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I would like to see the school stop being a commuter school as on the weekends it is very boring. During the week, campus is fun though.
Everyone at is extremely nice and genuine. The classes are challenging enough to be worth the price tag, but not impossibly hard. There is tons to do in Irvine, you just have to put yourself out there to find what you want from the campus!
I love UCI! It's one of my dream schools. I love the campus and how it's not too far from home. I'm a first gen going to college and I've been given many opportunities to do things I never thought I was capable of doing.
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It's a great place to learn, live, and make friends. There will certently be challenges but it has been a great experience.
I wanted to go to UCLA but didnt get accepted. I love UCI though. The dorms I live in are really big for a double room, the dining hall has diverse and delicious food, and the classes I'm taking all have great professors. If you are looking for a party scene, UCI isnt for you. It's pretty quiet on the weekends, but if you have friends its always fun.
The area of Irvine is really nice. There are many majors to choose from. The most popular are Biological Sciences and Computer Science. The engineering department is really good and recognized as well.
My experience here has been quite fun. There are many activities to do here for fun after studying. The professors care about your performance and really want to help you out.
I like the nursing program they have I'm really interested in getting into the program to help me with my future career as a nurse .
Throughout my time at UC Irvine, I have encountered a significant amount of anti-Black violence. I am very grateful for my professors and professional staff mentors who have supported me through trauma and have helped me get through to my final year on at the University.
When visiting Irvine, you can appreciate the wonderful atmosphere created and the activities happening on and off campus. It is an amazing college that promotes diversity, exquisite education, and an interactive community. The students, faculty and staff are very welcoming, and very eager to discover who and what they want to be.
The school is beautiful and is located in Orange County. The residence halls are beuatiful and using a bike is recommended.
UCI was a great experience for me. There was an abundant amount of opportunities to be involved on and off campus. Since the campus is relatively newer many of the buildings are state of the art and UCI makes a continual effort to implement new programs and buildings on campus . One thing I would like to be seen is a bigger social life scene on campus whether it be through more clubs or a stronger fraternity scene . Overall UCI excels in the education realm.
A lot of students are conservative at Irvine. There should be more student bonding activities that are easy to participate in. Overall, I'd recommend this college to my friends because of it's nice environment and accessible campus.
The dorms are not as good as I thought, but they are safe. Smoking is not allowed on campus all time, which provides a nice environment for nonsmokers.
The environment is good! Everybody seems nice and polite toward each other. It would be better if everyone get involved on campus more.
My experience here are UCI has been, overall very good. I've enjoyed taking part in all the different courses and activites offered here.
The area and campus feels really safe and friendly. There are a lot of transportation options which is really convenient. The professors are really helpful and try to give as much help they can.
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I have been wanting to go to this school since I was in 6th grade. This school isn't over rated and it has an amazing medical program that I hope to join.
The campus is smaller than UCLA, making everything feel a lot closer to you. Because of that, it feels more like a community than just a school.
I really like the surrounding area of UC Irvine because it is really safe and quiet. Irvine also offers varieties of food from Asian food to Western food.

As a student here, I found that the professors are all helpful and nice. The classes are not the hardest but they offer the right level of challenge while still giving students time to socialize outside the school.
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