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I like how the University of California at Irvine encourages students to work hard and pursue their goals. The staff are very friendly and open to working with students during office hours
I love the atmosphere UCI has to offer and there are so many opportunities that they have. I love the fact that its easy to make friends and easy to approach professors to ask them questions.
Beautiful, welcoming campus. My friend and I went on a tour and were captivated by the students and the campus in general. I look forward to applying to Irvine and even visiting again.
Review University of California - Irvine
UC Irvine has a beautiful campus, good freshmen housing, and good food all around. Professors are respected and people here are nice.
I liked the communities and the resident advisors when newcomers dorm. People will always welcome others regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. Everyone is overly-nice which is something I did not expect. No matter where you are, someone is bound to offer a helping hand.
I like that it is surrounded by nature, so it's calming to be there. They also offer quite a large range of classes.
It's a very nice environment but the people are awkward. Classes are average. Overall Average school
I've seen this campus and from what I've heard it sounds amazing. The campus looks great, a student has told me that it's a very relaxed and easy going school. The diversity is great and the atmosphere is also great. It's one of the most known schools in California.
it's a great campus. It's big and very clean. Administration is responsive and friendly. I wish parking could be a little cheaper or include all zone parking if you're paying $70 a month. Also there should be directories across campus as well as better communication for new and transfer students through email.
Overall, I had a lot of fun at UCI. There are always good and bad professors in every department, so I don't really have anything to say about professors. However, because it is a public university, courses filled up fast. So, unless you get an early enrollment window, you can get stuck with classes you don't really want to take. Also, it was hard getting close with professors because of the course enrollment size. You have to be really diligent about visiting the professor during their office hours so they can write you recommendation letters. The campus food was a bit white-washed, but still pretty good. The campus itself is really pretty. I enjoyed just sitting in Aldrich Park. But UCI was a good experience for me.
So far, everyone has been very helpful and the school really makes you feel welcome. The first week of school is basically just them welcoming you to the campus (If you're a freshman).
My experience at UCI has been great. I have had so many opportunities and I have met so many wonderful people. I can't wait to see what the next three years at UCI is going to be like.
University of California, Irvine has been the highlight of my educational career with all of its benefits. I'm a student studying Computer Science and Engineering and the academics and professors continue to amaze me. Though the majors and difficult, the campus is filled with resources to help you improve your grades. Tutoring and office hours are some of my main go-to locations when I'm stuck on a project. The campus itself is easy to navigate and never feel out of place. It's easy to make friends and stay connected with professors. Overall, I rate this school excellent.
I love UCI this is my last year and its been great. The professors I've had were very helpful, the people I met are great, the resources I found helped me succeed more and the workshops they have are helpful.
Not use to the weather so far but i love the campus, staff is very helpful when in need of help. they try to get everyone involve when it comes to things that are going on on campus
Some professors truly care and are engaging with students and that's well known by the student population who has this charisma. The campus is beautiful and has close range to many attractions.
Beautiful campus with wide array of resources to ensure academic success. Facilities are well-maintained. Staff and faculty are accessible and are receptive to questions. Plenty of opportunities for clubs, internships, and work experience.
Review University of California - Irvine
Super intense and stressful program. Counselors treat you like a number and don't care about who you are or what you are going through. Must be a full time student in order to manage academic life
Nice campus and surrounding area. Variety of class options. Great professors. Not enough clubs and activities. Food not that good.
UC Irvine is an amazing school. There are so many ways to get involved on campus, and the friendly environment makes it easy to make friends. The environment is always clean and fresh--it's always a beautiful day in Irvine.
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