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The UC Davis campus offers a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of bikes and friendly people. With many sustainable practices (such as using biodegradable utensils and packaging, as well as promoting proper waste disposal, it allows environmentally conscious students (like myself) to have a piece of mind.
My experience here at UC Davis was amazing. I got to experience a full on college experience for those who are not able to. I was able to get inlvoved on campus with all the resources provide here on campus. The dorms were a friendly environment to make life long friends. In thus, leading to getting help if I needed it, I could ask my friends or go to office hours. It was a great change but a little hard to go from high school from college but UC Davis was able to make that process a little easier with the help of the staff here.
Honestly, University of California - Davis was not my first choice of college but after coming here I have come to really enjoy the environment. It feels as though this university really puts an emphasis on choosing friendly people. I find myself becoming more outgoing because the people here all say hi to one another even if we don't know each other. However, in terms of academics, I find myself teaching myself from YouTube videos and not retaining much information from the professors.
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I like the small college town feel. Everyone here is super nice and the town is quiet and calm. The cows are super cute and the squirrels are too. The professors here really care about their students and make an effort to help as much as they can.
UC Davis offers many opportunities for students both inside and outside of the classroom. While the school is large and may initially feel intimidating, joining clubs or participating in intramural sports are great ways to find a smaller community. Most of the classes students take their freshman year are large lectures with hundreds of students. While this can definitely make you feel like a small fish in a big pond, TAs/professors often hold office hours and are very willing to connect with students to provide a more personalized academic experience.
I went to UC Davis for orientation as an incoming freshman and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the campus as well as the people who attend there. The alumni are very nice and helping as well as friendly. The school overall is beautiful and I can not wait to attend.
I loved the environment of Davis and the community, however the financial aid office/student accounting is not well put together.
My sister had an amazing time at UC Davis, and truly found her path in life here. The sense of community is very nice for such a large school, and the town of Davis itself is a very cozy and cute and safe one.
UC Davis has become my home away from home. It has a diverse amount of students. Everyone will feel welcome and like they belong to UCD.
I love UC Davis. The people are so nice. I love the town; it's great that it's so close to campus. There are tons of opportunities to get involved. There are lots of research opportunities.
UC Davis is an extremely friendly campus where you get opportunities to be heard, learn, research, and grow as a person. The faculty here truly care about their students and wish to see them excel and succeed in their future careers.
I love the location and atmosphere of UC Davis, as well of the rigor of its academics. The reason it isn't getting a full 5 stars is because of it's high tuition and bureaucracy.
I like the diversity and the campus. There's even a place where you can have tutors help you which so far is the only college that's mentioned it. The campus is eco-friendly. When I was on tour I saw most of the students riding their bikes which for me is different. It's nice how they have bike traffic which is much safer rather than regular car traffic.
Most of the time classes are huge but most professors are willing to help during office hours. There are also a lot of resources throughout campus that focus on both academics and well-being.
I love it so much! Its such a nice campus, very beautiful. I went for a college tour and they were informing us how they are. Everything about it seemed so pleasant, the campus was very very beautiful, environment there seemed very friendly, seemed like everyone made a good choice of choosing this college.
UC Davis is definitely not an easy school, but the faculty, students, and campus are all INCREDIBLE!
UC Davis is a great campus and a top public college. It has great student support systems in place and is diverse in opinion. Many professors are dedicated to their craft and all around it is an academically successful campus.
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University of California, Davis is a great school that needs to be expanded. The majority of professors here care about their subjects, and want what's best for the students. It's one of the top schools in the world in a variety of categories, and it shows in the quality of material and research. The school's quarter system can take some getting used to, though!
UC Davis is a very friendly environment with a diverse student body. The students here are very nice and you can easily find a family away from home. The students here are very passionate about their studies. You really do feel like you are in college because everyone takes their classes seriously. The professors here are also absolutely amazing. Sometimes their teaching style may not be what you like, but you just have to adapt to it. They really care about your success, so you can always go to their office hours to get help. The campus is beautiful and you get this natural feel when you're on campus. I actually enjoy being at school because of all these factors! Downtown Davis is about a two minute walk from campus, so it is very convenient that everything is close by. There are a wide variety of local restaurants with food from a large range of cultures. Sacramento is only a 15-20 minute drive as well just in case you want to get the big city experience as well!
Davis is an excellent school with a great campus. The students are friendly, and the professors are knowledgeable and understanding. Although the town is not the busiest in terms of social life, it is a true college town that cares about the environment and sustainability.
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