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University of California - Davis Reviews

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Though I have only been at UC Davis for a short time it has a made a strong impression on me. UC Davis has a gorgeous campus that is centered around students and their needs. In addition to their campus being beautiful UC Davis's staff and falculty student body are incredible. They are diverse and always open to help whenever possible. It is hard not to be comfortable with people so welcoming. I am overjoyed with my college experience thus far.
UC Davis is an academically challenging institution, where most of the professors care for the students and make time to meet with students to help with specific needs. About 80 percent of the staff are white, which shows very little diversity with staff. I wish there were a diverse selection of professors and TAs within the University. Overall, UCD is a great school to pursue academics and is continually growing.
One of the best engineering schools in the country! You will be challenged academically. The town is great, very college driven. Lots of activities in the area to de-stress from studying
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The environment and culture at Davis is very communal. The campus itself offers community centers for students. The centers are very effective; the staff with in them is supportive and willing to help you. Once you find your support group, you uplift each other, struggle together, and persevere together. I enjoyed my time inside and out of the dorms. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate around. The professors I have had in chemistry, vet. med. and biology are really invested in the scholars. Go AGS!
UC Davis not only has a beautiful campus but the academics are great! You learn a lot in all of your classes and the professors are very kind and caring!
I liked the knowledge and helpfulness of faculty. The whole staff is committed of welcoming diversity, and helping students succeed. I would like the tuition to be lowered.
Davis has a beautiful campus that explodes with student life. I love that there are plenty of great places to either hang out with friends or study !
I am current student and so far this school has opened me up to so many great opportunities. I also participate in athletics and Greek Life on campus, both of which have ameliorated my mindset for the better.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and there are plenty of resources available that really help students out!
I like how UC Davis is really a diverse campus filled with very driven students. It is a very a friendly competitive atmosphere. Picnic Day is also an extremely fun event to come and visit the campus.
The University of California-Davis is a wonderful university, that offers top tier education. I, personally, am a bio-sci major and have been pleased by the school's dedication to research, and research opportunities. UC Davis is considered a top "public ivy" school because the quality of education, along with its reputation as a school where professors care and help you network. In addition, like all UC's, Davis offers community outreach and support for ALL students. It truly is a place of inclusion
UC Davis offers many different opportunities for just about everyone. I personally really like it because of how friendly and open the student population is to everyone that comes onto the campus.
UC Davis is a really great school. I just finished my first year there and I had a ton of fun. I got to meet a lot of very interesting people and make lots of friends. I was also able to get my very first girlfriend there. It's a very great school and provides a lot of resources to help me succeed. I can't wait to get back there and continue my education and make memories I will never forget.
I like how UC Davis is known for it's medical subjects and I believe that Davis is a great school to attend to if you plan to major in the medical field. UC Davis has always been one of my dream schools but I'm not sure if I will be going there. There is nothing that I would change about this school.
BIKES BIKES BIKES! The campus is gorgeous and nicely spread out, and everyone in the city of Davis is so kind and friendly.
UC Davis is nowhere near a party school, but students are there to study, not party, so my review isn't going to focus on that. What matters to me is that I am learning and have access to the resources I need to succeed as a psychology major. At UC Davis, we're in good hands--the psychology professors I've had are passionate about their area of expertise and they want you to succeed in learning, which makes you respect them and truly enjoy what you're studying. On top of that, the content the professors focus on is all really interesting. From learning about the most effective studying techniques to learning about what makes people attractive (and how to use that to your advantage), you can't go wrong with majoring in psychology or even taking a psychology class for fun at UC Davis.
I loved the friendly atmosphere and the vibe that the students on campus gave off. Davis is a very safe college-town and going there definitely gives you a traditional college experience.
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UC Davis is a place for those who like to be in a college town. There is much to eat and explore as the college has its own farm and arboretum. The college provides great opportunities for its students to advance academically and professionally. It is filled with many friendly faces eager to help. The one thing that Davis does really well is listening to its students.
I would like to see more diversity. I would also enjoy if the arts would become a bigger thing in Davis. I feel like davis only focuses on athletes but not artists.
UC-Davis a quiet and good school. It is a good place to study. I love Davis. Almost everyone here has a bike. Davis is a famous cycling city. UCD has many interesting classes, you can grow your mushrooms, milking cows, learn about how to make beer and coffee, and tractor driving!
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