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Now in my last year of Davis, I can say that the students in this college were terrific, but the professors and advisors left me with a very bad experience. It's sad to say, but Davis makes you feel like college is a business. They over-enroll, don't give students enough seats in classes, have a very crowded campus and with the overload of students, making appointments with advisors is almost impossible. At the end of the day, the faculty don't really care about you. I was in a very difficult situation with a particular professor here in Davis, and the faculty completely sided with the professor and did not care about my concerns of discrimination.
I loved my four years at UC Davis, so much so I am applying to their nursing program! It is a difficult school and it will challenge you academically, but it is 100% worth it. If you are looking to do research and love biking I highly recommend this school!
UC Davis was a great experience. Dorms were new and clean, with food and classes conveniently close by. It offered healthy, affordable eateries on campus. It was also environmentally friendly with bikes (and turkeys and squirrels) everywhere! Academically, it was challenging and since I am a current graduate, I cannot speak if the degree is worth it yet, but I'm thinking it will be!
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Davis has, without a doubt, the friendliest people, and it definitely shows in the university. The academics are strong, the campus is beautiful, and everyone is so welcoming and accepting. Highly recommend .
I have visited the campus and it was incredible. There is diversity, openness, and it is very safe. I love how there are so many trees and all the students attending the school well driven. The students are very kind and helpful. I like how there is a variety of majors on campus especially engineering. I have friends that attend the school and they always talk about the wonderful engineering they have there. Engineering is a major I am interested in, so walking around the campus and experiencing the environment was fascinating. UC Davis is close to my house and attending there would make commuting very easy.
Everyone's experience is different depending on what type of person they are. I am a very shy person and I still don't really know the whole experience. But, I think Davis is fun in the sense of active and friendly clubs. The workload is alot to me to it is. Davis is very diverse and feels like I'm in a farm, a very pretty and clean kind of farm. You can learn alot about agriculture and science, but not too much about Design which is my major. Learn how to milk a cow :3~
I love how close knit the college community is. Even though it is a large school everyone is friendly and down to earth and there are so many different ways to get involved and meet new people. It is however in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive a while to get to anything worth seeing.
University of California Davis is a renowned world-class institution having earned it's ranks amongst the best of the public ivies.
Situated in the quaint suburban town of Davis, just outside of Sacramento, University of California - Davis is a school overflowing with diversity and opportunity. The faculty cares about your success, and there is ample opportunity to improve and succeed. Although I have only attended for one year so far, I am in love with this university and would recommend it to anybody!
This school is really big and the students are very friendly. The staff are nice and some even help students get connected with communities on campus that fit them.
I liked that they’re learning environment is so peaceful and that you can actually enjoy learning on their campus because the atmosphere is that good and they’re programs or classes are the best!
I like the learning environment and the professors. They offer really great advising and interesting classes. The main annoying thing is that the classes are huge and often impacted, therefore hard to get into.
UC Davis is a great place for people who want a quality education but don't want to be slumped by competition. My opinion is that Davis is one of the nicest and chillest campuses to attend. No one is in any rush to beat anyone else in school; it is an excellent example of a "your own pace" school.
UC Davis has allowed me to discover myself. It is a great academic and social environment for myself, and I know I continue to come out a better version of myself throughout each quarter. One of the attributes that stand out most to me is how great the College of Biological Sciences is set up. The counselors are phenomenal and the coursework laid out by the college provides a solid base for all students within it. I am entering my second year, so I still have lots of time to enjoy myself - and I plan to soak up every bit of it.
When I visited Davis, the campus was kind of isolated from the city but overall the area was beautiful. I enjoyed the scenery and how people were just happy and active.
The curriculum and campus are absolutely amazing. The student body and staff, however, are not diverse at all. When I say this, I don’t mean in terms of ethnicity but opinion. Everyone here is horribly biased and the environment for minority views is so hostile it’s reidiculous. Say anything that goes against the popular agenda and you’ve basically committed social suicide.
UC Davis has a rigorous academic experience and above average professors. Student life is great with 800+ clubs. The quarter system forces students to always be prepared and on top of their studies. UC Davis also has decent dorms and is easy to access from apartment complexes.
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It is very peaceful here and everyone is very friendly. Most professors show care for students to understand the material once students reach out to them. There are a lot of services for students that I have found helpful : ex. counseling, Student tutoring, safe rides (if u need a ride for late nights). One thing is that since it's a peaceful town, there's not that many events going on in comparison to other schools, and to get to someplace you'll need to bike there (so bikes are almost mandatory). Overall, it's lovely here and I'm glad I came here.
The community at UC Davis is absolutely amazing. Unlike other top colleges, no one cares about the competition. Everyone is happy to help others in their studies. It almost feels like high school. I feel accepted and at home at UC Davis, and I'm really glad I chose this school. The academics are also amazing. Although there are some bad professors, the learning experience is fair, and it prepares me for my careering that I am pursuing.
My first year here was very hard. The professors here have a poor teaching style due to this being a research based school. However, there is tutoring available and student life here is something to experience.
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