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Excellent, picturesque Campus with a plethora of on-campus resources making it one of the most innovative campuses in the UC system! Beyond that, the professors are working in the best interest of the students and have made it their top goal to make leaders of the future. School spirit is amazing compared to nearly 20 years ago when the mascot change occurred and sports teams were just developing. With multiple division 1 and 2 teams, collegiate events are nothing short of a blast! Speaking from the Department of Animal Science, I worked alongside some of the most skilled and knowledgeable researchers in the world equipping me with all the tools and experience I'll use in the real world.
My experience in UC Davis has been great. I love the city. The campus is very friendly and its a safe environment overall.
UC Davis is a public university that has excellent academics and a beautiful and large campus that is very diverse. Most of the food on campus is very good. The school is also within walking distance to some amazing restaurants and tasty food places. The sporting events at UC Davis are also fun to attend. The school offers a variety of clubs, organizations, on-campus jobs, sports clubs, etc. to keep students busy and involved on campus.
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UC Davis has a beautiful campus with excellent academics and facilities. However, flexibility of classes toward a major is not great and first-year students may have trouble deciding what they want to study and then doing so.
I am currently a Sophomore in Davis and I can easily say that it is a great school. It is a very peaceful area with MANY resources for those who may be struggling with anything from academics to mental health issues. There is a large variety of classes to choose from and the dorms are very clean. The people tend to be very nice and there is a good pool of diversity in Davis. The campus is also very safe and Davis employs multiple services to ensure that the students get home safely.
Davis empowers its student body by encouraging cultural awareness by hosting International Week, providing study abroad programs (and financial aid), having gender-inclusive restrooms throughout campus and the Student Community Center with a Cross-Cultural Center and LGBTQIA Center, a safe place for all students to hang out or study. The campus also has a beautiful Arboretum with Putah Creek running through it for some relaxing vibes and nice strolls/picnic spot. UC Davis is one of the safest campuses with very little crimes, and people here are the friendliest, most welcoming and caring people!
Beautiful campus! Huge like a park with a big quad, river, animals, and amazing bike paths. Cute downtown, centered around campus and student life- with shops, restaurants, and bars.
New facilities, including 3 all- you- can- eat dinning commons with farm fresh food. Nice sports facilities, NCAA DI as well as intramural.
Super smart professors and fellow students. Interesting classes... food science, beer and brewing, wine making.
UC Davis is a wonderful campus that allows people to really try out whatever they would like. Unlike many other campuses, besides bicycles, there is not one predominant culture. If you want to be into sports you can do that, if you want to be into obscure sound music there is that too, really the only thing that limits what you can do is you. The City of Davis itself helps formulate this experience because it is a true college town. UC Davis is the center of town and everything else revolves around it. The only drawback would be that it is not in a large city, so if that is something that you want it is not there. But Sacramento and the Bay Area are just a short drive away.
I really want to go, I heard so many positive results and feel like I want to be a member of their alum. Being a graduate their is my dream and I feel like I can get there
When I stayed 5 days at UC Davis, I had the chance to experience the life of a college student through educational and lifestyle aspects. What I enjoyed about the campus was seeing the cows, attending an hour-long class on animal science, and experiencing the student night life around the campus.
They lost my FAFSA paperwork 5 times. Then, they refused to give me any of my FAFSA due to "being too late" even though they admitted it was on them. Then, they told me to apply to work studies. However, every work study I applied to never contacted me back. The on-campus housing had 3 people per room in the smallest of rooms. Many of the dining commons did not have enough food for the amount of students they had. The dining commons had parts that were closed even though they were suppose to be open. I would also like to bring up that the students run all the help sources for students. And, they are not trained to run them. You just go in circles trying to find anyone who knows anything. And, they come in an hour late, take a 2 hour lunch, and work for maybe an hour more before leaving. This means the only time a student can access these services is when they are suppose to be in class. And don't ever try to get ahold of a counselor, it will never happen.
I really like the ambient of Davis. Whenever I feel stressed or homesick, biking around campus really does help me feel better. I really also like it's diversity in programs for students, like EOP and BASC. It really helps tremendously knowing that I can ask someone for help. Davis is really starting to feel like a home.
It was a good school with great professors. The hiking community keeps student and professors in shape. I really enjoyed my time at Davis.
I don’t really have an experience at Uc Davis but I have started to look into it. I have seen that the campus looks very amazing. The main reason I wanna go there is because the have a very good nursing program. I hope to be able to make iT into there program
I am so proud to be a UC Davis Aggie. I believe that the experience UCD has given me will be extremely valuable in the future. I am about to graduate this year in the Communications major and I know that my experiences I've had here, like working as a lab assistant, interning with NASA, and holding a position on the Chancellor's Board, will help me get into a great graduate school and eventually get a decent job in what I studied. Honestly, I would start my experience here at UC Davis all over again in a heart beat.
It has a wide diversity everywhere you look. Food is outstanding, anything you get there to eat you will love. Academics is almost perfect except for some professors. My family is really involved with the school. And sports are on point.
I visited UC Davis during the summer, and I really enjoyed it. The campus/quad was really welcoming, and comfortable. The hammocks out in the quad made the campus feel like home. The book store was also very nice, in addition to the food court. There are many options to eat there. The library had a nice environment, with a room for students to study, and read. The overall vibe of the campus was something that I definitely want to further experience.
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My experience at UC Davis is absolutely empowering. The resources that the campus provides are supportive and engaging. I am receiving a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge for my future! Plus, the atmosphere here is really peaceful yet lively.
University of California Davis has great programs for medicine and veterinary needs. I would totally recommend for stem majors! Great campus and great environment
Great university town away from city with an isolated downtown, with its own accessible transportation system. Clean and safe undergrad housing close to campus and downtown. Excellent campus food with many choices. Incredible biological sciences faculty.
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