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I grew up in a very small town with a population of 2,000, so coming to Davis was right in the middle of big city and small town. There are so many specific communities within Davis, on and off campus. Whether that be religious, ethnic, or based on interest -- there is a community for EVERYONE. While most people think that everyone here is solely focused on schoolwork, they also make room for fun! When you find your little community that you connect with (which won't take long), you will be able to experience all the hidden gems in Davis! And if you need a little more city to the small town vibe, Sacramento is only 25 minutes away where you can go out dancing, to the Golden One center for a concert, or a walk about the city. The UC Davis campus is also VERY safe. The diversity is immense with all cultures and values to expand your knowledge. There are sororities, parties, and plenty of opportunities to spread your wings. I don't know what I would change?? UC Davis has become my home!!
I am an extrovert, so online courses aren't my favorite, whatsoever. I believe that you learn so much more when you can hear the opinions and knowledge of your peers. My favorite part about being on campus is seeing the diverse peoples, so online has been difficult. I am finishing up my first year at UC Davis, and after I moved out of the dorms because of COVID, I was able to find an apartment with some of my sophomore friends! Which has made the online experience so much more productive and awesome. Classes can be difficult, but if you put in the work, and participate with intention, then you will find yourself able to do the work. I recommend giving yourself a schedule of when to get up -- always eat breakfast, and start homework at a certain time. Get started earlier in the day, so you can chill for the rest of it :)
N/A - I did not do any classes online at UC Davis. All my courses were in-person. They did have a good system for keeping track of coursework online.
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I loved my experience at UC Davis. It was a good combination of strong academics and good social opportunities for networking and building relationships. There were a lot of opportunities to get involved.
For me, the value of getting my BA in Economics and Psychology was the name recognition. It's a well regarded university in California. Most of the classes available had more than 100 students, there are a ton of students. Davis is a tough city to prep for a career because there aren't enough internship or job opportunities. I tried to apply to be someone's dog walker, and got a reply that there were over 170 other applicants. There aren't enough internships or part-time job opportunities for everyone, so only the top 75% or so of the student body will be able to take full advantage of a well rounded college experience.
I attended before online learning. I attended before online learning. I attended before online learning.
The location of the campus to downtown is very nice. The teaching is mixed, but generally provides great learning, and there are free tutoring services to assist with general subjects. The campus is pretty and fairly easy to get around on foot; there are many clubs to get involved with.
My experience with UC Davis online classes is solely due to COVID-19. I found that STEM classes were especially difficult to learn over screen; classes which required less interaction (such as history) suffered the least. It was harder to utilize resources and fully understand the subjects compared to in-person learning from the previous quarters.
I did not have an online learning experience; hence the three star (neutral) review. I have heard that online schooling at Davis is pretty tough- similar to in-class instruction.
Beautiful campus, diverse student demographic, access to plenty of resources. Would like to see better response time from administration to issues regarding students.
The instructors and students has to learn very quickly how to teach and learn on zoom, so there has definitely been a learning curve. Overall, I think that the professors are still able to teach very well online. It does make it more difficult to participate since raising hands is more difficult.
UC Davis has a really nice, clean campus with ample resources for its students. It is a very large campus with many many bikers, so that is something to get used to along with large class sizes. It runs on the quarter system which is quite different for those who are used to semesters. I really enjoy the program I'm in and I feel very strongly that the faculty at UC Davis are great teachers.
I know everyone is working hard to make remote learning possible for everyone, but I really don’t think it worked for anyone. Teachers were ill prepared and it just didn’t have a positive impact on student learning. I appreciate how much effort has gone into everything, despite the inevitable difficulties.
I love Davis and I find myself missing it every day. Classes really aren’t as tough as I expected them to be (granted I’m just doing mostly GEs now), but still a challenge and I’ve had some great professors. No matter what people tell you, the social scene is not dead!! Even without being in Greek life, you’re bound to find something to do if you just talk to people. Praying for a fall quarter and the chance to experience a real spring quarter next year.
I have taken all of my classes online. The result given the suddenness of the situation was excellent. Lectures can be glitchy and OH can be less than desirable (technology-wise). Otherwise, having a great time.
I'm having a great time with UC Davis. The clubs that I am invovled in are great and preparing me for great things ahead. I will say that there aren't that many opportunities for research but I'm assuming that this is a problem with most universities.
With the current situation, professors have had the opportunity to put their remote skills into practice. Professors at UC Davis are for the most part good at using remote learning platforms. Some professors need a little more practice than others but they always make up for their lack of knowledge on the tech world.
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UC Davis is all about community and diversity! The diversity among the campus is probably the thing I like the most about the Aggies. A place where you can express yourself , be yourself and always be accepted and belonging in the community. One thing I would like to change is that I would like to see more Chicanex STEM professors.
Generally, professors use technology in an organized and helpful manner, adding effective grading and communication to regular in person instruction. During Spring 2020 (Covid-19) all classes became remote. My experience with these recent remote/online courses has been really difficult. The course materials have been extremely disorganized, communications (deadlines, announcements, and instructions) unclear or inaccessible, and grading remains quite harsh, un-tailored to the circumstances. I acknowledge that some professors have done very well, but the courses that have been difficult in online formats have been really terrible.
UC DAVIS has a beautiful campus and a strong faculty. Courses are for the most part engaging and my professors have been the highlight of my experience here. The housing is really nice with decent dining halls and lots of food options across campus. Biking is pretty relaxing and creates nice breaks in the day. Athletics aren’t bad. Parties are there if you want, but no pressure to join in. Unfortunately, the advising system (similar to the mental health counseling program) is very difficult to navigate and it feels incredibly tedious to go through all the steps to finally find the help you need. The student body doesn’t feel super ambitious or competitive. I wish there was a bit more drive. Everyone is really nice and all, but sometimes that’s not interesting enough. Location-wise, everything is on campus. I miss being able to engage in an outside community and make a difference outside of school. I miss the opportunities of a city.
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