the dining halls could be better and that the price of tuition and housing can be lower so that UCI is more affordable to everyone.
University of California of Irvine has great professors and resources available to students. I'm currently in their program in public health and it is great.
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